Mexigay, the New Homo Hybrid

Let’s set aside the fact that 90% of America’s illegal immigration problem is due to Mexican Latin South American’s and let’s talk about a more serious problem that is infecting the wholesome American household. It is a new problem called “Mexigay.” A new breed of homosexual, forcefully created by the Homo Gay Agenda.

Satan scepter worshipers know that many Mexican’s who flee from Cuba, Brazil and other South American third world countries sneak over here to live on welfare and look for work. The gays also know most Mexicans work inside family homes and outside cutting your few acres of yard or trimming down your trees. The gays know if they could turn a few of these illegals over to the gay side, that they could use them to influence your children. We know that 98% of nannies are of illegal decent and the gays see this as a quick and easy way into your homes.

The Mexigay was created by gays using their gay welfare money to setup “Americanization” classes that teach the new border hoppers the “American Culture.” These classes include lessons on unprotected orgy parties, sinful man to man anal docking, mouth sex acts, female to female fish cave worshiping, how to trick children into bed and other sinful homosexual acts. If a illegal fails the class, the gays will tied them up rape them and then dump them off at the nearest INS station for deportation.

Mexigays after graduation

The gays then answer the “jobs” ads in craigslist and will setup one of their new soldiers to come and clean your house, babysit your kids, scrub your toilet and any other job they can steal from the American people. Once they get one of their Mexigays into your house, they will give them a mission to scout out your house for any small children. If children are found, the Mexigay is to give a full status report on the child’s sex, hair color, age, height, weight, skin tone and will test to see how loud they can scream. They last item is the most important. Gays don’t want children who can scream loud, as that could blow their cover when they are trying to rape your child.

The Mexigay will then brainwash your child by telling them stories about homosexuality in some Latin native tongue, so there is no way for you to understand them. Children can pick up new languages very fast and this plays right into the Mexigays hand. The Mexigay will also start dressing your child in clothes that you would see men wearing on the Bravo channel.

Once the Mexigay has turned your son or daughter into a flaming tadpole torpedo addict or into a milk sack loving disciple, they will report back, get paid and then give their reporting office a copy of the keys to your house and the code to your alarm system. This now leaves your home open for homosexual rape attacks.

As you can see with my research above. Mexicans are not just ruining our economy, but they are ruining the fabric of America and spreading the gay gene. We must stop this and increase our border security. Remember I posted a solution a long time ago and many people are starting to take this serious.

52 thoughts on “Mexigay, the New Homo Hybrid

    1. Not a banjo yahoo

      Facts point out that conservatives are more die hard problematic than any person on the planet. It has been stated by social movement leaders that white supremacist republicans are a global menace just as criminal gangs.

  1. Matt

    I agree with you Tyson the fags and illegal mexi’s are a menace, they should be exterminated for the vermin they are. No compassion no mercy, the moral fibre of our country is at stake.

    1. Chavo


      1. Matt

        Komista Cheve?

        Typical wetback foul mouth git, you are a perversion not only to your own race but to your culture too. Go back to the sand pile your daddy dug you up from, you have no business in a white culture.

        P.S. I would never be a friend to a mixed race.

  2. Millenium

    mexican ruining your economy … did you smoke some magical herb By any chance or what ?

    They get paid for like 10% of what an american is paid for doing the same Fucking Job

    and you sell the finishing produce as the Normal High Price and you make a fucking profit on It the real Problem is The christianity if you taxed the church the economy would have beenhigh right now but NOOO don,t tax them and lets them participate In politic

    In other country church and religious don’t participoate in Politic and it’s better Like that

  3. evolution

    This is like the Onion news right??? This is a joke right?? This is funny stuff. Haha,… come on! – “Mexigay”??? and the picture that is scrolling on the homepage?!?!?! priceless. I laughed so hard,.. thought I was on the Onion news web page,.. seriously! This is great stuff,.. this is like jokes that write themselves. I can’t even make fun of this because the funniest thing is that someone actually wrote this as a serious article,..

    1. Millenium

      yes it’s a spoof site but well sometime they can be dead serious and they have “serious” issue like they wnat to Nuke a lot of country


  4. Tyson Bowers IIIRhea Pollstry Post author

    It’s a well-documented fact that the illegal Mexigrants have been forcefully penetrating our southern regions for years, lustfully snatching up all of our lucrative gay jobs.

  5. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

    No, I’m not racist. This is America, it is not named Mexico so they can keep their gay color loving, loud mariachi playing and illegal border sneaking feet out of our country.

    1. The Comedian

      You have an issue with a completely legal Mexican family living next to you, even if that family has lived in America for the past 4 generations at the least. Explain to me how it makes any sense to just call them illegal, even if the father of the family is in the military, the son and daughter plans on joining and the wife has a civilian job on a base, and all of them have a great sense of patriotism in America. Flat-out, you’ll still say they’re illegal, even if (added to the stack) they have a more American accent than you. You’re just like Stevie, you’ll believe whatever you’re spoon-fed and fuck the bastard that tries to say that what you learned is wrong.

