Man Sues Parents For Being Born Gay

A Chicago, IL man has a filed a lawsuit against his parents last week for birthing him as a gay man. The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff, Mason Lawler, is suing his parents for emotional damages for forcing him to live his life as a gay man. “I believe pro-choice should also give the fetus a choice if they want to live a gay lifestyle or not. Why can’t an unborn child be given the right to decide what path he or she will follow before having to be forcefully popped out onto the world?” said Mason when asked what his message was to the world.

Mason’s parents are shocked at this claim due to the fact that Mason has never came out of the closet and to this day has had the same girlfriend since high school. “He has never been into ‘faggy’ things or done anything that might be considered gay” says Mr. Lawler. “I never caught him wearing my underwear and always found his nasty magazines when cleaning his room” added his mother.

Could this just be a cry for help? No matter what the case is a $10 million dollar lawsuit has been filed and in today’s weird moral web who knows what the outcome maybe.

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