Rape – The Modern Females Cry For Attention

The word rape is just about as commonly heard as a dog barking these days. The only difference is that a dog’s bark is still considered a sound of alarm, while the word rape has been re-altered by the new age female liberal woman as some form of attention.

Back in the early days, before female whore celebrities and Cosmo, the word rape was something to pay attention. It usually meant that a woman was being roughly used by a man (usually a sex craved liberal) in a non Christian way and sometimes in a unholy sexual way. When feminism was created, they adopted this word to bring more attention to themselves and try to show some type of struggle. It was a way for them to hide their leshomo feels and disgust for men, by screaming rape so they wouldn’t have to perform their women duties and product children. This then allowed women to say they have some kind of trauma and prevented them to ever be able to be close to a man again. Really it was just away to not have to expose their fish cave cravings to the public.

Once the media force gay acceptance in the American household, the women needed a new way to get attention. Now they were accepted to like other women, so they didn’t have anything to complain about. It was ok for them not to perform womanly duties. So how could the fem demons still hurt men and at the same time be able to run ramped around having sex with anyone they wanted to and not be labeled a whore? Easy, they decided to brain wash college girls and tell them that it is ok to spread their baby hole for any one that they choice to let violate them.

What a great excuse to be able to get completely altered on devil juice, have sex with the whole frat house down the road and at the same time be able to wipe the act completely clean by using one word. The woman gets to accomplish 3 things here.

1. They get attention (maybe some media coverage with an angelic like photo of themselves displayed)
2. They get to have a clean slate of all sinful actions.
3. They get to hurt the reputation of innocent American men.

These Jezebel Satan pawns go around flaunting their camel hoofed toes and then after they feel bad for their sex mouth acts or hole to pole actions, they go around accusing men of forced sex actions to get attention and at the same time destroy the young man’s life. You can’t charge them for anything, but one little word and a man can be throw in jail, anal raped by a gay inmate and then have his life and career crushed in the matter of minutes and all he gets is a “sorry”.

The American man is under attack and we need to fight back before we are turned into a group of sissy men that enjoy holding their wife’s purse while they spend all your money shoe shopping. I mean we don’t allow Americans to use the “N” word anymore and this word is just as or even more dangerous to our culture.

Here is a properly trained women with her correct opinion on females claiming rape.

And here is a real man explain the dangers of this word.

35 thoughts on “Rape – The Modern Females Cry For Attention

  1. Millennium

    so you don,t believe that Men can do that and you said non christian way tell that to the “christian american soldier in iraq afghanistan Vietnam”

    the crusade as well the inquisition Many christian raped in history

  2. Brandon

    Excellent article Mr Bowers,
    This is a situation which is all too common across America,and one I see quite a few times on duty.Women overuse and abuse the word rape and it is sickening.
    However,there are the few cases where rape actually does happen and those cases are dealt with as such.But more often than not,rape is a word used to draw attention.
    Great article!

        1. Hannah

          You can rape who you please as long as you repent? The chick is an idiot, the guy is a redneck. Sorry to rain on your parade.

  3. Jazze

    “it’s not my fault that i can’t control my own actions i was provoked” that’s you argument right? well sure i’ll let you use it. it’ll be nice to know i can use that anyone can use that as defence the day they brutally murder you. you provoked us so it’s your own damn fault you were killed, right?

  4. Tabitha

    The content of this article is disgusting. The face that people like you actually exist makes me fear the future even more. I wouldn’t be suprised if the above comment from Bowers is true as it’s usually people with your extreme (wrong) belifs that are the first to start raping and killing. Also, if you can’t spell, at least use the spellcheck function. Your inability to grasp the english language makes you look like an even bigger idiot than the content of your article.

    1. Jason

      Good job on condemning spelling Tabitha. I to think that people have become so lazy in their spelling. I blame the text capable phones. We should all sign a petition to ban text capable phones until America learns how to spell again. And even though you used face instead of fact, then ranted about the authors poor grammar, puts you on a very special pedestal in my book. Maybe it’s time for an English writers class for you too.

