Photo of Bin Laden’s Body

Bin Laden is dead and we have the photo of his body here. Doesn’t look like he is having much fun with his virgins.

Let us dance in glory as we look upon his lifeless terrorist body.


We have another photo of this sand eating bastard.


60 thoughts on “Photo of Bin Laden’s Body

    1. L.N

      You mean Obama, because this was Obama’s war. You all think so, so why shouldn’t Obama get the credit?

    2. sheila bateman

      ridiculous!!!!!!!! bush the credit? you’ve got to be kidding! seriously! if a democrat had been president on 911 you’d be howling like a hounddog!!!!!!!!!!!!!read against all enemies by richard clarke bush was asleep at the switch AND stated that he never thought about him!!!!!!!WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!

      1. your worst nightmare

        this photo is a fack
        dont you see the change in resolution between the eyes and beard

    3. bobby


  1. Christian Intellectual

    President George W. Bush kept his promise.

    “I don’t care, dead or alive either way. I mean I uh, it doesn’t matter to me. Secondly, I don’t know if we’re gonna get him tomorrow or a month from now, or a year from now, but we’re gonna get him”

    1. L.N

      That’s not a promise, that’s a statement. Hell, he didn’t even give a period of reference. He’s not in office, and you all seem so keen on giving Obama flak for shit that goes on, regardless of who started it, so why give Bush credit he doesn’t deserve? Obama’s in office, this was Obama’s war according to you all, so that means that it’s because of Obama that Bin Laden is dead, not Bush.

      1. V

        Islamofascistcommiescum. You just can’t take the site of your supreme leader lying there cold and dead. Oh wait. I meant HOT and dead. Because he is in hell. And he is BURNING.

        Oh well, at least you still have Mao. (for now!)

        1. ds

          Islam o’ facist commie’s cum??

          Anyways, my point is, “V”, you seem very full of rage. I dont think “L.N” looked to OBL as a leader, “L.N” is merely pointing out that… Bush didnt do it, Obama has been in power 3 years.

          And Mao died in 1976. You retard.

          1. V

            MAO LIVES!

            I have seen him with my own eye! (I lost the other one AT WAR FOR AMERICA).

            LN’s islamo-commie propaganda proves he is in thrall of the islamo-commie infiltrated liberals who have been infiltrated by the islamo-commies since the days LBJ.

            And I could say the same of YOU ds … OR SHOULD I SAY LN? Both names two letters, and both from the english alphabet? Not very creative are you TROLL?

            You are fooling no one. Go back to your legalized prostitutes and crack cocaine CHRISTLESS LIBERAL SCUM.

        2. Doesntmatter

          Got sick of Obama using the word “I” last night. I am sorry but when did heleave his family and go fight this war? Seems to me the real heros and ones that got this monster are the troops who have fought so hard for the last 10 years. Bush started the effort and the troops got the job done. Obama has been too occupied with throwing the most parties ever thrown in presidential history at the white house and taking the most vacations ever on tax payer’s dimes.

          1. Ice Van Winkle

            Tell it like it is DM. I hear that the White House is just like the projects now, with brothers walking around with boom boxes and pit bulls in every hallway. Not very “white” is you ask me.

            We need Trump to restore some of the dignity to the White House that the Bushes worked so hard to restore. Those Clinton’s stole the place blind. “First black president” indeed.

        3. Millenium

          you sound Kinda a little racist with your islamofascist commie insult

          Mostly that Islamist never been communist ( actually communist despite religion)

          and fascist ? just see your own country you will be destroyed by your own stupidity sooner than you thought

  2. K Main

    Fox news just stated that any pictures being shown as a dead Bin Laden are not him but pictures that have been floating around for a long time. It sure looks like him, however, any pictures that were taken are said to have not been released yet.
    I can’t believe they’d bury him so fast. People need more concrete proof imho.
    By the way, if Obama wants to take all the credit for OBL’s death, then he can take credit for our crappy economy.
    just sayin’…

  3. Bob Roberts

    Another extreme right wing organisation posting as a Christian one. “Sand eating bastard” me thinks that statement does stink of racism.

    There is ample evidence 911 was an inside job, and that Bin Laden is a CIA asset.

    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are illegal and war crimes.

    Personally that photo is suspect, the head looks like a photo shopped cut out. But whether it is or not, Bin Laden was always accesible to the CIA. He was expendable like any CIA asset.

  4. Bob Roberts

    “Let us dance in glory as we look on upon his lifeless terrorist body”.

    Now that comment has more in common with Satan than with Christ. Very Nazi like in its vehemence.

    “Love your enemies”
    “Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone”
    “Blessed are the peace makers”

    Do the above phrases ring a bell?

    Shame on you, on corrupting the Christian faith.

  5. Bob Roberts

    “Praise Jesus, our troops and George Bush”

    Interesting comment linking Jesus to Bush, and to war criminal soldiers.

