Lady GaGa Flashes Her Saggy Milk Sacs and Feeding Nipple

Yet again we see the transgenic queen of prostitutes and homosexual heathens mock parents by flashing her un-supple baby feeders to children across the world. Low hanging sin treats are signs of two things. One could be that God has punished her and removed the ability for feeding children and makes them saggy to let the male know they are not good for mating or she truly is a man and suffers from Gynecomastia.

Now back to the reason for this photo. This photo is to tell young girls to flash their lactose reservoirs to the whole world. In doing this it will cause men across the world to be entice to have forceful thoughts of sex acts and could tempt them to perform a act of self sexing.

Lady GaGa is a gift from Satan to the homo underworld and we must defend our bible and children from her. God told us the day would come when we live among devils and this hell beast is a perfect example.

Just look at this photo below! It is the face of a demon!

15 thoughts on “Lady GaGa Flashes Her Saggy Milk Sacs and Feeding Nipple

  1. RD

    And yet, Lady Gaga is still a marvelous singer, performance artist, and activist. She’s also quite attractive.

  2. breastsbreastsbreasts


  3. Dix

    First of all, we are all entitled to our opinions… however, you’re language concerning women is very un-christian. That you can speak of the female body this way is horrific, it smacks of state prison lingo. Perhaps you served some time? I’m completely offended by the way you describe women as you would an ape or a mule, “to let the male know they are not good for mating.” Also, I suppose you are a promoter of plastic surgery because you seem to be disgusted with her obviously real breasts, the way God made them- which many womens breasts look just like those. If you want to attack her, base it on something substantial- not her physical attributes. It weakens your argument, alienates your female audience, and makes you look like a hater of women (classic for a closet homosexual by the way.)
    How can you be a man of Christ? You should be ashamed. Jesus promoted good will and love, especially to prostitutes. This article is filled with hatred, filthy language, and a photo that doesn’t belong on a Christian website. Consequently, I’m sure Lady Gaga would have nothing half as nasty to say about you, so when you think of who is sowing Satan’s hatred perhaps you should look in the mirror.

  4. Jessica

    Is this website for real? As Christians, it’s not our place to judge or demean others. I’m disgusted by this website and the tone in which you use against others.

    This headline might be the worst and most immature I’ve ever seen. What a shame.

  5. vera chimera

    i’m so happy i’m athiest; best decision i ever made in my life.
    to think i even considered being part of a group that specializes in hatred, hypocracy and lies, all for a bit of attention and self-satisfaction. (please note,i know alot of religious people who are the exact opposite, and have at least some sense of morality.)

    Lady Gaga is a talented and inspiring woman, who only praises individuals for their individuality, and teaches them to be themselves and BE HAPPY IN THEIR OWN SKIN. yet here you are, blabbering on about her aesthetics and how she’s the “devil”, and how she “purposely” flashed when it was more of a wardrobe malfunction. lol. i bet you’re an ugly thing yourself. i’d love to see a photo of you.
    there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality, wearing certain clothes, listening to certain music. why? because not everyone’s a miserable sod. in fact, why the hell does it concern you so much? IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. why don’t you go chase down some more PEDOPHILE POPES instead of attacking someone over a WARDROBE MALFUNCTION.

    ffs. if everyone in the word was buddhist or atheist (which links into some attributes of buddhism anyway), i’m sure we’d be alot happier. no wars. no racism. no sexism. no homophobia. but hey. it’ll never be that way.

    get over yourselves.

  6. Pablo Jose Fransico Garcia

    Wow! How dare she….not show the whole set of those milk sacs and feeding nipples. Makes me funny in my pants.

  7. Klakasharkie

    May I note that Lady Gaga went to a Catholic school and was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Looks like a girl’s name to me. Therefore she can not be transgender. Lady Gaga tells people to respect the skin they’re in (Born This Way).

    As stated, the former picture was probably the result of a wardrobe malfunction.

    How can Gaga be sent by Satan, when most of her lyrics tell people to believe in God? Born This Way is an example, since a lot of lines in the lyrics are “Believe capital H-I-M!” Even the main chorus is “‘Cause God makes no mistakes!” Once again, how is she sent by Satan? You really shouldn’t judge people by their looks.

    Now, I shall return to reading these humorous articles.

  8. Atheist.

    You’ve GOT to be kidding.
    God,this website is ridiculous.
    Don’t know about you guys,but Gaga is MY Jesus.
    Yeah,I said it.
    Gonna damn me to hell now?

  9. Jippa

    You cow. People like you should be eradicated from this planet. You are the ones that spread hatred and malice in the world, the ones that spread sickness and disease. If this is what being a CHRISTIAN is, then damn all CHRISTIANS to hell.

    Learn to respect individuality!


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