  5. Denise

    Dear Sir,

    If Jesus Christ were to read this, a man who stood up for the rights of an abused woman (Mary Magdelene, in case you actually forgot to read your Bible), I have a feeling that he would be abhorred with the words you’ve put on this page.

    I think you fail to understand that women are people, not property, and ANY unwanted touching at ALL, by stranger or by husband, is just that, unwanted touching. We are nobodies servants, regardless of whether or not we are straight or gay.

    I suggest you rethink what Jesus would’ve thought about a woman getting harmed in ANY sort of way before you continue writing anything. I’d also widen your vocabulary so you don’t have to sound like a chauvinist pig who doesn’t even know what the real word for a “Fish Cave” is.

    (Vagina, in case you were wondering.)

    1. Jason

      Read the bible again. For it is said in the holiest of all books that women are property. How else could you sell them.

      Exodus 21:7: “And if a man sell his daughter to be a maidservant, she shall not go out as the menservants do.

      The whole article above could have saved a lot of time. All the author had to do is write the following scripture and everything is explained.

      Deuteronomy 22:28-29: If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found; Then the man that lay with her shall give unto the damsel’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife….”

      So remember, all of you raped women just need to marry your supposed attacker and you will be living the true law. It will also keep you from remaining single, which I’m sure is also a sin.

  6. Krissy

    You can’t be serious. Rape is a serious issue, one that affects not only girls, but guys as well. What’s your argument for their excuse. Are all the boys involved in the church’s sex abuse scandal crying for attention too? I know rape victims and I know that they are not claiming it for attention. One girl I know got drunk at a party and was raped. The guy was sober. He took advantage of her. My guess is that you would say it’s HER fault for drinking. Why can’t someone (who was of age, by the way) have a fun night with friends without worrying about getting sexually assaulted? Rape can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and depression.

    Let’s pick apart your allegations of what victims of rape gain.

    1.They get attention (maybe some media coverage with an angelic like photo of themselves displayed)

    Okay, I know people who have been raped. They never went around yelling it at the rooftops, let along on the news. The last thing rape victims want to do is tell people. It’s ridiculous to think that people are claiming rape to get attention. That’s the LAST thing they want, trust me. The only reason the rape victims I know told me was because they had no other place to turn and I was a resource for them to get help.

    2. They get to have a clean slate of all sinful actions.

    This is so utterly false, I don’t even know where to begin. They don’t sleep with someone and think “God is going to be so pissed, I better ruin someone’s life by claiming they raped me”. Do you know what it takes to go through a trial and all that? A lot of time and a lot of money. And that’s just to get a trial. Have their been false allegations of rape? Yes. But it’s not the reason why people claim rape. It’s because someone took advantage of them.

    3. They get to hurt the reputation of innocent American men.

    Most people who are raped are too scared to even come forward. This one also goes back to to the trial issues. And there is nothing innocent about a man who forces himself on a woman, no matter what state she is in or vice versa for that matter (because anyone can be a rapist and anyone can be a rape victim).

    This article sickens me. Plain and simple.

    1. Jason

      Yes, even boys and men, especially in the church cases are just wanting attention. And if they bring the accuser to trial and receive money for the act they become prostitutes. A prostitute is someone who gets money for sex, plain and simple. If the accused is in fact guilty of the act of rape then their name and picture should go out to the media so people will know to avoid the accused. But the second money is involved than the victim becomes the attacker and extorts a fee for services rendered, therefore becoming a whore, male or female!

      And your drunk friend. Yes it was her fault. She probably led the guy on when she past out in the submitted position over the arm of the couch. Hopefully she learned a valuable lesson and will learn to control her alcoholic consumption.

      Blessings and peace be with you.

  7. JD13

    I’m pretty sure this site is all a satire, and I get what you’re trying to do. I’m a Roman Catholic and yes, the Church and a lot of us followers have ridiculous notions.
    However, even making fun of extremists that would say something like this about rape is pretty disgusting. I’m pretty sure any rape victims who read this (female OR male) would be extremely offended, even knowing it’s a “joke”. Maybe just stick to your day job… If you don’t have one, it might be time to get a life.

