Kids’ Choice Awards Promotes Gay Agenda With Gay “Sliming”

This years Kids’ Choice Awards was another year of brainwashing children into thinking homosexuality is normal. The extreme left wing props their homo gay supporting celebrities to throw an “award” show for children, just so they can teach them their agenda. Not only do they show kids that getting “slimed” is cool, but they also have female stars like Katy Perry, Fergie and other large sin treat whores, flash their milk sacs on the television screens, where millions of children eyes are gazing at.

If the dramatization of a man unloading his sin batter onto another person isn’t bad enough, the awards that are given out look like orange Satan Scepters. Every time a celeb wins this twiddle rompus, they make sure to lift it up and kiss it.

They allow gays from the case of GLEE to prance around like gay frogs, playing ass leap frog and they also allow abusive angry black drug dealers like Chris Brown to attend these events.

We should swap out the slime with some type of Nazi concentration camp acid and melt these evil bodies and rid our children of vile gay brainwashing.

10 thoughts on “Kids’ Choice Awards Promotes Gay Agenda With Gay “Sliming”

  1. Blanche Beecham


    Another eye opening piece that parents and grandparents can use to make better choices for our young one’s entertainment hour. I’m so disappointed that some of the more wholesome children’s shows have been removed from programming. Mr. Noodle was quite entertaining for the little ones.


  2. that girl

    your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. first y’all think cats are using guns and next you think that every tv show ever to exist is evil. that orange award thing is supposed to be a blimp. you know those giant baloons in the sky that have messages on them? usually to advertise a pizza company or something. and the slime is not ejaculation (it would be white then) its actually supposed to be funny! somebody getting blasted with gross green goo is entertaining for kids. and i hate chris brown A LOT, but just cause hes black dosnt mean hes a drug dealer. oh god theres so much wrong with this article

  3. Voice O. Reason

    Nickelodeon has been using slime in their programming for more than three decades. Originally it was poured on anyone who said “I don’t know” during Nickelodeon programming, reinforcing the lesson that “I don’t know” is not an appropriate answer to a question. In another early forms it was blown from a nose during various Nickelodeon game shows. It is universally equated with snot, which although not particularly wholesome, is the subject of much childhood joy and disgust. No child compares Nickelodeon’s slime with male ejaculate as many have no knowledge of the latter. What is next, snow is immoral because it is white?

    Jesus taught mankind to turn the other cheek, not douse them with “Nazi concentration camp acid.” Nickelodeon espouses the values of tolerance and diversity. They actively target the kind of childhood bullying you seem to be endorsing. Maybe there should be a reevaluation of what is actually damaging our children.

  4. Darwin's Lover

    The guy in the first picture is Harrison Ford who just so happens to be one of your Christian heroes. Just wanted to toss that out there.


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