Michelle Obama’s Sinful and Unholy Prom Dress

A photo of Michelle Obama’s prom dress has surfaced and I must say you can see how much of a flussy she was in high school.

Look at the high slit in her dress. This is inviting pre marital sex. I guess this would be typical of a black women. Most black women have children by the time they are 17 and seem to always have the “daddy not around” issue. I wonder if Obama knows his first lady was most likely this guys first lady on her prom night.

Also, look at the low cut top. I guess she was using her devil ways even before she got in the spotlight. She must of use these same tactics to even get in the spotlight.

68 thoughts on “Michelle Obama’s Sinful and Unholy Prom Dress

  1. anonymous

    Seriously. You people have to be the most hateful, racist bunch I have ever seen. This site is a waste of the server space it sits on. Satire is supposed to be funny but this article is just plain offensive, and given authors’ replies to comments in previous posts I’m inclined to believe that this entire site isn’t a joke site at all. The worst part about all this is that they post this stuff under the guise of Christianity, and it gives decent, respectable Christians a bad name. I don’t know what they’re worshiping but it isn’t God.

  2. Robert Hopt

    I think that dress is amazing, and I’m glad we have a First Lady who has a sense of style and isn’t Xanaxed out all the time.

  3. asd

    If God loves everyone, what gives you the right to judge and say such stupid things. You make Christians around the world look bad. You bring shame to the religion.

  4. Juliet

    This is complete moronic bullshit! I agree that I am thrilled to be Agnostic at this point. If anything’s unholy about that dress, it’s the shoulder pads. AM I RIGHT?

  5. Chuck Reagan

    She still dresses in this provocative manner, even as the ‘first lady’ of the US. It’s an embarrassment to our country how she parades all around in those trademark sleeveless, backless dresses. You know all of our allies with leaders of a proper background are looking down on our culture for the way she dresses.

    1. Jody Zellner

      Really, you are an idiot. Get a life in case you havent heard (because you are that out of touch) both Obama’s have brought respect back to the white house from foreign leaders. You Jesus freaks are really nuts.

  6. courtney

    wow. this is the dumbest thing ive read in a while. if i could meet you, id probably beat the hell out of you. of which im sure would be a lot. just to think your opinions are the highest of importance doesnt mean that you’re right. get real. who the hell do you think you are faggot?! get a life and get over it you homo.

  7. jackie

    ok, what about the outfits the bush daughters wear? their clothes are far sluttier than what michelle is wearing. [img]http://www.gambling911.com/Barbara-Bush-Lauren-Bush.jpg[/img]

    CSB Note: Image censored for improper nudity.

  8. hoodpresident

    mmm yeah baby i luv da obamas but mm bush daughter yummy in my book cuz i luv me some white wimminz i would rail dat ho so hard till she luv me back which might be a while cuz da bushs dont like black people but i tell u wat i like bush and soup dawg dat bushs bush would get a good weed wackin mmmm make me say uhhhhh

  9. religioso

    Judgement from people that claim acceptance and community is punishable! Why not be a little more like your jesus fellow and less like the people that killed him or that twisted his words to make you subservient.

  10. justsomeguy

    Saw this quote somewhere, and it’s totally true. “Science flies us to the moon, where as religion flies us into buildings”.

  11. Johnny Chang

    This is a further sign of the deterioration of the American ideal. Should our faithful leader have picked such a woman to be his lawfully wedded wife?

    Be on your guard, my brothers!

  12. Mena

    I feel incredibly sorry to all who see this cite. Please forgive Christianity as a whole. Every group has their crazies. this is not what being a Christian is about. Please do not judge us by what you see here. “For God so loved the World..” these people are taking things way to far “…He gave his only begotten son…” who are we to judge “… so that whosoever believed…” Gods only requirement ” …shall not die but have everlasting life.” Yes God defines sin and asks us to stay away from it but thats not always possible so He made it posible by his son taking are sins when we believe and ask for forgivness anr sins are cast “as far as the east is from the west”. “All have sinned..” is a fact they are forgetting. Christ came not to judge the world but to save it.

  13. GMON

    Damn, this is just plain racism, nothing more, nothing less.

    “I guess this would be typical of a black women. Most black women have children by the time they are 17 and seem to always have the “daddy not around” issue.”

    I guess i can say you look like a 50 yr old virgin and a potential child molester and it would be true.

  14. maria

    “I guess this would be typical of a black women. Most black women have children by the time they are 17 and seem to always have the “daddy not around” issue.”

    I am honestly amazed and disturbed at how racist this statement is. What gives you the right to judge people?

  15. Jacey Lynn

    Get a fucking life, you chauvinistic, racist, bastards! It WAS (keyword was) her prom dress. Like we all haven’t been guilty of a fashion faux paux once or twice in our lives. “Most black women have children by the time they are 17 and seem to always have the “daddy not around” issue.” <– and what the hell does this have to do with anything? And you all call yourselves “Christians”? Really? Because last time I checked, true Christians were supposed to love each other as themselves and preach the true message and Gospel of Christ, not criticize one another or incite hateful words about ones race or sex. All I can say is nice job. No wonder people are straying away from the church, If I didn’t know any better, I’d say to hell with all of y’all. But it’s okay your probably too ignorant to know what’s really good. Oh and by the way get your statistics together; the average black woman has her children around age 22. Just thought you’d like to know. God bless y’all (you’ll need it).

