My Little Pony Releases New Fake Sin Slit Sexy Toys

Bronies across the world have tried to attack me and say they are not part of a global perversion network that is hell bent on turning our children into homogays, vaginal seeking sex hounds and fill their minds with thoughts of musky scented gay man sacs or eager sex thoughts of diving into a unmarried woman’s moist camel hump. If this were not true, then why have they released their own line of sexual sin slit toys to trick children into forceful producing devil DNA, by having fake sex with rainbow colored fish caves?

18 thoughts on “My Little Pony Releases New Fake Sin Slit Sexy Toys

    1. Flutterpie

      Tyson, Hasbro is a CHILDREN’S TOY COMPANY! They don’t make fleshlights. Seriously, do you even look up 1 FACT before randomly posting every bit of shit that pops in your head!?

      1. Nathan Gamble

        I think he knows that. Obviously Hasbro wouldn’t make MLP sex toys, but sex toy manufacturers have made and do sell MLP themed sex toys.

        These “fleshlights” are photoshopped, but other companies such as Bad Dragon produce similar products to these fake ones.

  1. OddAtheist

    Seriously?! Fake as faking hell (and heaven). even if those were real, not EVERY Brony would buy them, only the creepy ones. I certainly wouldn’t buy one…creepy.

    Question: How would guys having sex with fake VAGINAS turn them gay?

    1. OddAtheist

      I just got to add:

      Besides the color and the (most likely shopped) text next to them, what other proof is there that they are the ponies? I don’t see names or even a cutie mark on them anywhere

      And is the gray one supposed to be Rarity? (white one with the purple hair and crystals as her cutie mark for those who don’t know) Rarity is white, not gray…

      Just got done watching an episode of MLP and find this article, what’re the odds

  2. Thiefenz

    Her fingers rake across your abdomen, digging painfully into the flesh. Some even draw blood. You’re already starting to feel the effects of her earlier wounds, and now she’s making good on her promise. The urge to babble rises in your throat.
    A little series of hums escapes her as she rolls her fingers in your slowly pooling blood, watching it drip from her hands with almost child-like wonder.

    It was raw pain, raw fear. Her eyes slide from her paints to your face, her cheshire grin growing ever wider. She dolls up a dollop of the sanguine fluid on your chest and dabs it gently onto your lips, as if offering it to you to taste.


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