Parents Put 16 Year Old Daughter Up For Adoption After Learning She is Gay

Mr. and Mrs. Chadwell ponder the hard choice of giving their gay daughter up for adoption.

Mr. and Mrs. Chadwell ponder the hard choice of giving their gay daughter up for adoption.

A Southern Carolina couple have made national news by being the first parents to put their child up for adoption due to their sexuality. Usually parents give up their children because they can’t raise them due to finances or because they are young and don’t have the mental ability to bring up a child. Kids are also usually given up for adoption at a young age, but April Chadwell is barely 16 years old and has been listed as legally adoptable by the state of Southern Carolina. Mrs. Chadwell released a statement saying “It was a tough choice to give up our daughter to the state, but we don’t know how to handle someone who decides to live a lifestyle that we do not agree with”. The Chadwells said they had help from their local church, who prayed for weeks seeking guidance for the couple and came to the conclusion that it would be best to let the child go in hopes of being adopted by a gay friendly family.

1,410 thoughts on “Parents Put 16 Year Old Daughter Up For Adoption After Learning She is Gay

        1. Halzel

          Actually, it’s not true. Prayer has never proven to be effective for anything, except perhaps stress relief.

          1. Barefoot Skeptic

            Halzel-100% with you! And these people were praying for the wrong reason anyway….they should have been praying that their imaginary man in the sky would still let them into the imaginary floating land even though they are such DOUCHEBAGS!!!

          2. Z. Straiter

            Apparently your brain isn’t very effective for anything, either. Take your hate on peoples’ beliefs elsewhere.

          3. Matt

            Umm.. actually, prayer has been scientifically proven to be VERY effective for many things… why would you spread lies about something you know nothing about, just because your mind can’t fathom the possibility of prayer being effective? .. is it because it doesn’t come in pill form or can’t be smoked? .. or is it simply because the educator of your JR. College “World Religions” class told you it wasn’t effective? (..I see this a lot, so don’t feel bad .. its not your fault. Well, never mind, it kinda’ is, since you believed it lol).

            Back to this couple though, they didn’t pray and actually seek truth through prayer, because the results would have been enlightenment to the fact that God knew they were going to have her as a daughter before they were even born and has been waiting for them to actually LIVE as Christians and seek Him for the answers they are looking for. I doubt they asked for love and understanding, because they would have gotten it. Sad sad sad …

          4. Susanne Cheekyface

            This is insane! How can 2 supposedly sane parents believe the brainwashing of a church ? So what if the daughter is gay…she’s still their daughter, they made her….. so what the hell gives ANY church the right to judge a child by its sexuality…and who says its permanent anyway? We all know that there are many young ppl who go through an age of discovery and eventually find out what works for them…and many of them are straight in the end anyway. Yes, you are right…Prayers only work for stress relief. People are so stupid!

          5. Matt

            ..I just realized that this guy (Deacon Bowers) is BS .. none of these stories are true on his website … its his own version of The Onion news blogs ..ugh, we’ve all been had .. darn you internet! lol … oh well, it made for an interesting topic at least…

          6. Jules

            I look forward to reading your peer reviewed evidence of successful prayer. You must be the only person on earth to have such evidence. Please…share!

          7. Amanda Hug'n'Kiss

            One person talking to an invisible man is a lunatic, a whole group is a religion.

          8. Jacob Fargon

            “Take your hate on peoples’ beliefs elsewhere.”

            Funny, the parents are hating on the daughter’s beliefs enough to throw her out of the family–so why can’t we be like good Christians and hate too?

          9. Joebbowers

            That’s why he said it’s never too soon to stop praying. In other words, stop praying. You misunderstood him.

          10. Julia

            I noticed that a reply: Z. Straiter APRIL 6, 2013 AT 9:27 PM
            said “Take your hate on peoples’ beliefs elsewhere.”, yet the parents of this girl, the ones Z seems to be defending, did not do that. It enrages me that so many Christians get very defensive about this whining about people not “respecting” their beliefs and calling them “haters” all the while “hating on” those whose beliefs and lifestyle they themselves do not agree with. What utter hypocrisy and ignorance. I choose the word ignorance because it comes from the word “ignore”, to refuse to take notice of. People like this refuse to take notice of their own shadow projections. It reminds me of the adage “You spot it, You got it!”

          11. Peter Ross

            Actually, study after study has proven conclusively that prayer is not only useless in EVERY situation, but that it actually does more harm than any perceived “good”.
            People in hospital who are being prayed for, consistently do worse than people who are not being prayed for.

            And, after all, the simple and undeniable fact is that prayer is talking to someone that does not exist. It is a waste of time, effort and calories.

          12. Jonas

            Its called the placebo effect , dumb-asses. Sugar pills are about as effective sky daddy’s benevolent intervention.

          13. sherry

            Hey Halzel, You don’t know what you are talking about,prayer does work you idiot,I know cause I have been in Gods favor all my life and i am pretty darn happy in my life, can you say the same honestly? I don’t know what church these freaks are from but it can’t be a christain church and if it is then they are all abunch of heathens and they better pray for themselves and I think you also should hit your knees and repent,NO GOD NO HOPE!! looking at this story Id say that there is no God in the church or in these people’s lives.

          14. Jules

            What absolute babble. You need to look up the word ‘proof’ and then come back and apologise for wasting our time. Unless you do have proof that prayer works, in which case, congratulations on your impending Nobel prize.

          15. alwaysright

            Just why would prayer even be considered? Praying is just talking to oneself anyway. Pray? Pray? What a bunch of nonsense is THAT??

          16. Claudia

            I am not Christian, however I am a holistic health provider, and I do believe that prayer brings people peace and healing. For those of you who do not believe in the healing power of prayer, please check out the book “Spirituality, Health, and Healing An Integrative Approach by Caroline Young and Cyndie Koopsen. On pages 69-70, in chapter 3 (entitled Spiritual Rituals), they go into the effects of prayer on people’s health. And I quote, “People throughout the ages perceived a relationship between spiritual practices and health and healing long before modern science began. Although the power of prayer in health and healing cannot be underestimated, it has only recently been acknowledged by modern science (Carson & Koenig, 2008; Dossey, 1993, 1999, 2001; Koenig, 1999; Matthews & Clark, 1998). Today, healthcare professionals are beginning to look beyond traditional ethics and science to better understand the power of prayer and the health effects of spirituality (Silva & DeLashmutt, 1998). Research has demonstrated that regular prayer, scripture reading, or study provides health benefits (Koenig, 1999; Matthews, 2000). Research on the biological effects of prayer and spiritual healing is constantly growing and includes studies on microorganisms, plants, cancer cells, animals, and humans (Brown-Saltzman, 1997; Dossery, 1993, Matthews, 2000)”. The book goes on to discuss types of prayer, including meditation, and the healing effects they have on humans.

          17. Kayla

            You’re wrong, prayer does help. You have to have faith for it to work. My dad had a bad tooth infection and nearly died. The doctors said it might be too late for anything real effective to be done. My family and I prayed and prayed to God. It did not happen overnight, but our prayers were answered, my dad’s infection just went away, like disappeared. The doctors did not know how to explain it.

            About this poor girl, the parents should not have put her up for adoption. One, she is probably confused, scared, and needed guidance and asked her family for help. If anything they should have sought counseling and figured how they should help and understand one another better.
            Another thing I personally do not care if you’re straight, gay, or bi. You may be with whom you want, just because I’m straight does not mean I’m going to judge you because you are not. As long as you are a good person, believe and trust in God, He will always help you find a way.

          18. Wiser

            Actually, Halzel isn’t “hating”, he’s simply telling the truth. I know the truth sucks, but you have to grow up and deal with it.

            Thanks for being brave enough to tell the truth, Halzel.

          19. shelley

            Should these parents not have been praying for guidance to help THEM understand & be tolerant of how their daughter was born. To help them understand the difficulty she will have with acceptance from strangers & how THEY could learn to help her by giving her a safe & supportive place to come to…..shame, shame, shame on them & any church or pastor that suggested adoption was the RIGHT way!!!

          20. mike

            Prayer has worked for many people for many years. I am not sure what proof you’re looking for. I do not agree with the way these people feel but I do think the girl is better off to be away from such ignorant parents. I hope she finds someone who will love her like a parent should.

          21. John

            Actually, studies suggest that people that are island know they are being prayed for have a worse chance of recovery vs. those that don’t know.

          22. ricsteve9

            there priest was probably guay himself and probably he was the one that abuse the teen himself hahaha

          23. Patsy Roberts

            They are your children. Love them for just being your children. They are a gift from the Lord. We all as children have done things that our parents didn’t approve of but did they turn their backs on us? NO (well some did) I as a mom and grandmother don’t see how you can walk away from your child like this. I am a ministers daughter and we don’t support gays but i have lots of friends that are gay.That does not make me any better than they R. They all know how I feel about it but if that’s what turns em on that’s their life. And all my life my mom and dad taught me to believe and pray and to never rise myself above anyone else. I know God has NOT told you two to turn your backs on your child. If it makes you feel better to convince yourselves he has then go for it. I just feel for the daughter. She deserves better.

          24. Kit

            Can’t get over the fact these so called parents would give up there child just because she is gay…! She is still there daughter no matter what her sexuality is she should be made to feel bad about something that she can’t help it’s who she is and if God is such a good person why would you give your own daughter up for a god that thinks like that in the first place wheres the compassion! I don’t agree with the comments that praying helps I use to believe that if you prayed you would find comfort all I ever found was NOTHING! if it helps someone then good luck to them. But from what I know it’s more important to believe in your self. Having the right people around you that care is so much more important than anything else friends and family should always come first!

          25. Bonnie Snodgrass

            I am reading all these post and I can’t believe your point of views, we have enough stupidity in the world , without arguing about the validity of prayer. I am shocked at some of the responses. I do feel that people should be more understanding when it comes to the choices their children make, but, to put down religion, faith and prayer? I don’t get it, all this hate coming from such liberal minded people. I am a Christian but I feel it is not my place to judge others. I can only love people right where they are. I don’t feel these parent’s church would have excepted Jesus either, he associated with all walks of life, and was excepting of everyone. He never cared what what people had done, he just loved them, right were they are. A big part of integrity is standing up for what is right, but it is also being respectful of the opinions of others. Show integrity, jump off this bandwagon of hate, you are all better than this!

          26. Mike Flack

            Faith has nothing to do with logic, right or wrong, or anything of this world. Study under a mentor. Prayer works. Period. I’ve been there and seen it. It has happened in my life over and over again. God likes intercessory prayers. We are only humans. We do not need to build walls up between us and God. That only hinders his good grace from being part of our lives. And, neither you or I need to isolate ourselves from God. He is the only answer to help us through this fragile life leading to eternity.

          27. Kryz

            Halzel: you didn’t read properly. Mark said: It’s never too soon to STOP praying. Get it?

          28. Genise Howard

            Prayer has been proven to be more effective than medicine, for people in the hospital. There have been a lot of scientific research studies done that prove that prayer is effective in many ways. It is directed mental energy to a positive goal. There is evidence of positive effects for people who pray for others too! Do some research before making such claims. I think the parents that gave their daughter up because she was gay, are very wrong and I don’t believe that God supports their unfair judgement. But maybe it is best for their daughter to live with parents who can accept her for who she is, and that she did not choose, but was born with her sexuality already decided for her.

          29. Danielle

            In a way, the health benefits of prayer are true, but they’re also untrue. If someone where ill in a hospital and family and friends were praying for them, there’s a bigger chance of said patients condition worsening. On the other hand, the power of positive thought (be it prayer, or just thinking “I’m going to get better” over and over again) has been proven to aid in the recovery process. One sources is here ->

            I am not a religious person, so personally I don’t feel that praying will do anything, but I have nothing against anyone that is religious that feels praying will help them recover from accidents or illnesses. As I said earlier, it all boils down to the power of positive thought, or mind over matter. If you believe in something enough, and never loose hope, it will come true.

          30. Cat

            All those advocating for the power of prayer, please tell me you’re joking. Please tell me you don’t actually believe that bullshit. Also, I like how apparently we were taught that in our ”junior college religions class.” Oh, yes, because no one can think for themselves and must only form opinions as a result of indoctrination.

            Do any of you idiots realize this is a joke site?

          31. Lobo3458020

            Barefoot skeptic – All you just did is replace Christianty with LGBT , you bred hate for hate, lies for lies. You don’t have to BE christian but you don’t have to hate christians either, you dont have to BE LGBT but you don’t have to hate. For someone trying to profess against hate, you sound pretty hateful.

          32. Migui

            Of course it cannot be proven scientifically that prayer is effective, but there are many cases where people have been prayed for and their disease or conditions have simply disappeared. Luke 4:12 tells us that “Jesus answered, “It is said: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.'” I have reason to believe if we try to prove something religious in scientific manners, of course we won’t see results.

          33. Rosary

            Matt – You can’t say something is scientifically proven and not cite the source. Your comment is invalid because you have nothing to back up your claim.

            This pathetic bigoted SC couple will spend eternity in damnation and keep wondering how they ended up where they are. But the girl is probably better off without monsters like that in their lives.

        2. Joyce

          I do not see where you get off thinking that you can answer for God or for that matter call yourself by his name.

          Do not bother to reply to me. Because, your email will be deleted, without being read. I do not open email from a false prophet.

          1. Jen Jen

            Umm.. email from a false prophet… have you ever gotten email from a real prophet? Cuz like.. if God has email.. I’ll pray from my computer desk more often……

        3. Choppa White

          Praying is talking to God, Meditating is listening. There are more answers out there than have been noted in the Bible. Which is just a guide written many years ago. To be with God fully, accept and allow people to make their own way. Allow the space to grow and to learn from their own mistakes. Be there when they cry for you and give yourself to Love when it shows itself it its many ways. To be in Heaven you must accept. Its not accepting others, its accepting yourself. Peace

        1. wtf

          uh.. praying would imply something was wrong with the girl in the first place. Gay is not a disease or an affliction. The sooner people realize this, the quicker we can evolve as a race. Any religion that dictates who we can love and who we can’t is a religion I want no part of.

          1. kayla

            parying doesnt mean that there was something wrong with the child. it could mean that the parents saw something wrong with themselves (i.e. their inability to accept her for who she is) and needed the prayer and introspection to grow. now i am not saying prayer is for everyone. or that is it the answer here. and i sure dont think giving up your 16 y/o because she is homosexual is the right thing to do. but parying helps a lot of people deal with and process things that maybe hard for them at first.
            also, i am pagan but believe that prayer can be healthy, the same way research, or magic, or focused thought can be.

          2. clare

            It’s a shame that these Christian people can’t love the beautiful daughter God gave them as a gift. They are not living up to what God expects of them, to nurture, protect and love her unconditionally. If she was raised in a Christian home then she knows that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is a sin. I can tell you it tears some homosexuals apart to live this way. But I truly believe that God has a plan for these individuals whether it be to teach Christians to become more understanding and caring for them or to teach them humility. Humans are sinful beings no matter what your sexual orientation. Shame on the Chadwell’s for not standing up for their daughter. She is God’s child and she deserves love, kindness and understanding. My heart breaks for you Miss Chadwell. May God bless you with a family that has God’s unconditional love and open hearts to love you no matter the circumstances. I have a close friend that is homosexual and when the realization of being homosexual came, it was an emotional roller coaster for the whole family. The parents stand up for their child and now a young adult, the parents still love their child no matter the circumstances. God wants his children to love one another unconditionally. God forgives the sinner and his love is unconditional. Only He knows the hearts of His people. Let Him be the judge.

          3. jeony

            Of course ther is something terribly wrong with her, She eats pussy!!!….That’s just as bad as a pedophile or a man that’s fallen in lust with his billygoat…It’s not natural!!

          4. iamglory

            Oh Jeony, what a delightfully written piece that you parrot there. Pedophilia is nothing like this as there aren’t any consenting adults in the situation. Same thing with beastiality. If you want to use the argument of consent, when is the last time a cow told you, “please kill me and eat me.” I don’t think a single one has actually agreed to it. If you want to equate something to pedophilia or beastiality…let’s call killing animals for food murder…because the issue of consent is also involved there.

      1. msbpodcast

        Pardon the pun Mark, but AMEN TO THAT…

        Tell the kid that the ‘rents were total enema bags and anybody’s be surely better off without ’em…

      2. GlowingCosmoNiggers

        heheheheheheehhe im just laughing at you stupid religious cunts arguing between yourselves eheheheheheheheeh

      3. Pen15

        Their god made their daughter gay. They have no right nor authority to question that if it is their god’s will.

      4. Marie

        Can’t believe how many people are against something as beautiful and meditative as a prayer…Take a look at what you are fighting against… What a sad state the world is in, that even a prayer can be looked at as negative…when there is so much more to be fighting against. If you do not pray, fine. But honestly to look down upon it is so disgusting

        1. Sam

          you’re saying that we shouldn’t be fighting something associated with the biggest scam in the history of the planet? imbecile

      5. Izlude Hyral

        The first time you pray, you’ve already prayed too much. Instead of praying, try thinking. You’ll find the answers come easier.

      6. R .Schippers

        Praying ??????????? we live in 21th century ,are you all insane …….Probably Americans …….i think a lot of persons in the USA are still living in the middle ages. How stupid can a man be ……………

        1. Kristen

          Um, excuse me? Could you possibly stop being stereotypical, and maybe work on your grammar? Some people pray and others don’t, that doesn’t mean you call a majority of the 314,000,000 people living in the US stupid.

          1. Nikki

            AGREED Kristen!!! Schippers, the grammar DEFINITELY needs work, and also, I think a history lesson on the “middle ages” would be appropriate.

          2. SpaceNiggers

            Why not?
            I’m pretty sure that’s it when you start believing in a beardy asshole trying to feed lies to people using a book full of bullshit.

      7. mary

        It’s never SOON ENOUGH to stop praying. Prayer is usless – I wasted a good part of my precious time with it for years. Absolutely no one is listening!

      8. ET

        It’s never too late to stop poking yourself in the eye with pointy things either. At least that will produce a result.

      9. Jsi

        Prayer isn’t JUST stress believer Prayer works because people believe it will work Its just like taking the sugar pill thinking its the real drug You want something to work bad enough it will work point blank period… And in terms of this couple and this church I don’t see the Christian like behavior to their actions I hope they all burn in hell for breaking that little girls heart she is going to be fucked up mentally emotionally and spiritually for a loooooooooong ass time smdh

      10. Kenny Smith

        I grew up in church so I prayed every night to turn str8 and asked for forgiveness but nothing happened. Fck that. The bible states that god is all know in gang that he created us in his image. So he new that the gays were going to turn out gay. And were created in HIS image so he must be a homo too!!

      1. Ken

        I agree. There is nothing wrong with being gay. There is plenty wrong with turning your back on your child for being gay.

        1. robin fletcher

          Totally agree with you, Ken and teri. These parents deserve the eeeternal heyullfire that G. Zeus will lovingly give them.

        2. nikki

          There was a reason for prayer. They should have been praying for understanding and acceptance of their daughters decision.

          1. Deb

            It isnt a decision. Do people seriously think that a person chooses to be bullied and treated like an outcast? Why on earth would ANYONE CHOOSE a life like that. By the way, when did you choose your sexual orientation?

        3. babigurl

          i agree their god did make their daughter that way. they should have thought about that before they gave their daughter up for adoption…..SOME PEOPLE SHOULD USE THEIR HEADS. not directed right at you

      2. Jean

        Maybe they prayed for the wrong reason, instead of trying to turn their kid straight, they should have prayed to change themselves into real parents who love their children.

        1. Faith

          Jean has it right. Their church obviously preaches hate and intolerance. These people should have gone to another church the minute anyone suggested they turn their backs on their child. It’s easy to be angry and wish the parents in a special kind of hell but I’m praying instead that God finds a way to reach out and touch their hearts and make them realize that being gay is not a matter of choice. Their hearts are lacking in humility and love and I pray that God gives them those things. I’m praying their rash decision is reversed during the emotional upheaval through which this sad family is living and they learn to love their child more than themselves and their pride.