    1. Jason

      I actually was raped, by someone in a church (not catholic, but hey, a church is a church right). I think this article is great. It’s a satire site, stop taking yourselves so serious. Through humor there is healing. I was able to get past it and move on. However I was not one of those whore’s who extorted money from a church for services rendered.

      Move up and move on. Healing doesn’t come from reliving bad experiences over and over and over….

  8. Beth

    You need an editor, friend. And a change of perspective, but I won’t hold my breathe for that one.

    I enjoy that the first video is labelled as being a properly “trained” woman. Trained to…?

  9. Andria

    Just a question – do you think Jesus would ever utter the words that you used in your so-called “article”? Your vulgarity and obviously masogonistic attitudes completely overshadow any ounce of truth there may be in your writing (which by the way I’m not saying there is any truth to it – the content is utterly ridiculous). I am ashamed that this can be posted on a website that claims to be associated with Christ.

  10. Fuddy Rogers

    If these women would not dress like harlots they would not be raped. Haven’t they heard of “asking for it?”

  11. Seth

    So I take it that you sir are a racist male chauvinistic asshole. To be honest if you were to present this argument to me in person there would be little to stop me from beating the piss out of you. I am a firm believer in equal rights amongst everyone; all races and sexes. Don’t complain about not being about to say the N-word. Why would you even need to say it? Now just because you are some jackass that either has bad experience with women or has a superiority complex doesn’t mean “rape” is just a cry for help. I support the death penalty for “rape” and when it is spoken of I take it very seriously. I am a sex craved liberal yet I have no desire to rape people. I doubt some one’s political views has to do with their sexual tendencies. It’s people like you that ruin Christianity. I will see you in hell.

  12. Christiane

    That article is the most shocking thing I’ve ever read in my life. And you call yourself sons of God? With that attitude there is plenty of space for you in hell.

  13. Popanator

    I agree. The first time my daddie fisted my poopie hole I just relaxed and let him slide his fist right in! I admit it, I loved it! Then I fisted his poopie hole and we were splashing around in the poopies! Yum!

  14. Laz

    This is suppose to be a Christian site? By Gos it is so un-Christ like. Change the site name to ‘Right-Wing Nut Jobs Who Thump the Bible to Death.’

  15. ursoignorant

    Ok so after a little examining of this site and a little internet research this website is all satire, however, making light the issue of rape is no laughing matter, it is not a joke. How incredible distasteful of you to allow this on your website. When deciding what funny satire articles to put on your website you do so with a little more thought. Shame on the editors of this site to allow this article.

  16. katie

    ok so you saying all the men in the world are big manly angels and all the wemon are stupid whores and just need to do what the men say well guys what you can suck my big non exsistant dick ok thank you

    1. Jason

      Yes, everything you stated about the wemon is true. Read your holy bible and see what is said about the women. It’s all there in black and white, and some of the older copies even have red. However no one said women where stupid. I think it’s actually quite smart to spread ’em for a guy and extort enough money out of them so you don’t have to work anymore, that is genius.

      1. katie

        yeah well guess what douche bag im a women and i wouldnt fuck you with a 50 foot pole your a pathetic excuse for a man a women deserves more respect then a man because wemon do a hell of alot more work then a damn worthless piece of shit man i have read the bible and if you think your a christian read the damn bible agian and again because it does not say the rude words you just said to a 14 year old girl if you think the bible say that spreadin em` for a man then read it agian because it does not say that thank you for a lovely little lady
        p.s. maybe you should go gay because unless the womne is on drugs you will never find one

        1. Millennium

          There is barely Nothing about women In the bible for the matter pther than in genesis but many chauvinist male actually interpret this sort of thing the wrong way