      1. Tyson Bowers IIIAdam Nelson Post author

        Terror babies.

        There’s many other things as well. There is nothing racist about it. If you’re in America, you better be through and through American. The fact that Mexican women are now selling their bodies to terrorists, so that 20 or 30 years down the road these children can come back ‘legally’ and terror attack us is terrifying to me.

        We can never be too careful and that’s why we need more laws like Arizona. Mexicans must prove they are bona-fide American and even then, the gov should keep close tabs.

        1. The Comedian

          You do realize that mistrusting people simply based on their nationality is still racist, right? Because, with you being so incredibly bat-shit insane, I’m sure this information must have slipped past you.

          1. Matt

            And the problem with being racist is?

            Should we all conform to a multicultural liberal politically correct agenda to prevent us from offending a few?

            Bullshit to that.

        2. Millenium

          One of your quotes adam

          “No, I’m not racist. This is America, it is not named Mexico”

          quetsion for you name me the continent you lives on ?

          yes it’s called AMERICA, AMERICA IS THE NAME OF THE CONTINENT either north south or central one

          Your country is named UNITED STATES not AMERICA

          oh and by the way you Know that terrorism is a states of Mind and not actually a “group or whatsover” tell me also adam do you wnat to Nuke Iran and china and japan and russia please answer I wanna know

  6. Andie

    California and much of the American Southwest was held by the Mexicans. You bloody greedy americans had to fight wars to get the lang. IT’S NOT YOURS! NONE OF THIS LAND IS. YOU STOLE IT. DEAL.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      So American is the only country that did that? Didn’t Mexico rape and steal land as well? Don’t they still rape and kill foreigners and treat their own like slaves? Maybe learn about a country call Spain. You sound like a lawn mower who is made because you are to lazy to move up the chain. You want hand outs.

      1. Andie

        I want hand-outs? Bull-fucking shit. I worked my ass off with 2 jobs while still attending college. I graduated, and probably make far more than you do.

        “You sound like a lawn mower who is made because you are to lazy to move up the chain.” and wtf is that even supposed to mean?

        It’s America, not American. Go back to your elementary grammar lessons. And while you’re at it, go back to high school U.S. history. Spain opened the door for your kind. You ruined the Mexicans. Much of their poverty stems from the actions of your white European ancestors.

        Anything else, “sir”?

          1. Andie

            Actually, I’m half-black half-white, a “mulatto”. and my parents were married for 5 years before they had me and are still happily married today.

          2. The Comedian

            Tyson’s gimmick is anti-Mexican and anti-black, when talking about specifics. He hates the idea of a black man and a white woman, or vice versa as far as gender goes, being together and thinks all Mexicans are illegal and thus subject to being subjugated or exiled. He thinks Mexicans are all lazy, terrorist-baby bombs, and that black men want to do nothing but fuck white women. Occasionally he’ll throw in something about gays, but even if he’ll mention it in the title, he seems to focus on the non-white aspects of a blog post.

          3. Andie

            my dear comedian, i do believe “the man” is thumbing us down. how juvenile. then according to their views, i’m fucked, essentially?

        1. The Comedian

          //so he’s a homophobic racist? don’t tell me he’s sexist as well!//

          That’s the general shtick, but everyone except Stevie and Adam (as far as regular bloggers go) zero in on a specific form of hate or stupidity. Chuck is sexist, Tyson hates Mexicans and Black people, Retard Higgins focuses on how gays are destroying the world via weather patterns that are completely normal, Abe hates on the gays while siding Mexicans on, as well as a more broader ‘if it ain’t America, it ain’t good’ mentality, while Stevie and Adam seem to not get that this is supposed to be a parody/satire site. If Adam DOES get it, he’s got one helluva way to show it, since he’s out-right called cats vermin and wants them dead as well as making some extremely sexist, racist, and homophobic comments.

          1. Andie

            my dear comedian, i do believe “the man” is thumbing us down. how juvenile. then according to their views, i’m fucked, essentially?

      1. Ayla

        i don’t know where you got that from?!
        when did i mention me having a thing against america?
        you do not make sense.
        i love america. as much as i love any other country in the world…

  7. Mrs. Timothea Parrish

    Praise Jesus for this story!

    I was just sick after visiting my dear sister in Christ, Youwana Zukdic. Her darling little boys pranced out of their room dressed like a couple of the Village People. One as the cowboy, the other as the indian. I was appalled. Now Youwana isn’t as worldly and educated as I am. I knew in an instant that is was the work of that Mexican boy nanny. I told her having a male nanny was going to be trouble. She was worried about a girl nanny tempting her husband like that Swedish nanny tempted poor Rev. Barnes into lust and sin, ruining his marriage and his church leadership. I told her she better keep a close eye on that Mexican. She called me just now and said her husband has been very vigilant. He has even taking to sleeping in the nanny’s room to make sure he is sneaking around the house in the middle of the night. I know I am sleeping better knowing those children are protected.

