Lady Gaga’s Plan for Gay Domination Revoked by American Idol

Savage penile meat stalkers what to take over the minds of youthful tweens and attack their minds with a full on ass assault of grotesque images of syphilis encased phallus’ and chiseled chested, toungue tied gay man bears. The gay’s ultimate goal is to have each boy in the world to have dreams of “ddf” Asian twinks and double barreled, astroglide laced butt toys.

But, how are they doing this you ask? If you don’t watch T.V., read the newspaper or haven’t ever gone outside, you wouldn’t be able to notice the agenda that is being played out right in front of the world. Every were you look nowadays, there is a gay, turtle heading out from the corner with the look of sinful lust burning in their eyes and their mouth foaming with gay joy and excitement.

You see, just like monkeys, gays like to fecal fling and they want to smear their queer on the faces of the Christian household and they are able to do this openly, because Obama wants to break down the structure of American values. The gays are the perfect foot soldiers to Obama’s new 3rd Reich and with the gays queen of whoredom, Lady Gaga, there is nothing that can stop their onslaught of analingus domination.

Lady Gaga is a transgentic, drag top, vampire wizard, who uses her newly given Fag Hag, Mr. Judy powers, to promote the way of gay to the minds of America’s children via her Homohop music. Once she has converted your children over to the rainbow side of sin she calls them her new “little monster” (this is a secret underground leather bar term for “anal bleached dipping”) to spread the message by word of mouth and not the kind of word of mouth you are thinking. Just like a vampire converting their minions by biting their neck, Gaga uses her music to transfer a gay gene into the minds of children.

Until recently, The Gaga has been able to say and do whatever she pleases, until last week’s episode of AMERICAN idol finally stood up to her. The Gaga wanted to show off her new glass slippers on Wednesday night’s show to expose children across American to more PNP, post-gay propaganda and gay rim their minds with two strap-ons placed onto her shoes. Even with the gayest man in the world as their host, AMERICAN Idol’s contestants said they would not perform knowing that such villainy would be displayed on a Christian friendly, family show. In the end, AI told Gaga that is she “Wants to stay, get rid of the gay”.

Since Gaga is more into money and attention than her movement, she decided to drop her heterophobia and do a wardrobe change and not display her two shafts of see through sin.

This goes to show you that real American’s will always win over homo-grown terrorists.

22 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s Plan for Gay Domination Revoked by American Idol

  1. JonnyBoyMach3

    It’s as if someone has been able to capture a persons mental breakdown . . . and convert it into blog format.

    Is this performance art? Challenging the percpetions of America by the rest of the world as being full of right win christian crazies? Because it’s spot on.

    I’m off to bed. All this christian love has gone straight to my head…

  2. Zack

    This is, by far, one of the most insulting articles i have ever read. Being a gay male myself, i realize that almost everything in this article is absolutely ridiculous. Hell awaits the closed-minded idiots that spawn these ludicrous ideas.

  3. Stephenson Billings

    It’s so strange in this day and age to see people of multiple sexes flaunting it on the stage for the world to see. Why do kids like this sort of thing? She looks awful with all that garb and the make up. Her singing is just foul. I am glad to hear, Tyson, that American Idol contestants finally stood up to her, but I can’t say I’ve ever followed that show or understood its success. Just a lot of kids with acne singing Aretha Franklin.

  4. Kevinator

    Stephensen, you know that acne pustules are facial proto-demons waiting to hatch. Never let Satan cum in your face.

  5. Queros

    Do you not realise its common knoweledge that those who constantly go on a bout “gay” this “gay” that evidents they are constantly having gay thoughts.

    a hetrosexual regardless of their religion just wouldnt have this cross there mind.

    for gods sake, come out or shut the f*ck up. the only people your suppressing are yourselves, not society as its progressing without you.

  6. Verity

    OMG you sound like a nut job!
    God’s children are starving all over the world, they are being sold into sex slavery, beaten, raped, made to work long hours with very low pay, they rummage through the dumps to try to get enough to pay for a bowl of rice and you are getting stressed out over a TV show and gayness. GET A LIFE ask God to forgive you your arrogance and do some good for the human race.

  7. iHomesick


      1. Realistic

        Do you really think “Devil DNA” is what caused this individual to write his opinion? If you do, perhaps you need a little more education.
        I’m just wondering what caused you to string several sentences full of nonsense together and deem it fact. Could you perhaps explain?

  8. I'm in love with Judas

    Yay Lady Gaga!! i love her. she’s such an influential person. & her music is fantastic. oh, and by the way, God hates you for disrespecting his children. especially homosexuals like myself. see you in hell!!

  9. Max

    Hahaaaa! So hilarious. This guy seems to love these homo-erotic descriptions a little TOO much if you know what i mean *Wink, wink*

  10. Alison Manson

    I’m gay i have 2 kids and my entire family is a multi-billion dollar family and donate 100,000 dollars to the christian churches every other week and now Ur telling me the mother monster is evil, say good bye to Ur money asshole motherfucking cum swallowing bird nose bitches


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