Howard Stern Now Spreading Porn on Twitter

The most vile and inhuman person in the universe has now emerged from the pits of “shock jock” radio to now torment the young users of Twitter. Now having to conquer social sites to become the 21st century “king of all sinful media” Stern has created a Twitter account to spread visuals of naked lesbian women, drunken gay midgets and images of un-cut flesh swords.

Within the first few minutes of Stern having an account he went ahead and uploaded photos to show off his child wife’s milk nipples. I added a image below of his actual Twitter showing that he would drug his wife to take nude photos to share. He knows posting these kinds of images will tempt children to “M” themselves while they are playing on Twitter.

We all know this vixen of sugary sin is just there for the old rich man ride. Once Stern is long gone, this little tramp will be spending his money on champagne orgies, with black young men.

36 thoughts on “Howard Stern Now Spreading Porn on Twitter

  1. Blanche Beecham


    The twitters is a scourge on our country.

    Thank you again for an informative and inspiring piece of investigative journalism.

    You are a treasure.
    Praise be,

    1. Corey

      You are too stupid to justifiably occupy the same planet as the rest of us. Please leave. History will remember you as being the reason science was held back, why prejudice exists, and why the human race will never achieve the greatness it should have. You, and your religion have ruined it for the rest of us. If there really were a God, I’m sure it would be disappointed with you. You let God down. You have failed. And worst of all, you’ve brought the rest of us down with you.

      There is no room on this planet for your outdated belief system. So again, please leave.

    2. The Obvious

      Uhhh whats the point of posting those pictures? This website is sooo hypocritical! “Howard Stern is evil, also, here’s pics of his hot wife!” Thats exactly what this article was! WAKE UP!

  2. RD

    Tyson, let me know when you’re capable of writing something decent, will you?

    The woman didn’t show her “milk nipples”, much less a breast. Did you see a need to place a bunch of pictures of an attractive young woman in a bikini on this site? Seems like that would be just as much reason for anyone to masturbate.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      RD, sorry your little liberal mind can’t understand my articles. I posted the images to show how awful the images are.

      1. RD

        Tyson, I’m sorry that your little closed mind can’t understand anything. Those pictures are hardly “awful”. I’ve seen far worse while flipping channel. You know, large-breasted women with hardly any clothes on, selling beer in commercials? That’s disgusting. By comparison, this is tame.

        1. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

          Well at least you’re now finding some women to be disgusting. There is hope that you’ll fully renounce lesbianism and your place in Satan’s fireplace next.

          1. RD

            By an extension of that same argument, because you find some women to be disgusting, does that mean that you’ll soon cease being attracted to women altogether?

      2. Tony

        Thanks for posting this: I’m so disguisted with some of the things people say or do and their protected by the radio.. Hold on let use your photos of the girls above and rub one off.. Ok I’m back.. Where was I? Oh yea GO TO HELL! Howard Stern rules and you blow donkey penis. How’s that language?

    1. RD

      And, your point is…? The woman is attractive, yes, but certainly not the sort of woman I’d date. I’m far more attracted to personalities than pictures of a girl in a bikini.

  3. Millennium

    seems that RD and me have something in common anyway returning of the article

    what its so awful about this pic because she is in underwears ? did you ever see a woman before or all religious are scared of that I saw another article written by abe about emma watson he said it’s sick and aweful and she was fully clothed the only thing we saw was her ankle … hello welcome in 2011 it,s time to wake up we live in a non controlled place by religious Nuts like you who want to control the everyday life of everyone in their privacy of home

    you put your nose in other country affair as well and you think people d’ont hate you

    why you don,t solve your problem for once and go it yourself instead of asking congress or President or whatever authority there is

  4. God'sTrueLove

    Thank you, Tyson Bowers III !
    Exposing this filthy minion of Satan, “porn-peddler”, and self-confessed jew, known as Howard Stern, is a Holy and commendable act of public service.
    It can only be a taken as proof of Satan’s power over this foul and sinful Earth, that this Un-Holywood smut-monger, and his fallen, un-saved, race-traitor, painted hell-bound harlot, haven’t been dragged from their evil nest, and tarred and feathered by aroused, righteous Christians!
    Only by getting rid of all such Liberals, like Stern, who make their damnable living by laughingly spitting in the face of God, and corrupting our Christian youth with daily servings of their vile stew of pornography, evolution and lesbians, can we decent Americans ever hope to see our beloved nation returned to the good Graces of our dear Lord.
    God speed you, and bless you in your noble work, Tyson Bowers III !

