Olivia Munn Ad Reveals Penis

After careful research and advanced computer imagining programs, we have discovered what lies behind the legs in Olivia Munn’s latest nude article.

We now know why Olivia has been promoting lesbian orgies and trying to turn your young male children into homosexuals…..it is because Miss Munn is a hermaphrodite! Yes my fellow followers! Miss Munn has both pieces, which is a sign of the devil himself!

I now can see the connection between Lady Gaga promoting homo sex and now with Olivia. They are both sin demons and both have the same homo gay agenda! I wonder if they are lovers?

Before Imagining


40 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Ad Reveals Penis

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    1. Merican

      I, fer one, am tired of Mr. Munn’s translucent peenus hanging over me like some sword of Democlies, waitin to drop! Tuck it back or chop it off, I say!

  2. Sam

    This article is ridiculous. It is amazing that people can disagree so much with somebody else simply putting a picture of themself unclothed on a poster, that they must accuse them of totally unaffiliated claims. I am not saying I agree with what this woman is doing, however to call her homosexual or to say she is advancing a gay agenda is ridiculous. Can’t you people come up with an actual reason to disagree with her?

  3. The Light

    This is exactly the kind of ignorance feeding low life propaganda the Taliban and Islamic extremists use when this stuff comes out… glad to see you keeping pace on the intelligence meter there tysonbowersiii.com, we all know its better to make up scary stories to keep the flock from thinking for themselves, who knows what would happen if they saw the light, perhaps they’d even walk away from your lies and false preachings.

    Did you get all giddy making that penis picture? Funny man…

  4. 13

    Wow. I bet the dude who made that got a stiffy when he finished it. Really, your all very immature. And thats coming from a fucking 13 yearold. God aint fuckin real. And you all need to get a fuckin life. Yes, pull ur dick outa your sons ass and listen to the fuckin news, idiots.

    1. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

      It is behind her ankle. If you could read, you would know it is a a cut away from her leg to show what is behind. Do you not understand technology?

      1. Jazze

        you certainly do not. if something behind something else in a picture then that thing is nopt anywhere in the picture. either it’s on her leg it’s through her leg. the technology you talk about is as real as god…wait you might misunderstand that. it’s as real as my alchemy machine that turns dogshit into gold.

        1. Tyson Bowers IIIStephenson Billings Post author

          Listen, a lot of people play tricks on the internet and it’s a young man’s playground so it’s possible Tyson got tricked with this photo here. Remember what happened to Pierre Salinger? I am sorry to say that, but it does seem a little odd, especially to see nudity on Christwire. This website has always adhered to a higher level of Christian standards. Our journalism should be unimpeachable, as our enemies will be going over us with a fine tooth comb. And our Lord God truly knows all.

          “Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death, for I will not acquit the guilty.” –Exodus 23:7.

          1. Tyson Bowers IIIClaire Post author

            Pfft! Hey everybody, remember the “article” where Billings tried to claim that a photo of Kal Penn was actually a photo of Aziz Ansari, even though they don’t look at all alike?

          2. Tyson Bowers IIITyson Bowers III Post author

            Mr. Billings, I have on great authority that this is a real photo. You know I hate nudity as much as the next person, but this Olivia has caused so much pain in my hate, that I feel I must expose her ways, no matter what it is or no matter what people think about me. She is a true she devil.

          3. Jazze

            billing shame on you with you stupid copy paste. don’t you know it makes your agument invalid?

            tyson. if that picture is real my raptor jesus picture is real as well.

          4. MikeyBoobs

            Tyson, I have no words. Your stupidity and sad attempts have rendered me speachless. All I can do is laugh.


  5. Merican

    Munn’s peenus is like her braine… small en filled wit crabs.

    She is a socialist Kenyan sent here by the dark lord to lead the nations youth into frenzied love of lady-boys!

    Well, yew can keep yer peenus, Ms. Munn, I got all the penis I need in the Lord.

    1. Proud-Jew

      Do you really think if this stupid photo-shopped image were even remotely real that a girl like her would leave her junk as hairy as the one in the picture.

      Guys, you really do need to get with the 21st century, I haven’t been with a grown woman who has pubes in over 10 years.

