Que? Sorry, I Don’t Speak Mexican

America’s immigration problem is out of control and we need to stop sugar coating it. Everyday illegals who are mainly Mexican are living off the hard earned American (born and LEGALLY immigrated) families. Not only do they live here for free, we change our way of life to make them feel more at home. News flash, this isn’t their home.

I hate having to look for the signs in English, because the sign in written huge in Spanish and underneath is English. English is the American language, always has been, but now to make sure the freeloaders feel comfortable. They expect us to take the time out of our 9-5 working schedules to learn some foreign dialect, while they sit on their asses eating tacos. They have plenty of time to open a book and learn some basic American words. Maybe learn the sentence “I need a job” or how about “I’m a freeloader, feed me.”

I’m tired of seeing Mexican flags flying higher then American flags, I’m tired of having to see their holidays merged into ours, If their country is so great, they why did they leave in the first place? Seems to me they have almost a battered wife battered syndrome and Mexico is the abusive husband. But I guess that is normal in Mexican households anyways.

When I traveled to Mexico for 6 months, I made sure I knew the language, the culture and the laws. I did’t expect the locals to conform to my ways of life to make me feel more at home. Why is it so much to ask for people to do the same here, while they live in our country on a open tab? We need to stop babying these people and let them know this is not their country and if they want to live here they need to follow some simple American made laws.

The only thing good to come out of Mexico is those hot little mamacitas on those Mexican soap operas. Why can’t we get them to come over? I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for them to get a successful American to marry then for a green card.

15 thoughts on “Que? Sorry, I Don’t Speak Mexican

  1. Tyson Bowers IIIBlanche Beecham Post author


    Say what you will about the Godless Asians, they at least do a decent job on my nails. Don’t speak a lick of the English, but know enough to ask about color by pointing and chattering.

    Most of the Mexicans in our area are running Chinese restaurants. This confuses the pallets of many that think Taco Bell is Asian inspired.

    Good grief, if we could only deport the lot and get back to basics.

  2. Captain Obvious

    You’re actually right. Illegal immigrants should at least try to reduce suspicion and educate themselves about the country they live in. Anything else is HERESY!

  3. jane flores

    jejejejje..so idiot who write this !!…. una de las cosas mas importantes en su pais o sea e.u. es una base de mexicanos trabajadores que se ganan su dinero en base a una cultura de trabajo no mantenida por un gobierno solo por tenier hijos ..eso es un mexicano !!!..speak mexican no existe ignorante !!..es español y proviene .. esperemos esa gran devaluacion americaca y sabremos en donde kedo e.u…para tu mayor iinformacion ignorante extrangero ..mexico exporta a e.u. una gran varieda de verduras, maiz y pezcados ..asi como playa y petroleo tambien ..igual el mismo ke se roban pasando la limitacion maritima del golfo de mexico.. jejejej estamos simplemente recuperando territorio ke era mexicano antes de ser vendido a sus corruptos gobernantes ahora entiendo de donde mexico tienen el mismo ejemplo..jejeje saludos mr. ignorante crecido ser dios..jejejejej buena vibra ponte a leer mas..!…
    Si talves keres la green card es importante para muchos tener un trabajo fijo pero no para su cultutra ..??..jeje perdon’???’ el americano tiene cultura por ke por mas ke investigo nada mas no encuetro nada???? …y nada es nada ehhhh??.. si podrias enviarme una pagina de referencia em kedaria callada..saludos coo rdiales

    p.d. espero ke puedas leer este respuesta por ke no creo ke entiendas el spañol como buen americano solo puede hablar ingles..jejeje

  4. Javier

    Im mexican, and you are righ, the mexican in USA at least, can learn the language and laws of the contry. I just have one comment, i understand the hot mamacitas, but the soap operas, for me the soap operas are crap,

  5. ImMexican

    mas pendejo que la chingada este cabron la neta si un dia lo miro me lo voy a chingar asta que able espanol el puto lol

  6. Tyson Bowers IIIBlanche Beecham Post author

    For all those contemplating crossing the border….


  7. mexican american

    Mexicans need to learn the language?? Based on the spelling and punctuation that I’ve witnesses on this page, I think Mexicans will master the language way before any of of you ignorant racists will. It’s obvious that you all are terrified that they are a more dominant race and it’s only a matter of time before you are the minority! :)

  8. María Consuela

    Great artículo! That shows to the world that GRINGOS (that means you ) are nothing but ignorants racists bastards…. Dios se avergüenza de ustedes. :) Im sure God hates you!


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