5 thoughts on “Meet the Liberal Elite

  1. Blanche Beecham


    First let me say I love the haircuts. I don’t want to spoil this beautiful piece of dialogue by mentioning my favorite parts.

    I may have made a slight snorting or cackling noise at about 7:02.

    Praise be,

  2. MeAwesome

    Great find Mr. Bowers! She sounds just like a few naysayers that visit this site. I showed this video to the guy getting petitions to legalize something outside of the grocery store. Around the 5:30 mark in the video he tore up his petition and asked when and where the next party meeting was.

    What a great testament to the power of chrisTwire to do his work.

  3. Jazze

    how about you follow your own advice and stop telling people what to do? because that’s so evil and wrong to do right? bloody hypocrits.
    how about you stop makeing asumptions and start to listen?
    we do not want peopel to be equal. to stive for that would be a horribel idea since it’s limited how high some people can reach and we’d have to lower everyone else to their level. what we want however is to give everyone equal opertunities. give everyone equal options. you should not be limited by being poor or less inteligent. but you should be limited if you are uneducated or unvilling to make an effort. the difrence is that the latter are in their situation because of their own actions.
    please stop projecting your asumptions and ideals on us you don’t like it when people do it to you either.


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