  8. Mike

    Alright first, let me just state that you have to stop saying “Homo Gay Agenda”.

    There’s no fucking agenda, but regardless that’s redundant you moron. I’m pretty sure there’s no Hetero Gay Agenda so you can keep your rants down to one word for “homosexual” if you really want to be taken seriously.

    Just kidding, haha, no I would never take you seriously.

    A new breed of homosexual? You’re aware homosexuals are not separated into different breeds, right? Although,I’m pretty sure a Neapolitan Gay, or a Gay Mastiff would be pretty awesome, it just isn’t a reality.

    To be homosexual means to have a sexual preference of the same sex. A Mexican homosexual and a Polish homosexual are both homosexuals and their nationality does not have any effect on their preference.

    The Gay community didn’t start handing out wellfare, Obama did. And no, before you start ranting he isn’t gay, and it’s not the African American Agenda either.

    It’s the Democratic agenda.

    I had a lot more to say, but honestly, after hearing Satan worshiper over and over again, it hit me: This is a game of chess. No matter how good I am, if you don’t understand the rules, there is no winning.

    Anyway, God Bless, or whatever it is you have a hard on for. I hope you know you’re saying hateful things that hurts people deeply.

    What Would Jesus Do? Get nailed to a 2×4. I think he was a bit busy “dying for our sins” to hate on your sodomites and Jews.

    Oh… haha, Jesus was a Jew. Just food for thought.

  9. Millenium

    mexican are illegal in mexico mexican are illegal in spain mexican are illegal in any spanish country so where mexican are legal then

    Oh and By the way you sold Louisana to the spain and you took it back By force because of your “manifest destiny” that Brittain gave you

    How its feel to be Brittish ? the same people who killed millions of french chiense and so On the Murderer yet your gene is Not very pleasnat Mister I’m christian and righteous when actually You are a Bullshit

    1. Mrs. Timothea Parrish

      Well bless your heart. I have no idea what you are saying. And if I don’t understand you, Jesus can’t either. Jesus loves everyone. At least everyone who speaks God’s English. By the you do garden work? How silly..all of you do. I told Julio to hide under the lantana when the sheriff drove by but dumb luck the INS got him anyway. My lawn is this laughingstock of the neighborhood.

  10. apostrofie's

    You’s us’ing apostrofie’s to indicate plural word’s. I’s that part of the s’atire, or are ewe that s’tupid? Jus’t as’king.

  11. Pork Fried RIce

    I think it’s rather sad that people can be so closed minded. No matter what race, gender or sexuality a person is, they are simply a person!

    Those of you whom are homophobes might have something to hide. The church has taken to being promiscuous in defiling young boys. I’d rethink where your focusing your energy on, your preachers are doing it.

    Look back in literature where men had lovers. Plato and Aristotle were some men who are greats in literature for starters who mentioned lovers in their works. Homosexuality is not a new thing, it’s been here for ages obviously.

    I know lots of hard working Mexicans, some legal and others illegal, but they do not try to rape children, molest, seduce, etc… They are normal human beings with a different culture, which means a different way of life. That must be very scary to you dumb ass simpletons.

    Further thought into the illegal topic: EVERY person in the United States is illegal at some point in time. The only true people who belong here are Native Americans. (You probably hate them too) So every person here is illegal because you came from Great Britain or some other God worshiping country. And this entire country on the continent of North America, was taken and conquered.

    I just graduated Cum Laud from an accredited business college on the East Coast and I am a female who is White and Asian. That does not in the least bit make my input any less important.

    And a side note…

    White people are very inbred and other races aren’t. Thank you slack jawed yokels for bringing unnecessary diseases and complications into the gene pool because you can’t help but marrying your cousins. Have a stupendous day gay haters!!

  12. Jessica wright

    Look up and watch the Brass Eye paedophile special. Chris Morris. BBC.
    This is getting too ridiculous, I liked it when I couldn’t decide if it was real or not. It’s getting way too obvious.
    Jessica. London. England (very secular – thank god)

  13. kiki


  14. kiki

    that’s right I’m spreading gay pride all across your naive anti-gay posts cause lets face it you wouldn’t know what love is if it hit you in the face with the brass knuckles of reality

  15. Christ kills white racist hicks

    You people make me sick!!! “wholesome American” shut the hell up you ignorant white trash Christians!

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  18. M-G of America

    Dear Christwire,

    Now that you have found our plans out. We have held an official meeting, and then several smaller meetings around the country. Our plan of attack has changed, and we no longer can be prevented. Your children are in danger of our Mexigayny devious plans.


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