          Do you see they don’t mention Lilith in the Bible the first “feminist” in history but the christian picture her as what again oh yeah succubus because she didnt wanted to be a slave for Men, it’s also a proof that The Bible is not the God word and never been

          also if I follow the fucking Bible

          God would be

          1. Jealous
          2. asshole
          3. sexist
          4. Racist
          5. Vengerous
          6. dangerous
          7. Evil
          8. homophobic

          it’s what God want to be Pictured ?? read the bible once more ( I don’t Talk about Katie)

          and here how satan is pictured

          1. equality
          2. Freedom
          3. Not racist
          4. He didn’t kill everyone for his Own pleasure

          see it’t strange that satan (lucifer) seems a better Guys than your God

  17. Mr Anonymous

    You, Sir, are a fool. I really don’t care if this site is for satire or not, I’m replying seriously to this article. You seem to think that women should remain at some lesser… submissive state when dealing with men. I will refrain from commenting on your English as I’m not sure that you are native to an English speaking country. However, I would like to point out that you have horrible grammar. It may be in your best interest to take a few middle to high school level English courses.

    Moving on, rape is not something that can be dismissed as a mere excuse. There may be women out there that would gladly use it as a free ticket to pleasure town with few of the normal repercussions (nobody escapes the grasp of STDs when they whore themselves around), but for those that are truly abused you can never turn your back and say they’re just a slut looking for a good time. This will merely make it easier to get away with rape (I have my suspicions about you). The reason being is that if it is publicly accepted that rape is merely a common way of getting out of trouble in the situation described there will be fewer people willing to listen to rape victims. People claiming to have been raped will be labeled as sluts or whore, making them less likely to confess.

    If this really what you are after, pray that whatever God you worship forgives ignorance… you are displaying plenty of it. In the case that it isn’t ignorance, burn in whatever form of hell you were told to believe in.

  18. namaste

    This is too far even for a satire sight, which this site DEFINITELY is. It’s just too far. Not funny, satirical, or even outrageous – just purely offensive; don’t fuck with rape victims. Picture one of them reading this right now and how it would reopen any semi-healed emotional wounds, because women actually hear this shit when they have been raped – for real.

    And I was really starting to enjoy this site for the crazy spoofiness of it.

  19. Ninox

    I’m not even going to begin tearing this to shreds. The author doesn’t even have a basic grasp of spelling and grammar, let alone anything more than ignorant opinions lacking in evidence, research or compassion.

    Your oh-so-Christian sense of love and kindness is overwhelming, and I love that you speak of unholy acts yet have no problem using terms like ‘fish-cave’ and ‘baby-hole’ that I have never heard a single woman use in my entire life. I’m glad to see that, while you have no problem enforcing your archaic dogma on others, you have no problem loosening your Christian values when it comes to your own speech. Practice what you preach please.

  20. Tyson Bowers IIIIce Van Winkle Post author

    The commentators seem to miss the point of the article. Rape is real. Rapists are real. Women get raped and is can be crushing.

    But when a woman misuses to word to describe sex that she later regrets but agreed to at the time, or misuses it to get back at man, or uses it to promote a twisted feminist agenda that tries to criminalize testosterone, then they are making the word weaker, and in doing so they unintentionally promoting rape because they way they use the word, it’s not so bad.

    Rape is bad, rape is violent. An 18 year old high school boy dating a sophomore in his class is not rape, except in a crazed legislator’s head.

    False accusation of rape happens all of the time, but the press prints the name of the accused and never the accuser. “Always protect the victim of rape”, but when it turns out the accuser was the abuser, and the accused was actually innocent, the press just goes silent and there is no outrage.

    Even if 95% of all rape accusations are real – violent, non-consensual sex – we should still strongly condemn the 5% of women who feel bad or ashamed of what they did, or want attention, and try to cover it up with accusations of rape. “I can’t be a slut, so I must have been raped”, this sort of distorted thinking goes. (And now I am prepared for people to say that no one thinks like this. All I can say is that you don’t understand the human condition, then).

    Feminist would do their cause a great service to come down hard on these people who misuse the word, since rape is real problem for women.


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