Is Really a Underground Homo Gay Hangout Where Gays Share Penile Pleasure Tricks?

What is

In a nutshell, is a poorly programmer forum, using outdated HTML and is a direct blend between Grindr and Myspace; a place boasting with homosexual foreigners and shirtless photos of bare chested men, showing off their “results”. This forum is the worst, thickly speared with more gay infused testosterone than any other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu website. I would even say that the gay orgy section on Craigslist has less anal tingle torturer content than this oozing pile of fecal spatter.

Masquerading as a place to read articles on nutrition and fitness, this website’s main goal is to feed the desire of America’s sugar plummed anal fairies to mud hump as many fecal flesh doughnut holes as possible. This site allows the taint terrorist to gather as an underground community and feed of each other like feces vampires and trick new members into their sick club by offering great squatting techniques and fat busting diets.

In the forum, users are known as “brahs” or “pumper”. This terminology has been used since Schwarzenegger’s golden days of hooker and cracked coked caned filled nights at the gym, but has been modified to be more of a homosexual based slang.

What Do They Talk About


My very first avi pic had a small amount of pubes showing with just the very base of my c*** visible if you squinted (wanted to show my adonis belt)

Besides all the whispering talk about phallic worship that is ejaculated across each thread, you will see men constantly talking about their favorite protein . When you see a post using the code word “protein” one might think the users are discussing the amigo acids needed to build strong and healthy muscles, but that is all a way to make you not realize they are talking about consuming copious amounts of sinfully produced male DNA milk. That is why you have products like “Muscle Milk”, that trick the average passerby into thinking it is for people who workout, when it is really 12oz of fully loaded globs of white man salsa.

When you break down that total amount of content posted on, 69% of it is gay romance novel cover style photos of juiced up shirtless pecks and flexed abs. You will even notice that most images the men are wearing tight shorts so they can show off the outlines of their puking flesh weasel, smashed in a way that the bulge looks larger than life. Who knows how many countless hours men self milk their sin snakes to these images of half naked reverse poo pushers. The more images they post, the more “rep points” they gain and also allows people to easily see who the biggest pervert is on each thread.

This is the most popular protein shake on the market. Rumor has it that this shake is made up of 90% Cuban boy semen, 5% citrus and 5% ecstasy dust. These are the top 3 things that homosexuals love to pump their bodies full of, when they aren’t the ones being pumped. Shakology is promoted in all workout videos and even has an additive to make non-homo gays addicted to the taste of male white oil. This drink serves as a way to not only bulk up their gay drinkers with frothy DNA drops, but also slowly turn new members into gays who crave and linger to fill their stomachs up with 80 grams of Cuban candy.

Insanity and P90X
I have already exposed the gay dangers of home workout programs like P90X, yet that is only one of hundreds of body toning and gay brainwashing videos out on the market and torrent download websites. These two programs are the most famous workout programs in the body building world and you can’t find one thread that doesn’t pay homage to how Tony Horton or the third person speaking Shaun T, have helped them come out of the closet and be full blown musky taint cuddling homo gay power bottoms. Terms

Stands for “Penile choking fornication”. Users will post this tag onto their photos letting other “brahs” know it is ok for them to self rape their fleshy Roman spear, while gawking at the pictorial gallery they just uploaded.

After burn
This refers to how many calories one has burnt during gay sex of during a session of them playing with their finger puppet.

Forum users with label their profiles as a “spotter”, letting the other users know they are a bottom sex player or it also means they are more of the submissive type sinner. The word spotter refers to their brown spot and that they want penile fecal insertion into their sewer muscle.

I’m Maxing Out!
Means that one has maxed out on their gay sex quota for the week and they are not looking to make anymore “hook ups”.

This is a secret code one posts to let others know that they are a “Homosexual Interested in Insertion Tickling”.

Another secret code letting users know they want “Bondage and Male Insertion”.

How to spot a forum user:

21 thoughts on “Is Really a Underground Homo Gay Hangout Where Gays Share Penile Pleasure Tricks?

      1. FredtheFailLord

        XD that’s probably not too far from the truth… Just change Tyson to whoever actually writes the articles.

  1. Albert Toppers

    Well, I’ll tell you one thing, BRAH! This site has been added to my holy BLOCK list. As always, it’s good to see my suspicions supported by the data. This site is DISGUSTING! Deacon Bowers, another hit!

  2. FredtheFailLord

    I think this is one very appropriate time for the picture and phrase:[img][/img]

  3. Christopher Christenson

    Body building is an unholy sport based on showing off your body. Christianity knows that the only Man with a Truly Beautiful body is Jesus, thus this exercise is un-Christian. I suggest football or bowling instead.

    1. Albert Toppers

      I’m afraid so, my friend. But, hopefully this timely investigative exposé by Dr. Billings will have this harbor of homosexuals shut down permanently.

      1. Albert Toppers

        I’m sorry, this hard-hitting exposé was written by Deacon Bowers! Apologies for the mistake! Pobody’s Nerfect!

  4. Stephenson Billings

    As a former athlete who still loves to stay in shape, I have visited this website on occasion before. I believe there is a strong element of genuine sports enthusiasts who support it, but the homosexual side is certainly there. It’s rather outrageous and easy to spot, I must say. If you’re a Christian and dedicated to working out your body, avoiding the gay types is pretty straightforward– they’re always wanting to swap pictures and chat you up about local gym hangouts. They’re also on the site late at night posting, which just goes to show most homosexuals don’t have normal jobs. Well, I really do hope we can get the place cleaned up for once! It’s been very bawdy over there lately.

    1. Claire

      “As a former athlete who still loves to stay in shape”

      Hmm, then why does your facebook profile picture make it look as though your ass has its own gravitational pull?

      “They’re also on the site late at night posting, which just goes to show most homosexuals don’t have normal jobs.”

      I seem to recall many a time when I’d be up arguing with you at 1:00 AM.

  5. jezus_is_lord

    I cannot believe thees heathuns will do that nasty butt sex stuff. it is so ungodly. they will burn in the sevinth layr of hell for theyre transgreshions.

    they must praise jesus and be redeemd, GOD can save youre souls

  6. Mike

    Lmao I just came to this conclusion as I was browsing Youtube videos on how to get in shape. I started out looking at videos giving tips on how to eat properly and what kind of exercises to do but Youtube has a funny way of rabbit holing deeper and deeper right to the core of the subject matter and before long I was staring at 98% nude males flexing muscles as other meatheads oogled and commented on another man’s pecs and glutes… Suddenly I’m like “Whoa, how did I end up here?” I just wanted to get rid of my lower ab fat! Mind you I don’t want to look like a veiny monster, Idk why anyone would, women don’t find that attractive, it’s all just men! The vibe of those videos… About as gay as it can get. Dude… Just remember you got into it because you didn’t feel “manly” enough, now it is apparent to anyone with half a brain that deep down you really, REALLY must feel like a woman. Anyone who spends that much time staring at himself in the mirror is definitely not manly.


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