          1. Mathieson

            For those asking why people would dare question prayer – why is it that God is needed to turn the hearts of these parents to simple decency? And, please ask yourselves this, why don’t you see non praying families shunning their own children over ideology like this?

      3. Sharon

        This is truth. They should be praying for forgiveness for their hate which is the true original sin. I would adopt this girl in a heartbeat.

      4. Rei

        They needed to pray for themselves. Pray for understanding, pray for enlightenment, pray for the strength to put their child’s well-being over their own biases. Instead, they dump her on the state, which at her age means they’ll keep her in some place that’s basically a shelter for maybe 2 years and then turn her out on the street. I guess they couldn’t be bothered to see if a friend of hers had parents who would be willing to let her stay if her own parents paid her expenses for staying there.

      5. Proud Christian

        I hope they were praying for guidance for themselves rather than what it sounds like they actually did and that was, what to do with their daughter. I wish I had the money she’d be welcome to live with my family any day and receive love and acceptance here. Guess the parents and their church don’t practice, “Judge not lest ye be judged” or let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. Those parents should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. chris

      I guess they better go back to church and really get into their bible reading. Judgement is for GOD alone. Jesus commanded his people to love one another. How could a parent just ditch a kid for being gay? What is next? Are we going to someday be able to choose whether to abort a child just because of their perceived homosexuality? This is a travesty, and by the looks of them hanging their heads down, they know they have done wrong.

      1. gg

        Screw the parents. Think of this 16 year old child. I don’t usually pray to God. However, just incase, i’m going to pray that this child gets the most excellent family for him/her. A family that supports and loves and teaches this child to be proud and excel. Crazy ass parents.,,

    2. anonymous

      The funny thing is is that you are all morons praying for no damn reason. It’s satire…the entire website satire and parody and the ridiculousness of religion!!!

    3. Tigress33

      It shouldn’t matter that she’s gay. Yeah, it isn’t a lifestyle I would ever pick but for some people, they just arn’t attracted to anything else. I’m praying, but for the parents since they don’t deserve to have a child if this is how they’re going to react to one of HER choices.

    4. Capable of Googling

      I’m going to assume that all of you, excluding the actually religious people, know that this is sattire and 100% fiction, right? I just assume the religious people assume it to be true, because, well…

      1. Rei

        Sadly, this is better than what most families do. They usually just throw them out on the street. Fiction or not, it’s pretty much the kind of shit you expect from people like that.

      2. leann

        what if we tie it all together? some people are born gay or “different” but then again isn’t every one connected to EACH OTHER since the sexes share ribs?… and 1 more thought, god knows your life before you do so he already knows your going to be that way

    5. Angela Ambler

      Seems odd to me that the parents are taking things so personal – a challenging time for them I would agree. Getting their heads around something which is against all their beliefs, is difficult, but isn’t the parents job to ensure that their children are happy, lawful and fulfil their full potential, but most of all, to love their children not matter what? Now if the headlines were ‘massacre at the local school’ I could understand the parents sadness and need to pray, but nobody has been killed, nobody hurt, but the parents beliefs! As a parent myself, I would say spent time with your child, try to understand how they feel, love them and be there for them as a parent should be. After all isn’t homophobia a sin too? The biggest sin here, I think is the parents giving up on their child!

      1. Phyllis Fee

        Actually, and sadly, it is more common for people to banish those we disagree with sexually, religiously and so forth from our lives (at least those who are closed minded pricks). For example some middle eastern parents have been known to preform ‘mercy killings’ when they find their child is of a diffrent faith or sexuality. Its believed that it will save their soul. Some parents kick their childern out on the streets and tell them that they are dead to them when they find out theyre gay. Its a sickening thing. But not unheard of.

    6. Godhi Dagr Gyldir

      This is the most awful self conceded load of malarkey I have ever seen in my life I feel that these are the kinds of people I would like to see shunned from a community. Love of a parent is supposed to be unconditional not as long as you live by our dogmatic rules. And for those in the church who assisted in this travesty I hope that some parents do adopt her and then give her the means to sue everyone involve on discrimination and any other charge that can be tacked on.

    7. What

      Maybe if they hadn’t spent their time praying they would have gotten to know their daughter and realised how disgusting it is they would disown their own child because of something as meaningless as their sexuality. Y’all some closed minded people, it saddens me to know people would condone such abhorrent behaviour. I’m sure the bible says something about disowning your children being some kind of sin.

    8. really?

      Prayers do work – I prayed for 30 minutes last night that the news would finish on the TV


    9. milou

      God is unconditional love to me. It is not up to people to judge. So if a child is gay let God judge and the parents love. It is hard enough already not being fully accepted by the ones who matter most.

      1. Jennie

        I totally agree with you. My family is full of church going people and even some who have their own churches as well and I have never been cast out by my family! It tells you right there in the bible to judge not so how is their decision the right one when they are going against the very god they say they follow. Well in the end it is their decision and only they can make it we can all get mad and vent about it but its apparent that they have made it and will have to live with it but it is a shame for sure. Prayers for that little girl that she will not hold the hate im sure she has for them in her heart forever. i pray that she will forgive them of this and be able to live her life to the fullest.

    10. Tracy

      Actually known as power of suggestion, while prayer my make the person who is praying feel better, if it actually worked the Earth would be over populated with people others did not want to die, or that died to soon. And I was is it hateful to say prayer doesn’t work. You may believe in a God that believes it is OK to give up a child because of their sexual orientation. Not my God, my God loves everyone, except for the child molesting catholic priests, and the ones who turn a blind eye.

    11. Anon

      “it would be best to let the child go in hopes of being adopted by a gay friendly family.”

      Eh, it’s not too bad.

    12. Freida

      Again – they can have children no matter who they are- abuse, kill, or now put them up for adoption- but its all okay because its one man and one woman. And not all heterosexual parents would do this- because they’re not all the same- like US.
      The problem is the never ending focus on sex. As if sex is the only part of anyones life or relationship.
      If she had supportive parents- this is what her life might look like- she’d finish school- go on to college or job- move out- possibly find the love of her life- might have children might not- go to work in the morning- go grocery shopping- do the laundry- have friends or family over-watch tv. and then like most other people in relationships- be too tired for sex. This is what most of our lives look like- I have a lot of heterosexual friends- or maybe they’re closeted- and what they do in their daily lives doesnt really differ from mine.
      Although they can marry anyone they want no matter how many times they want- and have as many children as they want-without any question- while my life is continuously questioned and voted on by heterosexuals that dont know me- because of that one small part of my life-sexual preference.
      I am so tired of people that are not LGBT telling us what our lives are like- telling us what we can and cannot do- judging us all as one. Telling us we’ve chosen or not chosen to be LGBT-what difference does it make? Although at 50 I’ve never met anyone whos chosen to be LGBT.
      What benefits are there?
      Unfortunately this girl will no doubt be better off without her parents-has already been abused- and will be traumatised for good.

      1. Nikki (Female)

        Freida, I am 22 years old, and I choose to be gay. (Not trying to sound conceited but) I’m a decent-looking girl, nice body, intelligent, kind-hearted, loving…. and gay also. I completely agree with the fact that “sexual preference” does not make me who I am. I am Nikki, the reader. Nikki, the dreamer. Nikki, the musician. Nikki, the customer service specialist. Nikki, the girl on the step team. Nikki, the female. Nikki, who graduated with a 3.7 GPA. But I am not Nikki, the “gay”. Sexual preference has absolutely no impact on my life, except in the bedroom, where no one else should be involved anyway. You have now spoken (or typed with, haha) someone who has CHOSEN to be gay. I am sexually attracted to men (but still lesbian), think they are intelligent beings (mostly), and believe they are capable of inciting happiness in someone else… just not me. I CHOOSE to be with females because of the emotional relationship that I am able to develop with them. You ask what benefits there would be to CHOOSE to be LGBT… the benefits are a happy life! You might try to convince me that I was “born this way”, but deep in my heart, I know this is a choice that I’ve made. A choice I’m completely happy with.

        1. Reverend Louis Sphere

          to hell with you, you perverting incubus!!! the purity of women just disturbs your demonical being, doesn’t it, you foul corrupter? you have to use that devilish tongue to taint and foul what was made perfect by god – go back to the pits of hell,where thou belongsts!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

          1. Father Redemption

            AMEN, Reverend! this FILTH needs to know it’s rightful place: underneath the scepter of the prince of darkness!!! God have mercy on her soul, ’cause lord knows i won’t…

    13. Kevin

      All this talk about God and praying misses the point. Could care less about the parents, their church, etc. this young woman and her feelings, future life and need for respect, dignity and love might be a better focus. I say the parents should be forced to hand over enough money to cover future educational, recreational, housing and secruity needs this child requires for her future and the state should if necessary take them to court to get it from them. This child will hopefully find another home that will give her the support and nurturing she requires in order to become a healthy, productive and contributing member of society (as a proud lesbian) and hopefully even, she and her first family can work things out in the future.

      1. Bryan

        To say that prayer and god and church aren’t part of the issue is wrong.

        It is religion that breeds this intolerance and if it were still legal they probably would’ve stoned her to death instead of giving her up for adoption.

        Religion poisons everything.

    14. matt

      this is a perfect example of how closed minded christians are. You’d rather give up your daughter then love her for who she is. You’d rather abandon a family member then love and accept. Prayer only works when you want it to work and blocks your outlook on life. All because of a book… why are you so afraid to look past the book when you know jesus loves you anyway?

    15. T Allen

      I’d say that the prayer worked fairly well; I mean, they’re using the Bible as their moral compass, and Leviticus 18:22 clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination that cannot be condoned… they could very well have followed Exodus 21:7 which allows for the selling of one’s daughter into slavery. They were kind enough to adopt her out, at least.

    16. Adel

      Instead of praying what to do with her, they should have prayed for peace, understanding and guidance. We have children and then feel like if they don’t meet our standards that they are no good and useless. I am a proud mother of 5 and will support them throughout their life time and never judge or be prejudice against them or their choices. I will voice concerns but will never turn my back. They are blood of your blood, your genes are in them and they are a product of their parents, hmm wonders… I hope that this 16 yr old grows up to forgive them and show them by example how to love unconditionally, whether she loves a woman or a man.

    17. cathy

      I wouldn’t give up my children for what ever reason. what kind of GODS people do they call them self? really people like them make me want to run out and join a church. now that I wont when god asked you . how many people did you lead to me. you can say for sure I don’t know , but I did make one ruin. straight mother from texas.. ps I raise your daughter…

    18. Dottie

      I agree with you Roy . yes no parent wants that life style for there child but she does not deserve to be abandon either by people who said they love her. the parents better get there bible out and read it some more . As parents you Just don’t do this. Please send her to me Mr. and Mrs Caldwell. I will take her gay or not. For God sake she is 16 and just learning about life outside your home and church. Same on you for being the kind of parents you are . I know this wrong for me to say but I hope God doesn’t bless you any more children he only knows what you would do with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. SeanCC

      Excellent example of how fake “church people” are. Modern Christianity, in practice, is anti-Christ. They call themselves “Christian” but live by the Old Testament. They turn their back on Christ’s teachings. They follow false prophets who know they cannot control people living by Christ’s example so they choose the same parts of the Bible used by the Muslim and the Jew to control their flock. These Christians are an abomination.

    20. Christine Goodwin

      If they took the time to understand it’s not a choice but a part of who they are, they might not be in this situation. I feel extremely sad for the girl. By doing this, they are implying she is not good or a child of God. I just don’t understand people who claim to be religious, don’t follow the teaching and examples of Jesus. I don’t like it when people hide behind the cross. This is just plain crazy.

    21. matty

      well that 16 child will be lucky to finally experience true love with people who will love her unconditionally. hurts to think her parents are out there ruining lives. That is child abuse if you ask me……

      when people ask me if it is a choice, my comment back is how did you know you were going to left handed or right handed…. food for your thought

    22. Martin

      Praying has never solved anything, and never can, as you are talking to yourself in your head, nothing more.

    23. Crystal Young

      I can’t leave a comment because the bottom of this page won’t load. 

      Number one- would god have given up on the parents as his children just because he didn’t approve of what they chose to believe, or be? NO. I don’t think ANY god would ever condone two people he brought together in marriage, giving up their daughter for such ignorant reasons. A CHILD IS A GIFT FROM GOD, AND HE MAKES NO MISTAKES. So what gives any parent the right to do away with that gift because he didn’t create it into their ideal child?! I wish the girl much love and happiness in life. Her being put up for adoption is most likely the best thing that could ever happen to her. This kind of thing is EXACTALY what makes people question if there is a god to begin with! If there is,  why would he give the gift of life to someone who wouldn’t appreciate it?! If there is a god why did the parents stop praying? I thought all things are possible through Christ?  I’d like to know…if there is a god, what will the parents do if they discover he has given up on them for not being his “ideal children”? If we were made in gods image, this couple brings disgrace to him!

      Number two- what kind of church is this? They just tell someone “well praying isn’t getting through to god that were not happy with the way he has made his child. Give the kid up so you can save face to the rest of us.” What the hell kind of church does that?!?! This sounds more like a CULT. What if they had ask for the couple to sacrifice the girl? Would they have done that? I’m proud to say that I won’t be going to hell with that congregation. Maybe on my own, but at least I’m not being blinded by stupidity and following a “Christian leader” and led to hell like an idiotic ass.

      And number 3- Who is this author? He promotes no sex? What is he? A gay man in this congregation who remains celibate so they don’t toss him away too?! God didn’t say sex was bad or unholy. And this ~CRAPTASTIC~  book your promoting? How to save yourself from “mouth sex”, “vegetarians”, and “children’s cartoons”?! Geeze, you guys are the exact reason so many people stray away from Christianity altogether. This is why there’s so many atheists. You are all ignorant, retarded, and blind fools. 

      Once again, much love and luck to this girl. GOD HAS MADE A WAY FOR HER TO GET AWAY FROM SOMETHING HE OBVIOUSLY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH. He has given her a chance to be free from a large cult mass of hellion sinners. She was his gift. You guys apparently don’t deserve her, and just guessing here, but if your prayers weren’t getting you anywhere, he apparently believes you don’t deserve him anymore either.

    24. Hinde

      There is NO such state as “Southern Carolina.” This article and the people in it are totally made up – satire.

    25. Angel

      Shame on them. This is the worst excuse possible. This is their flesh and blood and they don’t want her because of this! Are you serious!?! Shallow, heartless, self-centered people!!
      There are plenty of people that would die to have kids and because of a medical reason they can’t. And these bigots don’t even care what happens to their own child. They don’t deserve her. She is better off without them in her life.
      The sad things is, she will feel unloved for the rest of her life. Shame on them.

    26. fiona

      surely if they believe in god then they should think of it this way : god made ALL creatures great and small, therefore god made the daughter and therefore they should love and accept her. not just because she has been made by this god they speak so highly of, but because she is their daughter! if god hates gay people then why did god create them????(seeing as he is the creator of all???) answer me that, please!!!!!!!

    27. Jay

      They should have prayed for the strength to be better people instead of praying for permission to throw away their child because they don’t want to deal with it.

    28. Lish

      I think they absolutely made the right decision. Now she has a chance to find people who really love her. She’s far better off without them. Douchebags.

    29. Jay

      They are not fit to raise a hamster, never mind a child. It’s too bad they think so little of their own flesh and blood. I’m only happy that they will have to live with this decision for the rest of their lives and will think about it every day. I feel really bad for this poor girl. Hopefully she will be adopted by someone who loves and understands that there is nothing wrong with her.

    30. Elza A.

      Jesus said love one another. He also said shoot at the first stone if you are free of sin. He said again that you will be judged as you judge. What most parents are not love these …

    31. Tanya

      This is disgusting and is also a glaring example of whAt is wrong with religion… You don’t put your child up for adoption because she is gay, and if that’s the way you look at life, why have any children at all? Jesus taught us to love everyone, and you all who th ink that this is okay are not living up to what Jesus law if out for you all to do. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, and I’ll be praying for the poor girl who obviously needs better people to love her

    32. Tiffany Courier

      This story is completely made up. I think it’s appalling that anyone would print such a story when LGBT youth are in fact turned away from their homes all the time when their ‘loving families’ find out about their sexuality. The ironic thing is about these situations is that the child has not changed. They are exactly the same as they were – the child that was loved and cherished and wanted – right before their families found out. The ONLY difference is the family now knows a bit more about them. Unfortunately, even straight children face the same type of fear should they fall in love with someone of a different race or ethnicity, depending on the views of the family they are in. To love someone unconditionally means that you love them no matter what. That includes loving them no matter who they love. I am a mother of 2 fabulous teenagers, foster mom to 2 more amazing teenagers. My love for them is not dependent upon them having the same religious beliefs or lifestyle preferences. Casting a child or family member or friend aside because of their sexual preference is as ridiculous as doing so because they are attracted to redheads only and you think redheads are ugly. Casting anyone aside because their sexuality does not match yours is a huge flaw in the person who casts a loved one away. It shows the black of their soul.

    33. Marjorie

      I will adopt her right now. I live in northern Wisconsin and have a gay son whom I love unconditionally. Send her to me. 1-715-224-3017

    34. veronique

      qu’elle honte qu’ils aillent en enfer pourrirent comme des chiens , satan sera la pour les acceuillir


      Ya’ll got off the main subject. Really people !!!! If you believe and stay positive of the prayer to have good results it can happen. My point is the parents of April had to make a very hard decision today, yeah, they turned to God for answers. Give them some slake, what would you do if you were in there shoes. I am not saying I agree with the choice they made….they have to live with the choices they made regarding their daughter. I wish the parents and April the best.

    36. Barbara

      OBVIOUSLY, this “couple” can’t lay in their bed after they MADE IT. What an unloving couple of parents. This is one of the most unloving things I have ever heard of about parents. I hope they read this and think about HOW VERY SICK THEY ARE. If I met them on the street, I would want to SPIT in their face, because that is exactly what they did to their daughter.

    37. Thomas

      This couple are both sick. If I ever meet them, I will personally SPIT in their face. That is how they treated their own daughter.

    38. jose van zeller

      what does praying have to do with it? And these people consider themselves Christians? The entire thing is just discusting. The only good thing in this entire affair is that the daughter gets rid of these ”parents”!

    39. lisa

      everyone has a right to there own choice and in the bible it states not to judge one another and i cant see how you would give your child up based on there sexuality alone what great parents she had she is better off maybe she will find happiness with a family that excepts her for who she is.

    40. Annette

      I am a Christian, I have very difficult and heartbreaking issues with my children. While I do not support same sex, I would not put my child out if they did. I would love them and raise them to the best of my ability as their Loving Mother as that is my responsibility the day we are blessed with that child regardless. . “Let no man judge, lest he himself be judged.”

      Many share their ignorance and/or intolerance of others that it is not limited to sexuality, religion. Judge yourself where you are without condemning others.

    41. W.Freer

      I think they need to pray for forgiveness, for judging their daughter. That is not their job, that is up to the lord and him alone. ‘Judge not lest ye be judged yourself’

    42. Asnath

      The most high does not judge anyone. Whether she is gay or not all sins are considered equal. Everyone sin so that means everyone will be judge according to their deeds. She is gay because that is how she feels comfortable, yes it’s wrong in the eyes of the most high, but with prayer comes answers thanks.

    43. Douglas Helvie

      At the risk of sounding as though I am agreeing with the parents-I am not, if they are that fanatical she would probably have a better life with someone else. And yes I already know it is tough for kids to get adopted-but what should happen should the parents be forced to finish raising a child that they do not love because of her sexual preference.

