Richard Simmons Wants Obama to Give Him Permission to Moleste Your Children

As I search the internet for unholy content to expose, I came across one of Christianities worst enemies. The closeted homosexual, Richard Simmons. This man is nothing but filth and full of gay agenda sin!

I found this new video where he is actually asking Mr. Obama to give him permission to get closer to our kids. This man is sick and we all know what his true intentions are, to touch young boys! Just view this video and you will see the devil ooze from this man.

Also, knowing how our new president is, he will be more than happy to give this gay homo money to open up camps that will corral or youth, so he can force his gay agenda and other things into our children.

18 thoughts on “Richard Simmons Wants Obama to Give Him Permission to Moleste Your Children

  1. wtf

    maybe he wanted to be a priest but he wasn’t allowed to because, well, heaven-sent child-molesters aren’t allowed to have such a gay voice

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  3. fuck you

    Tyson Bowers you’re a stupid fucking brain washed hypocrite piece of shit. The funniest thing is that you dont even realize what a joke your life is. You write articles about queers and argue with people all day. Do us all a favor and go be gay, everyone knows that why you hate them so bad, its because you’re scared of your own sexuality.

  4. Gregory

    Seriously, Tyson. I truly want to know how you come up with these notions. Clearly, Richard Simmons just simply wants P.E. to be more active in childrens’ lives. Even if he is gay, just because he wants to help kids doesn’t make him a pervert. I’m a guy, and I’ve babysat little girls before. Does that mean I’m a pedophile? If I walk into a bank, does that mean I have the intentions of robbing it? When I go to shave every morning, does that mean I’m suicidal?

    Satan looks at you, and says, “Please, continue your little rants and raves. Non-Christians look at you and think, ‘Why would I want to become a Christian if that’s how I’m going to become? A hypocritical stereotyper.’ Thank you, Tyson, for deterring so many.”

    Congratulations. You have succeeded in failing.

  5. Anony

    seriously, this website is complete bullshit lol, this isnt christianity, hell this isnt even religion, this is just some lazy ass way to promote some bum’s self-centered beliefs. Take the hint already, its not what YOU WANT.

  6. Kathy

    You seem to write an awful lot about homosexuals. Could it be that you are one yourself, and are trying to put on a front?

  7. FUCKyourGOD

    This is total BS. Get off your BS train christfaggots. I mean leave the guy alone, all you do is brainwash people into your bullshit, atleast he gets fat people skinny. Oh yea and your pope can suck my cock!

    1. Sinner

      The pope is catholic you fucking dolt
      If you want to help at least try and pay attention and sound like you know something. LOL your right up there with this assclown. ROFL, at least as well informed….


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