Katy Perry Uses Her Marinated Sinbags To Make Children Masturbate

Katy Perry is the most un holy women the world has ever seen and she wants your children to be sneaking into their rooms and demon whack their private parts to her pornographic videos. Her main goal in life is to control your children with sex. She has gone from a sweet Christian girl to your typical liberal media, power hungry whore and will stop at nothing to be the top Jezbel of devil music. She knows if she can brainwash your children by using her sinbags, she can force them to buy her records and goto her shows. The more money she makes the closer to satan she becomes. Her and the devil get off knowing that she confuses kids into touching themselves. As we know masturbating is a sin and she knows children at a young age are confused. She uses the confusion to make them rebel against God and take part in forcefully creating devil DNA.

Look at the whorish witch craft that spews out of her sinbags in the images below. Those things are covering our children’s minds with liquid whore lava. Notice that in every video she makes sure to have those baby feeders in plain sight. She doesn’t realize God gave her those, so she could have many children and feed them. She forgot those were made for her, so she could be a good Christian stay at home mom and make many Christian babies.

Here she is spitting satan’s fire at the commoners below:

Here she is trying to brainwash little children by wearing a Elmo shirt. She knows children love Elmo and wants them to start yanking their baby torpedo at a young age.:

Here she is shooting out devil DNA from her banshee balloons onto the faces of innocent minds:

Below is a graph showing the increase in young men touching their twiddle rompus’ and spewing devil DNA ever since Katy Perry has been made a devil whore icon.

I would love nothing more, then to see this witch burned at the stack.

34 thoughts on “Katy Perry Uses Her Marinated Sinbags To Make Children Masturbate

  1. Millenium

    errrr what ?

    its said years of katy perry and its like 0-20-40-60-80 years ?

    I don’t understand maybe you prefer little chidlren being wanked by Old priest in confessional ?

    1. ovi

      do you have kids? and if you do how did you make them?
      you seem to hate sex, boobs, cock, naked people. Im curious how you can take a piss if you hate to see even a penis made in minecraft. do you piss without touching your cock because you are afraid you will turn gay?
      how does sex work between you and ur wife (if you have one)?

      and you should know being gay is not a choice its genetics.

  2. grado-forever

    that first photo is from a video that shows homo gay men kissing each other..
    it is extremely disgusting to see such sin. i wish i never saw it!

    of course katy perry is part of that fashion show of nakedness by secrets.

  3. Bob

    Katy Perry makes me jizz in my pants so hard it caused the haiten earth quake. BTW, thanks for the pictures so i, as a 14 year old boy, can masturbate to them.

  4. Jeff

    This website is extremely funny. Being a straight, Christian doctor myself, I must admit that reading these “cleverly” worded, fictitious articles can cause serious psychological damage to young developing people everywhere. This article not only reveals the author’s moral short-comings, but also reveals his poorly developed understanding of simple political and biological concepts.

  5. Lyndon Shuster

    What is wrong with masturbation? Everyone has natural sexual urges, and masturbation is just a way of satisfying those natural bodily urges. God didn’t make us beasts of pleasure expecting us to restrain ourselves. In conclusion, masturbation is okay, however; fantasizing about a person whom is not your spouse is adultery.

  6. Satan

    Yep, so ol’ katy and i decided the best way to get these bugers to start crankin’ them Devil shafts is to not only give her wonderful breasts and display them bouncing about in music videos, but also to get these ‘Christian (Jesus is my copilot) types’ to go ahead and obsess over ’em and also display them bouncing about in their websites… BWAHAHAH.. soon the world will be mine!!!

  7. Joseph

    After looking at Katie’s pic….. Mother Mary decided to release her sin bags forcing me to demon wack all over the manger …..

  8. Bar Graph

    So in year 10 of Katy Perry, 2,007% of men tugged their twiddlerompuses. But now that it is year 65 of Katy Perry, 2,010% of men tug their twiddlerompuses.
    That is actually a pretty believable statistic.

  9. Rachel

    If Christianity was run by people like this, they’d be almost as extinct as the Jews in the holocaust. Pure ignorance.

    Ps – the music video where she is shooting out light from her chest (Firework) is an amazing video. If you listen to the lyrics, they are “Do you know that there’s still a chance for you, theres a spark in you, you just gotta ignite the light and let it shine just own the night like the fourth of july cuz baby you’re a firework, come on show them what you’re worth…” If that’s not giving people a positive outlook, I dont know what is.

    *It’s probably saving lives actually – from young children trying to hang themselves with their rosaries to get away from quacks like you.

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  11. Gary

    I’m pretty sure that since the dawn of time, 99.99% of men have “tugged their twiddle rompus.” Don’t even try to deny it. And why are you singling out Katy Perry? There have been plenty of people before her that surely inspired men to get off.

    Also, like someone has already said, the first image is from her music video “Fireworks,” which talks about how even when life’s got you down and you feel like there’s no hope, there always is; you just have to look deep within yourself and find that spark. I won’t lie and say Katy Perry has the most appropriate songs or behavior, but stop taking things out of context to try and prove your terribly flawed opinion.

  12. James

    I’d love to see the scientific evidence for “Devil DNA” coming from Katy Perry. This site is either a very well done parody, or so poorly done by idiots that it’s laughable.

  13. Hermes

    She’s done it to me. She’s making me play with myself. And I can’t stop it. Katy Perry is making me beat off. I can’t stop it.

  14. wesley

    I mastrubated 4 times a day on her,last month.I wish my sperms were used by her to produce baby.Alas!!they got wasted

  15. KP Lover

    I fucking love Katy <3- she's incredibly sexy, extremely talented, has a good sense of humor, and an amazing personality. She is in now way trying to be a bad influence on children! God dammit I envy Russell Brand so much for marrying her. I would gladly masturbate to one of her photos.

  16. Katy Perry Fan (male 14)

    1) them gif pics r fake
    Many not the second 1
    2) so what if I’m tossing off over Katy perry or every1 else is?
    I don’t care what kids do! Here boobs or sinbags as u call them r nice U have to be gay to hate them
    3) I go up to my room and have fun over pics of here and I will admit here songster ok but Iike rap but I will not by here song
    4) the kids who like her r girls and very young 4-8 and how many 4-8 yr olds jackoff?
    I think that’s all

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  18. AC/DC 2020

    Your ridiculous & I have no words for you. In my opinion you should stop posting these negative comments, This does nothing for but cause problems & scares people. Have a nice day.


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