Planned Parenthood and 16 and Pregnant Team up to Promote Teen Abortion

We all know that Planned Parenthood is funded by Socialist politicians and Communist foreigners and that the company itself sponsors orgy festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo and Warped Tour. We even know they are the ones behind removing toys from Happy Meals, so they can ruin the dreams of children and turn them into depressed emosexuals and hipsters (these groups of people make up 96% of all abortion clients).

You see, while Planned Parenthood is vacuuming out life from a minor’s baby hole, they are also promoting tweenager sex at the same time. They know they need a steady stream of knocked up and ashamed kids to keep up with their month abortion quota. The more abortions they give, the more these outside companies pay them. Not to mention they love pleasing Satan with fetus sacrifices.

Planned Parenthood and Mtv sitcom, 16 and Pregnant, have teamed up to breed their next superstars. Planned Parenthood is forking over the cash to start a new “viral” campaign to get girls to submit their teen pregnancy photos to sites like imgur and tinypic. Once uploaded, the photos are shared across the Planned Parenthood network for voting. They already know 16 and Pregnant does its job to promote that being knocked up is “cool”, so they know there is a slew of girls just waiting to upload their naughty belly photos in hopes of being the next reality super moron. The girls with the most shocking photos will star on Mtv’s next project “16 and Aborting”. This new show will teach young girls that they can go out and have sassafrass tickle sex rubs, get on television, get paid and than void their belly of responsibly.

Here is proof of the chaos that is brewing on the internet. Girls are asking the world for tips on how to get the “coolest” pregnancy, so they can increase their chances of being cast on the TV series.


Very sickening and scary if you ask me. Notice that the Afro-saxon community is eating up this opportunity.

I think as American’s we should take the following image as an example of how we should be protecting our daughters from the vile suction cup of abortion.

6 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood and 16 and Pregnant Team up to Promote Teen Abortion

  1. Stephenson Billings

    It’s so sad that urban youths think pregnancy is a trendy “cool” thing to do. Abortion is no joke, either, though the liberal media seems to think so. Rather sad that we’re missing out on the real issue– families with two heterosexual parents who subscribe to faith are far more likely to raise healthy, moral teens who avoid drugs, sex and other sins. If we can bring back God to the inner city, a lot of these issues would be fixed.

  2. REK

    Instead of insulting these girls maybe you should reach out to help them? and if they cant go to a planned parenthood clinic (which is not only for abortion BTW) then WHAT are they supposed to do? they wont be able to set up adoptions or get help for themselves or the baby with out these clinics. Maybe you should GROW UP and READ THE BIBLE and realize that God put those clinics to help them. Some people shouldnt have children some people shouldnt even give birth because of their health. I dont necisarily believe in abortion but i do believe that a person should have their own choice. And its not nessicarily the parents fault the girls get pregnant. Also FYI i’ve seen SOOOO many more girls from a CATHOLIC upbringing with “acceptable parents” be the worst drug users and the ones that get pregnant. I’ve seen that so much more than i’ve seen girls that go through a hard life in the inner city or go through growing up with gay parents having those troubles. So obviously you need to examine your religious groups and do a bit more research before you write an article

    1. Sara

      If you “don’t necessarily believe in abortion” then why would you think that it is okay for everyone else to do it? If you believe abortion is wrong and if you would never have one, than why is it okay for others to have the choice? Your logic does not make sense. Also, do not refer to God and the bible when you do not understand the morality behind planned parenthood. Planned parenthood promotes abortions and birth control, which goes against the Catholic Church and definitely against God. I agree with you that all women need the help and support they can get when they are in crisis and there are many ways to help these women without abortion. Everyone in this world of all religions make mistakes, that includes Catholics too. Do not criticize young Catholic women when there are just as many women of other religions and non religion who get into the same unfortunate situations. I think you need to examine your morality and reasoning on this serious matter.


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