New Gaymas Ad Shows Pedogays How To Trap Children

Christmas is a time for the American family to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is a time where wives spend all day in the kitchen preparing a great meal for their family. A time for when children get good Christian gifts. It is all about Jesus and the true love only in a Christian’s heart.

Now a new ad has surfaced from Brazil, Mexico trying to turn Christmas into a holiday of sin! We already told you about how the gays want to use Santa To Entice Man Boy Love Relations, now they are using Christmas or as they call it Gaymas to trick children into their houses so they can trap them in their homes to stuff their sewer hole stockings.

This ad shows them the proper tools they need to lure a young boy into their home. Here is the check list:

Boxes dressed up the look like presents full of goodies. Inside the boxes are a contraption that explodes sleeping power into the child’s face.

A Christmas tree that is atleast 7 feet tall so they can hide their video camera behind it.

See through curtains, so their friends can watch the attack.

A gym membership, so they can have their muscles rippling.

A part of tight underwears.

Once they have everything setup, they will leave their doors open and make sure that tree is lite up so a innocent child walking by would be enticed to check out the goodies under the tree, just like a bug being tempted by a light bulb. They have to make sure they have their camera recording before this is setup as they will then share their catch on youtube or some other gay friendly video sharing site. Once the child enters the house, the gay will call his buddies to show up, so they can peek through the window and watch the holiday horror. When the boxes of presents are open the child will be exposed by gay raping sleeping power. The gay will be hoping it will take effect within a few minutes as they will usually take tabs of drugs before an attack and will want to be in full hallucination during the event. Once the child is knock out, the gay will play naught reindeer games.

How do we allow such ads into our magazines and newspapers? The is blatantly promoting child gay rape! Something tells me Bravo might be behind this. We know they are all about decking the halls with bounds of gayness.

14 thoughts on “New Gaymas Ad Shows Pedogays How To Trap Children

  1. Millennium

    wow what a fertile imagination you have

    Maybe he is his father and he wnat to see the chidlren expression in his faces when he Open the gift

    also Mexico is in North america while Brazil is in south mexico speaks spanish and brazil speaks portuguese Other question ?

    you found Gay everywhere I’m sure your lead soldier are gay in your tree

    oh and the description of the “‘birth of jesus” You gave sound Like a Big marketing tactics of some sort ( greediness is 1 of the capitals sin remember )

  2. Ty Bowers IV

    I remember that picture. That was taken on Xmas 1983. That’s you in your underwear and an unsuspecting me in the Santa hat. Why do you have to show our private family photos on the internet, Dad?

    1. Brandon

      You really should not make fun of people.Mr Bowers is simply trying to inform the public that these things do happen

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  4. LOL

    LOL, this article is such a funny parody of crazy,paranoid, unchristian radicals who claim to be “righteous”.

    oh, wait.
    It really IS crazy people.
    WOAH, that’s even crazier than I thought they could get.

  5. TTriame

    This site is definitely a joke.
    Lighten up guys. I did some research and the dude who is supposedly a “youth minister” at Langley CC never has been. So it’s a satirical website. It does a pretty good job of making it seem real though.

    But really, who thinks that Brazil is in Mexico???

    1. Millennium

      even if its funny a lot of american think that brazil speak spanish and its south to mexico ( in central america )

      but I saw the FAILBLOG.ORG out there it’s supposed to be a joke msot of those failblog picture are photoshopped to be Hilarous

      but hell you don,t even Know what is fun anyway

      and I know Tyson Bower is No pastor or reverend the name itself is Not even in the Database in US

  6. Jonathan Justice

    Once you consider that the December solstice is the middle of the summer in Brazil, you can wonder why the guy would be wearing any clothes at all. Then you can realize that whatever sort of tender moment the image is supposed to connect to, it has been ripped off to sell modish underwear.


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