Kayne West Uses Subliminal Visuals in New Video

Kayne West has released a new black raged induced video called “Welcome to Heartbreak.” In this video you can see the use of subliminal imagery. From knowing the typical message that the blacks usually try to embed into our youth, I’m sure it is telling them to go out and use drugs, kill “whitey”, rape women, shoot cops and other “ghettoish” things.

Below is the video and I suggest only adults to view it until we can figure out exactly what Kayne is trying to say with his images. From the title alone, we believe it means “Welcome to life without God.”

KANYE WEST “Welcome To Heartbreak” Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

16 thoughts on “Kayne West Uses Subliminal Visuals in New Video

  1. Joe

    “knowing the typical message that the blacks usually try to embed into our youth, I’m sure it is telling them to go out and use drugs, kill “whitey”, rape women, shoot cops and other “ghettoish” things.”

    “From the title alone, we believe it means “Welcome to life without God.””

    Tyson, you satanist racist piece of crap. Go back to your KKK meetings and slaughtering goats for your dark lord. Don’t pretend to be Christian, your hate shows through.

    Stop posting such extremist things here on this site meant to be dedicated to Christ.

  2. Kimiwa Bakadesu

    “He didn’t support Bush, so how was he Christian?”

    Oh my god, you just said that, didn’t you? Bush had <20% approval, America has a Christian majority. Do the math, you hateful, ignorant, something, and I mean it when I say may God have mercy on your soul.

    I’ll be back shortly with my thoughts on the video.

  3. Kimiwa Bakadesu

    First of all, I forgot this before:

    “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LG39Wp7OzQ” is, as it says on the page, a response to Umbrella Zombie Datamosh Mistake, which is a mash-up of songs by white AND black artists, and is worth this tribute.

    Frankly Tyson, you can’t possibly have listened to any black music but NWA (who for the record I love) and maybe a few other groups if that’s your idea of a “typical black message”. Kanye, as much as I have my issues with him, is deeply religious (undoubtedly more so than me, and COMICALLY more so than you), and his music has long had very positive messages. He has a whole song about how Jesus saves!

    The imagery in this video does not contain hidden subliminal images, you just seem to be afraid of an artistic style that you don’t understand, and beyond that, feel must have been stolen from that white woman. The words that you post to this site (and I can only assume flow from your mouth as well) shock the rational Christian mind, so full of baseless, unwarranted hate and completely lacking in sympathy for your fellow human beings.

    Jesus did not hate. God is love. You are far removed from these Christian ideals. You call this site ChristWire, Christ meaning savior (well, “annointed one”), but you do not seek to save. You wish only damnation on your fellow man.

    I don’t pray often, but so help me, as soon as I post this, I am going to get down on my knees and pray that the Lord will not condemn your souls to that very Hell you wish on so many.

    -Brandon Evans
    (yes, this is my real name, you can figure out my posting name for yourself.)

  4. Josh Forbes

    I know the people who made this, and I can assure you there are no subliminal messages in the video. But, judging from your site, you’re clearly mentally ill and in need of serious hospitalization, so I guess there’s really no point in trying to clarify this.

    For everyone else reading this, please don’t take this guy as a representative example of Christianity. This guy clearly has issues.

  5. jesus

    man, ive got a shirr that says kanye is my homeboy, dam man, im the lord, i want my homies to kill cops, they are holding my peeps back

  6. Badrescher

    The term “subliminal” refers to messages that are not consciously perceived. In other words, if you can SEE it and HEAR it, it’s not subliminal.

    I won’t defend West’s messages or hold them up as moral, but there’s nothing subliminal or underhanded about the. And to suggest that the less-than-Godly messages only come from black artists is ridiculous. I suggest you check out Brittany Spears.

  7. Talamasca

    “He didn’t support Bush, so how was he Christian”?

    So does that mean only Christians supported Bush? Or Bush supporters were only Christians?

    1. Kallios

      I think the latter would be a proper quonotation since bush has less than 20% of support from the entire world and around 15% only in USA, even the U.S soldier who were snet in afghanistan and Iraq didnt approve those wars Those fellow soldier wnated to fight for their Hometown but all they fight is for greedy businessman

  8. Dana

    You my friend are a moron. A rascist, nutjob, numbnuts.

    I hope Jesus turns out to be black when you die, just so he can kick you square in the ass with his size 500 Jordans.

    And by the way, my black friends are actually active, intelligent, god-loving people who love all races, don’t sell drugs or do drugs for that matter, shoot police, or rape women.

    So do everyone a favor and stick your bible in your pedophile priest ass.

  9. killnonbelievers

    you mean they did that on purpose? i just thought it was a bad copy of the video. i have videos I’ve downloaded that do the same thing but thats because they were poor quality.

    on the other hand i kinda like this video. and i Rarely listen to this type of music. its usually rock.. christian rock that is.

    but yes this video by Kanye (a very religeous man by the way) wich judgong by the lyrics is about him wanting kids more than riches must be about wanting us to rape women. He is obviously faking his sincerity and using it to trick us into decieving our belief in god.

    this is an outrage. Kanye west is blasphemous and should be killed for his trickery of TRUE christians.

  10. Fallen

    Yep, I’m calling it, this is a joke site. It is satire, God, that was some good flame bait there sir, 10/10, bravo.

    However, if you actually do believe the tings you say, you contradict yourself sir. In another pole you talk about how black men have DNA closer to monkeys than whites, and how all black men are lazy.
    So, you are saying that a black man, who is more monkey than you, who is lazier than you, could come up with a way to actually subliminally brainwash children? Because if he could, I think he would have several PhDs and would be in a government think tank.
    To say that blacks are dumb, apelike, and lazy, and then credit one with a feat that no man has ever accomplished, a feat that would take a comprehension of the mind far beyond what any man knows, is to contradict yourself in ways unimaginable.

    Because everyone in heaven was a moron


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