Justin Bieber Kisses Selena Gomez, Incites Death Threats on Twitter

So much hate in the Tween world today. Liberals have brain washed our children with some much hate, that they now threaten to kill someone, just because two people from different races kiss.

After a video of the two kissing was posted, young left winged parent kids started rioting like the camel kissing Arabs and demanded the blood of young Gomez. Selena Gomez is a Mexican pop star and Justin Bieber is a teen SIN-station from Canada. I guess the sons and daughters of liberal families don’t like the fake that Canadian likes to kiss on a Mexican.

Let’s look at some of the threats:

10 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Kisses Selena Gomez, Incites Death Threats on Twitter

  1. Shay

    you close-minded assholes.
    they aren’t doing the death threats because of her Mexican heritage (btw she is half Mexican)

  2. Tyson Bowers IIIBlanche Beecham Post author

    This is completely union motivated. Both AFTRA and SAG thugs are after the Beib’s because he’s here working on a Canadian visa, taking union jobs and employing a Mexican beard. Everyone in LA knows he’s a 40 yr old homosexual pederast with a growth condition.

    1. God

      Can you prove any of the Bullshit you just said, because that made no good damn sense and to the op the only people sending death threats are the Obsessed beiber fans that think he’s all theirs and no one else can have him. I wouldn’t take any of those ‘threats’ seriously.

    1. Félix Doh

      You are an infidel. You like to pretend you are the ambassador to the American infidels, but instead you are only an ambassador to Mexico. My camel ranks higher than you!

      Félix Doh
      Mouvement populaire ivoirien du Grand Ouest MPIGO

      Praise Allah.

  3. RD

    Just… ugh.

    Teenagers were upset because it was a teenage celebrity kissing another teenage celebrity. It ruined the dreams of some girls, who had celebrity crushes on Bieber, and possibly the dreams of some boys, who had celebrity crushes on Ms. Gomez, but that was about it. They lashed out, the same way YOU do every time Obama says a single sentence.

    Didn’t you ever have a celebrity crush as a child? Aren’t you the same people advocating that we nuke Japan, Asia, the Middle East, and anyone who’s ever said a cross word about America?

  4. Paul

    Wow, Tyson saying people should’t get mad when two people from different races kiss? Is this the fuckin’ twilight zone?!?!?!?


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