    Bush who:
    1. Has a habit of throwing the devils hoened hand sign at every opportunity.
    2. Was a confirmed member of the Brownsville satanic coven.
    3. The same coven that was butchered, and that Bush was a suspect (as he could not prove his where abouts at the time of the massacre).
    4. Bush, whose family have known Nazi connections.
    5.Bush (and dad) who is a memeber of the satanic skull and bones.
    6. Bush who was part of the treasonous 911 crime.
    7.Bush who is a war criminal and supports torture.

    You say Jesus Mr Bowers, but you seem to be supporting the work of satan.


    1. chris smith

      You guys r all retarded who gives an f he is dead and the proof is coming safety the lord.

    2. chris smith

      You guys r all retarded who gives an f he is dead and the proof is coming sayeth the lord.

  6. Sophie

    This is a real pic of him, if you think, he recently had a white beard! This is a bad photoshop job, I do hope that we get to see the real thing, as this news is going to cause more violence, I think this is more trouble to come! I hope it is true that he is dead, evil man, but I think from this day, there is more bad to come :o(

  7. cj

    praise a non-existant man, a group of mindless killers *ooh rah*, and the biggest fuck up in the history of presidents for murdering our fellow man? shouldnt we break this chain of hate and blood? u americans will be crying again and targeting the next person who retaliates. Sure you shouldnt give the message that anyone can attack you with consequences but u shud also not give the message that you engage with anyone who simply wants to wage war on you? i dunno its a lose lose situation i guess. peace never conquers evil.

  8. me

    Got rid of my last comment…huh? Too much of the truth? We will just have to wait and see. Just might just be a re-election ploy for O’Bambam! God Please Help Us!!!!!

  9. Ice Van Winkle

    I really don’t care if the photo is fake or not. It is a real representation of what our brave George W. Bush accomplished yesterday. Painting, drawing, photograph or Photoshop, it represents the victory against the liberal Muslims and their gay Democratic allies.

    1. L.N

      You mean what Obama’s accomplished. And as for why the picture being fake is such a big deal, it’s because there’s not definitive proof now that Bin Laden’s dead.

  10. Mel

    First of all, is this a government released photo? Who took it?

    Secondly, if you are a Christian, do you think Jesus would like this kind of display?

    Just sayin’

  11. Mel Rose

    First of all, is this a government released photo? Who took it?

    Secondly, if you are a Christian, do you think Jesus would like this kind of display?

    Just sayin’…

  12. Wes

    You are kidding right? Bush hasn’t been in office for over 2 years. This was Obama’s plan to finish what Bush couldn’t. Thank you for sharing this but get your facts straight before you post anything. Give credit where credit is due. Give Bush the credit he deserves for putting our economy in the shitter. Show some respect for our leader and praise his bravery for trying to clean up yet another mess left by the Bush administration.

  13. rad

    That photo is a dead guy with OBL’s beard and mouth photoshopped on top! You can tell by the really bad “feather select” blured edges on beard and cheeks. Also notice the darker lighting color of mouth and cheeks compared to color of “Jon Doe’s” forhead being a lighter color as its photoed under a brighter light. The mouth, cheeks and beared were taken from a famous photo of OBL and phoshoped on top some unknown individual’s body. The photo editer did a rough select around edges and blured the edge before cutting and pasting onto the unkown. He didn’t even take the care to match the lightin!

    This “Jon Doe” was tortured by his eyes being pulled out, The SEALs are claimed to have killed OBL with a head shot, not torturing him to death!

    1. Ice Van Winkle

      Why don’t you go tell a bunch of 5 year olds that there is no Santa Clause?

      If this picture makes the US of A happy, then its a good picture. We need some good news after that Muslim in the White House has take our country away from us.

  14. Angry Parent

    Tyson Tyson Tyson. You have been spending too much time holding hands with Stevie & Able. Dont you get it. Or are you that dumb.
    Lucky for you, your own blood line will not go any further, due to the fact you are into inbreeding.

  15. Sean Mohammed Ghavidel

    Religions preach building and loving each other like brothers and sisters. I am with those who believe in god and with those who believe Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, satan,demons and angels were all gods children like Bin Laden who may have been misled by ignorance and anger. Blood for blood, touch for touch, eye for eye. Fuck flags what are we MS 13. There are more ignorant americans than elite.

  16. Sean Mohammed Ghavidel

    Santa Claus, Bush, Satan, Bin Laden, Angels, Clinton, Demons, Jehovah, Allah. The earth can feed hundreds of billions and there is supposedly only 7 billion, so military should be disgraced for fighting when we should be building. I only eat meat if I am starving. Risperadal consta is what I got when I spoke of fish kills and requested sports medicine only. I can still do backhandsprings at the age of 30 and design many structures but I used to do ninja flips. I believe my death will be a new beginning because of god.But I love life and need sexy woman. I was attacked for my name.


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