Nevermind That Kurt Cobain Was a Psychotic Drug Addict Pedophile

20 years ago the world was engulfed in a swarm of body odor stained flannel and unwashed long hair. From that sea of bad hygiene arose the “grunge” scene and the leader of this new wave of talent-less guitar playing and off timing drum bashing, was a band by the name “Nirvana”. Nirvana smashed into the currently fixed post Reagan world and started to pick at the fibers of America’s youth with their unmoral music.

If Satan was the manager of a boy band, it would be Nirvana. Leading this band was the soft boyish faced devil by the name of Kurt Cobain. This man was most likely the first main stream hipster and emosexual, with his custom made, over priced thrift store looking outfits and women’s glasses. This man craved so much attention that he killed himself, which is known now as “The Bang Heard Around the World” and he was later given the name “Kurt Gobang”. Even having a child of his own, fame and attention was much more important to this failed at life rock star, that he took his own life in hopes to be the most popular suicide rock star in the world.

The thing I find most humorous is the fact Cobain’s main reason for killing himself was because of fame. Well my weak minded, headless friend, if you didn’t want fame, you shouldn’t of signed your soul over to the evil record companies. If you didn’t want women falling over you, you shouldn’t of had so many Calvin Klein styled masturbatory images taken of yourself. In a way Kurt used a weak excuse on why he was too lazy to deal with his personal problems and his embarrassing love for kiddie nudity. Oh, you don’t think he dabbled his sin staff in underage imagery of naked newborns? Than why was their most popular cover that of a fleshly exposed babies twiddle rompus? This was Kurt’s way of letting people know he had a sick and twisted problem. How do you think he thought up the name for the band? Kurt has been reported to call his pre-tween self demon whacking sessions to put him in a spiritual Nirvana, as he drifted into a euphoric climax. Now remember, the Atheists and Liberals will jump on and point fingers anyone who is religious that is accused of kiddie fondle touching, but how dare anyone say anything about a socialist man who actions screams “ice cream” van driver or lost puppy flyer poster.

During the bands uprising in popularity, so did Kurt’s fancy for cross dressing and heroin dipped meth balls. Kurt was not able to even get on stage and perform is simple to strum songs unless his blood was flowing with narcotics and booze. I think this is the only thing he had in common with his whore tarnished wife, Courtney “No-one-wants-to” Love. As his dependency on street sprinkles, his writing turned into songs that promoted kids to cuddle inside Satan’s anal womb and to snort eight-balls of powdered sin candy.

To prove this man’s music was not that of some muse inspired genius, take any emo kid with a guitar and internet access and I can guarantee they will learn the band’s discography in an afternoon. Now, take that same degenerate, put them in front of a piano and tell them to play Beethoven, they will look at you with a complex and constipated like face. They won’t be able to get over the fact that the song requires more than four notes and requires years of musical training to perfect. Unlike Kurt’s music, they more tainted it is with talent-less guitarmanship, the “better” it is suppose to sound.

So after 20 years why do non-identity having people praise this marble mouth, pedophile as some musical genius, when his songs are that of three cords and his lyrics have no poetic substance? It is because liberal America praises anything anti-American and anti-Christian. If is just like how the son will go off to rebel and have gay sex with his college roommate, just to upset his parents. The child doesn’t want to engage in a sin docking rumpus, but deals with the painful back muscle-hole intrusion, just to defy his father’s heart. The youth is rebelling by pretending they find this druggies music to be inspiring and insightful.

Even though this son of terror and his golden locks of demon fibers is good and gone, his spirit still lives in the music of form drum player, Dave Grohl, who now leads the band Food Fighters.

Don’t worry my friends, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Nirvana may have sold 25 million copies of their hate filled albums, but the Bible still wins as it has sold over 6 trillion copies. Looks like Jesus is still the more popular “rock star”.

61 thoughts on “Nevermind That Kurt Cobain Was a Psychotic Drug Addict Pedophile

  1. Roger Delco

    Indeed they were “post Reagan”, no good Christian band would play this type of filth during Reagan’s Presidency. I’m sure he cried himself to sleep thinking about these heathens.

    1. Tonestar


    2. NirvanaFan

      You are all ridiculous and narrow minded. No good Christian band would not play like this because there “Are NO” good christian bands.

