Racial Study: Why Americans Are Afraid of Non-American Descent People

Afro Saxons:
Ever since Afro-Saxons where sold to us in 1873 by Zulu tribes across South Africa, they have been springing up in urban areas like wild nappy fire weeds. The high crime rates are directly caused by these people. Taking a group out of a jungle and expecting them to not act like wild animals was our first mistake. Let’s see what other true American’s have to say.

Are sinning illegal, border jumping friends to the south are a group mostly affiliated with yard work and selling ice cream from a freezer converted into a shopping cart. Mexicans come from many different parts of Southern America, like Cuba, Brazil, Peru and even that gun drop sin whore Shakira comes from the county of Venezuela. So why do we fear them if they are just the lower end of them unemployment chain? Let’s take a look shall we?

Our kung fucommie friends from the land of the rising sun are known as sleepers in our country. You never know what they are thinking or doing, but you do know they have high skills in math and poor skills in driving. I still don’t understand how they expect us to tell the difference between jap or Chinese, when they all look the same. What does the American body think?

This category got a huge response. It seems that when we poll about our sinful sugar plum homo hobbits, our participators get very angry and confused. I could tell by the looks in their faces that they were disgusted just by seeing the work “GAY” on our test. Here is what the normal sex having American’s had to say.

There you have it my fellow God loving Americans. People are afraid and we need to stop being afraid and stand up as brothers and sisters to fight the hate and sin going on in our country!

30 thoughts on “Racial Study: Why Americans Are Afraid of Non-American Descent People

  1. Vasilisk

    This is the BEST shit ever. I must make a 1-page gif of this page and start giving it to /b/.

    I bet even people there will rage with it. Thanks man! keep up the good work!

  2. Anne

    This was my favorite poll EVER. God damn if I didn’t nearly die from lack of oxygen, I laughed so fucking much. Who the fuck did you poll, members of the Westboro Baptist Church? I’m surprised this list didn’t extend to Catholics and Jews. I just want to point out that you’ve forgotten the Christians. Raping, pillaging cities during the Crusades and murdering those for the sake of their God makes this list look like crap. Srsly.

  3. Azrael

    The last one on the gays, you mixed it up. That actually applies to gingers

  4. Millenium

    in anyway the Lesson we can learn from that is
    1. American are a Bunch of Racist
    and 2. American are a Bunch of coward

    combining those 2 make you 3 USA is not the Greatest country. period

  5. Esther

    When referring to plurals, it’s “Americans”, “Mexicans” and “Afro-Saxons”. Also, believe it or not, but most Americans are of non-American descent, and the only people who can make such a claim are the Native Americans. Yes, even you, Tyson Bowers III and your friends Stephenson and the others were all descended from immigrants, presumably from European nations. Also, this is a mish-mash of offensive stereotypes. And there are Native American gays, for the record.

    1. Alice

      Us Native Americans actually used to think that gays were magical.
      Oh my word, this made me laugh sooo hard. Why Americans hate Orientals: They all know karate.
      Hate to break it to you, but Karate is Japanese, you forgot the Taiwanese, Chinese, Korean and other peoples.
      And I know plenty of Asians who know nothing about martial arts, beside the fact that they originated in their area of the world.
      我也説話中文。謝謝 Bowers 先生你是最聰明!
      Yeah, I speak Chinese too. =3

          1. Millennium

            at least you wnat to learn new language and new culture compared to those ignorant folks Out there

  6. Brandon

    Don’t forget Bryan,that you and your fellow white people invaded our country back in 1642…Yes,I am native and damn proud of it

  7. Anna

    You are an idiot if you think any of this BS applies to actual Americans. Most of use aren’t racist, nor are we stupid enough to say that Venezuelans are Mexicans! This would be funny if it wasn’t so damn sad.

  8. Oh goodness...

    Looks like someone doctored some pie graphs… To the article writers of this website: You provide a much needed laugh…

  9. Adam

    Your first chart only adds up to 95% and there were multiple spelling mistakes which really overpower the very little funny that was here to begin with. Doesn’t anyone proofread these things?

  10. a concerned lesbian

    This is the most fucking hilarious thing I have ever seen. Firstly, where the hell do you get your facts? What are the percentages representing?! your racism and homophobia? I’m pretty sure one of them only added up to 95%, too. Secondly, karate is an awesome traditional art that I’m sure is actually a pro, or maybe you’re just scared of getting your ass kicked. Thirdly, thanks for leaving out lesbians, I was getting concerned for me and my girlfriend’s well-being for a sec. luckily, we don’t have dicks, so no need to worry :) In all honesty, though, I’m so disappointed in Christianity at this point. Your God created and loves everyone of his beings, don’t you ever use your religion as an excuse for your racist, homophobic outlooks on life. If love supposedly covers a multitude of sins, then you’re definitely not getting past those pearly gates.


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