Rockabilly – The Eye Make-up Hipster Trend

Influenced by bands from the early 90’s post pop punk era, like Socialily Distorted, The Descenders and Rude Dime Mentally Pee Nine, Rockabillies are the “fem” branch of the hipster culture.

Rockabilly’s are the “gang bangers” of this modern hipster uprising, but at the same time, they are able to deceive the American population of their dangerous habits by wearing over the counter eye liner and using Afro-Saxon hair creams to slick their hair back in to a 50 style Doo Wop manner.

One of the most popular sub genres of Rockabilly is called a “Horror Pop”, which is a branch of followers who worship the female lead singer of the Gothic Rockapunk band, Horror Pops. This band influences young Rockabillys into devil worship and fantasies of hot rod sex orgies and drug induced zombie street drug highs.

Rockabillys idolize and model their dress after Ryan Stezzer, who was actually the first Rockabilly before it hit the main stream. Brian Stezzer has been writing hip gyrating sex music for over 30 years and continues to this day to make devil songs with his band “Stray Cats”. The name of the band refers to female naught holes and how they make women stray from their bedroom windows at night.

What Does a Rockabilly Look Like?

The male style of dress is like if you took Elvis and ran him through a copious amounts of gay bars for some “rough riding” and then dunked him into a batter of eye liner and faux hawked pompadours, then topped him off with tight $400 Diesel jeans and a tight button up shirt from GAP.

The sad thing is, the male Rockabilly spends more time on his hair and make up than his ovary bleeding sub counter part.

The females are no less than a show tunes number of sin dripping hussies, dressed up in tight street walker jeans and tube tops that make their sin bags cry “milk for sale”. They all tie their hair up to hide drugs, weapons and known to even smuggle illegal sex toys. Another hair accessory is the red flower or “Dolly” which symbolizes that they are sexual active and ready to rumble under the sheets with Satan’s Kookies in hand, while they gaze into their shirtless posters of Mike Ness.

Why Do They All Have Tattoos and What Does Each Tattoo Mean?

Swallows: Means they (male or female) like to take part in swallowing masturbatory climax juice.

Dice: This means the tattooee has a disease from performing a pre-martial sex act. In this culture, having a sex plague is “Rock Billy Boogie” or “Super Cool” and the number you have on your dice, is the number of sex diseases you have.

Cherry: If a girl has a cherry on her body, this means she has been entered anally in a sexual way by male Rockabilly. If a boy has a cherry tattoo on his body, this means he has dipped his “Ooby Dooby” into another man’s sewer pipe.

Money Sign: This sign is tattooed on the female Rockabilly and means she is owned by a Rockabilly pimp or also known as a “Daddy-Oh”. A “Billy Whore” is passed around local Rockabilly circles for a street fair price.

Eight Ball: This is for those who want people to know they are drug users. The eight ball is a street word for “crack” or as the Rockabillys call it “Sailor Jerry Dust”.

Why is This Culture Dangerous?

Besides the fact that it is making our future businessmen into Mary Kay wearing homosexuals, our future kitchen commanders into tramp stamped prostitutes and that every person who gets sucked into this powder puff culture is a Jagermeister alcoholic? You can tell this trend is smothered in sinful Cadillac danger because it is becoming very popular with the oriental communist countries like China, Japan, Mongolia and Tibet. The communist version of Rockabilly is called “Harajuku” or if translated into English, it means “Gothic Dancing Leather Communists”.

Every morning these commies wake up to practice fighting styles while dressed like the American Rockabilly. You know that it is only a matter of time that theses yellow invaders will try to use their “in common” ways to connect and then influence the minds of the American youth.

167 thoughts on “Rockabilly – The Eye Make-up Hipster Trend

  1. Alison Manson

    Wow it just goes to show u that people on this site are out of thier fucking minds! Where did u get these pictures? A re enactment of grease? And the tattoos, Lol ur so fucking off! Wow just fucking wow!

    1. Antichrist

      They just simply type up whatever they please and grab whatever picture seems to be similar to their topic, it’s apart of the Christian propaganda, they have no real proof otherwise.

        1. Antichrist

          If sin is to truly exist and should be condemned, it is their ignorance! I fear they will never be able to decipher truth from lie.

    2. The Dead Rebel

      Seriously just wow….
      This is pure ignorance at its greatest. He’s even had the the front to post this on rockabilly pages on facebook :/

      I mean I’ve bin a Rockabilly all my life, straight to my Rockin’ Bone’s.
      This man is for all intense purposes a pure idiot. And seriously I don’t think I’ve ever heard a penis called an “ooby-dooby”
      its just.. good god.


    3. patty

      really how ignorant are you people…rockabilly is a life style and those tattoos mean nothing close to what you are saying… you are dumb Christian freaks who have no clue get a life….

  2. Shannon

    Go figure, how did I know this was a Tyson article just by reading the title? Guess I’ve been around to long. Tyson…. Get a life and quit hating on cultures that you have no idea what they are about.