    44. Nick

      I find it hilarious when clearly these moronic parents are doing what they are doing because of religion, and yet most comments are supporting religion further. This girl didn’t choose to be gay, she just is. And there’s nothing wrong with it.

    1. Cecil

      Can’t argue with that. I hope you people come to accept the fact one day that homosexuality is an irreversible, biological circumstance of a small number of every species of animals. Science used to contradict with the idea that the sun revolved around the earth. But eventually people had to give into evidence. This isn’t a choice. Ask yourselves if you could have ever had chosen to have sex with the same sex at any point in your lifetime and the answer is almost certainly no (unless you’re gay). That should tell you something. Secondly, if you claim to be Christian and go off god’s new law (the new testament) then you should know that by only reverting to the old testament as far as homosexuality goes, you are committing a fundamental hypocrisy. If you don’t follow every other law of the old testament then you’re not being truly righteous. You are picking and choosing the parts that conform to your own prejudices. Kevin, you are completely right. They (like everyone else) are making these judgments. Not god. If this is god’s law, if it is a transcendental law, what right do we have to place judgment, guilt, and punishment on those who do not follow it? Didn’t god choose to give us free will for a reason? Or did he only give us free will as to be constantly policed by those who see themselves as more righteous than others?

      1. John

        Cecil, I see no one responded to you. Probably because they can’t refute what you posted. Once again, hypocrites picking and choosing what they choose to interact with.

        1. Erik

          John, keep in mind one thing. Religion should have no effect on this. What they did what FUCKING WRONG. What Cecil is saying is not better. You wanted a reply? You got one. I’m so glad religion isn’t mandatory -_-

          1. Sean Serfrost

            What do you mean what Cecil is saying is no better? Cecil is saying what these idiot parents have done is entirely wrong, and that if these people are saying it’s against their beliefs, then they’re hypocrites to their own religion and beliefs, which is indeed true.

            Most intelligent people I have ever met do not conform to a religion just because they understand how unrealistic the circumstances are, and the fact there is no solid evidence or any evidence at all of one religion or the other having a predominant effect on any society.

            All it does is give people fake hope, and a fake reason to keep living.

            However, there are a lot of people who require this fake reason to continue forward. Typically weak people, or those who don’t understand the meaning of living for yourself and learning from your own experiences.

            This is typically why (mostly,) all highly religious folk only believe what their church pastors have presented them. Along with their parents as they went through childhood.

            People refuse to learn and teach themselves. They demand other people show them.

          2. Dave

            Wow how dare you, like truly how dare pass such scathing judgement on people you have never met and from the sounds of it have never even attempted to get to know. I know so many smart, intelligent, self thinking christians who believe gay marriage is fine, gay people are lovely, love is better than hate, evolution controlled by a God is the reason for life and we can eat whatever we damn well want.

            To decide that believing there is something after death and that we should try to be good people but know that we are not but are still accepted is stupid and a sign of non logical thinking shows how backward you are in your views. I know many atheists and some of them accept I’m a christian and treat me with respect and dignity which I return in type. Others are like you and thank God that I don’t have too many people like you in my life because honestly I’d lose faith in humanity.

            Treat people as individuals and don’t tar us all with the same brush, otherwise I’d believe all Atheists were like Richard Dawkins and wouldn’t that be a crying shame. Treat others the way you want to be treated, oh and that’s in the bible.

        1. Dave

          Wow how dare you, like truly how dare pass such scathing judgement on people you have never met and from the sounds of it have never even attempted to get to know. I know so many smart, intelligent, self thinking christians who believe gay marriage is fine, gay people are lovely, love is better than hate, evolution controlled by a God is the reason for life and we can eat whatever we damn well want.

          To decide that believing there is something after death and that we should try to be good people but know that we are not but are still accepted is stupid and a sign of non logical thinking shows how backward you are in your views. I know many atheists and some of them accept I’m a christian and treat me with respect and dignity which I return in type. Others are like you and thank God that I don’t have too many people like you in my life because honestly I’d lose faith in humanity.

          Treat people as individuals and don’t tar us all with the same brush, otherwise I’d believe all Atheists were like Richard Dawkins and wouldn’t that be a crying shame. Treat others the way you want to be treated, oh and that’s in the bible.

          1. Dave

            Apologies, this was intended for the comment above yours. Yours is correct and I heartily agree with it. Stupid layout.

      2. Matt


        I just read your comment and agree with you… to a point. Christians are called to hold one another accountable and we see this country, unlike any other country, as one nation under God .. which means we will hold you to some moral boundaries. Lets not confuse the difference between holding people accountable and judging.. there is a huge difference. judgment is a final decision on something with no room for correction .. a done deal. Holding your fellow man accountable and an act of support with its main purpose to help make one another better for themselves, our society and the world. You are correct that as Christians we are no longer “under” the law of the old testament, but that’s a largely-spiritual concept, in that our new laws are in relation to our personal salvation and how regular man (like you and I) can get to Heaven after these physical bodies die, but we continue to reference old testament standards of behavior because they too were God-inspired and no where in the NEW testament does it say to abandon them.
        Anyway, I appreciate your stance on Homosexuality as well. I see it as something of a paradox in that one CAN either be born that way ORr can grow to choose homosexuality as a lifestyle (typically arrived to through early inflicted confusion & misidentify brought on by abuse and trauma), and NOT one or the other, soley. So yes, technically, one can be born gay, or even born as a female or male in the body of the opposite (due to natural or medically introduced hormones and improper times of fetal development), but they can ALSO not be. Because of this cross-section of homosexuals that are merely psychologically-gay (my term, meaning they were not born this way but were brought to this conclusion, unnaturally) and have chosen lifestyles that are an expression of their damaged psyches due to early physical, sexual and emotional abuse, & live the more extreme and deviant & often destructive lifestyle (including transvestites) and similar that are the biggest “problem”. (examples would be organizations such as NAMBLA who try to justify and even legitimize unnatural forms of homosexuality and deviant behavior between men and young boys). On a more tamed-down note, It reminds me of the illegal-immigrant debate, in a way. People in general are mostly OK with Mexican (or wherever) families who love America and want to live and work here and contribute but came here illegally for one reason or another but there are so few of them compared to the masses (especially in border-states) who only want to MILK the system, sending their money back to Mexico, not supporting the economy they live in, don’t pay taxes to cover the costs of the systems they abuse, WAY over-crowed our schools and emergency rooms and have filled up our jails… these are also the types that will claim that America didn’t get the western states legally and they still belong to Mexico etc… so they don’t accept this as American soil, etc… Those are the ones NO ONE wants here because they are like a cancer to civilized society (yet they are all the same in regards to being “illegal-immigrants”… so what do you do legislatively?). Same goes for “normal” naturally-born homosexuals which, even though are a small minority, are plagued by those extreme non-naturally-born gays that want the same rights and want blanket-acceptance of their deviant, destructive lifestyles to ALSO be taught as normal in the media and in schools.. this is also a pill no one should have to, much less wants to swallow. -what are your thoughts on this-?

        1. Lauren G.

          Hi Matt,

          Holding your fellow man accountable implies that you know what is best for him or her, which you do not. Only God does. That is why we are not here to judge. We are here to love.

          When God commanded us to love our neighbor, He did not say “unless he or she is psychologically gay or a transvestite”.

          I’m taking a guess here, but I’m pretty sure you would consider yourself to be a heterosexual. With that being true, you are making statements about things with which you have no personal experience. It is ignorant of you to say that there are psychologically gay individuals and biologically gay individuals – and then to imply that one is “better” than the other. Like most things in life, it’s never that black and white. Furthermore, if that were the case, how does one determine if he or she is psychologically or biologically gay? Is there a questionnaire? Blood test? And if there is a concrete way of determining this, do we then condemn one and accept the other?

          Just like there are deviant, rebellious heterosexuals who may or may not have damaged psyches – there are also deviant, rebellious homosexuals who may or may not have damaged psyches. The point is God has commanded us to love every single one. No ifs, ands, or buts.


  1. Kate Frey

    So in the name of Christianity parents will abandon their teenage daughter because they don’t like her sexual orientation.In all the prayer and “guidance” they got from their church, apparently love, acceptance, and growth were not part of the deal. The Chadwells lost a great opportunity to foster their own growth and of course gave up what would have been a life long relationship with their daughter.

    Probably long range this will be better for their daughter, who at least can have parental figures who are not blighted by the same degree of mental illness as her biological parents. Separation anxiety can go deep and there will be live long scarring.

  2. Buddy

    I think they made a choice that was right. I firmly DO NOT believe people are born gay. I believe they choose it. She made her choice and they made there’s.

    1. JCK

      WOW… Were you born getting a full Hard-on to girls? Did you choose to appreciate the female form on your own merits? You REALLY need to rethink your perspective dude… Seriously. What an idiot.

      1. Gloria

        Not even coming from a religious stand point.. from a scientific stand point there is no gay gene… it has not been proven.. so you can not say for sure if someone is born gay … you simply can not prove it… so all you atheist on here who love to have tangible evidence.. there is none …
        If you were born gay then you would not be twice likely as a male to contract a disease through anal sex… you would not need to add extra lubrication it would do it on its own… Even my obgyn’s have told me that anal sex is no healthy … ( some women now a days partake in it also.. certainly not me) .. it is not healthy …
        It is one thing to live and let live.. but please stop this junk science that has no proof ..
        Almost any gay person you approach will probably tell you they were either raped.. molested or turned out … sex is a very powerful thing and sometimes people will try things out of curiosity and like it and continue it …. I have never met one gay person ( and I live here in L.A so I know many) .. who was not molested or raped…
        Until you get proof spare us with the junk science… there is more proof that God is real then proof that we all evolved over years … I do not care what you call your God.. but to deny his existence is soooo stupid … and just because you do not want to live the way he would like you to will not make him go away …
        I personally could care less who people go to bed with .. I do not want to hear about my straight friends or gay … but please there is no proof at all about being born gay only theory …
        And trust me if there was no God people would have given up on that idea a long time ago … Mankind is so self serving anyway

        1. Bailey

          There is also no gene for race, so by taking your argument to its logical conclusion people choose their race.
          Also the rest of this is just nonsense. The reason why gay men are more likely to have STIs is because they cannot get pregnant and therefore don’t use condoms which offer protection from such infections and disease. This is why most statistics show gay men twice as likely to contract disease. This also explains why this statistic is not true of lesbian couples- so by your logic is being lesbian genetic since they contract STIs at a lower rate than straight couples?

        2. Tasha

          Do you really THINK that a young girl would choose to be Lesbian (Homosexual) unless she really has no attraction what so ever to guys? What would possess anyone to choose a sexuality that would have you ostrasized by her parents, her friends, other family members, her Church (which was probably part of her support system). What kind of idiot would choose to have everything and everyone who you care about reject you if you had a choice. I guess you never though what she is probably going though. A 16 year old girl being told that she isn’t part of the family.

          Hell, if Her state would allow a Lesbian couple to Adopt her. I would in a heartbeat just to give her the support that she is obviously missing from her Biological family. I wish her well and hope she can someday forgive her parents for doing this to her.

        3. Eline

          Rape has nothing to do with being gay. I’m a lesbian, and I have never been raped. None of my other gay friends have either.
          There is something seriously wrong with the way you think about sexuality.

          And no, people would not have given up on the idea of God, even though he’s not real. Apperently, humans need to believe in something bigger than us, as we have done for many thousand years. Doesn’t make i t any less stupid.

        4. Zed

          I’m Bisexual and I was never raped or molested into not being attracted to men. I didn’t make a choice in who I have an attraction for. The only choice(s) that is(are) ever made on sexuality and someone’s orientation is whether or not the person acts on it and is comfortable about letting people know about it.
          There may be no Gay Gene or the science behind it wasn’t strong enough then, but as someone stated, there is no gene for race. The color of the skin is passed down by generation through genes that modulate the color of the skin. That doesn’t mean it is a race gene. It is just simply a gene that controls skin, which I quite imagine there is plenty of genes that cover the skin in total.
          I know plenty of people who are gay and lesbian as well as bisexual who were not molested or raped and they have the attraction because they always have. When I was young, I knew I had attraction to other girls in my class, but not every girl as the same with boys.

        5. Jess

          Good for you, but I AM gay so chances are I know a lot more gay people than you. Most gay people I know have not been sexually assaulted in their lives and certainly not at higher rates than straight people. Significantly fewer lesbians I know have experienced sexual assault compared to my straight female friends. Also, if sexual assault had any bearing on turning a person gay a HUGE percentage of the female population would be gay, and this is clearly not the case. I am a gold star lesbian, I’ve never been sexually assaulted by anyone. So your argument is pretty much as junk science as it can get.

          Also, you clearly have no conception of how genetics work – as if there would be one little Mendelian gene that in the “on” stage would create a gay person and in the “off” stage would create a straight person. Most human traits are not created by a single gene, they’re created by multiple genes acting ing various ways to various developmental stimuli. We don’t exactly understand the genetic component of MOST of the things we consider to be genetic.

          There’s far more scientific evidence for homosexuality being a naturally occurring phenomenon (for example, homosexuality in nature), than for your all powerful cloud daddy.

        6. Fritz

          Gloria – Really. There’s proof that God is real? Other than the ranting of those participating in The World’s Biggest Business, what would you categorize of “proof of God”. You are correct there is no “gay gene”. Back to religion…these people, the parents inquestion, profess to be “Christians”, yes. If you believe in the teachings of “Jesus Christ”, that would mandate love and tolerance for “all of God’s creatures”…it was only in the Old Testament that the lessons allowed for such judgemental behavior. Do I have to go through Leviticus, or any of the other books of the Old Testament, to outline the absurdity of the whole thing?

    2. Josh Newmark

      And what exactly makes you ‘firmly believe’ that people are born gay? Do you actively choose to be heterosexual? How would you feel if somebody told you that part of your entrenched personality is your ‘life choice’, and that you ought to have chosen to be different?

      What a ridiculously irrational and outdated way to live your life…

    3. Snufkin

      You made your choice to be a backwards dick
      and i made my choice to think you need a punch in the face

    4. Preston M.

      Buddy, what planet do you live on? The girl comes out as gay, and you have the unmitigated gall to agree with their decision to put her up for adoption? I shudder to think what that girl will have to go through in terms of emotional trauma thanks to this sleazy move, and your post only makes me hope to God that you do not have children. Shame on you!

      1. CDaniel

        So you Do know that this is a parody/satire site, and you’ve taken on some serious troll bait? Why are you getting upset about a FICTIONAL story. The owner of this website is a fictional character, and you got hurt because you didn’t bother to do ANY research. I don’t know which is worse-uninformed homophobes or uninformed LGBT Americans and their allies.

    5. Aaron Anderson

      Amen, brother Buddy. It’s good to see that there are still parents out there that are looking out for their children’s well-being. There is NO room in The Lord God’s kingdom for silly children who insist upon making silly decisions. There is nothing “silly” about Heaven. I have faith that this couple made the right choice by sending their little heathen out from their home. My wife and I have made it VERY clear to each of our nine children that in THIS house, it’s The Lord’s way, or the highway! Golly, if it wasn’t for the amazing tax credits that our supreme master leader Barack Obama has blessed us with for each of these kids for the past couple of years, a couple of them might be out on their tushes whether they were gay or not! There most certainly are a couple of the little guys, bless their hearts, that I could do without seeing, (or hearing) at 7 am. I hope that there are more of God’s soldiers out there that will also be willing to “do the right thing,” and teach their children that there is NO room for compromise in the eyes of our Lord God. Amen, Buddy. Amen. ——John 3:16

      1. Richard F

        Aaron, I shutter to think that you can be so close minded and lack of heart and compassion for any of your children regardless of their lifestyle. Your post really shows a lack of love and compassion.

        1. Aaron Anderson

          I guess that I should have stated that there may be discrepancies as to whether or not some of these little buggers are mine. There are at least three or four that I can most definitely prove ownership of. The rest are “iffy” at best.

          1. kourtm123

            Aaron, soooooo many things are wrong and disgusting that you have said. Your poor children, wife and anyone that knows you. You know in the BIBLE adultery is a SIN! So, if several of those children are not yours then obviously sin has been committed………hmmmm. i guess the way of the Lord has not been followed; as is the house rules. May I also add the fact of Jesus telling his people only those without sin may throw the first stone. So, your awful words, thoughts and judgements about your children and other’s are really not at all of how THE LORD intended. No one, makes a choice to be gay or straight, bisexual or anything of the sort no more than you get to choice the color of your skin at birth or your heritage. What is it that truly bothers you about homosexuals? Is it the sexual part or the mental and emotional relationship? Because the only thing that as different of a gay relationship from that of a straight one is the body; mind, heart,emotions and souls have no specific gender, just personality and chemicals. Love is love. I hope god and the universe shed some light on your ignorance and help you become a better person, because if you treat your neighbors like shit i hope you don’t believe you deserve any better. Karma will find you and your children if they decide to call you there dad in the future will hopefully block out your negativity and grow up to be accepting, loving and intelligent people. Because whom ever brain washed you was wrong and your children don’t deserve to be as ignorant as you are or anyone like you.

          2. Jill

            The question is why anyone would believe everything you just wrote.

            Though the answer may be because the person who read it and believed it is the type of person who would do it.

      2. Sinnerviewer

        I hope that when your children are in charge of wiping your ass when you’re too old to care for yourself, they force you to live by their house rules. It’ll be there way or the highway and they’ll see you (rather your social security check) as their meal ticket. When you piss on yourself, they’ll see you as too much of a burden and toss you out on your tushie. Perhaps dump you at the doors of some random E.R. with a note pinned on your shirt warning everyone that you are a judgmental asshole. What comes around goes around. As for this poor child, I would gladly take her and show the love of Christ to her by allowing her to be exactly who God created her to be.

        1. anonymous

          I know…maybe you’re a moron and can’t figure out that this is a satirical website pointing out the ridiculousness of religion. Ever think of that??

        1. Kat Bos

          Christians are the whole reason I left Christianity…..there doesn’t seem to be a middle anymore…they’re so extreme, hateful, judgemental…..Jesus wouldn’t even recognize His teachings…by watching Christians now days.

          1. Julie

            Christians are still better… compared to islams.
            They kill their own child just because their child talked to a white.

      3. Susan

        So how is that God’s way? Sounds like your wife cheats on you, or you on her, or both… last time I checked that’s on the list of absolute no-no… Hypocrite maybe??

      4. Buddy

        I really don’t give a shit about these people or there fucking kid. I just like saying shit to piss people off. Haha.

          1. Zeus

            The god of thunder has put internet on Olympus for the sole purpose of this

            “You got SCHOOLED by Buddah!”

            -Zeus, God of Thunder, Master of Olympus


        And guess what Aaron, your children will grow up to be drug addicts, self mutilators, self haters, brain washed, mentally f’d up gay adults…trust me…and you will be to blame. I pray to my LOVING GOD that the state rips those children out of your home before you and your wife (whom is most likely terrified to speak against you, so she just goes along with your BS) can continue to do more damage to those children who didn’t ask to be brought into this world…and given the choice, would have NEVER chose you as their “FATHER”. Even Jesus forgave those whom YOU would find don’t deserve that forgiveness..leaving me to believe that your god must be the god of HATE…Satan himself. I have pity on your children.

          1. Aaron Anderson

            Yeah, you looked it up, didn’t you? Not so smart now, are you? The Lord God is pleased with your silence. Also, He says to tell you to send Him some money.

          2. Nikie

            Mark 12:31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”
            1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
            1 John 4:7 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.
            Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you. Does God not command you to love others? Does God not tell you that judgement is reserved for Him and Him alone? John 8:7 And as they continued to ask him, he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” You could learn a thing or two if you took some time to really see what the Bible is all about. It is about love, the love God has for us, the love we have for Him, and sharing that love with others in a way that will make them receptive of the message. Your duty as a Christian is to bring your brothers and sisters to the love and forgiveness of Christ. Not to shun them or make them feel unworthy of such love. May God help you to open your heart to the true message.

