North Korean Communist Band “Secret” Promotes New Gay Trend “Shy Boy”

North Korea is not only a threat to the entire freedom loving world, but more importantly these jaundice colored commies want to invade the minds of American children with terror pop music. The Koreans know that today’s kids love lolli-pop music and know if they can create a fashion forward hipster group, they could brainwash kids with their lyrics and it seems that is exactly what the rice stickies have done.

There is a new techno-electric pop band named “Secret” hitting the American airwaves via commie Korea. This group features four male prostitutes dressed up in female drag. We know the orientals are known for their male sex slaves and we also know they don’t allow their women to go outside, so it is by pure knowledge that we know these four “women” are in fact tran-Asians. That is why the group is called “Secret”, the secret is that these kamikaze fighters are four men spreading commie brainwash and molesting the image of wholesome Tiger Beat pop stars.

Let’s look at their video “Shy Boy” (Shy Boy is a homogay who hides in the dark about his disease or a gay man that likes trans-genics), a song about a gay man afraid to profess his love for a trans-genic mongoloid. At the end, they go against God and their parents and embark on a adventure of gay docking sin. You will also notice they try to look like they are in the American 1950’s. They do this so it makes kids think this music is from America and not from some evil pit of communist gay love triangles.

The catchphrase “You R My Shy Shy Shy Boy, Oh Oh Oh My Boy” is clearly showing their agenda of promoting homosexual relationships. The Koreans know if they can turn America and the rest of the freedom world into gays and lesbians, our population will die and it will make it easier for them to red invade. You can see in the song that they are clearing mocking us by saying “tturuwap dubap dubap”, which means America, Die, Die. Now we have little kids running around saying “tturuwap dubap dubap” and this makes Satan and his little helpers have communist fantasies of an American take over.

Unless you want your children to become “Shy Boys”, we must band together and rid the world of such oriental hate trash.

60 thoughts on “North Korean Communist Band “Secret” Promotes New Gay Trend “Shy Boy”

      1. AJ

        Actually in South Korea there are none. They have Variety Shows that poke fun of the Idea of Drag. I.E. Kim Hee-Chul (A man from the group Super Junior) dresses as Lady GaGa to entertain his fans. I’ve very agitated at the pure dishonest trash that comes from this website. Where did this writer even get their information? If you, sir, know a transgendered group please tell me, and send me a link to their videos. I’m sure they’re great! This is probably why almost everyone hates America, because of the accusations like this. Plus, who cares if some one is transgendered? How does it effect YOU as a person? Do they affect your income? Are they the reason for the rain in the sky? Or Hurricane Katrina? NO, so I say people like you should fuck off! What do stories like this have to do with the fucking bible anyway? Answer me this?

        1. Saxon

          Indeed, you sir have written an ENTIRE ARTICLE, based in all lies and NO real fact, (except for the quote of song lyrics).

          You are misleading honest people by writing such lies and passing them off as fact, and that is a SIN!

          You should be ashamed of yourself.

  1. Susan B. Xenu

    Oh dear my grandson was in the room when I watched this and he was horribly titillated…dirty harlots

    1. Mainiac58

      “my grandson was in the room when I watched this and he was horribly titillated…”

      Oh dear!! He is in for SUCH a punishment!! This time he “saw” it though. Is the punishment going to be gouging his eyes out? “What is seen can not be unseen.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. EgotisticConch

      Im a foreigner and i dont wish i was american. I just proved your point wrong. If im a foreigner and i dont wanna be american therefore not all foreigners wanna be american

  2. Ice Van Winkle

    This is truly disturbing. There is nothing right about this.

    Does this yellow threat really think that by dressing like wholesome 1950’s Americans that we are not going to notice their terrorist plans.

    These are the people that should be frisked in the airports!

  3. Rev. Custer

    When filthy yellow Commies refuse to bow down to the authority of Christ, the authority of Satan takes over and here’s a fine example of the soldiers recruited to the service of Satan – homosexual, perverted, colored-skin reprobates.

    1. ALY

      OK just wanted to say that that group is not from north Korea… its from south Korea so they are not communist…

    2. Millenium

      the authority of christ or the authority of USA ?

      there is a HUGE difference and therefore these people WANT to be FREE not bending to any AUTHORITY whatsover YOU are AGINATS freedom You just said it

      also as L.N mentioned this group is from south Korea

    3. Saxon

      Also just for your information, a large faction of SOUTH Koreans are CHRISTIAN.

      Including the GIRLS from this band.

    4. EgotisticConch

      At least the communist societies know how to share between there people and arent selfiish pigs like the country known as canadas ass is

    1. Rev. Custer

      These boys are guilty of getting their pee-pee removed so that they can masquerade as girls. Definitely a sign of sinners who have been tempted by Satan.