      From Hell

      1. ledalou1981

        I am a conservative and I am ashamed of how one of our people, would right this preposterous blog. We love Kurt and he was a good person unlike you blogger person. Thank you NirvanaFan you really are right

  2. August Weisz

    These prepster “rockers” ruined Seattle. It used to be a nice place to visit with Ken Griffey Junior and the Supersonics. After Nirvana was invented Now no Griffey, no Supersonics and now it’s just hairy people wearing flannel and sandals with socks drinking coffee with Italian sized names.

          1. NirvanaFan

            Only two noteworthy things came from Seattle, Nirvana a Jimmy Hendrix,….oh wait, and the biggest new music movement in decades. You should be proud to live in a city that showed such creativity and raw talent.

  3. Alison Manson

    u said satan is the manager of;
    Tokio Hotel
    nd a few other hundreds,……… i work in that business and trust me he ain’t got time to deal with these many people

      1. Ty

        You sure look like your more than capable of handling many many people. Alison you need to turn your life over to god and stop working as a harlot and a force of evil.

    1. Ty

      You sure look like your more than capable of handling many many people. Alison you need to turn your life over to god and stop working as a harlot and a force of evil. Duplicate comment, misclicked.

  4. Kingdom_Under_Fire

    You know, I was talking to the reverend next door a couple weeks ago ( He was trying to get me to accept Jesus, very nice man, but he’s been at it for years) And i offhandedly mentioned this site. Next day he knocks on my door and tells me that you people know nothing about your faith, and if you do then you clearly have strayed. I found this quite hilarious. I also found it funny that you manage to bastardize the English language, in more ways then one in almost every single “Article”. People like you have been corrupting and twisting your religion for hundreds of years, until we ended up with this POS you call Christianity. What is even more laughable is the fact that you act as if your perfect. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. If I’m not correct the Gospel of John in your Bible says that. Oh and FYI Nowhere in the Bible does it say God hates homosexuals. Your Bible say he loves everyone equally. He merely dislikes some things more then others. NOWHERE Does it say he hates anyone. No matter what they do, he loves them. At least that’s what that’s what my neighbor says, And Unlike you, He has not strayed from his faith.

    -Yours Truly,
    An Annoyed Athiest

    1. Ty

      you are vastly under educated in these matters. Of course you try to slander us. You are an evil spreading “athiest”; which is just another word for sin spreader.

      1. Kingdom_Under_Fire

        Mmmm Slandering? Ha. No, I’m not slandering you. I’m simply stating that people like you are what give your religion a bad name. Quite the Opposite of slander really. I was merely stating the Truth. And is it Slander to tell you what’s written in your own Religion’s Bible? Of course not, but being the kind of person you are you immediately jump to that naive conclusion.

        I’m going to take a wild guess and say you read the New International Version(NIV) Of the Bible.

      2. Jm

        Are you fucking stupid? Or just arrogant as shit? All of you idiots are honestly the biggest laughing stock in america. Seriously, you dont have to be assholes, and actually read the entire bible, dont just read 1 thing and twist it to your beliefs you corrupt bastard, Your the reason why the world is gonna burn. Corrupt little fuckers.

      1. Cassidy Pen

        I’m smart enough to refrain from unholy music like Nirvana, Hole, and other emosexual music. I’m also pleading with wayward souls to also refrain and take up thy cross which may not be a particular sign of intelligence but it is a sign of mercy for wayward souls and drowning babies.

      2. NirvanaFan

        True to that Blade. Babies of that age take to water extremely well due to the 9 months they were in utero. It just as easy for them as it is to breathe.

  5. Death Cult Christian

    You people are sick. I don’t hate your as you hate me, instead I shed empathy on your lack of understanding to the universe. Your church is filled with pedophiles and warmongers who do nothing but manipulate people for money. I feel sorry for your children’s certain poor raising. A book that’s 2011 years old doesn’t make it true. look up the historical information on the bible. It’s a fucking ploy by the elite and super wealthy to keep everyone obeying them.

  6. Jebus

    I have been to many websites, this website is by far the worst. Coming here reminded me why I am an Athiest. I don’t need some imaginary dude to tell me to be a decent human being, to not hate people for THEIR decisions, etc. I saw an excellent quote the other day, “religion is like a penis, its ok to have one, but don’t go whipping it out in public and jamming it down peoples throats.” Something like that…

  7. Sam

    Why don’t you do a article on how millions of christian familes are now broke because their parents gave away billions to Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, First Assembly of God and many many more for the last 40 years

    and from that their kids and grand kids think that christianity is complete BS and so Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, FAG and friends are going broke because they can’t get donations ?