          3. anonymous

            All you morons pointing out bible verses and prayers etc are totally clueless that this is a satirical website mean to poke fun at morons just like you!!! That is the funny thing about this entire discussion!!!! lol

        1. Tricia

          100% NOT with you! And these people were praying for the wrong reason anyway….they should have been praying that their imaginary man in the sky would still let them into the imaginary floating land even though they are such DOUCHEBAGS!!! Lets be real here God is just another Form of Light not a being… or spirit. The Bible is the first book of Law.. Nothing to do with God. Should really Check out the Big Bang we have had this Shoved down our throats for far to long God this and God that.. well I’m Pegan and Darn Proud of it. This Family is in total Crisis over what she perfers to be with a Woman big deal

      6. Stuart

        If there is no room in heaven for people who are imperfect, then you yourself will be the first not to enter. Your first and foremost imperfection is thinking you can play god and pass judgement on others, quoting biblical phrases to support your judgements.

        1. Angelnznz

          Um….if you read what Aaron wrote without the outrage, you’ll realise he was very cleverly taking the piss (New Zealand speak for joking)

      7. JeffK627

        Well, Aaron, your kids would be better off on the highway than being raised by an asshole like you.

      8. Zoe

        “John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, he gave his only son and whomever shall believe in him will have eternal life.”
        This caption is completely irrelevant and if you find it relevant then you have taken it out of context and you are a buffoon, Aaron.

        I am an atheist, but i was raised in a Catholic school, I went to church on Sundays, Easter and Christmas, I went to bible-camp almost every school holiday and i have read the bible from cover to cover. Hatred spiralling from religion is one of the most ridiculous concepts i have ever heard of –

        God preaches love. That is the most simple way to put it. LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN.

        Matthew 19:16
        And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life?
        17 – And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.
        18 – He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness,
        19 – Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

        Casting your daughter aside for something that was out of her control is EVIL.
        Doing something EVIL in the name of God does not make it any less EVIL.

        Just because you have interpreted God’s word as “Gay people should burn in hell” does not mean that is what he was saying.

        Burning someone in Hell begs the question to me – How can such a supposedly peaceful and loving being be so cruel and evil as to have a person burning for eternity? And if God is the bully that his religion has made him out to be, then why do people follow him? Fear?? Acceptance?? NO.


        Christ is not evil, his followers are.

        fuck you, Buddy & Aaron.

        1. Nikie

          Not all of His followers are intolerant asshats Zoe. Tho I have for a long time refused to call myself a Christian and instead am a Christ follower. These morons give us all a bad name and i wont be associated with them.

          1. Buddy

            Yes you will I’m gonna tell everybody we are best friends. And we go to the same church and your more of a bigot then I am.

        2. sabeaniebaby

          Luke 14:25: “If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.

        3. anonymous

          All you morons pointing out bible verses and prayers etc are totally clueless that this is a satirical website mean to poke fun at morons just like you!!! That is the funny thing about this entire discussion!!!! lol

      9. Mike

        errr guys. You probably are buying into this too much. Judging by the way it’s written, “Aaron” is a troll. The entire thing he wrote was to make you all mad, so he can get off and laugh about it. Pretty well written, but also I’m pretty sure he’s just a troll. Don’t take him seriously.

        1. Angelnznz

          Mike. Troll he is not. He is mocking the two faced attitude of religious fanatics and how hypocritical they can be. By the time you get to the end of his post his comments ludicrous. Just like the parents of this poor child.

      10. Jessica

        You so-called “Christians” need to stop thumping on the old testament and read the Beatitudes in the new testament. There IS room for the children of God, especially those whose parents have turned them away for something that they can not control. Jesus ate with tax collectors, healed the sick servants of soldiers who would later have to kill him, healed a man’s ear as he was being arrested, he was first to appear to a “prostitute” after his resurrection. Yet you all act like the “high priests” who paid his follower to have him killed because he was a “menace”. I hope all of you and these “parishioners” and sorry excuses for parents all beg the LORD for forgiveness, because your hearts and minds are closed. Hypocrites, I’m tellin’ ya! My prayers are with this child, hoping she finds a loving home with people who will actually love her instead of fearing and hating her.

        1. jess

          wow, I’m dumb. fake story and I’m from “Southern Carolina”…maybe that explains it…or the world is just so horrible we’ve all been waiting for a story like this. I hope to God this never happens for real!

        2. anonymous

          All you morons pointing out bible verses and prayers etc are totally clueless that this is a satirical website mean to poke fun at morons just like you!!! That is the funny thing about this entire discussion!!!! lol

        3. Jessica

          My heart is just broken for this child, I also lost many babies and prayed for over 8 years to have children and I ended up with 4 in a years time. I am so honored and blessed to have them in my life. My son has shown me a lot that there is a huge chance he will be gay, and I have family and friends that are gay and I love them all and it does not bother me at all who they are. I am not their judge nor will I even try to be. I was taught to love unconditionally and treat others how I want to be treated. I would adopt April in a heartbeat and show her that she is loved no matter what she chooses to do in life for I am not her judge nor will I try to change who she is. I am sure she is a beautiful child of god no matter what lifestyle she chose. Isn’t that supposed to be the whole point in being on this planet is to make choices and make our own paths in life? I hope she finds a loving family who believes in unconditional non-judgemental love.

      11. Cathy

        Aaron, it is “good” Stepford Christians like you that make me proud to be a “heathen”. Nine children? You obviously like making children more than you love, honor, and appreciate their exsistence. You are as crappy a parent as you are a Christian or a decent human being. God has to look down on you with a heavy heart and shaking his/her head in total shock and disgust. A self-centered bully who hides behind Christ. Wow. If the Chadwells are anything like you, their daughter is better off far, far, away.

      12. JD

        I truly feel sorry for your children. I have know kids from dictatorial families such as yours, and they are, without doubt, some of the most messed up and mal-adjusted individuals I have EVER known.

        Sexuality is NOT EVER a choice. It is, was, and always will be the way one is born. Religion is a choice; sexuality is not. I pray your children have more compassion, understanding, and common sense than their parents do.

        And btw, I’m a Presbyterian and a parent. And I would NEVER EVER treat my child with such disrespect.

      13. Nicole


        You end a post with John 3:16 yet never in my life have I heard a comment with such blatant disregard for John 3:16. If Jesus were here he’d slap you in the face.

      14. Amber B

        You do not have to agree with your families lifestyles but you should still love them regardless of their sexual orientation plus isn’t that what the bible states “hate the sin but love the sinner”. How does giving your gay child up for adoption showing them love? If my grandmother would have done that with my dad I would have never known her or her love for her son. By the way, people are born gay the same way that people are born straight. Also, there are over 1,000 species who have homosexual tendencies so what does that say about GOD?

      15. Andi

        To put it very simply Aaron…..God told me last night that you are destined to burn in hell fire for eternity. You don’t get a choice…..He told me you are a real Asshole and he won’t let your kind past the pearly gates.

      16. Chris

        You are fucking hilarious! You sir, are witty. I realized as soon as you said master Barack Obama you were just fucking around. No way you’d vote Obama if you were a die hard Christian. Kudos to you for trolling and causing an uproar. If people actually used their brains they would see how ridiculous you sounded and things didn’t add up. They are about as dumb as the people giving their child up for adoption.

      17. John Chisom

        This guy (douche) named Aaron has to be the most closed minded tard that I have come across this week. The scariest part of it all is that they were allowed to father 9 kids and infect them with their outdated and single mindedness. All I see are 9 more potientialy fucked up people in the world that it doesn’t need. Some people just need to be sterilized so maybe one day the madness will stop.

        1. Aaron Anderson

          Myself and my wife, bless her heart, are creating an army of children for Jesus, and we’re just getting started! I hope to have at least three more little soldiers before we’re done. Thank you, have a blessed day. -John 3:16

          1. Brother Monte

            Keep up the good work, Brother Aaron. Fill the world with your soldiers, and make The Lord proud. Homosexuality IS hatred, and God hates hatred.

      18. Natural

        The problem with churches/Christians is this: everyone says they “care” but before you are going to convince anyone, you better show it. MAYBE, just MAYBE you are right. But if you are, you are going to change people by love and acceptance, not by dunking them in tanks of water until they recant their “evil” ways. Churches have become nothing more than orgies of stuck up, hateful, hypocritical Christians, when all along I thought the second greatest commandment was to love your neighbor as your self…not just if they are straight – all of them. If, as most Christians believe, that God does not weigh sin, why is it that churches think that somehow sexual sin in the crux of all sins? As Jesus said, let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Christians job is to love and accept, not judge, scorn, and – as if you somehow sit on the right hand of God and have the power to make such decisions – deny people entrance into church or heaven or whatever. This is why I quit going to church a long time ago. I’m a Christian, but I have no desire to hang out with your kind of Christians.

      19. JMacPhee

        Your a pathetic excuse for a human being. To agree with parents giving up a child whether the child is 1 or 16 for a reason such a homosexuality. What if your parents had put you up for adoption for being an insensitive piece of crap. If you think for one second that the fake man in the sky is going to save you for believing in this kind of garbage, then you’ve got another thing coming. Someone should take away your right to chose who you love and see how you feel about it. Sad pathetic excuse for what society is today. Look at the pattern. How many years ago were people fighting to separate african american people as less than they really were. That battle has come and gone. Now they’ve chosen to move on to sexual preference. The catholic church, the most hypocritical group there is condones this kind of behaviour but will protect the sickest men after they rape and molest young children and even pay out the ass to keep their little secrets… Grow a brain Adam and any of you who agree with this. Your turn will come when your views will be nothing to anyone. The church is going out the door. Wake up and notice you ridiculous close minded savages.

      20. P-Dub

        Buddy, thank you so much for STANDING on what is right and correct. I don’t know that I could EVER do what these parents have done by throwing their own child out because they disagree with her lifestyle choices. BUT, I definitely do not NOT blame the parents, either. I’ve said this once before—and it saddens me that people still go around and around with believers of God and those who are STRAIGHT OUT HATERS of God, too: So, either you believe the Word of God, that would be the Bible, people…Or you simply do not. If you don’t, then that’s your choice. But don’t be drinking straight “haterrade” for people who truly BELIEVE they are doing what they should be. I don’t need a pastor to tell me what’s in the bible because I can read and interpret things for myself. Pastors are not to TELL Christians how to live, they are merely to be the VOICE of what is “already” in the bible that we, as Christians believe. No, I do not believe that people are actually “born” gay. WHAT THE …??? How would a God that even those of you “claim” is supposed to be loving and accepting create his creation (umm, that’s all of us, including the gay, bi, transgendered and questioning,) to be born in total opposition against him? Y’all are the crazy ones. Don’t pick and choose scriptures from the bible that you do not read, understand or comprehend to throw back in someone’s face how you see fit. The ultimate question is: DO YOU BELIEVE? If not, then the conversation is over. You have nothing for me, and I have nothing for you. But straight out BASHING folks who are different, think differently, act differently than what “you” would do just means that you are two different people with two different views and thought processes–plain and simple. This CRAP gets on my last nerve. Get a clue!

      21. AfellowGay

        Huh, I find Aaron’s wit and humor rather arousing! I pray to God you’re being torllish and snarky! *continues with elaborate gay fantasy involving Aaron Anderson in nothing but an apron, holding a can of whipped cream*

          1. AfellowGay

            I know my way around a kitchen babe! I’d use heavy whipping cream….and a special ingredient of my own….mmmm

      22. Patrick

        Your comment is so absurd as to make me think it was written by a staff writer at the Onion. You judge others daily, yet you fail to see the irony in that. You live a life of lies if you continue to cast stones like this. You are truly an abomination.

      23. Xirque Z'dataan

        Gods…and I meen gods and not god…you are so full of shit that I just have to ask how many times you have been fucked in your ass lately? Cause this shit doe’t stink like normal man-shit…
        I’m sure happy that I’m not a cristian ssss like yourself…on the contrary
        , I’m a LHP Psionic mage and healer that prforms predatory leaching of vital energy from asses like you on basisdaily
        I have a theory that homophobes like you really are unshure of your sexuality and hides your gayness behind a mask of a gayhater

      24. Chelsea

        …Wow, I never actually thought I would ever come into contact wit someone as closed minded as this… Aaron, you post as really angered me.. A benighted dolt is an understatement for what you are Sir..
        I suppose you also believe murder, rape, and slavery is okay too? Cause ALL that is in the Bible and Ya know, What ‘God’ Says goes in your house! Right!?
        I am so glad i have So many Gay and Lesbian Best friends!! They are some of the nicest people you will ever come across! And if i have children and they turn out to be Homosexual or not I will be Very Proud of them Either way!!
        I hope your children, Gay or not, Grow up to fucking hate you and your God!
        I hope they don’t grow up to be as Retarded as you!!!

        1. Dazha

          If you are so religious why do you choose to swear and hate? Isn’t it in the bible to forgive and to love one another?
          A friendly Christan lesbian that knows she didn’t choose to be gay. Also I know God WILL except me into his kingdom with open arms because I am his child and he DOES NOT discriminate.

          1. AfellowGay

            Am I the only one who thinks Buddy is a hoot and a half? Like, seriously, I love you man.

    6. Jen

      So, Buddy, if being “gay” is a choice, then did you choose to be straight? And if it is such a choice, please, go ahead and “choose” to be gay for a week.

    7. Driver

      Ok let’s say it’s a choice. That means you are a attracted to guys but choose to be with girls because that is the right thing to do. If you aren’t attracted to guys then you know it’s not a choice. Use your head.

    8. Dandru

      Then you’re just as horrible, un-caring, un-loving, evil and decidedly un-Christian as her parents are, you unfeeling and hate-fueled asshole.

      Incidentally, your post illustrates why bigots and homophobes are so often such poor writers: It’s because they both stem from the same problem: ignorance.

      1. Buddy

        I bet your touching yourself thinking your hurting someone feeling in a Internet post huh? Giving yourself a dirty Sanchez and thinking oooooo I just owned this guy.

    9. Heather

      And I fully believe you are an idiot. Why would someone chose to have close-minded jerks ridicule and hurt them? No God would tell his followers to hurtful to others. If your God did, then you should seriously reconsider your life choices.

    10. Eddie

      You chose to be straight? You really have not clue how the world works, and for so called “Christians” to behave this way…typical…no wonder many people are turning against the church and Christian so called people..

    11. Lynda

      Buddy, you are so ignorant, so misinformed. Do you honestly believe that Gay people would choose to be shunned, ridiculed and berated because of their sexual preferences. Good God, that is the most ridiculous statement I have read in a long time. Buddy you, and people like you are better off not posting anything on these sites, unless of course you enjoy being openly stupid.

    12. Judi

      Aaron and Buddy, you make me feel sad. God loves all of us. To think you adopt a child and then throw them away because you don’t like something about them? Pathetic. So, just to make sure I have it straight, gay people choose to be gay? They choose a lifestyle that could expose them to ridicule and abomination by their parents and people like you? Then the rest of us chose to be straight? More pity for you and people like you; you don’t know the meaning of unconditional love. Oh, wait, God loves US ALL unconditionally, doesn’t He? Judge ye not, least ye be judged. I judge no one; I will wait for OUR maker to do that. BUT I do think statements like you made are based in ignorance-lack of real knowledge and insight. May God have pity on you and mercy on your soul.

      Oh, and to judge others and you broke the adultery commandment??!! I don’t remember a commandment about our sexuality!!! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Pretty convenient to not think about that, isn’t it?

      PS if you want to try to trash me, I am an Irish Catholic, who went from grade school to 2 Masters from a Catholic University. Fire away… But I haven’t broken the commandments.

      1. April Chadwell

        Hi guys, it’s me. I’m really sorry that I caused so much commotion with this. My mommy and daddy are just trying to do the right thing :) I should have never gone against their wishes. I just hope that they can forgive me someday :(

      2. Aaron Anderson

        Thank you, Judi, for having the courage to help us to stand up for what is right! Homosexuality IS hatred, and God hates hatred. If more people like you would help us in this struggle, Judi, we could have every gay child in the country out on the street in less than a year. Then they would all find the help that they need to try and become normal, and possibly even let back into their families!

        1. Vern Fonk

          Wow! You said it, Aaron! These kids NEED to learn the hard way. These parents deserve a medal for standing up for what they believe in, and for doing God’s work.

        2. Reverend Louis Sphere

          Hear hear, Aaron. Good to see sensible decent folks here – this gurl needs PUNISHMENT from the lord for choosing to be a demonic forked tongued temptress! what she needs is HUNGER and COLD from the good lord to teach her a good lesson! i bet when she’s hungry and cold and miserable, she won’t want to be gay lesbian no more. PRAISE THE LORD IN AAAALL HIS WISDOM!!!!

    13. kat

      So you believe that in countries where homosexuality is punishable by death people choose to be gay cause it is such a joy to be stoned to death? Seriously?

    14. Micky

      Why don’t you tell all of us about the day you decided to be heterosexual? I’m sure everyone would just LOVE to hear that story. Unless, of course, there is no story to tell….

    15. Chris

      He can’t even spell correctly, how can he process serious thought and understand anything else but what’s been drilled into the head? *scary*

    16. YeahRight

      So you admit that you are equally attracted to guys as you are girls? If it is a choice, then that would mean that your god made us all to be bisexual with equal attraction to men and women.

      Personally, I am straight. I did not choose to be straight but I am straight. The same goes with my gay friends. None chose to be gay (especially the ones from my very small hometown in the Buckle of the Bible Belt).

    17. Halzel

      buddy, you’re an ignorant simpleton. It’s people like you that fuel my atheism with a burning quest for all things truthful and reasoned.

    18. Andi

      Well Buddy, I’ll just say a prayer tonight to thank GOD you are NOT my parent. You and this couple are pitiful examples of human beings existence. You and they are no different than some 3rd World parent who would choose to stone his daughter to death for some transgression their RELIGION believes is wrong. Or some parent in a tribal community who believes their child has been taken over by a demon and banish her or him to the forest. Your ignorance and this couples is disgraceful and unforgivable. Thank GOD there are people who will love and accept this child unconditionally. The saddest part is she will learn even deeper how F’ed up some people do remain, despite their ages, and in the name of some hypocritical religious doctrine. You truly disgust me and that’s pretty hard to do.

    19. bex


      It’s hard to accept your argument when you can’t even use your own language correctly.

      I believe you are a dickhead, and that is a lifestyle choice by you. What would make her ‘choose’ this life? Her outlandish parents? Who would choose this level of betrayal and rejection if they had a choice?

    20. Jodi D,

      You learn ignorance. You do not learn how to be gay. I barely knew what gay was when I first realized that I was attracted to women. Then I had to accept that is who I was and to love myself. Do you think this girl said to her parents she was gay to piss them off? Are you that stupid?

    21. Jason

      I find it so hard to grasp that there are still so many backward thinking people in this world. Buddy, even if it were a choice, giving up their child is a horrid way to react! Oh my god, my daughter colored her hair blonde and I hate blondes! Up for adoption she goes!!!

      For the record, as someone who is homosexual. It is not a choice. We were made the way we were made by the same creator that made you, whoever he or she is.

      Why in hell would anyone choose to give bigots (like you) the opportunity to pass judgement, harass, belittle, degrade and discriminate against us? I have to say in retrospect, if it was a choice, it’s the choice that is best for me, but that’s because it’s part of who I am, just like the color of my eyes, my hair and my freckles.

    22. Zunicorns

      Good thing you’re just some ignorant a-hole and not someone of importance. I mean this way, your uneducated, moronic opinion means nothing. I hope this poor girl is scooped up by caring individuals, and her parents someday realize how ignorant and wrong they are.

