LSU Football Players Decide to do Pot Instead of Win at Life

LSU Football PlayersRemember the THREE Ds – DOPE DESTROYS DREAMS

According to reports by ESPN, 3 of LSU football players decided that getting high on the pot was more productive than winning a National Football Championship.

Following in the footsteps of professional players, the LSU football players have allowed a night of pot doing and partying get in the way of their own success. (I’m assuming these players are of sin skin color)

After falling a standard player drug test, reports say that all 3 lsu players have been suspended for an unspecified period of time, and the suspension will include LSU’s game with Auburn. So LSU will play the former National Championship Auburn team without the potheads Tyrann Mathieu, Tharold Simon, & Spencer Ware.

If our kids keep following the footsteps of gang banging hipped hopped artists and violent sports players, we will lose them in the musky scent of sin.

6 thoughts on “LSU Football Players Decide to do Pot Instead of Win at Life

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  2. Cool Tom Kimbo

    They were probably using the intense, speed-rush of a marijuana “high” to increase their violence on the field. A shameful use of performance-enhancing drugs.

    1. Stormie Manson

      Weed tends to make you more paranoid and/or humorous. I tend to be a complete retard, laughing at nothing in particular. My friend just mellows out. AND it isn’t a performance-enhancing drug. That’s more along the lines of steroids. Only three of our boys were suspended for the use, and it is racist to assume they were black, although, yes they are.




    2. Joe Blowme

      Marijuana does NOT provide an “intense, speed rush.” Do some research before you start posting senseless, ignorant banter.

  3. Joe Blowme

    How Christian are you to badmouth others on this site? Not to mention they werent smoking marijuana, but a synthetic that was only recently banned. It in NO WAY helped with their physical performance on the field. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you start talking trash. I WONT EVEN GO INTO YOUR BLATANT RACISM.


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