Keith Olbermann fired For Supporting Homo Gay Agenda

God has shown his disgust today by firing the left wing racist, homo agenda loving, Keith Olbermann. For too long Olbermann has been supporting left wing agenda propaganda with the money he makes from his comedy news show on MSNBC. Well, today God had enough and made it so that he was finally fired! Olbermann was found to be secretly supporting Homo Gay Agenda groups that fund “rights to pedophiles”, “Gay Marriage” and possibly NAMBLA. The evidence has always been in front of our faces. Below is a collection of images that have been collected, showing Olbermann giving secret signs to his groups. This man loves muslim extremist, socialism, Carl Marx and cabana boys. This is why he is being pushed and he will burn for his sins.

11 thoughts on “Keith Olbermann fired For Supporting Homo Gay Agenda

  1. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    It is about time this dirt bag is exposed for what he is. He helped Iraq all through the war on terror by bad mouthing President Bush and one time giving up our troop’s position.

  2. Andrew

    Wow, you have an incredibly overactive imagination.

    The first picture is him hitting his face with his hand, also known as a ‘facepalm’.

    In the second picture he’s smiling. Last I checked that wasn’t a symbol of anything but happiness. Maybe you have never smiled before, and so don’t understand the concept?

    The third picture is the Cub Scout sign, as recognized by the Boy Scouts of America, a Christian organization.
    If you look at the image linked above, you’ll see Rick O’Reilly making a symbol with his left hand that OBVIOUSLY means that he wants to have extramarital sex with that woman.

    For the last picture; are you really that desperate?

    This article is literally slander.

  3. Fuck This

    I like how Keith wasn’t fired, he was just suspended. Do these idiots get off from lying all the time? This website needs to be shut down.

  4. Millenium

    and they called him Racist ?? when Bleck said so many time that obama is muslim because he is Black ??

    something fishy here no ?

    and on anohter note Tyson you sure know How pedophile works maybe you are one ???

  5. Jay

    I don’t know what to believe when it comes to this website. If it’s satirical, wouldn’t there be at least a hint of satire in their Mission? But if it’s “true” then the (from what I can tell) 4 or so authors for these articles are seriously deluded in their view of what’s real.

    It takes only a couple seconds to find out that Keith Olbermann wasn’t fired but was suspended and will return on Nov. 9th.

    And it’s like that with every article on this site. Grade school students are capable of more in-depth research than what I see here.

    “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.” My opinion is that this site should look into what it is reporting as “facts” because theirs seem quite distorted from the real ones.

  6. joe

    this is the greatest satirical website i’ve ever seen. i love the juxtaposition of gay lifestyle obsession and jesus. the irony is almost too much. instead of like or dislike, it’s praise or condemn. genius. i enjoyed the highlighting of the fact that certain people are still interested if other people jerk-off. there should be a banner that says “jesus got nailed, so should you” with some leather daddies surrounding him. maybe david and solomon, two notorious bi-sexual and gay characters in the hebrew bible, could be making out on the hood of a truck in the parking lot of a Sonic drive-in. awesome. also, some hot aborted fetus pictures. those really attract the hardcore pedophiles. they love hanging outside of planned parenthood for the jerk-off material that the protesters usually bring in the form of dead baby posters.

  7. Get a Life Dracula

    So, the first pic is a “facepalm.” It means “oh dear G-d, how can you be so stupid.” Second picture is a smile, which means “I am happy that this is a fun situation, and in no way resembles a homosexual encounter.” Also, the second picture looks like you Photoshopped in the guy from Christwire. I could be wrong, but… Third picture is the Boy Scouts sign, swearing that you will be faithful to the tenets of the Scouts code. Fourth one is what he is being paid to do, comment on the state of the American political system. The fifth one, well that is you just reaching for something. Probably someones penis so you can suck it. I don’t know, I am just calling them as I see em.


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