    23. Kate

      Whether it’s by choice or you are born gay. Who the hell cares. As long as two people love each other that’s all that matters.

    24. Z. Straiter

      I agree that people aren’t born gay, Buddy. It’s a choice. I’m not so sure about the parents’ decision, though… there’s two sides to the story on that one. To the other people who responded to your comment: stop being shitheads and learn to respect the opinions of others.

    25. Arienette

      Sexuality is not like a Unicorn, you don’t have to BELIEVE in one’s sexuality, for it to be what it is.

    26. belgianchic

      This choice was horrible and awful to the daughter, I cannot even imagine the pain she must be going through. However, maybe its for the best? I don’t know what it would be like at all, so disregard this, but I would not want to be raised by people who were so hateful. People do not choose to be gay- not that there’s anything wrong with it, and her own parents rejected her.

    27. tom b

      Buddy you are a moron and I truly wish there were a HELL to send sluggards such as yourself ! I gave 323+ yrs of my Life for this Country in the USN ! I DID NOT FIGHT TO PROTECT PEOPLE THAT CAN NOT REASON ! When do you think this GOD you claim to serve would have abandoned one of his children ! NEVER NO MATTER WHAT ! DO YOU NOT SEE THESE PARENTS WERE SENT THIS TEST OF LOVE ??? !! LOVE by it’s very definition has NO ZERO NADA NOTHING NONE NIL CONDITIONS ! DO NOT TELL ME THEY LOVE THIS GIRL ! YOU NEVER ABANDON YOUR CHILDREN FOR ANY REASON EVER !!
      You are a perfect example why those of US that have put up with Sorry sons of Bitches and mean DOGS your mama was a dog if We are beginning to really HATEA all RELIGIONS and you sumbitches keep it up and we will burn em down until you can prove you deserve to live in MY MFING COUNTRY !!! You no more have choice to be GAy THEN YOU HAVE TO HAVING THAT LILIY WHITE SKIN !! You know what is a choice wearing that KKK suit and being a bigot and a racist !! You know there is NO SECOND COMING all of you Christians SUCK !! WHY WOULDHE ??? LOOK HOW YOU TREAT HIS CHILDREN !!! you suck !

      1. Father Redemption

        tom, my son… and you think, because you shot a couple of camel jockeys (probably when they were drunk), that you can ‘give opinions’ abou matters that are greater than you could ever aspire to be???? who do you claim to have been protecting all this time, my son? because the LORD protects me from all harm!!! for he knows i am truthful and have no blood of infidels on my calloused praying hands!!!

    28. jessie

      These people basically just threw their child out into the street. It is likely that no one will adopt her considering her age and the state will boot her out of foster care at 18 leaving her homeless if she doesn’t have a scholarship to college somewhere. Why is this ok? In Anderson SC the parents of a 2 yr old left their child on someones door step and they are facing child neglect charges. In my humble opinion this couple should be treated no different. You raised her, this is how she turned out,, it’s YOUR problem, you deal with it. Basically now the tax payers have an extra burden because of two bigots.

  3. kate frey

    I strongly suspect this is a satire site kind of like the Onion only designed to wind up liberals.

  4. Rachel

    What ever happened to unconditional love???? Shame on you, parents! God bless you, daughter! God will at least show you unconditional love, even if your parents are not christian enough to do so.

  5. John

    Guys guys this is a joke from a satire site (thank the goddess). Oh, and Buddy who agrees with the parents, you really are a piece of work.

  6. Jay

    This is the most sickening thing i have ever read THSES PARENTS R STUPID By the way you are born gay look it up its in your genetic genes you have to be a complete itdiot not to know that OPEN YOUR EYES IT’S 2013 AND MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE ECOMING OUT TO BE GAY LESBIAN BI AND TRANSGENDER I AM SO SICK OF READING PATHETIC COMMENTS BY HOMOPHOBIC ASS HOLES

  7. Jay


    1. Aaron Anderson

      Our supreme Lord and God also said, “Thou shalt not spelleth like a dipshit.” Read your scriptures, brother Jay, it’s in there. It’s somewhere in about the middle of The Book.

      1. Aaron Anderson

        also, my sweet, sweet, brother Jay…” …its in your genetic genes you have to be a complete itdiot…,” really? Heavens to Betsie, my young, and delicious child of God….you are a gem.

        1. Tony

          Aaron, you made me laugh so many times… Your sarcasm is brilliant, but sadly wasted on this forum, where so many people seem to take your words literally, and then respond with so much anger that they even feel it’s necessary to type in all caps… still laughing…

          1. AfellowGay

            Aaron, you can enter my heavenly gates! But seriously, you are a diamond in a sea of pearls. Keep up the sarcasm you tasty little tart!

        2. B

          Aaron, just FYI: I get your sarcasm and you are cracking me up. Especially “Thanks, I think I peed a little during it. -John 3:16″ LOL! Priceless. Too bad folks are not grasping your sarcasm, tho.

      2. Andi

        Aaron….God told me last night that you will not be entering into the Gates of Heaven. He said you will shall burn in Hell for Eternity. Sorry dude. His words.

  8. Skulander

    This is satire, right? RIGHT?????? I hope so. Otherwise this nation is even sicker than I thought it was.

  9. Aaron Anderson

    Finally, a husband and wife with the strong, decent and moral fortitude to stand up for what is right in the eyes of our Lord. As a dutiful and dedicated Catholic I fully agree with their decision. Children NEED to be taught a lesson, even if that lesson involves being cast from their home, and utterly forgotten in the eyes of their mother and father. I am a father of nine children, that I know of :), and I stand by the righteous and glorified mother and father from this hard-hitting, in your face piece of heroic journalism. Not since the days of the gr-“eight immortals” have I seen such such fearless dedication. I believe that it was the great hero, Chairman Mao Zedong that stated it most clearly when He said,” Be resolute, fear no sacrifice and surmount every difficulty to win victory.” In this instance, the fearless husband and wife from the great state of Southern Carolina, (champions of The Faith) have sacrificed their ignorant child in order to remain faithful to GOD, and to insure His victory over the gays. Praise and victory! —-John 3:16

    1. Lenina Braunschweiger

      @Aaron Anderson,

      Beware those who wave the red flag in order to defeat the red flag.Don’t be fooled by “pastor” Tyler Bowles III. By failing to cite the strictures of Leviticus 20, in their entirety, on the punishment to be meted out to disobedient children, this false pastor is playing into the homophile agenda of Satan.NOWHERE in the Bible does it say that such children, who have made the decision to trod the path of filth, be put up for adoption.Does Tyler Bowles call for the destruction of Amerikkka by fire as the Lord requires?

      1. Aaron Anderson

        I know not of this Pastor Tyler Bowles that you speak of. I have been blessed by the teachings of Pastor Tyler The Creator though, and His word is bond. Keep the faith, and thanks!

    2. Melissa

      There we have again folks, the bigot minds of the Christians that only follow the old testament. Before you go vomiting at the mouth your judgmental bigot bullshit, take that whole bible of yours and read the whole damn book, don’t just pick and choose parts to follow.

      1. Jodi D,

        Not to mention the Old testament says you’re not supposed to wear mixed clothing, eat pork, women that are raped are supposed to marry their rapist, women are bought and sold as property, you are not supposed to have premarital sex, women that cheat are supposed to be stoned to death, and children that disobey their parents are supposed to be stoned to death. Also men are supposed to have long beards.

        1. Father Redemption

          which is why i follow these holy scriptures to the letter, being a true man of God. in fact i’m proud to say i raped my wife countless times for God to bless me with his light and presence. praise be!

    3. Andi

      Aaron, May you be blessed with many incestuous Children and Grandchildren; just as Adam and Eve were. GOD

    4. amy

      Look, I am devote christian myself. And the bible says “hate the sin but love the sinner” jesus would never have done what these parents did. It is not my place@e to judge but Gods. And I truly believe according to his doctrine of love he will be VERY dissapointed!

    5. andy

      Aaron Anderson
      9 Children? Is so sad that people like you are the ones reproducing like rabbits, while people that actually have a brain don’t (YES they do the sinful thing of using contraceptive methods).. I fear for the future of the world!
      Please, all of you, be educated and stop saying bullshit around, this story is a hoax! instead of proving that Catholics aren’t that bad all some of you guys did is prove that YES they are!

  10. Scott KS

    I know it is very hard for some people to accept the nature of others. Human sexuality, the base of who we love through the natural attraction we feel, and form relationships is astoundingly diverse. I had my moments when I was a teenager, when it was apparent that I was gay, and that was a shocking eruptive understanding in a world that demonizes people for who they are. Hard to accept, but full of a deep hope that I would continue to be loved by those that love me. Fear is terrible.

    This decision… I can’t think of anything less than morally bankrupt. loveless.

  11. Daisy

    Honestly, I think this is a great idea. This girl deserves a family who will love her for who she is and good riddance to the parents who can’t. It’s a whole lot better than what happens to a lot of other unstraight kids who just get kicked out without the chance of gaining a better family.

  12. Shane

    Oh, uh uh. This is the sickest thing I have ever seen. They will regret this on their death beds. And they deserve every miserable moment.

    1. Gary

      If this page is for real, and not a satire, I hope and pray that the couple face a very sad and lonely old age – they’ve earned it.

        1. Scott KS

          The illuminating fact about what you just said is that this is actually how real websites read, the humor is making dun of the real idiocy that it is.

  13. Lexi

    I cant even believe the comments that are being made on this board. First of all to give up your child at 16 years old is extremely devastating to the child. How can you bring up someone for 16 years and decide to give them away because they don’t agree with your lifestyle choice whatever it may be. What if I decided to give my child away because they supposedly choose to be STRAIGHT, would that make me a good parent?

    Also who in their right minds would choose to be GAY oh sure I want to be gay so I can be outcasted, tormented, rights taken away, stereotyped, bullied yeah I’m consciously making this decision right!

    As parents you make me sick, I will gladly adopt you daughter and bring her to New York but in your case it may be too free for you but what do you care you’re giving up on your child so you might as well just let her go on her way..ugh disgusting and you think GOD is telling you to do this to give up on a HUMAN BEING especially your own child..yeah thats what god is telling you…

  14. Annie

    Absolutely disgraceful. This is disgusting and they don’t deserve to be parents. When you take on children your obligation is to love them, support them, and always be there for them. Comments like Aaron Anderson are shameful. How dare anyone even begin to say they believe in God and stand on the Bible as their foundation. I left the Catholic church because of the hatred and hypocrisy. Jesus loved EVERYONE, he supported, embraced and LOVED all. It is man who sits in judgement and not God. No wonder the church is losing people! Thankfully I was raised to love others. More than anything to love my children and support their decisions.

    1. Aaron Anderson

      I appreciate your support, and know that it is strong, Catholic soldiers like you and I that can really make a difference in this world! Keep fighting the good fight, and again, thank you for having the moral fortitude to stand behind my statements, and shout praise in His name!—-John 3:16

      1. AfellowGay

        I have made a vow to reply to every one of your comments in the hopes that the universe will somehow unite us. Meet me in front of the Verizon Center in DC at 12 pm on Monday April 8th. I’ll be wearing a white rose in my vest pocket!

  15. Susie Bright

    I think it’s a hoax, if not, her parents are the ones to suffer. There must be thousands of loving homes where she would be welcome. I’d take her if gay people were allowed to adopt.

    The kid is better off with loving parents.

    As the for moron bible bashers commenting, have you ever considered that you are in HELL now? You know HELL…where there is hate? Christians don’t realize when they tell us gay people that we are going to hell, that they are already in hell. Not that i believe in hell LOL

      1. Julie

        Homophobes are not elitist fucks. They are not the elite of society by any means. They are the bain of society. They want to stay in the dark ages. They will be shocked when Jesus sends them to Hell for their treatment and hatred of their fellow man.

  16. Dustin

    Well she either gets put up for adoption or she lives with parents that won’t love her or treat her like a human being. They made the right choice because they don’t deserve her. I just hope she finds a wonderful family that will love her for who she is!

    1. Father Redemption

      it’s a trap!!! she’s gay lezzie too!!! run April, RUN! don’t trust all these homossexouls!

  17. Kimberly

    I can’t believe this, and some of the posts I have read. I am a born again Christian… I have walked in the lifestyle and walked right out of it. I have been forgiven and am blessed and highly favored. My opinion is, Your children are your children, no matter what choices they make. The Bible clearly says ‘He who is without sin, throw the first stone’. Seems these parents and others are doing just that. Also says, that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. And who is to say that within 6 months or a year she won’t turn away from that choice and walk according to the word. I pray for healing and restoration in this family. I also pray for those who are being judgemental. If You are in agreement with the parents choice to put her up for adoption because of her choice, then You are walking in judgement and condemnation. I pray for you…. Geez!

    1. Aaron Anderson

      Kimberly, while I do appreciate your support in this matter, must you use our Lord’s name in vain? The term “geez” is derived from the word Jesus, and it is the crummiest form of slang! I’m not sure that He wants you to just be throwing it around like that! :) Remember, and clean mouth and a clean mind are the surest way into Heaven! Again, thanks for your support in this ongoing battle against The Gays!

      1. Bitch

        You are the biggest idiot of all! A hypocrite! Preach God’s word and then treat his children so awful! You are one lucky ass son of a bitch that I don’t know where you live because I would put an end to your tax fraud!

      2. AfellowGay

        I will make you homemade pasta, and serve it to you wearing nothing but my oven mits. Maybe it’s the hour of night doing it, but you have me in heat! The Gays are the worst! I myself appreciate male genitalia, but I’m definitely not one of them queerosexuals.

      3. Thomas

        First off all, calm down. It’s not the word, it’s the context. It’s the meaning and intent. It’s the spirit in which it’s said. I guess you never say crap, dang, heck, shoot, darn, etc. And, “jeez” is a derivation of Jesus? Well, was Jesus’ name really “Jesus” or is that the English name? For example, was it John or Juan? Peter or Pedro? Mary or Maria? Did Jesus’ disciples actually speak the word “Jesus?”

        Secondly, and more importantly, the Christian battle is NOT “against The Gays.” Our battle is against the SIN of homosexuality. Jesus (as we call Him in English) said to love God and then love others. Do you think “The Gays” feel your Christ-like love when you are engaged in a battle with them?

        Do I believe that homosexuality is a sin? Yes. Do I believe that looking at someone of the opposite sex with lust in your heart is a sin? Yes. Have you ever been guilty of that? Is homosexuality more of a sin than having lust in your heart for someone of the opposite sex?

      4. Thomas

        Oh yeah, one other thing: “Remember, and clean mouth and a clean mind are the surest way into Heaven!” Really??? I thought it was faith in Jesus, accepting his payment for your sins, believing in Him, confessing your sins, and asking Him to be your Lord and Savior. Please give me the verse in the Romans Road that says that a clean mouth and mind are the way to Heaven. As a Christian, yes, we should have a clean mind and mouth, but that isn’t what gets us into Heaven. I anxiously await your responses. And, please give Bible verses to back up your “clean mouth and mind” path to Heaven.

        Also, back to your battle against the gays. What other group of sinners are you battling? The gluttons? The liars? The proud? The boastful? The covetous? There are lots of groups of sinners out there. And, if you aren’t battling these other groups of sinners, then why not?

    2. P-Dub

      Kimberly, I too, am a Christian. The bible says a whole LOT of things, but it also says to also remove the evil from among you. As I stated earlier, I do not know that I could be that “strong” in my faith to do this to one of my (now,) grown up children. But I do not find fault for parents who truly believe that they ARE doing the right thing. Their daughter could very well turn away from her beliefs and choose God. These parents are just that: Parents. They are not judging their daughter, they are merely stating (and acting accordingly,) on what they can, will or not tolerate as Christians, FIRST and as Christian parents SECOND. People believe that God “loves” us the way that WE love, or should love. But even in God’s wrath or anger, He is being loving. And he is being loving in an unconditional way–contrary to what others who have no “real” idea of who God is because they’ve never wanted to find out. When folks talk about the “fear” of being “gay” for “fear” of not being accepted…That is not where the fear is coming from. It’s coming from their conscious that God gives to EVERY single person who knows right from wrong. That fear is from knowing that they are living in the way that God has created them to live. Do they/you believe in the Bible? If they/you/we do, then we will walk in it, and believe it. If we don’t believe—then the conversation needs to stop right there. You can’t explain light to darkness. Period.

      1. Thomas

        I’m guessing their daughter is guilty of many sins. Why do they disown her for the sin of homosexuality but not other sins? Oh, and I’m pretty sure her parents are sinners too. Are their sins not as bad as homosexuality? God is our example? After we become Christians and children of God, does he disown us because we sin? I am a Christian. I am a child of God. Oooops, I just had a sinful thought. Oh no, now I’m not a child of God anymore. Luckily, that’s not how MY God works.

    1. bex

      All this says to me is that if they believe she has made the wrong ‘choice’ her parents and church community are unwilling to help her, or unable. So either their faith is not strong enough, or they do not truly follow the Word of God.

      You may need to look at your leadership skills if you think this is appropriate. The only reason I support this child being taken from the parents is to prevent her from their poison.

    2. Bekah

      you do realize that most of the comments are about how stupid all this is. for one thing because being gay is not a choice. Actually i think she should be only because it is apparent that those people can’t seem to follow the Bible. Does the Bible not say ” love thy neighbor as thyself” well if your straight and your neighbor is gay, guess what , you still have to love them . Do us all a favor Tyson, get off your high horse, get your head out of your ass, and THINK! If God did not want gays to exist he wouldn’t let them be here in the first place.

    3. Tysonno Brains

      You are part of what’s wrong in this world. This is actually better for the child, a family that is willing to accept her for who she is. Why can’t you understand these simple concepts?

      Someone says “it’s not a choice”. Why would you think it is? You are not them. You don’t understand them. Why not take their word as they say it?

      Does it conflict with your book? Maybe the book needs some revision/updating.

    4. isis

      cant wait for that day they caught u molesting boys GO GET A REAL JOB PEDOPHILE!!!!! u pervert getting money from people using ur horrible biblical hatred….GET A JOB OLD MAN!!!

      1. Ryan

        As a “youth leader,” Tyson, I hope you want to embrace love, too. And if that’s so, I find it so ignorant and quite nauseating that you support this.
        Really, this is disgusting.

        1. Rob Banks

          “Youth Leader” is another word for “Let’s brainwash these kids to believe an imaginary friend is watchign over them OH LOOK the collection plate!”

      2. Irate South Carolinian

        Aaaaaannnd here is the reason I have completely abandoned Christian organised religion. People like yourself are so busy screaming ‘Jesus’ that you forget that he preached tolerance, love and acceptance, especially with families. You are more Pre-Damascus Paul than Jesus, my friend. If these parents decided to stone their child for her sins, you’d be the ones holding their coats. I think you’re going to be in for a rude awakening when you meet your maker. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if his first words were, “Tyson, why hast thou forsaken me?”

        I think that poor 16-year-old lesbian’s got a much greater chance at being seated at his right hand than a bigoted, intolerant, misogynistic hate-monger like you. The entire Christian religion should be ashamed of what these people have done, not condoning them. You are the most un-Christian people I’ve ever heard of.

  18. Luke

    I cannot imagine the emotional pain that girl is suffering. Not only did she trust her parents enough to divulge her sexuality at such a young age and in such an anti-gay state, but she now has to has reevaluate herself after being “loved unconditionally” by her parents for 16 years, only to have them through a 2000 year old book in her face & tell her to get out. Unbelievable. I’m sure these parents will regret their decision for the rest of their lives. Best of luck to the child. I hope she becomes a successful young woman & finds the woman of her dreams to marry.

  19. Luke

    Also, she’s welcome in my home just the way she is. Come on over to gay-friendly Washington state. I got the heck out of the south when I could. Best decision of my life.