      1. Anna

        These people are GIRLS not BOYS.
        They did NOT have a sex change operation. Get your facts straight before you answer.

  4. S Bennet

    You’ve GOT to be kidding. This group isn’t transgender at all, you must be fantasizing! These are just regular girls, like you have in the U.S., dancing around in candygirl outfits. Like your Avril Lavigne, like Britney Spears, all that sort of thing. There is nothing in this music video that is new to your country or culture. In fact, they’ve adopted a retro 1950s American look, so it’s really more your culture infiltrating theirs, than the other way around. Can’t you TELL a woman you see one? If you weren’t such angry repressed people twisted with hate, I could almost laugh at you!

    1. Rev. Custer

      It IS about loving thy neighbor, and more. Most importantly, it’s about being on the right side of the ongoing Spiritual Battle. Merely surviving the battle is not enough, we must prevail!

      And for that to happen, we must take the fight to the enemy camp. That is what Christwire is here for! We’re fighting the good fight and saving souls!

      1. L.N

        Apparently your neighbor is the person who agrees with you, while the enemy is the one who doesn’t. That makes a lot more sense now.

  5. S Bennet

    LOL too too funny, OMG, it hit me last night that this was a joke, oh, duh. It’s only because Reverend Custer wrote pee-pee that I got it. Oh, ack, fuck, my poor heart, I need to lie down…

    1. Bruce Danus

      S bennet, I am sorry you have been beaten by your significant other, We here at Christwire do not approve of violence. I appreciate that you did have time to enjoy the article, learn from it and even read most of the comment section before being attacked by your “partner”. I hope you and your “partner” can work things out before you have another heart attack. Also, lying down does not help you with a heart attack, you need nitro-glycerine tablets and a Doctor, Not a bed and a homogay lover’s support. Thank you for reading the article though, and I hope you have survived your heart attack.

  6. Stephen

    Umm…I don’t know where this pop group is actually based, but if you’ve read anything about North Korea, you’d know they’re not free enough to have anything resembling pop music.

  7. whatever

    Hey… can you please investigate the truth first!!
    The thing is this whole article are completely wrong!!
    SECRET is South korean nad not NORTH korean
    And besides, they are girls!! not boys!!
    The song is not about gay or homo!! you should search for the translations of the song first!!

  8. whatever

    Hey… can you please investigate the truth first!!
    The thing is this whole article are completely wrong!!
    SECRET is South korean band not NORTH korean
    And besides, they are girls!! not boys!!
    The song is not about gay or homo!! you should search for the translations of the song first!!

  9. Arly

    Wow… you guys should at least get your facts right!! they are a South Korean Kpop Girl Group… And the song has nothing to do with gays or homos…

    1. Harold Camping

      I ask you to refute a single fact presented by Mr. Bowers. He dug a lot deeper than the lamestream liberal media in collecting his facts, and has presented us with information that would not otherwise see the light of day.

      It would be far more useful for you to discuss what we can do defend ourselves in this coming cultural invasion to protect our children, rather than resorting to ill-founded attacks on the veracity of Mr. Bower’s reporting.

      1. L.N


        “There is a new techno-electric pop band named โ€œSecretโ€ hitting the American airwaves via commie Korea. ”

        1. “Secret” is a South Korean band. In case you’re too dense to remember, South Korea is on our side.
        2. How can a Korean song hit American airwaves? Maybe if it was imported, but then what radio station would be successful if they played a song no one could understand all the time?
        3. The group consists of females.
        4. How could this band try to do anything in America if the song and band are stuck in Korea, barring tours? In fact, unless you know an import shop that handles music as well, the only way to listen to the song is via the internet.

        How’s THAT for proving him wrong? A simple search proves that everything Tyson said about this group is utter bullshit, so obviously he only dug around in his brain.

        1. Harold Camping

          While you and your like enjoy our hard-won freedoms, Patriots like Mr. Bowers travel at great risk to North Korea to get the full story.

          I’m sorry – but you are just spouting the information off of the “Secret” press kit.

          This fecal fecundity must stop or none of us will remain free.

          1. Millenium

            how he could Go to North korea tell me

            1st he would not spew his Nonsense if it’s was the matter ( would not be ehre for 2-3 Month )

            2nd he would have been arrested for tresppassing On ennemy territory

            3rd This group of REAL GIRLS is from SOUTH KOREA, but mister camping I doN,t think you are the same nuts who said the end of the world is May21st but still you are an Idiot Like him anyway

  10. racistshiteatingwebsite

    what a bunch of fucking dumbasses. NORTH korea is a different nation than SOUTH korea you fucking RETARDS!!! anyway, these chicks look pretty hot to me :)) i bet tyson bowers secretly wishes these “jaundiced” chicks were actual ladyboys so he can fulfill his repressed homosexual urges. onto the next article for more hilarity…

  11. seriously?


