97 thoughts on “If Jesus Was Really Black

        1. Tyson Bowers III

          English version:
          When you can write in English and not in black twaddle, I will answer you.

          Black version:
          I can axe you to axe yo questionz in dah propers English yo. Word! 2 legit 4 life!

          1. anime_luver

            and I can put my foot up your ass now is that better now answer the question or r u just so pathetic that u know i’m right

        2. OddAtheist

          Tyson, you know if you actually read her comment you’d see she simply said that Jesus could be any race and how would you know? Have you ever seen him?

          Is reading tough for you Tyson?

          1. OddAtheist

            You know white people type like that too sometimes right? It isn’t a race thing

            Anime_Luver: I think your right about the big letters things

          2. LinuxGamerTheist

            It is not black, it is highly abbreviated dipshit

            btw, Hi guys! I’m new to this community of religious extremists, idiots and pathetic children who believe in fairy-tales. I hope you will all make me feel welcome and make me lose faith in humanity. I am an atheist, a gamer and a linux user (but not necessarily at the same time). That is all.

      1. Forever The Sickest Kids

        Are you really that stupid? Please tell me, because I am thorougly concerned about your mental state.
        Jesus was from the Middle East, and therefore, couldn’t have been white. Proven fact.

        For example, people from Africa have darker skin because the sun is strong there, as compared to, say, Europe, and they adapted so they wouldn’t get burned every time they went outside. Ever wonder why they recently found a fish that could walk on land? It’s called adapting. That’s all. Absolutely nothing else is different between people of darker and lighter skin tones. Nothing. At. All.

        1. NeutralChristian

          Indeed. In fact, in spite of many of the more unfriendly members of this site’s opinions and hopes, he might have had skin tone an olive color, similar to an Asian or Middle Eastern color as Forever first stated. I know, I know.

          Asians= Evil sin-loving gay murderous pieces of donkey droppings

          White= The superior race of all, who shall do whatever they please

          But that is false. That belief in itself is breaking about 1 or 2 commandments. Please, stop spreading blasphemy.

          Thank you.

  1. Ice Van Winkle

    Racial issues can be tough to breach. Blacks have a hard time in life because they love welfare which inevitably leads to a life of misery. They want so badly for Santa Clause, Christ, and Cleopatra to be black that is makes me a little bit melancholy for them.

    So I have to applaud Christwire for making such a sensitive and respectful video to point out the historical contradictions that would arise if Jesus had been black.

        1. NeutralChristian

          No, you do not. P.S. Only tangible evidence and NOT articles from this or any other site that are able to be edited by anyone counts.

    1. Dragonman

      I’m very black and do not butcher the English language nor use wellfare. My parents despise, as do I. Cleopatra was Egyptian, which is in Africa, so of course she is probably black. And there is a good chance Jesus was a man of color since he was born in the middle east. I don’t really care about Santa, and that video was TREMENDOUSLY racist, but hilarious as well. I doubt Jesus was a pasty face peckerwood. By the way, lay off the cat shit. It’s bad for your brain

      1. LinuxGamerTheist

        well… cleopatra was actually a ptolomay, so she wasn’t really egyptian. Also, I think it’s the way the shit mixes with their own ignorance that screws up their brains this badly…

    1. Tom

      Unfortunately, they can’t use proper grammar. The opening words should read: “sermon would have sounded” instead of “sermon would of sounded.” This is basic grammar, that even five year olds can get correct. All this video proves is that racist Americans are not as intelligent as British five year olds.

      But then again, racists are one of the stupidest groups of people on the planet, and religious extremists are another. Americans are yet another one of these groups.

      So, that would mean that racist Americans who are religious extremists are, bar none, the most idiotic people you could ever have the displeasure of meeting.

      Sorry, let me translate that into idiot speak for you.
      Durrrhhhhh….. you stupid you are! You super very stupid!

      1. LinuxGamerTheist

        And not only don’t they know grammer, they hate change and new things. ITS CALLED HTML5 dumbasses! Why must I reload the page after every comment!

      1. OddAtheist

        Paintings don’t count as proof because that’s someone’s interpretation of god…I could draw a picture of a piece of toast with a squid on it, call it god, and that wouldn’t mean it’s true

          1. Christian Intellectual


            I am FEELING God (this can’t be explained with words).

            You will never understand because you are a satanic atheist with a dark and rotten soul.

          2. OddAtheist

            You can’t be satanic and Atheist at the same time dipshit.

            If your “feeling” the voice of an invisible presence, you still need to get your head checked. might I suggest a nice straight jacket and sponge room?

          3. Tom

            Seriously Christian Intoxicated, thinking you can hear and feel God just means that your mind is cracked and your mentality is broken. I advise psychiatric help ASAP.