  3. Cool Tom Kimbo

    I hadn’t realized so many kids I knew were Rockabillys!! I’m going to buy an anal cover to protect myself from their Ooby Doobys!

    1. Alison Manson

      It’s ok Tom u don’t need to! No one wants to fuck u anyways not even blind retarded women. Or any gay, not even my horny ass dog! And that’s saying something! Now as I said before go “give a knife a blowjob ™”

  4. the atheist one

    You people NEVER get it right, do you. Accept that children are not “homogays” or “evil” just because they dont listen to your brand of music! Jeez

  5. Bruce Danus

    I saw one of these “Rockabilly” girls with her “Daddy-Oh” and she had a tattoo of a “swallow that was on fire”. I could not decide if this meant she only swallows homogay’s Satan seed or if she only swallows Satan’s seed containing STDs? If anyone knows the correct answer to this question, any help would be greatly appreciated so I can correctly brand her for our congregation.

    1. roxy

      are you kidding me? how can you people just blindly hate something you know nothing about! this article is so far from the truth! you should do some research before you believe anything you read!

      1. mattypants

        How ironic is it that you’re telling the author to do some research and to not “believe everything you read”.

        This is a parody site. Had you bothered to read a couple of the comments just a few before yours before flying into a hissy fit, you might have figured that out.

        Insecurities sure can blind a person…

        Hilarious post, keep up the good work!

    2. Davis Vaughn

      You are a waste of space…and dispicable human being, first of all your creative choice of words indicates your filthy mind and your penchant for your inner homosexual desires that you project because it’s obvious you know absolutely nothing about the culture, I have to say it was entertaining to read because it was so stupid. Where did you get all this b.s.? it’s obvious you’re gay…I get what you’re doing, you’re creating propaganda for some sick & twisted agenda..greed money..who knows, but what I do know is that propaganda is a very communist thing to do…get a life..loser

    3. Engle V. I. Steen

      It means that she like to take part in swallowing masturbatory climax juice of Satan and this makes her so hot that she want someone to enter her cherry with chilijuice

  6. Alison Manson

    It means that a really hot girl was with her boyfriend that’s loaded and just so happened to have that tattoo on her. Must I explain everything to u freaks? Dark lord please if u can just step on him!

    1. Susan B. Xenu

      I confess, I think I am in love with you Allison, forgive me for me believing in these lies that Christianity put into my mind.

      1. Alison Manson

        Whoa grandmama, calm down we start as friends ok? Um sure I guess, I ……… Omfg how did u……. Change so quickly and so randomly? I……. Wth?

          1. Alison Manson

            I’m in a relationship with my Sam and well I know I’ve been around the
            block and done what people call crazy but I’m not what u need………….. Trust me I mean I’m a craazy rich junkie from LA. Remember? U hate me o
            hate u! Ah good ol times!

          2. Susan B. Xenu

            Oh I see what you mean, maybe I can find a good Christian woman to fall in love with, hopefully it’s not too late since I am in my 80s. It’s depressing being a widow.

          3. Alison Manson

            Yes! Totally! And u will best of both worlds a Christian life and a lady lover! Yay it’s a win win! But the whole friend thing,…….. I think we can be friends! Friends are good yea friends!

          4. Susan B. Xenu

            It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Alison I applaud your flattery of me by faking your account and then talking to yourself with it.

            For those of you that are confused by the fake Susan I would like to point out that you should compare the size and of the type of the letters in my name (an approved account) to the fakes which is sad and pathetic just like the faker.

          5. Alison Manson

            No mutilation is the most sincerest form of flattery. Oh my gush! To tell u the truth I like u being the ragged old ass bitch u are as long as u don’t hit on me!

          6. Susan B. Xenu

            Yes he is a sick freak. Alison sorry to tell you I am not a homogay. But if I were I would want a decent woman of virtue and morals. I would want someone like Blanche. But she is still too young and likes the devils grape juice a bit to much for my personal tastes (no offense Sister Blanche).

            I would also not be interested in a girl that works at a record store in the mall and tells everyone that she is in the music business.

          7. Alison Manson

            Of course u do not ATE me that would be cannablism and is frowned upon in many parts of the world, and yes u do, u did not give me my apology! Thus u hate me!

      2. Davis Vaughn

        this isn’t Christianity it’s a page full of lies to give fodder to hypocrites who need someone to point the finger at…ridiculous..

  7. Alison Manson

    So ur my bitch! Oh what a relief and Susan no I was not talking to myself I was fucking freaking the fuck out! But it’s ok because it’s the way it should be I hate u and u hate me. Ah sweet sweet hate!

    1. Susan B. Xenu

      I do not hate you. I have made real attempts to be friends with you and everytime you insult me. You are sick perverted whore that smokes crack on your mall record store paycheck and pretends to be rich you are sad and pathetic. I am happy to go back to the way things were. Me being a decent woman of God and you being the whore of Babylon.