    Are you guys serious? Do some research before you make such a ridiculous post such as this.

  12. Jonathan Goodfellow

    Please do not post any more of these filthy satano-communist propoganda videos on your website. Can you not see that by allowing us to view such un-christian material you are playing right into the devil’s hands? Even a strong and faithful follower of Jesus such as myself is not immune. As soon as the video began I started to masturbate furiously, as if my hands were possesed by Satan himself. After I had achieved release, I became even more sickened by my actions as I realised from your report that the ladies dancing around in the video were in fact transexualised. To confirm this I watched the video once more and was once again possessed by an unholy desire for self-stimulation.

    Although it is clear that the power of the lord compels you to spread the news about these despicable commmie schemes, please be careful about which commie material you present to us. Those commies may be pure evil, but they are also smart and in Jesus’ name we must be smarter to outfox their warped, foreign cunning.

  13. StitchTheseWounds

    …You’re all idiots. They’re four beautiful GIRLS who sing cute songs that I’m absolutely in love with. So stop spouting bullshit. And to that Susan chick, your grandson will masturbate at some point. Get used to that fact, kay?
    And the Koreans aren’t going to take over the world *facepalm* I’m friends with Koreans and they are some of the sweetest guys I know

  14. Nitekloud

    Looolol spouting bull shit xD wow secret is four sexy women who sing about a guy who pretends to be a badass but can’t confess that he is love with them wow you guys you’re idiots, and lady i hope your grandson is playing with his tinky winkle right now and if you don’t know what that is it’s called a penis, he is prolly playing with himself already BEFORE YA DATE MASTURBATE!!!! and hey Korea isn’t all that communist anymore they have changed and are working on becoming more like america and guess what i’d fuck them any day and when grandson wants to become a real guy send him to omaha i know a few guys who could show him a good time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Brandi B.

    I hope the lord save all of you peoples souls who actually believe this filth.
    The are females, and they were born female, and born in South Korea.
    I think all of you “Christians” are awful and will get what you deserve whenever death comes to see you.
    You are sinning by wrongly judging them.
    I don’t think half of you deserve the freedom that you get, and most of you probably sin more in a day than they do in a week.
    Every time you turn around and think about someone going to hell, your sinning, judging them as if you were in Gods place, trying to take the role of God is a awful sin.

  16. Faith

    First of all, the band members are females! They are from South Korea and are not involved with the communists up north. I know one of the members for she was famous in our country before her career move back to Korea. I know that she’s definitely female because she became pregnant with a co-star…and many photos have been taken of her while pregnant and after the child’s birth. Moreover, don’t you think you are hurting these people? Accusing them of something they’re not.

  17. clx

    I’ve actually see Sunhwa naked, I can tell you for a fact… she isn’t nor has she ever been a man. KKTHX Bai.

    Also that’s a south Korean music group.

  18. grnf

    wow. did u just make up a bunch of judgemental crap cuz ur just jealous that they’re so famous and you’re not? i think that was the most racist thing on earth.. im korean so i would know this and for sure, they are NOT promoting gay. and btw, north korea dont produce world wide famous music sooo do ur hw properly before judging innocent people my dear

  19. wtfreak

    north korean?gay? this ignorance does not belong in a christian website. research your info before writing any articles. americans. sigh

  20. AM

    Douchebags, those are girls and from South Korea.Go listen to some kpop and check your sources before you post something ,you Christian racists

  21. emma

    all of the information published on this article is completely incorrect.

    a simple google search tell us that the band secret are:

    1) an all girl group

    3) a SOUTH Korean band -rather obvious since there is no music industry in north Korea- the nearest thing they have to ‘pop’ music is something like this:

    4)turuwapp dopop dopop does not mean ‘america die die’

    migug- is the korean word for america, and ‘dai’ means die.

    Here are a few more facts for you:

    1) South Korea is the biggest Christian nation in the whole of asia, a rather surprising thing considering that Christianity wasn’t wide spread in the area until the 1800s.

    2)calling the korean people ‘jaundice coloured’ does absolutely nothing to help your fictitious story, and will offend the millions of the Korean Christians in the country whom you should be supporting.

    3) North Korea actually persecutes minority groups such as homosexuals!

    This song does nothing but shows us the modern pop culture in South Korea- a strikingly similar one to America!

    stories like this which are posted on this website are and embarrassment and completely hinder your attempts to promote the Christian message- how can you expect anyone to take anything you say seriously when you are presenting made up stories like this as fact? you should be ashamed!

  22. scissors

    Whoever wrote this article is an idiot.
    Whoever believes in those lies is also an idiot.

    I can’t believe you all call yourselves Christians.


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