            I no longer think you’re an idiot. I think you’re either on some very strong illegal drugs, or completely insane.

    1. Christian Intellectual

      Jesus was NOT middle-eastern because he was not from the middle-east, Jesus was the son of GOD, he was from the Kingdom of HEAVEN, that means WHITE like the beautiful clouds.

      1. FredtheFailLord

        Jesus, if he were born of the virgin Mary (which is disturbing or funny, depending on how you look at it), would have been delivered by someone of Middle-Eastern descent. Which would have made him Middle-Eastern, in both name and skin color.

      2. Dragonman

        He was born in Bethlehem, which is in Judea, which is in the Middle east. If you can’t handle the cat shit, stop eating it

          1. FredtheFailLord

            His father, if he had been able to do anything and everything, would have made Jesus Middle Eastern so as to make his son fit in better, which would have made him accepted more easily.

          2. Tom

            If Jesus had been white and born in the middle east back then, he would never have lived long enough to be crucified by the Romans. He would have been killed within his first week of life for being different. You really do know nothing about the history you claim to love do you?

  2. Christian Intellectual

    Odd Satanist:

    Atheism is closet Satanism, you people and satanists have the SAME GOALS:

    1) Destroying Christianity and God
    2) Promoting the genocide of Babies (abortion)
    3) Destroy family values and normal marriage (with homogay marriage)
    4) Legalizing the Gay lifestyle (sodomy, child rape, etc.)
    5) Brainwash children with video games
    6) Indoctrinate children into your delusional racist theory of evolution.
    7) Destroy America and Create a Communist World Government.
    8) Turn All women into feminist lesbian whorelots.
    9) And other evil stuff you already know about.

    Believing in God is not a mental illness, your comment is offensive to BILLIONS of Christians.

    1. Pebrocks The Atheist

      2, 3 ,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are all completely false and retarded. You give no proof to anything you said.

          1. KBLME

            So your sources are an inviable guy no one has ever seen and a book by some people wanting money…good sources.

        1. FredtheFailLord

          You idiot, since he won’t accept “the voice in my head” or “the voice in an anonymous dead guys head” as a legitimate source, you have to use modern, mainstream news sources.

      1. OddAtheist

        Agreed, 2-9 are complete bullshit. As for 1, I don’t give a fuck what you believe in, just stop trying to shove it down my throat.

        Believing in god isn’t a mental illness. “Feeling” voices is however

        How is Atheism closet Satanism considering we don’t believe in Satan

        1. Christian Intellectual

          How can someone “feel voices” ? you are extremely dumb (like all atheists).

          Your ignorance is Sad, you don’t have to believe in Satan to be a Satanist, Check “The Church of Satan” (they are “atheists” like you).

          1. OddAtheist

            YOUR the who one said he FELT the voice of the holy ghost dipshit.

            You DO have to believe in Satan to be Satanist…that’s kinda the point of Satanism

          2. OddAtheist

            You said the Holy Spirit was TELIING you Jesus was white. Telling implies a voice.

            Wikipedia isn’t a valid source…That and from what I read, it didn’t mention Atheists anywhere

          3. Christian Intellectual

            “Satanism begins with atheism. We begin with the universe and say, ‘It’s indifferent. There’s no God, there’s no Devil. No one cares!'”

            I also said that feeling the Holy Spirit CANT BE EXPLAINED WITH WORDS!.

          4. OddAtheist

            Can you tell me where you found that quote? Oh and Wikipedia still isn’t a valid source.

            Your explaining it in words just by pointing it out

          5. FredtheFailLord

            It is a valid quote, by Peter Gilmore. He says in an interview that the Church of Satan doesn’t believe in Satan as a god being, but as a force, and that those who worship satan as a god being are not satanists, but christian heretics.

    2. Millenium

      1. I don’t care about christianity or God but if christian ( or any other religion for the matters ) dare forcing me into their religion I and the atheist will defend themselve

      2.Abortion is Pro choice but even than that I don’t meddle into their business I want child someday and I will have child someday

      3. Pedophilia = child rape
      Gay = same sex
      easy to see that you supposed to be “intellectual” you lack brain for that I guess and anyway whats does it change if Gay marry does it’s hurt you or your couple ? I don’t think so

      4. hmms ee number 3

      5. It’s better than brainwashing them with religion and commit genocide against other religion

      6. what racist theory of evolution ? you clearly are not intellectual at all you are much more stupid I don,t see any Racism in the theory of evolution ?

      7. You doing a Good job by destroying america by yourself, and anyway you think it’s will be better a Theocratic government where Non christian can be killed or expulsed from USA because they don’t share the same view ?

      8. feminist are not lesbian nor even whorelots ( actually they put much more cloth than prostitute)

      9. what other “evil” you mean saving the world from Utter destruction by christian ?