  20. Sandra

    I would verbally rip these ‘parents’ a new asshole, then ask the daughter if I could be her mom from now on. As the mother of two children, I am appalled at these ‘parents’ would do this to their child. SHAME SHAME SHAME on you! If your religion means more than your child, then your religion is wrong.

    Claiming to be Christians? Fine, you go find something Jesus said against homosexuals. I could save you some time because the total is ZERO.

  21. Bobbi T.

    Yet another example of the hate some religion breed. This is foul. Just because one creates a life, it does not make them a parent. These people are not parents. A parent knows there are far too many things that define a person, sexuality is just one of them. The rocky road through Teenagedom is such a rough terrain as it is let alone adding in this nonsense. I hate to say it but this gal is so much better off without people and a religion and a church and a congregation that seethes such bigotry and hatefulness. The girl is more than welcome in my home. I’ve two teenagers and a little girl. And they are loved…without conditions.

  22. Julie Totsch

    I’ll take her in. She can come live with me and my wife. We’ll raise her to understand God’s love for her. However; I don’t believe this is real, since I can’t find the story on a national news site. I think this is fake. I pray that it is. And, to the haters, Good Lord, people! Do you really think this is what Jesus wants us to do? To turn our backs on our children? When you’re all sitting in eternity’s smoking section, don’t blame me. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be saving a lot of seats for you.

  23. Katharine Royal

    My husband just shared this with me. He and I are both pastors of an all inclusive Christian church. I’m searching feverishly to figure out how to find April. We’d do about anything it takes to adopt her. She would be very loved and accepted just as she is. What she is been through is horrible. She deserves unconditional love. Anyone with any information at all please contact me at

    1. April C.

      It’s okay, I am getting by. I do appreciate everyone’s support though, (and am a little weirded out by some of the responses.) My mother and father are only trying to do what they believe is right, and really, I kind of had it coming :) I knew better than to go against their wishes, and better judgement, and I hope that someday they can forgive me. Thanks, everyone for all of your positive feedback! -April

  24. Casey

    AMEN!! You both don’t deserve to be parents, your child is flash and blood. No children should ever have to go though the hell you are putting her though. She is a nomal little girl. I am a gay Christian and I was taught “that we are suppose to LOVE our sisters and brothers” but I have this couple does read the same book I did. Learn to love your child. WHO GIVES THE RIGHT TO JUDGE ANYONE!! You turn your back on her and you will regret it. This is shameless!!

  25. Msskwesq

    This is unbelievably ignorant. To allow a church or religious belief spur a parent to abandon their child like this is just insane. Shameful. Homosexuality is NOT a lifestyle choice. Allowing bigotry to come before love for you child is wrong. Just sickening.

  26. Emily H.





    Look at the “coverage” on the right-hand side. It’s all related to “ChristWire” which is kind of like the Onion. All fake “news”.

    1. Julie Totsch

      I knew this was fake. I just couldn’t prove it. I’ve never heard of ChristWire! Still, it brought out a lot of sickos.

  27. Billy Hilly

    I’m a Christian, and it pains me to hear stories like this. If anything, Christianity teaches against what these parents are doing. The best example I can think of to reaffirm this latter point is in the life of the historical Jesus Christ. He came not for the healthy, but for the sick, for the poor, for the broken. He dined amongst individuals who, at the time in their social hierarchy, were considered the filthiest of all individuals – and why? He did it out of genuine love because these were the people who recognized their problems and recognized their need for a savior – namingly Jesus Christ.

    That being said, its really sad that ‘Christians’ nowadays focus so much on ‘homosexuality’. It is no more a sin, than lying, or covetousness, or jealousy is – yet such a great emphasis is placed on it. And the very thing we are called not to do – judging – we do way too much with homosexuality. Homosexuality is a problem, and according to the Bible it is wrong, but thats an entirely different topic, and one that I’ve seen even other nonchristian homosexuals agree upon.

    Please don’t get the illusion that Christianity is a faith that inspires a ‘holier than thou’ sort of attitude or a mindset of superiority – its the very opposite. Again and again in the BIble, we are called to humble ourselves, because we are but screwed up, helpless, self-centered people who were redeemed by a God who had no reason to love us, but still did, and ultimately came down as Jesus Christ and purchased our freedom and liberated us from the weight and punishment of sin.

  28. laycie harding

    That is horrible. there is a problem to there” Jesus” he had two fathers and he is related to god himself so how is this such a problem to be gay or not

  29. Elena

    I hope that someone steps up and adopts this child. She will most leikely end up living in foster care until she is 18. Which is not a way to live. However, it seems she will be better off not having such close minded, judgmental hypocritical parents. I hate these types who people who want to call themselves christians. Your daughter is Gid’s child and God loves all of us and people are not going to go to hell for loving someone of their same gender. I believe these parents will be judged. They better pray their God is a forgiving God.

  30. Stax

    These parents should be charged with abuse/neglect and thrown in prison. They do not deserve to call themselves parents or Christians. No one who has heard the teachings of Christ would treat another human being this way, NO MATTER WHAT. End of conversation.

  31. Phil

    These pieces of human filth who wrongly call themselves parents should be sterilized to prevent them from ever having another kid.

  32. Stephanie Vergara

    We have 3 babies who’ve died during pregnancy and no living children. I would be honored to adopt your daughter. She needs unconditional love and she is clearly not getting that right now.

    1. Brother Monte

      Three strikes and you’re out, Stephanie. You can’t for a moment think that someone would actually give you their child after knowing that you’ve killed three of your own already, right? You’re sick, and you need help. You should rot in jail for the rest of your life for your crimes against your poor babies, and God will see that you rot in Hell for eternity. Killing your own babies? You’re as bad as these parents that gave their child up for adoption,( at least their daughter is still alive!) if I knew where you lived I would call the police!

      1. Elizabeth

        WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE she said three babies dies during pregnancy these are called miscarriages, she did not KILL THEM – I have had a miscarriage it is TERRIBLE pain. You do not CHOOSE a miscarriage. I lost my baby because of physical complications. YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK.

        1. Reverend Louis Sphere

          it took 3 of the almightys sheep to perish, and you can’t SEE this woman is CURSED???? The lord sends us signs, they are not to be ignored!!! it is his will, praise be!!!!

  33. Stephanie Vergara

    I’m not joking. I’m seriously making this offer. It pains me to think of this poor girl.

    1. Bianca




  34. rebecca

    So, all of their praying led them to believe putting up the child god gave to them was a mistake and she
    should now belong to another family? There Is not a single thing wrong with her. The parents, this church, there is something severely wrong with them. Poor child.

  35. joy

    Arron you and buddy must really be in the closet..come out its ok to admit your homophobia comes from your attraction to each other….its ok…god will still love you..he loves all his children…As far as parents or lack there of,their daughter is way better off without them..they would just drive her to suicide….their sick……she at least stands a chance of happiness with a real loving family who accepts who she is………oh Arron n buddy good luck on your marriage cause soon it will be kegal in every state….swallow that….u guys are a pathetic joke….Hahahahaha…hows it feel bible thumpers…..

  36. Melinda M

    Wow. Dumb bigots congregating. Scary world. Jesus will surely burn all the hateful bigots perverting his words.

  37. brodee

    Who gives a fuck what god says, these parents are pathetic. when i have a kid im gonna love them whether there gay or not :) im catholic but i don’t believe in god because he was never there when i need him. this couple shouldn’t even be parents :) go back to ya church u bible study ppl nd get out of normal people like
    this girl didn’t choose to love another girl she was born that wa
    these parents need a bullet to the head

    1. TDG

      How sad,that people have to get their 2 cents worth of insite, to merit this story-whether “REAL” or not-it’s pathetic!!! Whether you believe in GOD-or don’t, whether you believe in gay at birth,by situations or circumstances or choice, whether you agree or disagree with these parents—calling each other names,putting people down,and the parents,church,people, and GOD or lack thereof, is plain childish, immature, and plain-so far off the subject of this child being given up for adoption-that this looks like a place to trash others or let your own views on various issues, just to be heard-period. Why not try to make a difference for good-of earth,animals,fellow mankind(or womankind)or any number of other things, that allow positive changes within the community you can do the most good? Instead of wasting space,time,energy, and lack of maturity and kindness. May GOD bless us all, whether you believe or not. Have a good day!

  38. Lesa

    Folks, I think they are doing the right thing! If their hearts are so cold and shriveled that they cannot accept their own child, they do not deserve to be parents!!! I hope that if they have other children that the siblings stand by their sister and make this hate filled couple childless!!!!

    1. Kaira

      I agree with this. She doesn’t deserve their sorry asses. As much of a pain it is, she does deserve a better family who will lover her all the better….

  39. Melinda M

    These sorry excuses for parents should die a slow painful death. Jesus hates assholes and these losers are sick assholes.

    1. Cat

      And what does your so-called Jesus think of petty people who wish not love and forgiveness on others, but instead petty revenge and death? You are a sorry excuse of a Christian.

  40. Matt Newkirk

    Fuck religion thats all i have to say. its the very poison that plagues man kind and is an enemy of human reason and makes people weak minded. A world without religion would be great to be honest

  41. Celine Signoret W

    This is so sad. Some people do not deserve to have children and this couple is one of them. If you truly love your children you will accept them the way they are. You don’t put your children up for adoption just because you disagree with them.

  42. Dan

    South Carolina. There is no “southern Carolina.”

    I make this rather semantic point to make this, less semantic point: it’s obvious the author is of severely diminished mental capacity, as are the “parents” of this poor kid. Being lesbian (or, for that matter, anything other than plain white straight male with an IQ between 60 and 90) in South Carolina is hard enough in and of itself, without having her parents not only reject her but do so in the most inhumane and humiliating manner possible. Coming out at that age took a pair of balls far larger than mine, she deserves love and compassion and, I dunno, maybe an actual family.

    Hopefully a real family steps up to the plate and demonstrates just what family and compassion really mean.

  43. Kaira

    I’m assuming that they are a part of the pro-life, anti-abortion….in what way is this not “abortion” in itself? People need to get over themselves and realize that all sexual orientations have been around since the beginning of humankind and need to accept that it is what it is. this is a revolution. This is nothing silly. So stop trolling, get over your fucking personal issues and accept your child. If your soooo prolife and “Christian” then do what it says, accept everyone. Be hospitable. Be kind, be an honorable parent and if you make a commitment to give birth and keep the child, then at least have the decency to follow through with it.
    Why is it that everyone generalizes Christians? Not all of us hate gays, okay? And not all of us use our religion to justify our decisions. I accepted gays before church, okay? And everyone else needs to accept it too.
    Either accept it, or take your sorry ass to the desert and stay out of those world because no one needs you. It was proven that people were born into their sexuality. It wasn’t decided. This poor girl could have lied to herself, stayed “straight”, had a husband to make her parents happy, and children and then one day out of the blue throw herself off a bridge or something of the same nature. Do her parents, the so “very good Christians that they are” allow that? What. Fucking. World. Whoever agrees with this needs to get their head check and reevaluate human rigs, morals, and reform what their idea of ” a good Christian” is. Seriously.

  44. Melinda M

    The child is lucky. May she find a home without soul less pigs like her incubator and sperm donor. Her future is better leaving the sick pervert assholes behind her.

  45. Chris

    This is sickening… I am seriously ill with grief for this child. I wish her the best and hope she does not have to live with her mentally ill parents going forward.

  46. Cathy

    I am going to Google/Snopes this story. No real loving parents could or would do this. And if so, why would the state put up with it? This can’t be real….

  47. Kittypig

    wow, thats fucked up. however this may end up being an overall blessing for the chick, she gets out of a undoubtedly batshit crazy family!

  48. Amy

    Melinda M,
    You said it. I couldn’t even begin to express what poor excuses for human beings those two people are.

  49. Max

    Pretty sure this is made up, that photo is just a stock photo. I don’t think it is that easy to put a kid up for adoption.

  50. Jorge

    So god decided to make this girl gay, so that her parents put her up for adoption? These people need to get their head out of their ass! PRAYING WILL NOT DO S#*%*!

  51. Brad

    We would adopt her in a heart beat…no child should have parents like that. And for a church to agree and even encourage such a vile act is beyond any sense of morality. Can’t believe this country has such backwards thinkers still! We have roughly 60 -100 years to live, and ya worry about someone else’s rights to love who they want…really? I bet they are not perfect, in fact, this act proves it!

  52. Ben

    This goes directly against the teachings of Jesus. A pity the parents and their church do not take the gospels or messiah more seriously. I hope the girl recovers from the damage these false Christians are inflicting on her.

    1. Ben

      For the record, responding so earnestly to a satire sight might be the most humiliating thing i’ve done in years. Not that i’d take back the sentiment, but still! Well played.

  53. Amy

    I believe these people made the right choice.
    Why? Because it is better than them trying to force their misguided beliefs onto others.
    Are these people horrible?
    You damn right.

    I say she is getting a good bargain by being put up for adoption. It shows that her parents are idiots and she doesn’t NEED these idiots. I say good for the poor girl. These people who judge someone for something they cannot help is terrible!

  54. Michael Airhart

    This story is a re-post of an old satire. I wonder how many commenters on this page are part of the joke — and how many believe everything they see on Facebook.

  55. Ernest

    God bless this couple with a child, and they rejected God’s gift! Every one is God’s wonderful creation. Psalm 139:14 – I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

  56. Donovan Snyder

    Go ahead quote Leviticus but ignore that it also calls “unscalled, unfinned sea creatures” abominations… and that wearing mixed fabrics is a sin…
    “But it was written in a time when morals needed to be upheld”
    So your just going to ignore all the other verse and plant seeds of two crops, wear mixed fabrics, eat shell-fish, and not hate the unscalled/unfinned sea creatures because they seem odd to you. Odd, well they are ridiculous upholding that homosexuality is bad by trying to stand by one verse in a book that the church admits is dated and a little silly is like citing Mein Kamf for Humanitarian concerns… Grow up and stop being blind sheep to false prophets… Read the bible for yourself… They will build lies over single verse… single things and forget that Jesus Christ (who you see as your very Lord and savior) never once said anything about homosexuality… Huh… trust the most obscure bible book and don’t recognize Jesus’s words… They are warping you… God isn’t hate… Hate is mankind…

  57. Dani

    WOW i think this is crazy!! Im 28 years old and ive been gay since the second grade. My first crush wasnt a boy… was in fact the same sex as me A GIRL!! You do choose to be either straight or gay……but if youre choosing to be straight to fit in to society and make your parents happy……youre living no life at all for yourself!! It took my father a very long time to come around and accept it……poor man thought he did something wrong when in fact i was choosing to live my own life!! I feel for.this girl amd.what she is going through but more i feel for her parents cause they will be judge at the gate not her!! If GOD didnt want us to be this way he wouldnt of gave us the urge!! This is 2013 how long ago was the bible made??? He accepts ALL HIS CHILDREN!! I go to church God knows not like i should bit i believe in him……im going to heaven and not a soul can tell me otherwise!! For the parents of this this child………you dont have a right to call yall selfs parents!! A parent is supposed to have unconditional love and acceptance of their child……

    1. Melissa

      It is a proven fact that it is not a choice though. For one to be prosecuted for something that is out of their control is BS.

    2. Reverend Louis Sphere

      LIES!!!! it’s obvious you have chosen the path of the dark lord – may god have pity on your soul, you foul fork tongued WITCH licker!!!! REPENT AND YOU SHALL BE SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! persevere and you will be raped by satan himself upon entering his realm – you have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Frank

    This not only pisses me off, but makes me sick to my stomach. I am in tears for this child. I came from this kind of church. I want to go off on this big time. I am so sick and disgusted over the Church’s behavior to justify, God told me… I am sick of the name of Jesus being used to vomit over human beings.

    I know there are going to be some offend by this..but I can not stay silent and seeing God being used and misrepresented, as to he is.

    And yet, the church, will go to their grave saying, God told me to do this, we prayed about it…and so on. Enough is enough.

    I get some flax, just a small group, from the LGBT community, because, not only am a gay man, I am a Christian. And have been told I couldn’t be that…guess what, you are wrong.

    We know not all churches behave in this manner, yet those churches get beat up from other churches, making accusations, you are not under the will of God, you are misleading people and misinterpreting the scriptures…trust me, the list goes on.

    I hope one day, those who have used the bible, teachings, the justification to treat people so cruel, will one day see who Jesus really is.

  59. christine

    idc if u are for or against gay rights. u disown ur child based on sexuality u are a horrible person and human being. plain and simple god created everything therefore he put them on this earth and wants them here. the fact they gave up their child over this boils my blood. u obviously hold no love for your child! what terrible parents you are!

  60. Ryan Kingston

    I agree this young girl should be put up for adoption. After the State of SC charges the parents with neglect of a minor and puts them in prison. And have their parental rights completely stripped. This is sick. And anyone who agrees with these people needs serious psychological help.

  61. YeahRight

    Appears to be satire.

    To the author (though I doubt he’ll read it). Remember Poe’s Law which is defined as:
    “an observation that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between parodies of religious or other fundamentalism and its genuine proponents, since they both seem equally insane.”

  62. Jasmine

    When i told my mom that i was gay, she was actually really proud of me couse i finally trusted her, and told me she loved me more than ever
    When i told my dad, he told me that it didn’t matter to him if im with a boy or a girl, as long as they’re not a lazy ass lol xD im glad i have open minded parents :) I love them <3

    1. MikeDMyers

      I love that! When I came out to my mom, she said,”Boy, I already knew that…” My dad on the other hand was pretty pissed and told me to stick my fist in my eyesocket and said that’s what it’s like to have gay sex. I laughed in his face and said “I’m a top!” or “penetrator” for you people who don’t know the lingo).. Once he realized that his first-born son wasn’t getting his proverbial fudge packed, he just left me alone. Now that I’m 24, and out of “his house” since 16, we have much better relationship thanks to his wife and God, we just don’t speak about it. I still love my dad, even though he’s dumb as fuck. When I left I knew I was going to be ok and that God loved me regardless because he made me, and he made me in his image. That 16 year old girl SHOULDN’T let her ignorant parents affect her. I would be happy, like “yes! I get gay parents!” For some, that would be a dream come true, especially for any gay youth living in any conservative Christian family. The new generation of breeders need to teach their children to love unconditionally.

  63. ProfesorE

    …and this is why not all people are meant to be parents. God loves that child. How can you two do any less?

    1. This is funniest fucking thing I've seen all year. Thank you ... Oh and John 3:16

      Hey Professor Dip shit…It’s satire.

  64. Alexia

    that was too stupid, come on! is his own daughter, have the same blood, and that disappointment is sad that there are people as well as those parents, or parents should to call them, a real father does not leave, supports!
    People ignorant, stupid people …
    But surely the girl find a family that can love of truth, no matter their sexuality, their mentality, their way of life, she is a person and has a heart, … everyone is equal, everyone is equal, what was their sin?

  65. aly

    This is why I hate really really religious humans. WHO IN THEIR FUCKING MIND PUTS THEIR CHILD UP FOR ADOPTION JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A LESBIAN!? Fucking dumbass parents -_-

  66. Donovan Snyder

    Quoting scripture doesn’t make you a good person; how you treat people determines if you a good/bad individual.

  67. Melissa

    Goes to show how bad parents operate and choose a religion over their own child. This girl is by far better off away from all this hatred and place with lovely individuals that will love her unconditionally.

  68. -Rev. H.P., Richard J. Treitner

    These people should be taken out and horsewhipped until some sense returns to them. if their chosen religious path trumps their compassion and love for their child, then they never should have been given the privilege of having children. they should have been sterilized as the unloving monsters that they are. No true spiritual person of any path would do something so cruel, heartless, and selfish to their own flesh and blood. That is not God’s will. Love is. Compassion is. Hate and intolerance are the Devil’s realm. They need to get off their high horse, see through the lies and illusions, and realize that God is love, not this turning away of their own child nonsense.