  6. American Science

    And this is how we know that these homophobic authors are secretly homosexuals… I hope you know what you just got yourself into, Bowers!

  7. vagina lover

    PFHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omgggg i just fuckin loled at that picture NICE photo shop job guys!
    are you sure that isn’t really your own 2 inch penis you “accidently” posted up

    and why the fuck did you change the headline from a couple days ago when she showed her “milk glands” and “satans nectar” and all that b.s
    more like Aphrodite’s nectar 😀

  8. Nicholas

    I have seen several articles on this site with ridiculous photoshop jobs, including some snuggie article and this one. I have to say, if you’re going to go on some crazy right-wing extremist rant about a topic, at least let it be something that you don’t fabricate out of nothing. And I also see articles that say “my fellow White Christian American brothers”, the point of christianity is to educate all in the ways of Christ, not just White people in America. Many of you nutjobs on this website are the ones giving caring Christians like myself a terrible name. Good luck getting into heaven with your racism, hate, and bigotry. High Five guys.

  9. BobTheChairGuy

    Woo! Bullshit! I have a better knowledge of anatomy than you, Tyson, which is actually pretty surprising. I mean, don’t take this the wrong way, but you are (possibly) a man and you don’t have your penis on your ankle, do you? This is very obviously photoshopped and you are very obviously an idiot.

  10. dude

    dudes, when you inbred you probably gonna grow a penis on yer ankle. for sum people this is a point of pride!

    ankle penis people unite!

  11. Jim F150

    The radical left can try and hide their gay agenda, but this picture PROVES that it’s members are sexual deviants! I hope when my children go off to college (I pray for Liberty University) that they don’t encounter these faggots and abomonations against our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Jazze

      the fact that the technology claimed to be used here does not and can not exists is what not relevant?

      let me try to explain this a bit more detailed. a picture only has 2 dimensions. there is not depth. it does not record what is behind something else. it simply can’t
      let me give an example. you are painting a picture. on the picture is a tree. in reality behind that tree there is a man. from where you stand you can not see said man. is that man in you picture when you are done? no.
      the same can be aplied here. even if oliva did have a dick behind her leg it would not be in the picture in any way.
      maybe someday we will be able to record imaiges in 3 dimensions but we can’t today and therefor the techonology you claim has been used can not posibly exists.

  12. Proud-Jew


    If you’re going o photoshop a penis, did you have to use yours? At least give this girl something to play with.

  13. Jazze

    i actually looked a bit closer and know what i noticed? you claimwe can not see the dic k in the original picture because it’s behind her leg and you have somehow magically removed her leg to see what’s behind…how do you explain a part of the dick is not behind her leg yet is not visbel in the original?( don’t turn this in to gay think. i looked for about 3 seconds because it ocured to me that something was off there)

  14. Logan

    I like how all of you are so brainwashed here. Yup that’s quality photoshop right there. Can’t believe people are being so stupid. Also, If god is so almighty than why do you have to pray to him for help, shouldn’t he automatically know whatever is troubling you? Enjoy living a boring life, condemning other gods, and then not going anywhere after you die because, well you’re dead. Also, I’m 15.

  15. MoSeS ThE NiNjA

    I think I spy a Freudian slip in this post. At the top of the first picture, it says “Before Imagining”. Now, I just copied and pasted that. I did not type it in. What I think it was supposed to say is “Before Imaging”. Now there is a huge difference between the two words. Imaging stems from the word image. Imagining stems from the word imagine, as in imagination. So, this leaves me to believe that Mr. Bowers here has a gay agenda of his own.

    By the way, you are IMAGINING the technology that you are speaking of. It does not exist. This is nothing but extremist propaganda that has no real merit and not a lick of truth in it. I am a Republican and I really wish people would not associate you’re idiotic ways with my party of choice.

  16. Christina Tucker

    article reveals jealousy and bitterness at prettier person than you could ever be or date.

  17. John

    Dear god. You suck at photo shop. Come on. If your gonna make a bullshit article at least get a legit picture. Jeez. Really

  18. V

    If you look closely, you can see that it’s photoshopped.
    They put the penis right over the leg.
    Who has a penis growing out of his/her leg?!

    I laugh at the articles on this website the same that I laugh at celebrity gossip magazines.

    Get a life.


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