  16. Jack O'Reilly

    I really don’t know about this Tyson, don’t you remember that night you and I had with that little black boy? I mean I know he was an ignorant savage but damn did his asshole taste sweet! Also the Dr said that the bumps ARE contagious so you need to head on over to the dr and get you some of that cream I got.

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  18. confused

    is this site for real? i mean seriously. i am trying to find out because if it is, the owner’s of this site are the most moronic people I have ever heard of.

  19. God_AM

    The best I can say about the author of this blog is that he is afraid of the world around him. Many of us put up this armor to protect ourselves from that which we don’t understand. We call people mean names and attack them for things that we feel seperate them from us. When we don’t understand that we are all connected we put up walls to keep out that which we feel is “bad” not realizing that we are actually creating more seperation which creates more fear. Sometimes it even results in violence. And so begins another cycle of negativity. Negativity however cannot exhist on it’s own. It’s dependent upon the attention of other negative actions and thoughts. I suggest we allow the negativity to stop now. Don’t comment on this or any of his hatefull posts anymore. If anything send this man your love and wish him well. Pray fir him to find peace within himself and maybe he can learn to express himself in a way that promotes thy peace to his fellow human beings. Don’t feed him more of what his ego desires. You cannot attack the darkness that has pervaded his soul, you can only shine the light on it and hope for the best. Until he finds his own way out of the darkness he will continue to live in the he’ll that he wishes upon everyone else.

    COMMENTS MAKE HIM HAPPY, CLICKING LINKS MAKES HIM MONEY. just leave the site and never look back.

  20. Anon

    This has to be Poe’s law… it’s not possible for these people to have such ignorant bigoted biases… and be called Christian.

  21. Sid

    You people fucking sicken me. You’re not Christians. Christ was tolerant and loving of all his children. You people are just a bunch of sick, twisted, idiots who like to fuck with other people’s name because they disagree with you.

    And “that’s typical of a black woman”? Fuck you, you crazy racist cunt. It’s a good thing I’m a Satanist. I would be morally fucked if I was in with your kind.

  22. SarahLovesJesus

    With ppl like these it’s no wonder that non christians hate us so much. The person who wrote this is not following true christianity. We are to love ppl despite whatever sin may be in their lives. How dare anyone judge Mrs. Obama! I don’t know anything about her walk with the lord much like no one else truly knows about mine. I just ask that everyone reading this doesn’t consider all of us to be this ignorant.

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    WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!? THIS IS F***ING RACIST!!! I am a conservative. A true conservative and a true Christian. Conservatives are not racist. Christians do not go around calling people Satan. Doing so IS a sin. F**k all of you bastards. How dare you all call yourselves conservatives and Christians!

  25. southernbelle

    How can you say things like this… THIS is not how the children of Christ should act! You are an example of the reason people turn away from the Love of Christ… because they only see hatred through YOU!

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  27. Jane

    All of you that aren’t a member of the church of Christ, need to read all of your
    New Testament, & not just bits & pieces! There is only one true church & that is the one the Lord built Matthew 16:18! As far as Obama”s prom dress goes, she is dressed immodest 1 Timothy 2:9-10………..

  28. jason fisher

    atheists suck ignorant obama gay cock Dressed in a low-cut gown while flipping through the torn out pages of there little sparkly diary IN public.
    REPENT for your SINS. MORONS

    obama is the antichrist and satan will rise to power again soon
    2017 WW3

  29. corrections

    “a black women” – you mean a black woman.
    “She must of use these same tactics” – you mean she must have used these same tactics.

    Hope that helps you use better grammar in the future. Also, you are a sick racist bastard, but it makes me laugh.

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  31. Amber

    You seem to have a lot of anger in your heart. Calling normal people ‘faggot’ or ‘homo’ is not very nice and is pretty bigoted at best. Know that even when you’re going through hard times and may feel like you need to take your frustrations out on those around you, you’re still loved. <3

  32. lboy

    No worries, tempusfugitive. Make your own path.

    We’re not all cult members. Some of us actually have logical consistency and a decent amount of arguable harmony in our apologetic. There really are rational Christians out there who worship based on sound objective thought and subjective experience.

    Apparently, none of them are on staff at tysonbowersiii.com.

  33. Adam Nelson

    You’re one of those fancy boys who thinks you can be Christian and do things like have abortions, fornicate, do drugs, vote for Democrats and even kill, don’t you?

    The Bible is not like your little sparkly diary, where you can flip through and tear out pages you decide you don’t like over time, it’s the irrefutable word as interpreted by our church leaders.

  34. lboy

    Wrong on all five listed actions, even their insinuations.

    Christ did not operate this way. He aided the adulterous woman. He chose twelve very flawed men (traitors, embezzlers, flakes) to begin his church. It is not in accusing the “lost” (we all are, “for all have fallen short of the glory of God…”) that we further His will, it is in reaching out and helping those in need.

    Most atheists choose to be so given the evidence they can gather. Quit giving honest atheists more reason to hate Christians.

    BTW, if by “fancy” you are insinuating that I am educated, grounded, mature, and intelligent, then yes, thanks for the compliment.

  35. TheWretched

    The irony continues.
    This speech brought to you by a cunt.

    Oh shit, I miss Safety Dan now. Oh well. In my own tradition of these type of articles.

    Is it safe?


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