10 thoughts on “Maddow Attacks Christwire Again

  1. Cassidy Pen

    The godless heathens that control the nation’s media will never acknowledge truth nor report any news unless it’s pre-screened through the George Soros filter.

  2. Albert Toppers

    There is nothing funny about our Church’s commitment to faith and good, Christian teachings!! I’m very, very angry at Mr. Maddow’s insult, but I’m willing to take the high road and not insult the homogay heathen back. It’s called being a Christian (which she is not), turning the other cheek, and not judging others.

  3. Kyle

    bahaha YOU NEED TO BE BASHED ON THE HEAD SO YOU WILL MAYBE SOBER UP A LITTLE! How much have you had to drink? A little too much! And quit snorting those bath salts, cocaine, and bath salts! You are killing your minds and posting this dumb shit. I WILL BASH YOUR WEBSITE TOO!


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