  5. Unjudging Smart Guy

    Dear Tyson, you sir are an idiot. You are the problem with this country. Your judgmental opinion will get you no where but a one way ticket to hell. Why don’t you try worrying about your blasphemous salvation instead of harmless pictures on the internet. You do far more harm than Howard Stern. Thanks for posting these beautifull pics by the way, I can skip my visit today.

  6. OhLordGiveMeStrength

    What a great guy. Who cares if he says explicit things every now and then, Jesus was a jew and so is Howard. He supports our troops and loves this country.

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  8. J-Dub

    This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I ever read. Those pictures are down right awesome. She is beautiful. The human body is a beautiful thing and there’s no reason she even needs to have a bikini on. According to your religion, your “god” created her so lets praise her beauty.

    Just a reminder – Faith and religion are usually reserved for the mentally weak. There is no higher power or god but the mentally weak use them to get through hard times because they don’t know how to deal with it on their own. Don’t bash people who use religion. Would you bash someone with down syndrome or autism? It’s all very similar. You should pity and try to help the mentally weak.

    Food for thought – I wonder what fictional book people will be worshiping two thousand years from now. Will it be a book that was written around this time? Star Wars? Will people be praying to Jedi’s? Harry Potter? “Our Potter, who art in heaven, …”

    1. Tom K.

      Brilliant post. What about Lord of the Rings? Lord is in the title so it might trick people into believing it in a couple thousand years.


  9. Pdoug

    Once Stern is long gone, this little tramp will be spending his money on champagne orgies, with black young men.

    Might be the most offensive thing I’ve ever read. A woman who spend a lot of her time providing for animals in need (north shore animal league) is going to be tramping it up having orgies? Also if she for some odd reason were to do that why would she only be able to do it with black guys? Do white people not do stuff that sinful?

    Let me type out the respond I’ll get for you, I’m a liberal adjective and I know nothing and yada yada. But look back on that article and tell me whos being judgmental because you don’t think stern is a proper entertainer.

    Finally for someone who upholds the bible and it’s beliefs I’ve always wanted to aak a question that I’m sure won’t be responded to.

    You guys all think gay people are sinners and go an actively protest their marriages and well just about anything citing the bible as to why. So my question is why is it acceptable that priests do things with choir boys, and the church tries like he’ll to cover it up? I mean besides the saving face part, wouldn’t that priest be the same thing (well not the same taking advantage of children is infinitely more horrible) that you are condemning?

  10. Birdmad

    Look at all these fools who think this shit is real. hahaha…. Article was funny as hell. Especially the end.

    “We all know this vixen of sugary sin is just there for the old rich man ride. Once Stern is long gone, this little tramp will be spending his money on champagne orgies, with black young men.”

    I almost pissed myself laughing. It’s especially funny if you know Stern and Beth from listening to the show. I have been since 1988, when Stern was still with Alison.

  11. Freelow

    So, a “shock jock” on the radio is the, “…most vile and inhuman person in the universe,” in comparison to child molesters (catholic priests included like former priest Charles Gagen from Boston), mass murders, and terrorists.

    If you honestly believe that Howard Stern is the most vile person in the universe, I honestly believe that you need to have your perspective checked by someone has more lucent and stable thoughts in their head.

  12. Benji

    It is amazing how stupid Howard fans can be, did none one even read the article? I guess you are all a little too slow, did “milk nipples” not give it away? The only thing true in the article is his wife is a gold digger.

    This place is a HELL of a lot funnier than Stern now!

  13. norma stitz

    Is it true that you tyson is into gay porn.
    There is a bunch of online articles about your love of gay porn.
    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  14. ORI

    “Once Stern is long gone, this little tramp will be spending his money on champagne orgies, with black young men.”

    You christians are racist. What is wrong with a white person having a relationship with a black person? christians should live by the book they preach and not talk hatred like that.

  15. awv

    Well done, Tyson.

    Show that ignorance a little more proudly. It’s pretty obvious your readers are too stupid to read, or they’d spot your obvious lies.

    The stupid lead the stupid, and Tyson is right out front.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Tyson has a hole drilled through his bible just small enough for his pin dick to fit through.

    G’head Tyson. Throw your best insult back at me and call me a liberal. Outright lies, racism and intentional untruths are evidence of the lack of integrity the conservative christian right consistently displays — I’m happy to be called a liberal.

    At least I’m educated enough to identify your blather as exactly that: Ignorant blather.

  16. rik de giant penis

    i know you all think that you are joining in on this magnificant medium, by giving your opinion, but the truth is… should learn some humbleness and understand that your opinion doesnt necessarily matter. and in the case of the load of blothed crap you have been riding…go find something more productive to do than convincing yourself you are more intelligent of significant than you are: you all dont know shit just like me, and all dont have the fucking position to judge anything…just like me

    fck i fcked up to


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