New Site Promotes Sin

My brothers and sisters, with the close of Juicy Campus, there has been a new site that has popped up called Spoiled Juice.

This site encourages young people to post horrible photos of class mates and then allows people to vote and comment on them.

I wish to ask everyone to contact the owners of this site and have it shut down!

20 thoughts on “New Site Promotes Sin

  1. Pat Heinkel

    This is simply repulsive. I clicked that link and all sorts of fleshly evil insulted my eyes!

    I’m definitely adding this to the list of sites to block in our family override filter.

  2. Tyson Bowers III

    I contacted this company and this was their response:

    “Go fuck your face”

    What rude people we having living in this world!

  3. dk

    I just visited the site and found nothing negative about it.
    No porn, no violence..whatever.

    Just photo of teenagers enjoying themselves..what’s so bad about it?

  4. Jimmy

    If you do not like that website; don’t go to it. Also, thank you…I would have never known about this site. You promoted it wonderfully!!

  5. lordy

    HA, the good ol’ days. nothing but some good innocent fun. you have to stop being so uptight about this stuff. it’s going to happen, it’s inevitable.

  6. Anon

    thats funny “go fuck your face” is what id tell tyson also if he contacted me about MY business, dumb brainwashed fuck, go fuck your face.

  7. The_Athiest

    Ok so why don’t you guys worry about your own actions? the actions of others should not concern you. worry about saving yourselves. the retribution of others is up to them. if they want to live as, ”heathens” or ”sinners” as you call them. let them. why cant we all just enjoy life rather than analysing the actions and decisions we make and labeling them as good and bad. if i wanna post pictures of myself or friends, and i feel confortable with my body and it is entirely concentual, why not. you all know of the garden of eden and original sin. the human body is a creation of god. isnt it against your religion to go against god? im sure you guys envy the freedom presented by this website. and envy is one of the seven deadly sins. you guys are the sinners for taking freedom.

  8. oh wow

    EVERYONE should insult the idiots who run christwire lol you’re all a bunch of ignorant FUCKS and so close minded. MORONS

  9. anan

    Religion is a joke. its a tool used to make people bend to your will. fuck jesus in the ass with a kitten. and yes thats a lower case j in jesus cause jesus is a dog fucker


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