Les and Bo’s – New Clothing Company Catering To Lesbian Wear

Logo and marketing branding for Les and Bo’s.

The toughest decision for a butchy lesbian is not their choice of becoming gay, but the difficult feat of how to dress in the most “I don’t care what I look like for sympathy attention” manner. Buying XXXL flannels and baggy mom pants can be hard when today’s fashion outlets only carry outfits tailored to non-testicled lumberjacks. But if you are a flat top haircut wearing scissor slammer, you are in luck! Today a company by the name of Les and Bo’s has announced their line of dykey friendly fem wear and will be partnering with Target’s custom gay demographic targeted stores coming this fall to fill up the racks with oversize flannels, studded belts, Disney branded accessories, Looney Tunes stickers, scarfs and more. I’m sure men-dykes around the world today are cheering in joy knowing that Les & Bo’s will now be finally bringing “Formal Wear For Informal Women” as their slogan states.

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