  69. teri

    I think its absolute insanity!!! The two of them(the “parents”) need to get some sort of help for there condition!!!!!

  70. Tracy

    What about a hermaphrodite. That is someone born with both male and female reproductive organs. Doctors usually give parents the choice as to which sex they want the child. Then then remove the unwanted organs, reconstruct the outward appearance of the child and declare them a boy or girl. They are then given hormones throughout their life once puberty starts in order for them to become an adult male or female. They are always sterile and may need more reconstruction as an adult to look like a normal adult of whatever sex their parents decided they wanted at the time. Tell me what you would do with a child you, not God, chose to be female and she finds she is sexually attracted to women? Is that her choice? Should you make her a man now that she made a choice? Would you have told the child they were an abomination because, no matter who they chose to love, some part of their original self would be gay? I don’t know how people can state, with certainty, that sexuality is a choice if they cannot recall the day the were attracted to the same sex yet, consciously stated to themself that homosexuality was wrong and chose to not be gay. Until someone can, resonably explain how this can be dealt with but homo/hetero sexuality is choice. I will decide to follow to only 2 commandments Jesus ever uttered. “Love one another.” and “Love God with all your heart.”?

    1. Ituri

      It is actually NOT common procedure to let the parents “pick” their herm-childs gender, as they often pick “wrong.” These are now left to develop naturally, and the child at age 16-18 can choose to go through constructive surgery then. This way they need no hormones, because their “dominant” gender of choice is their natural state. But yeah, there are kids still coming of age that were forced into the “wrong” gender, so…

  71. Michael

    These are the sort of parents that give human kind a bad name!
    Someone please put these parents onto a platform and beam them into outer space!
    I have never read anything so ludicrous in my life! The one saving grace is that the teenager will be away from those horrible, narrow minded deluded parents forever.
    And as for praying, since we all already know that neither god nor Jesus exist, praying just doesn’t do anything, except making sheople feel better about themselves.

  72. Kerry

    These parents should never have had children. Disgusting. People with views such as this are rotting the world. This child would be welcome to stay with me for as long as she wanted!

  73. hero

    if God didn’t want us to be gay, then how come he made gay people? Checkmate, homophobes.
    You people don’t understand that god made us within his own hands. Being Gay isn’t a choice of lifestyle, there are homosexual men out there who pray everyday to be straight.Your sexuality is like your race, its how God made you, and it’s nothing that you can change. Being homophobic is just like being racist.
    There are people who are born gay, but no one is born homophobic.

  74. Disgusted

    These are NOT CHRISTIAN PEOPLE THEY’RE THE WORK OF THE DEVIL! God says love and do no judge to hate the sin NOT the sinner!!! These are the type if people who give good Christians real.Christians bad names!

    1. Ituri

      Stop copping out of what your religion breeds. They ARE Christians. Deal with what you bred and stop trying to blame everyone and Satan himself for your failure to preach decent human standards in your religion. You are in a religion of hate, and we sure as H will hate the sinner when they are abandoning their daughter for petty reasons.

  75. Vicki

    What the heck kind of church is this?!!! That poor kid! She’s better off & I hope these parents pray for forgiveness from God because this isn’t something he would be for!!!! I hope this girl gets into a good home. Kids should be able to go to their parents with anything without fear. Shame on these people. I hope they don’t have any other kids.

  76. Kelvis

    I think these people are missing the general message of Jesus.. Love, love thy neighbor. Mary was a prostitute and Jesus loved and forgave her, he even forgave Judas so.. Why are these parents better than Jesus? They are showing hate and no forgiveness. They don’t deserve their Daughter!

    1. Ituri

      Kelvis, if you hadn’t noticed, religion is not about Jesus. It’s about social control, about Them VS Us mentality, about vilifying people for innocent and innate behaviors that make us human. These people are only the exception in that they are “getting rid of” their daughter legally. Most simply kick them out and say “don’t come back,” and it is done with surprising normalcy.

      Your religion has been about hate for a long time. It may be time for religious people to stop making excuses for the people who exhibit that hate, and start questioning why you support a religion of hate in the first place.

  77. Bryan W.

    I have a daughter who is 25 years old. I struggled to be a good parent because it’s a hard job and I was a very young father, but I ultimately figured out that what my daughter needed was my unconditional love and we could work through any circumstances that arose and it made me a much better parent and I think my daughter, a much better kid. If my daughter killed 30 people, i would be unbelievably sad and disappointed, but my love for her would not diminish in any way. She is my daughter, we will work through the things in life that are tough, things I may not understand, and I will start every discussion with the strength of my love for her at the very forefront. Much like kids can’t pick their parents, we can’t control every aspect of our children’s lives, but we can most assuredly love them even in the face of difference in beliefs. I find this story to be tragic. It’s ok to disagree with your kids, it’s ok to hope for something different, but it’s never ok to decide you are incapable of letting your love override any situation that may arise. And in this particular instance, be happy your child isn’t a drug addict or a criminal, she’s simply gay, from this parent I wish that girl nothing but happiness in her future life, I hope she finds new parents who will love her unconditionally and I hope she finds a person to love that makes the rest of her days full of joy and happiness. Hopefully she can overcome the misguided attempt at ‘help’ by these horribly helpless parents.

    1. Elizabeth King

      Thank you for your words from the heart. I think what you are saying is the closest thing to what I imagine Jesus would say if faced with this social situation. The powerful image that comes to mind is that of Jesus going out in the wilderness to seek out one last lamb. I hope and pray this poor girl may heal from the hurt of being abandoned by her parents. I have a 15 year old daughter and I love her unconditionally, she is God’s gift to our family, I am grateful for her and her brother. It is a humbling experience being a parent because you learn how to truly sacrifice and live every day as if Jesus could knock at your door at any time.

  78. Plibby

    Dear God SAVE ME FROM YOUR FOLLOWERS OMG these parents need to be put on a sinking boat in the middle of the ocean with only their prayers to save them.


    this is the narrow minded ignorance that gives true Chrisians a bad name! They “prayed about it”??? amazing totally amazine!! A parent is supose to love their child ‘UNCONDITIONALLY”
    I hope these people never have the blessing of another child in their life EVER!!!

  80. MrB

    Gay or Straight, Fat or Thin, Black or White.
    We all bleed the same fucking colour..
    I belive the bible also state…. DO NOT JUDGE LEST YOU BE JUDGED…..
    So to Aaron and buddy you cunts are fucked come judgement day mother fuckers

  81. Ituri

    I have no response to this… I simply cannot fathom how irresponsible, arrogant, selfish, and punitive these parents are.

    They deserve nothing but our ridicule. They have failed in their only valuable station in life as parents. They are utter, complete failures as human beings, and their poor daughter will suffer for their failure to know real love. They can’t even love themselves. Nobody who knows love in ANY form could possibly do this to their own daughter.

    I simply cannot fathom how much hate must be dwelling inside them. I’m sure their God must be very proud of them.

  82. anon_fundy

    I was raised in Fundamentalist Christianity and I can say this:

    Raising your child in Fundamentalist or right-wing Evangelical Christianity is absolutely an act of child abuse.

    And this story is yet another example.

    I hope that some good, decent, kind, gay-friendly people come along and adopt this young lady. She deserves a loving home with parents who will support her no matter her orientation.

    I read stuff like this and I want to leave this backward, bigoted, flag-waving, free market-loving country forever.

    1. Ituri

      They are not “so called Christians.” They ARE Christians. Being raised in the Bible Belt myself, this is pretty standard for evangelicals or near-evangelicals. The only difference is that most won’t do the legal step of giving up a child, they’ll just privately tell them never to come home again, so they won’t face the ridicule of society for abandoning their kids for petty reasons.

  83. Ariel W.

    The child is better off away from their ignorance and intolerance, and raised in a family that will love and respect her for who she is. It’s their loss.

  84. Emily

    This makes me sick to my stomach. I hate God. I hate him. Why would he do this to that girl. Why would he create parents as awful as those sorry excuses for human beings.

    This world isn’t for me. Maybe it is time to go. Good bye.

  85. Donna Henson

    They are UNWORTHY of her. Shame on those ignorant parents. If I lived there, I would adopt her in a minute. Wish I could. I’m a REAL mother and my husband is a REAL father. We know how to love children… telling them that whom they are is bad is just plain EVIL. Shame on them.

    1. Donna Henson

      STUPID ME!! My friend just told me this website is satire. DUH! I feel pretty stupid. But I get a chance to feel that way pretty much every day. Great topic for satire.

  86. amanda

    They definitely made the right choice. There’s no way they should all be living together as a family. How disgusting! This young woman is better off as a ward of the state than living with such detestable “parents.”

    1. Ituri

      I think perhaps, though I agree with you on the detestable parent part 100%, that you don’t know much about being a state ward. Being in a stable home raised by idiots is far preferable to being a ward of the state.

      1. amanda

        You may very well be right. I have several friends who have been in the system and I volunteer with county services- this is where I drew my original conclusion from. I don’t, however, have first hand knowledge.

        But honestly, I hope you’re wrong and this poor girl has found some solace in escaping her evil parents and can continue to grow into the strong woman she must be. If she was strong enough to pursue her desires despite her disgusting parents, she has to be a strong, competent person.

  87. Logan Wolfrhamn

    I think it will be best for the child. Her parents are clearly RETARDED and incapable of raising a happy healthy person.

  88. Leo

    The only consolation is that the girl will probably be better off not being raised by religious lunatics. Those people are seriously messed up if they’re giving their kid up for adoption because of that. The girl deserves better.

  89. Adam

    What a crock of shit! If these people are such good church going people then they need to read the bible again. They are suppose be mature enough to raise a child, in my view they are selfish, boarish and immature! Grow the fuck you hypocrites, your are responsible for your daughter! My wish is that the girl gets to a very good home and she never talks to or see their again. Did they stop to think this thru, no. What if it just a phase she’s going thru and later finds herself and meets a man, falls in love and has children. They not going to see them. What puzzles me the most, be a father of 2 boys and one son is bi-sexual, how do you just give away something that is the most precious gift god could give to parents? Wasn’t she conceived out of love? I’m horrified and pissed that this fuckers could give away their own child f over something like this! What the fuck are they, thinking, oh what they aren’t thinking about their own flesh and blood, just their immature and selfish selves.When judgement day comes for those parents I hope God gives then a one way ticket to hell, that’s where they belong! Best wish to their daughter and I pray she never forgives or see them again!

  90. Pam

    Good for them. At least they put the child up for adoption. Most of their kind have the child incarcerated in “reparative therapy” or just throw her out into the street. This is less irresponsible.

  91. ShutDaFuckUpI'mTalkingHereAndYouGottaListenDude!

    Your Stupid homosexuality is not a bad thing you ignorant idiot of a godless preacher

  92. Joshua Mackrill

    You two, Mr.& Mrs. Chadwell are disgusting people. I think very little of you, losing your daughter, your flesh and blood, the girl, you helped raise. This isn’t a lifestyle, we are born this way. I think what is happening to that girl is sad. I hope she become a lot happier than with terrible family like yours.

  93. Robin Fiedler

    This “story” was originally published in July 2012. I have been scouring the internet trying to find any truth to this story and have come up empty-handed. IF this is true, can someone please tell me where April is? I would take her in in a heartbeat. But that is just the foul, immoral, satan-worshipping atheist in me talking.

  94. Samantha Koenig

    Solution, don’t have kids if you aren’t open minded or can’t provide unconditional love
    People In this world are disgusting

  95. MatthewDesalome

    It was a hoax a year ago published by a satirical author. Not very funny but it seems there is not truth to this article.

  96. Emily

    Im a girl and im bisexual. I had a girlfriend. She finally told her parents she was Bi. Her parents disowned her. This week on 4/5/13 my best friend told me she was in the hostpital and wasn’t going to make it. I prayed and prayed. Apparently God didn’t want to listen to this one. On that day my girlfriend died. It has been 2 days and I think about her 24/7.

    1. amanda

      Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m so sorry there are so many screwed up people in the world. You’ll never forget her, but I promise things will get better.

    2. Ryan

      Please believe me when I say I’m trying to be uplifting when I say this… but as an Atheist, I think she’s in a better place right now – nowhere – than she was in this world, living this life. Experiencing nothing (in death) is better than a life of misery, having to deal with hate, even if she’d had the privilege of dealing with this with you.
      But she wouldn’t want you to be miserable on her account, Emily. If you truly want to remember, or even avenge her death… we need to all join forces to end this hate.

  97. Chad Sherwood

    These people should have never been blessed with a child. Their GOD blessed them with a child that they have cast aside! Shame on them and only GOD will JUDGE them in the end! Hope they keep this in mind!

  98. Krystal

    So horribly sad for this young girl. Thrown away by her parents. Shame on them. I don’t believe in god but if they do surely their god would want them to love their children, protect her, no matter what.

  99. RayahRay

    Looks to me like the child’s prayers were answered instead. Relieving her of having to live with such unaccepting and kind parents. This is truly sad. You will not always agree with your childrens decision, don’t have them if you’re not prepared to love them despite your differences.

  100. ItsLife

    obviously they didn’t really care for their daughter because if they did they wouldn’t have done something like this. Its just like saying it your child likes or soda and you hate it then your going to give them up for adoption because its just not something you agree with. Those parents are retarded because your not going to agree with everything a person does. And because she was their child they should have accepted her.

  101. TkalynC

    I’ve been raised in church my
    Entire life (only 17 years) and still do .
    Go to church and try to be Christ like.
    I have definitely come
    in contact with people like this. I have
    Heard it all, from “God accepts everyone”
    To “Gay people are going to hell.” Honestly,
    I think that it is not our place to judge people.
    I have several friends that are gay and they
    Are great people! Do I understand homosexuality
    Myself? No… But I’m straight as an arrow. That
    Doesn’t mean that I’m going to shun every gay
    Person I come in contact with! How is that
    Christ-like? I’m just a kid myself, but I can’t imagine
    Growing up and turning away my baby that I’d
    Loved for 16 years just because they were gay
    And doing that in the name of God. It hurts me just
    To think of how that must make her feel. I’m so
    Sorry to you, baby girl. And I do hope you find
    Someone who loves you like a parent should.
    I will pray for you.

  102. Dave

    I am afraid this is only an example of how THEY failed as parents. All religion aside, they should take care of what they brought to this earth. do you EVER see this kind of treatment in the “animal” world ??? NO!!! they take care of what belongs to them…PERIOD! We may be the smartest mammal, yet we are consistently proven that we are the dumbest.

  103. mc

    Recent polls show that 18 to 29 year old Americans support homosexuality and gay marriage at overwhelming rates, from 70-80%. I don’t care what you believe. This is an overwhelming demographic trend and in twenty years gay will be the new normal, as it should be. So hey, you fuckers in the bowels of Christ… If you can’t give up on this whole hatred thing? NOBODY IS GOING TO WANT TO COME TO YOUR STUPID CHURCH. Your older members are going to die off and no one is going to replace them. If American Christianity wants to survive into the next century, it will adapt. Or it will die. Shame and pity on these heartless, ignorant, heart-dead excuses for parents. The bones of the church are breaking and it’s breaking because of shit like this.

  104. Samantha

    This is disgusting. I am absolutely repulsed. These parents gave up their CHILD. And this is okay because she loves someone who happens to also be a woman? Bullshit. Worst parents of the year. I can NOT believe there are people in our country that are this stone hearted.

  105. Kayden

    These two are the most pathetic excuses for parents. In fact they’re not even parents, they’re not human. These two are soulless monsters who need to be shot for abandoning their child just because she LOVES different. The bible is the biggest piece of fiction since Harry Potter. Go to hell you assholes, get run over by a bus. Don’t ever call yourselves Christians cause you don’t know the bible or Jesus Christ at all. Fuck you both with a white hot iron

  106. Sara

    This is incredibly sad. I feel so bad for that girl. Those parents are awful. She’s going to be so emotionally scarred, and it is literally all their fault. People like this don’t deserve the right to create something as beautiful as a life.

  107. Michael

    Religious people are people that are to stupid to comprehend science and trust a book that was made 6000 years ago.

  108. Cathi

    These parents are ignorant. The blindly follow somebody’s made up rules of how the world is suppose to work and give up their child over it. The girl is better off without them and with someone who accepts her for who she is. I hope she finds what she needs in life along with the therapy she will need to undo the damage her parents have already done to her.

  109. Robert Plumlee

    It is obvious these two consider themselves to be “Christian”. Well, God sent them a gift of a child and they are rejecting God’s Gift because His creation does not meet their standards. I would love to be a fly on the wall when these two have to stand in front of God and explain this.

  110. Danny

    My father is christian, strong hard and willed christian. I’m gay. I like girls, I like their smiles, their hair their everything. My dad accepts me for that– He doesn’t think its right, but he accepts me. Want to know why? He’s putting my happiness and life before rules of religion.

    It’s horribly sickening to see a young girl, my age be sent away because she likes someone who has the same body parts as her.

    Thats all it is people, theres no hard mathematical scientific explanation to homosexuality– All it is is loving someone who has the same body parts as you. Is that so wrong?

    I hope this family wakes up and realizes that what they’re doing is wrong. I was in foster care for a year and a half as a child and it ruined me, I had nightmares, I cried, I sobbed, I grew up faster than I had to. Even out of foster care I couldn’t trust adults– Imagine that as a teenager?


    You sickening, Sickening people. You won’t know what you’ve lost until its gone.

  111. Dave

    As a gay man i really have to say kudos to the parents to realize that they are unable to raise their daughter. Their daughter will be better off without them in her life. I dont really like hearing about putting your child up for adoption because of their sexuality, however these parents…. as dumb as they may be in my own opinion have chosen what is best for their daughter, and they are not that. They did everything they think they were able to do for their daughters well being , in their minds was praying. It didnt work , and the only thing to do after that is to part ways. I hope the daughter is doing ok after this horrible news and doesnt suffer too much stress, regret , and heartache from it. Now the only thing these parents need is time to live with their decision and maybe some education on LGBT ways. There really is no sense on taking this any further , the decision has been made. Knocking the parents for doing this isnt going to do anything, its time to focus on the daughter and making sure that she is shown the real way a family works.

  112. christo

    Praise Jesus. Without him we would be nothing. Let the detractors scream their ruinous poison at full voice let those who judge filk who bring the word be judged themselves. JESUS is awesome. He cuts my lawn perfect. Praise Jesus for trimming my bushes and garsen. Jesus is tbhe leader of my lawn crew and without i would suffer

  113. Danny


    Religion is like a dick, it’s okay to have one, its okay to be proud of it–
    But don’t go wiggling it around in public and shoving it down peoples throats.

  114. Cecilia

    This is shocking, they give up a child, well, personally glad they did she deserves better parents, and I hope she finds ones that really know what love is and love her. I’m glad she is going to better people and maybe they should go to jail for mental abuse, she should sue them.

  115. Concerned

    This is disgusting, parents putting their teenage daughter up for adoption because they are gay. I cannot believe how ludicrous these people are, this ought be considered child abandoment and they should not be allowed to fufil their wishes just because they “prayed” for a solution and came up with the most sickening ill-concieved idiotic and downright hateful solution to their daughter’s “lifestyle choices”. On the other hand, maybe if her parents are this awful, she should be raised by someone else where she can finish high-shcool being loved. This is not at all what christianity teaches, they are illiterate hicks!

  116. tyler

    I thought the story was ridiculous until I read some of the comments. I for one say a god that will accept a child molester into his kingdom, but not someone who loves their same sex, is fucking stupid.Homophobic hhypocrites. Welcome to ‘murica.

  117. Tom

    This is absolutely disgusting and horrific. The parents should be so ashamed of themselves. They are monsters

  118. bob kelly

    What else would you expect from redneck trailer trash who are stupid enough to follow an asshole like Tyson Bowers III ?