      You want to destroy entire countries commit genocide

      Even your God committed genocide in history

      Crusade, Inquisition to name a few you were killing millions of children

      Pastor and priest and reverend as well were condemned for child molestation and rape

      Most of the anti gay crusader in USA are closet Homosexual

      Feminist want Respect from Men, you on other hand don’t deserve the slightiest respect

      You said communism is evil You barley even know what communism is

      yet theocracy ( which most of you want for USA) is much much worse and dangerous

    3. lukepage

      atheism canot be close to satanism, atheism is to reject the existence of deities, to be a satanist is to believe that satan exists and is a deity

      1. not trying to destroy your faith, just trying to stop you spreading lies to people who don’t want to know
      2. promoting the genocide of babies? it isn’t genocide at all, its a few people whom don’t want a child for whatever reason, and whatever reason that may be, who the fuck are you to say they are Satanists for it
      3.destroy family values? ive grown up in a family that doesn’t believe in god and christ and so have most of my friends and other family members, there values are perfectly fine, just because someone doesn’t have the same faith as you doesn’t mean they have no values, and that being said, the relationship between a couple being man or woman or man and man doesn’t not mean that they cannot bring a child up in a good caring environment witch is all around the basis of “family values”
      4. why because of someones sexual preference would that mean they don’t deserve the same rights as you, and sodomy doesn’t apply any one group of people, many of your “good god fearing christian daughters” on many occasions partake in oral sex and anal, and why because a person is gay make them rape children, making comments like that even more so than every other thing you have ever blurted out are stupid, i do believe that its the majority of people in the church that have a reputation for raping little boys, not anyone in the gay community
      5. brainwash children with video games? how so, do you have any evidence to prove that people get brainwashed by them, no you don’t, yet another stupid comment there, if anyone brainwashes people its the likes of you and other Christian people that shove there beliefs down other peoples throats telling there children if you do not believe you go to a place filled with fire and death and demons, witch ANY 3 year old would be terrified of and so are brainwashed from a very young age
      6. evolution is delusional? not at all, its proven fact, not a big fairytale like your god, absolute fact, and how on earth is it racist? theres nothing racist about it, and even if it was, who are you to call people out on racism, this page is arguing about weather jesus is black or not and ive seen christians like your self say blacks are a sinful colour, hmm yeah, were the racists
      7. i cant really speak about destroying america im not from there, but as for a Communist world? if you truly believe that, witch you clearly do, i mean hey, why not you believe in a floaty magical man that lives in the sky, then you are very mistaken
      8. to be a feminist, does not make you a lesbian
      to be a feminist does not make you a whore, intact probably quite the opposite
      to be a lesbian does not make you a whore
      another ridiculous point there
      9. other evil stuff? in what way does not believing in something make someone evil, it doesn’t, you are a complete idiot for thinking that

      believing in god yes, correct is not a mental illness, although hearing voices in your head is a good indication of one.

      not only wanted to say how wrong you were with all of those little points you made, i wanted to explain why

          1. Pebrocks The Atheist

            You are saying the Antichrist would be black. That’s racist. And if you weren’t racist then why are you taking such defense over it?

          2. Christian Intellectual

            No that is a Fact,
            Jesus = light = White
            Antichrist = Dark = Black

            Facts Are NOT RACIST.

          3. Christian Intellectual

            The “Curse of Ham” is REAL check your bible heathen.

            The first Human was white and he spoke American.

          4. OddAtheist

            Let’s pretend for a second your insane logic is plausible.

            How could the first man speak American (Not a real language)if he existed before the land we call America

          5. Pebrocks The Atheist

            The bible is full of lies. There is no language called America. There was no such thing as America back then. The farthest fossil going back was Africans.

          6. Millenium

            Man I just spew water when he said the first HUMAN was a white american … LOL

            PUHAHAHA man I can’t stop laughing Now I know CI means Christian Idiot

            USA was founded like 200-300 years ago

            The first Human was around mesopotamia (while other speculate around what we know today as china forgot the name though )

            AMerican as you call it ( or english as we should said ) was not there before well 1200 years ago approx ?

            Therefore you simply failed in history geography and even in theology for the matter

    1. Susan B Xenu

      Ooh, something about that man’s African face and body tells me that he has a generously-sized sin-stick! Hallelujah! Somebody find me the name of the man who posed for that painting and give me his number!

      Praise be,

  3. wageovsin

    i agree with the fact he was not black. but not white either.

    the area had. greeks, romans, and various middle-eastern descendants. persians where probly the biggest account. and the jewish bloodline also im sure was not completely “white”

    now white people where the barbarians. that wanted access to rome. and they whould you guessed it be coming from the north. germanic tribes. those where the white people. and eventually causing the fall of rome. from the inside out


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