  8. Memyselfandmegan

    What the hell did I just read. Way to be a jerk, dude. If you’re going to throw around unjust, baseless, criticism, you’re a fat, square-headed, idiot. Oh wait, that’s already been proven. Man, I really hope evolution hurries up and kills people like you off. You suck and hold back the progress of mankind.

  9. anti-christ superstar

    u can talk, u christian fucks are pedos! and don’t u dare say anything bad about this man, he IS a legand, he is with us with his music (which is amazing btw) so go suck your dads cock!

  10. I See The Light...loljks there ain't none

    I have never heard so much self-absorbed pretentious crap in my life. You fail at being clever. Are you a wannabe psych?
    Not to mention, even if the bible has sold 6 trillion copies, and Nevermind has sold 3.5 million, that’s nothing to be proud of, you’re just proving that the world has 6 trillion + idiots.

  11. Mike

    p.s. 6 trillion? bible beater math is always hilarious. isn’t the world only 6,128 years old, or something funny like that?

  12. PassingNirvanaFan

    o_o There is nothing wrong with homosexuality, self-expression through music or Nirvana. Kurt Cobain may have had some problems (although you have no proof that he was a pedophile, as the album cover features a baby as a metaphore of lost innocence in pursuit of money), but I like his music and there is no reason to write about how much you hate him. I thought Christians were supposed to love eveyone? This did make me laugh though “son of terror and his golden locks of demon fibers” XD

  13. fuck you

    this piece of shit shit website should be banned. fuck your take on religion no one cares! you do not represent true christianity.

  14. Chadwick

    Telling the world they are wrong if they find nirvana’s music insightful is sad. Your opinion of kurt and his music is sad because it appears to come from a narrow minded religious upbringing where you were told God loves you… as long as you’re not a faggot and you believe the bible 100 percent with absolute faith… its a sad opinion, but how can i say its wrong? Its an opinion.
    In MY opinion, God is love and i can’t imagine God withholding any amount of love from anyone who has ever walked this earth. It may be much too radical a concept for you to accept that perhaps Hitler was no less deserving of Gods love than Jesus himself… in a relative world you might think that’s absurd because Hitler was wrong and Jesus was right… right? But in this life, we are only able to know “right” and “good” and “fair” because we also know “wrong” and “bad” and “injustice”… so maybe open yourself up to asking yourself this question… if the things that i love about being alive can only exist because of the existence of their counterpart, then how can anything be truly “bad” when it was all created by God to serve a specific and crucial purpose.

    You have some strong feelings about Kurt and his music, which wouldn’t have been enough on its own for me to take the time to write this, I’m saying this more so to point out the irony of using christianity to condemn something. I’ve never understood how some religious people have no problem ignoring the hypocrisy in making judgements about others in the name of something that is supposed to represent an ideal of love and compassion.
    I’m not religious because i feel like organized religion divides people more than it brings them together… Nirvana was a 3 chord grunge band whose songs, like you say, aren’t very complex as far as songwriting goes… so should there be something in place that songs should be measured up to in order for people to be allowed to enjoy them?
    Try putting yourself in the place of those you’re inclined to judge… talking shit in the name of God is a pretty good indicator that there’s some housecleaning you might be seriously neglecting.

  15. Chadwick

    You called their music unmoral (its immoral by the way, if you’re going to bad mouth a band for threatening your christian belief system, at least use the correct vernacular)
    The beauty of music is that no matter who you are, there is something that will move you and that you can relate to.
    Do you think God would be happier with you for choosing not to listen to Nirvana because you don’t understand it and can’t relate to it? Or for using his name to draw attention to yourself so you look righteous, and morally superior? (There are so many examples in the bible of Christ warning us not to be like you)

    I’m super curious what music you listen to.
    Let me know what i can put on the stereo to get my repentance on!

  16. Rob

    Unmoral? Its immoral you fucking piece of shit
    Go ahead and shit on actual music and continue to listen to your fred dursts and Justin beibers you piece of shit that only adds to the negativity online with this far stretch from the truth piece u call an article.

    1. Chad

      Haha so good. This dude stands on his religious soapbox and uses it to contradict himself. Nothing wrong with believing whatever you want when it comes to spirituality, but there are some things where opinion doesn’t apply because there are facts, this is one of those situations…
      Hes a pedophile because of the baby on the cover of never mind?? LOL What an obnoxious idiot.

  17. Kat

    This sounds like it was written by someone who didn’t receive much love as a child and the neglect then shaped them into a bitter, delusional being incapable of empathy or critical thinking.


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