  119. Dominique

    I’ll take her in. I’d be proud to have her in my home. We will commune with Spirit in an inclusive way, and pray for her parents. Please email me. I know of 100’s … literally 100’s … of families who would love her!

  120. Max mckinnie

    This is ridiculous, “they made the hard choice whether or not to keep their gay DAUGHTER” key word is daughter. It should never be a hard decision whether or not to keep your child regardless of sexual orientation, or anything like that. These are a pathetic excuse for human beings.

  121. Joe Auger

    These people are disgusting and the daughter should have no more to do with them. She’ll be better off in the long run especially if she wants to have children with her partner. These people really better pray their asses off cuz they ain’t going to any heaven that they have envisioned.

  122. Tahlia

    This is a disgusting violation of duty of care by these horrible parents. They should have never had a child in the first place if they care so much about an irrelevant fact like sexuality. This poor girl lived and trusted her parents enough to confide her sexuality in them and they have more than thrown it in her face. I’m sorry but people like this should be put down.

  123. Gary Foster

    I am glad that this girl will get the chance to finish growing up with a family that accepts her and loves her the way she is. I can’t wish bad on anyone, but Karma kicks in and I want to see what happens to these parents for disowning their child. I have three beautiful children. Two are straight and one is gay and I love all three the same. They know that they are always welcome in the family home with their significant others anytime. I just can’t imagine giving up a child like this. I know parents whose children have murdered people yet they are still loving them. This is unforgivable and I hope the parents never get to see their child again.

  124. Ann

    Yet another ‘awesome’ example of today’s right wing Christian sheep. If I could afford it…I would adopt or foster this girl and show her what acceptance is. Christians these days have absolutely NO love in their hearts unless it’s for people just like them (brainwashed and deluded).

  125. John

    Personally, I think the mothers comment that they do not know how to handle someone that decides to live a lifestyle they do not agree with says it all. I’m sure there are many things in these peoples lives they don’t agree with…so why don’t they just kill themselves! At least then the world would be better by having two less idiots to deal with!

  126. Brandon

    these parents are fucked up human beings, and the kid is MUCH better off without them. hope these parents rot in hell

  127. bob kelly

    Sleep well tonight Tyson Bowers III

    The most astounding finding from the newly discovered lead codices is that Jesus Christ was unambiguously and openly gay. He and his disciples formed a same-sex coterie, bound by feelings of love and mutual support. There are recorded instances of same-sex activity – the “beloved disciple” plays a significant role – and there is affirmation of the joys of friendship and of living and loving together.

    A whole new complexion is given to that rather puzzling passage where Jesus exhorts his followers to break family ties: “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14, 26). It seems clear now that this is less a negative repudiation of family and more a positive exhortation to join in affirmation of a gay lifestyle and love.

    There is at least one new parable, that of the two young men. There are clear echoes of the relationship between David and Jonathan, for Jesus speaks of one young man having his soul “knit with the soul” of the other, and loving him “as his own soul”. Intriguing is evidence that the Catholics might be closer to the truth about the status of Mary, the mother of Jesus, than are the Protestants. She has a much bigger role in the life of Jesus than many hitherto expected, with Jesus frequently returning home and making much of her.

    Conversely, there is at least one incident when Jesus quarrels violently with Joseph, who shows great hostility and makes wild claims about “manliness”. Before, one might have thought that, given Mary’s virginity, Joseph’s attitude was reflecting the ambiguities of his status in the family; but now it seems more probable that we have here a classic example of the Freudian triangle: over-possessive mother, hostile father, gay son.

    Why have we known so little about all of this before? A newly discovered Pauline epistle, appropriately to the Athenians, suggests a major Platonic influence, particularly of the Republic. The classically educated Paul, who was himself gay, saw that same-sex activity was inimical to the success of Christianity in the highly homophobic societies in which he lived. Hence, same-sex affections and activity were concealed, to be known to and practiced by only the leaders in secret – the guardians of Christianity as one might say. Obviously, this is a tradition that has flourished and lasted. It is not by chance that John Henry Newman is being made a saint.

    Finally, the most important news is that nothing in the newly discovered codices challenges in any way the essential message of Christianity. Jesus was the messiah; he died on the cross for our sins; and through his death and resurrection made possible our eternal salvation. Our overriding obligation is to love God and we do this by loving our neighbors as ourselves. Christianity will never be the same again. Christianity will go on completely unchanged.

    1. Donna Henson

      Gosh, Bob – you put a lot into that. Very interesting. This piece actually is satire – I TOTALLY got sucked in by it. It hooked a lot of us, it seems!

  128. Kintekla

    I wonder if all those American Christians who beat, raped, tortured, killed, bought, & sold slaves are heaven right now. What do you guys think? I mean, a good portion of them were very devout but they did a lot of horrific things so I just wonder where their souls are right now.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Donna Henson

      Kintekla – this story is satire. I got sucked into it, too. I was outraged! Hehehe… I get a chance to feel stupid EVERY DAY. Sometimes more than once.

      Be well!

  129. Samantha

    I believe people can be born “gay”.. If something can go wrong chemically in the womb to cause other birth defects of all and any type why couldn’t something chemically happen to cause a difference in sexual preference?? I have a couple of gay relatives who are younger than me and from the time they could walk and talk we all knew they would be gay and sure enough now that they are older they have announced it…. In some cases people choose to explore their sexuality as they age and make a choice at that point on what they are most comfortable with and who are we to tell them they can’t do what they wish to do… I think what seems to bother most people is seeing these relationships on display,,, unfortunately it is not something we as a society are used to but it is our own fault because we have never excepted it and judge them in a way to make them feel uncomfortable about it that when we do see it we are put off. I for one feel like it is not anyone’s place to judge people on what they choose to do in their lives. This world needs to worry about much greater things that are happening and stop prying into others lives. Let people live and be happy.

  130. Dawn

    Well I honestly can say I did not go and read all the 300+ messages above. I want to speak from my own heart. I WILL GLADLY TAKE HER IN AND LOVE HER UNCONDITIONALLY. She is an individual and does not need to be molded or controlled into being something/someone she is NOT..
    I will love her, care for her, make sure she holds her head high with self respect and self love for herself. I will guide her to understand the the world is CRUEL, JUDGEMENTAL AND MEAN and that she must stand tall no matter what. If she has any questions, I will answer them openly and honestly–and if I dont have the answer I will find it. I am ashamed to see that two people created this life beautiful gift of life and raised her for 16 years, then completely turned thier back on thier child. (but I supppose there is no bible verse for that RIGHT???) TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!! MY GOD LOVES ALL OF HIS CHILDREN AND HIS CREATIONS–NO MATTER WHAT COLOR-SHAPE-SIZE-RELIGION AND YES SEXUAL ORIENTATION… GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES AND THIS LIFE WE ARE LIVING IS “OUR INDIVIDUAL LEARNING EXPERIENCE”. Love thy neighbor-thy parents- CHILD??? I will take her——– SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU PARENTS!!!
    Blessings. love, guidance and strenght sent this this courageous young lady…

  131. Jesus Christ

    Let’s be real you guys, if these people are so committed to giving up their daughter because they’ve mis-interpreted my teachings so extremely, and because they still don’t understand the scientific evidence showing that homosexuality isn’t a choice, and because they forgot that the first thing that me and Pops wrote in our book of parables (that is, stories that are designed to inspire principles and integrity,) about loving one another they obviously do not have the mental ability to raise a child. My heart goes out too the young girl, April, for having to realize how completely hateful and ignorant her parents are, but thank the Father that she’s not going to have to live with such wicked people. Obviously they are not good Christians since it is very clearly written in Timothy 5:8, “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” Not to mention how sinister and malicious they and they’re congregation must be, especially since they supported this decision and the Bible also says “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” in Corinthians 13:7, and their so called love for their daughter does none of these. I mean, seriously you guys, what if I was gay and Dad through me out for it! Where would you all be?! Fucked is where you’d be, and no absolution would be available to you through my sacrifice! Not to mention how indignant you’re being to my dear old Dad since he gave this family and this community the greatest gift in his power, after all in Psalm 127 is it not written, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”

    In all seriousness though, this family disgusts me, your congregation that supported casting one out of your community as opposed to supporting her with the love of God disgusts me, and the fact that you hypocritical, polarized, anti-Christ ‘christians’ still think this is an acceptable way to help families through adversity disgusts me. Over all, the takeaway from all this for you guys is that it’s two-faced, hypocritical, hate-filled, would be zealots like you that make Christians like me ashamed of my faith. Blasphemers, biggots, and absolute Morons; the lot of you.

    1. Dragonflower

      You are so right! These Theocrats need to be fed to lions again. Why the hell did we ever stop doing that? These monsters are shitting all over the Constitution and trying to turn America into a Theocracy … which is an act of treason. Don’t we still shoot people for doing that?? In any case …
      Bring on the lions!

  132. claudia

    This is all crazy….love for a child shouldn’t end because of what church or synagogue dictates. Religion is all a big hoax.Prayer never scientifically helped anyone except with their own brought on stress. Just follow the Golden Rule and that is the best & only kind of religion that makes sense.Bible is nothing more than a collection of Grimm’s fairy tales or Aesop’s fables..Stories like Hansel & Gretel or Snow White handed down from one generation to the next as the gospel truth..My ass,the truth!!Send me to the best medical specialist when I’m sick & refrain from your ineffective prayers for my recovery,I want medicine & science,cutting edge technology,not a thought sent to some imaginary man in the skies….

  133. erica from dallas

    This story is a hoax. You can not give up a kid because you don’t like something about them.

  134. Mr. Mason

    The majority of you people are useless, intolerant, subconscious ants. To discuss the placement of a human being for homosexuality, you have stolen her face, her name, and replaced it with a number. The number that was given to your irrelevant beast. You think you protect the world from this girl but there are many more who will protect her from you.

  135. cricket

    Any religion that shuns any type or breed of person makes me sick. These people are throwing away their own blood because she’s different, and at such an important age in the building locks of a person’s life. I hope when they get old that they realize their error and know that they took ignorance to a new level in our history. What happened to basic human understanding? They say “we’re all god’s children” but throw away the ones who dont fit perfectly in. If thats how their religion works, id never want to be a child of god. Hardest choice of their life, my ass. The hardest choice of their life will be to show their faces in public because they gave away their own flesh and blood because some invisible man in the sky says that different is wrong.

  136. Jesus Christ

    Hey y’all, Obviously I’m a little biased being half the inspiration and all, but let me just say; I don’t think that we need to tear down Christianity to make our point. In fact, I would wager that if you spent less time just generically attacking a philosophy that many people benefit from, and more time arguing with contemporary evidence and examples from the logic that these people accept, we’d move a lot further towards an actual real religious and social understanding. Hopefully, in that kind of a world, families like this wouldn’t be allowed to feel any support or love for making such a hateful and malicious decision. They do not deserve God’s love just the same as they do not deserve Man’s love, but only when you can prove that both God and Man would disapprove will such extremists understand the emptiness they have created for themselves.

  137. Val Hopkins

    You Jesus freaks are THE most fucked up assholes on the planet! The “danger” lies in being hypocrites, boasting about how God loves his children….unless they’re gay or liberal? Go fuck yourselves!

    1. Ur parents hated u

      They are #2 worst parents second to your shitty parents who unfortunately raised you to be a trailor trash ass hole on websites. Guarantee ur at home in your trailor drunk posting random comments on here cuz u have a shitty life. keep it to yourself Trailor Bob

      1. Donna Henson

        Wow… no need to be mean. Um… you mean “trailer trash.” There is no such thing as a “trailor.”

        This story is satire. It’s not true. No reason to be upset with that chap for expressing his opinion.

    2. Dragonflower

      Val you are 110% correct. These lunatic christian are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Hateful, Misogynistic, Bigoted Monsters! Bring on the hungry lions …. couldn’t happen soon enough to a more evil bunch of pigs!

  138. Me

    The problem is people think praying is going to fix or solve your problems. You need to get off your ass and create your own solutions and excepting your child for who they’re would be priority number one.

  139. Hornstein

    If there is a real god, he would want everyone to be HAPPY — gay or straight. The Chadwells will burn in hell for taking away someones ability to be happy. Then again, fuck the Chadwells. Maybe their daughter will be happier elsewhere.

    Buncha cotton-headed ninny muggins if you ask me. Putting the Chad in Chadwell, very well.

  140. km

    What dismally stupid Adoption Agency decided to go along with this? This is cruel amd (technically) child abandonment which falls within the legal definitions of child abuse.

  141. Haters

    Its funny how its cool for people to bash and criticize Christians all day and they will be ok with it. But say anything about Gays and Booooom everyone is all over them. Im a christian and no i dont agree with giving your gay daughter up for adoption. I would shower her with love and let her know i was here for her, and let her know that Jesus loves her just as much as i did. But u cant bash christians for believing homosexuality is a sin, cause they dont believe the same way u do. Will you go about bashing and tearing down everyone that doesnt share your beliefs for the rest of your lives???

    1. Old Greg

      Great point. However, Christians are haters too as they disagree with other beliefs as well. Does God want that?

  142. Franky

    What’s with the photo of them looking so sad and everything. “Oh it was so hard but we can’t grasp the fact that our daughter likes girls instead of boys”.

    Oh grow up. Feeling sorry for yourselves instead of supporting your daughter is more of a “sin” than anything else.

    You ditched your own daughter. You fucking suck as parents.

    I hope this girl gets strong from this and goes her own way in life rather than listening to her parents. Fucking disown them is what I hope she does.

  143. Leareth

    *raises his voice in into an echoing scream of hate* May they die forgotten, may their grandchildren, by blood or adoption, not know their names. May they grow old and grey and die alone!

    I have compassion for those who deserve it, ; for parents who have raised their child for 16 years only to abandon them for such a small thing, I have nothing but pitying contempt.

    May they lie in paupers graves!

  144. Samuel

    I am able to adopt. I think having a lesbian daughter would be an excellent way to gather ingredients for my latest masterpiece.

  145. A christian

    I could never have given her up for adoption:( but i would love her to deatttth! But no way could i keep from telling her that per the Bible homosexuality is a sin. But would work on this together, not give her up for adoption

  146. Gay

    to all you fucking maniacs saying prayer can actually help or heal or do anything in the real world: i dare you to try to cure someone with cancer or heart disease with prayer alone.

  147. Adam

    I read this story on the same day that I read about the passing of Pastor Rick Warren’s son. I have a feeling he would rather his son be in his life and something he didn’t accept than dead.

  148. Eamon

    A delightful example how faith changes anyone to do reprehensible things. The poison of faith demonstrates itself in these two monstrosities masquerading as humans. This is a perfect example of the dangers of theistic beliefs. It is a shame there is not a hell for these two individuals to go to.

  149. Kathie

    I thought a parent’s love was mean’t to be unconditional?! They need to pull up their big parent undies, and be thankful they have a healthy child who is capable of showing affection and being loved. I have an 18 year old son who suffered a brain injury at birth who is incapable of showing affection, and probably will never find love. How would they have handled having a child with special needs where every thing is difficult? Would they have thrown in the towel then because it did not suit them, and expect someone else to raise the child they had created? I just wish my son knew what sexuality was! As for their distraught photo above, they should take a minute to think about how their daughter is feeling right now – I am sure she has battled her own emotions for long enough without these two ostracising her. To be honest she is probably better off without them. Shame on them!

  150. OMG

    OMG THIS IS DISGUSTING!! Think how that young lady feels! To suddenly be rejected by her own parents because she’s gay?? I feel so bad for her!! I hope if they read this, WAKE UP AND LOVE YOUR BABY GIRL. Who gives a @(*#%& what she is, she is from you and you should love your daughter!! Hell I’d take her in if I was able!!
    And to this I say, screw religion, forget that damn imaginary deity, and the bible….if it teaches to HATE people, it’s a sin in itself! LOVE everyone, DOWN with hate! I’m so sick of hate, people hate each other. I thought the bible teaches love…well, it’s hard to believe that with people like this. I hope the young lady finds REAL people to adopt her!!!

  151. Eddy

    Just think of the damage that these ‘parents’ have done to thier child by giving her up for adoption. She is better out of their life and into the life of someone who is going to care about and accept her for whatever she is.
    I think if religion makes you a better person, then its not up for question whether we believe or not.
    But in this case the ‘parents’ are a gisgrace and should be ashamed of themselves.

  152. Lilli

    Man this is sort of really depressing. under no circumstance… at that age, and everything? How would she cope with that, you know? Argh. People make me sick.

  153. Brolo

    Funny how much hate they are getting, they are following their beliefs and giving their child the best option. Most parents would just disown their child straight up if it offends them and goes against what they believe in, these parents on the other hand have took into consideration everything – Even keeping her living with them, but as the article says they would find it too hard to live with her (Would make everyone unhappy and uncomfortable at their house).

    Stick to your feminist rights and fat acceptance shitposters, or at the very least go out and experience the cruel world for yourself.

  154. Man with a brain

    Oh dear me!

    The young lady in question has the strength and tenacity to stand up and be honest about her sexuality and the two people she should get the most support from are too weak to give her what she deserves; their love and understanding. They obviously love their prejudices more than they do their own flesh and blood.

    It saddens me greatly that much of the human races still blindly follows the human construct of bigoted religious beliefs created over the past two thousand or so years. None of the ‘great books’ are factual, they were written by people who had limited knowledge of the world around them and little understanding of chemistry, physics and biology. As far as I can see, the only glimmers of light in the bible and the Qur’an are the parts where they advocate human understanding and tolerance. Unfortunately, these parts are far too often forgotten in the blind pursuance of the absolute God/Allah hit.

    All that this couple and their beloved church have done is to show how futile religion is and how cherry picking the bits they want to believe does only harm.

    There is no God / Allah. There is no afterlife. There is only the here and now, the chemistry of our bodies and brains. But, in that chemistry we have the capacity and the responsibility to show kindness, understanding and humanity to our fellow travellers.

    In conclusion; forget God / Allah, look after your family.

    Mr & Mrs Chadwell; grow up! Your daughter is more mature than you are. At least she has the conviction of her beliefs, beliefs that are true… beliefs that honesty and openness is the best policy . So, rejoice in her maturity and show her the love and support she as an adolescent needs.

    Rant over
    Non-religious humanist.

  155. Dragonflower

    Hateful bigots should never have been allowed to have a child in the first place. These “parents” should be shot point blank in the face. Who wonders why christians are hated? They are animals who don’t deserve anything. Pigs! Hypocrites! Death would be to good for them and the people who support this purely evil act. They will ALL burn in their hell for all eternity. I hope the ALL go to hell soon.

  156. Vaughne

    My prayers goes out to the child. I’m sure she is having a hard time enough going through what so many do not understand or desire to do so. To have your parents put you up for adoption and essentially telling you they no longer want you because you do not fit the mold of which they believe you should, have to be devastating. This child is going to be damaged beyond words. I hope in time that she finds a Faith that will steady her in her life, no matter what it is she affirms about herself. The parents don’t have to like or agree with their child’s orientation and have the right to condone what goes on under their roof. However, to turn a child to strangers or out on the streets simply due to her sexual orientation I cannot fathom.
    If she was unruly, disrespectful, violent, dangerous to her siblings, combative to the point where she out of control and they could not handle her, I can see them taking some type of measure to have her removed. This story does not goes into enough depth to shed light this is the case. As I said before I hope she gathers the Faith and have support of those who love and wants to be in her corner to help her in the years to come.

  157. hardphonix

    While this is a great piece on satire. Similar to an “Onion” Story. Its kind of.double edged because when lots of can see why something like this would be terrible if it happened.. there are many out there who are christian and actually think this is real.. so Its like justifying this type of behaviour to actually take place. Pretty hard article to laugh at when I know what’s going to happen to the minds of the religious nuts..

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  159. Bobbi

    Is this story a joke? I can find no corroborating ‘national story’ they allegedly made. Or is this a satire site.