  8. hooliganyouth

    This bryll-cream dripping grease monkey scourge has been slithering its way into God fear communities for decades. One segment is led by a false prophet, one Reverend Horton Heat. Avoid these disciples at all cost, they will lead you into sin, hedonism, and darkened alleys to homogay your soul.

    Also beware of Acolytes of Page. This coven can be easily recognized by their black banged strumpet hair-do, sass talk, and pedal-pushers.

    An early warning sign of loved ones becoming “rockabilly” is viewing of the cinematic filth that is “Cry Baby”.

    1. Timmay

      For someone calling themselves “hooliganyouth” you have certainly shown yourself to be a true follow of Christ. Praise to you, sir, praise to you!

    2. albion man

      the acolytes of page have recognized true holiness

      they drink from the jack and eat from the sightly spiked bread

      they riff the sex sound and thus a thousand convert will join

  9. JVV

    Wow. There is NOTHING that is correct in this article about Rockabilly at all. Just goes to show, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The author did a minimum of “research” into a sub-culture he knows nothing about and then made the rest up.

    For the record, my husband and I have been together 20 years and he has never worn eyeliner or any other kind of make-up.

    Seriously, have you considered medication?

    And doesn’t the bible say, “Judge not lest ye be judged?” Also in my religious training (yes, I’m a Rockabilly AND a Catholic) I was taught that Christ abhorred hypocrites.

    Just goes to show, there’s a lot of crap on the Internet and any ignoramus can publish a web site.

    1. Al

      Took the words right out of my mouth! I’ve been a Rockabilly AND Christian for 30 years now. Liking a certain music style and a culture which originates from the 1950s (not the commercial brainwash)does not make one “evil”. Evil is rampant all over the world, regardless of culture. The worst are those who claim to be Christians (as the author)and make up LIES to make their article look good. The author should do an HONEST research. Not this propaganda!

  10. Presbyterian Tendencies

    Forty years ago a young girl offered me (what she called) her cherry. I chased her away, even though I was a little confused as to what she meant, as her tone of voice was very insidious. I am proud to say I haven’t taken a woman’s cherry since; in fact I have never taken anyone’s cherry.

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  12. Bethan

    Is this article serious or a piss take? because I do hope the author realises that rockabilly has been around since the early 50s and it is a music style not a dress style, this article is a load of rubbish and coming from someone who listens to rockabilly music, you are an utter douche

  13. Lisa

    This is incredible, the writer can barely string a sentence together, is English not his first language? It actually reads like a spam message, just words stuck together at random. Also everything in the article is incorrect. Articles like this do the atheist cause a huge favour. Thanks!

  14. Lisa

    I’ve just browsed around this site and the whole thing is a spoof. I find it absolutely hilarious that people are reading this site and thinking it is written in earnest. Ha!

  15. mimi

    SOUNDS LIKE THE AUTHOR HAS SOME REAL SICK SEX FANTASIES!! I know he was wacking off as he wrote this. sick f*ck. Get laid mister you have some seriously deep rooted issues.maybe you should take up writing porn since youre so good at making up sick sex scenario’s. I pity the people that believe this f*cking idiot.

  16. brett

    This guy could not get it anymore wrong. Id be very interested to know what really goes on inside your head when the lights go out. I bet you have more demons inside you than all the “doo-wops” put together.

  17. mike z

    this is BS, I’ve had a Swallow on my neck for over ten years and it has zero to do w/wanting some dudes sperm…. Thanks for putting more nonsense into the brains of the zombies, jackass…..

  18. Otis T. Lantz

    Wow. First of all, before you start posting drivel on a public forum, you might want to use spellcheck. Secondly, you might want to try and get the names right, i.e. “Bryan Stezzer” and “Socialily Distorted”. I hope to fuck that this is a troll blog because I don’t want to believe that there are people so incredibly stupid out there with access to a computer. Just goes to show that a keyboard is the second most dangerous tool in the xtian arsenal, second only to their bible.

  19. Rock Ribs

    I saw one of those rock-a-bility floozies around here the other day asking random men if they could show her how to wang dang doodle. The nerve! Also, her boyfriend had a tattoo of a swallow swallowing a swallow ON HIS THROAT. Who knows what all that meant.

  20. Holly

    What is going on here? Are these people for real? I am so confused and think this is the funniest shit ive read in a long time…i totally don’t believe this is real…hahahahhhahaha…Brian Sezzer…hahahaha. What is all this talk about drugs in the hair pieces and sex juice and anal? My mother should wash these folks mouths out with soap….these freaks if they are real need to be shipped off to the looney bin…other than that you all have the funniest sense of humors…hahahah

    1. Heather

      I truly hope that you are kidding. This person is completely clueless!! Tattoo’s have many meanings, and there are several religions throughout the world that incorporate body modification as a part of their faith. No God would ever back up this crack pot!! Especially the Christian God who is supposed to be all forgiving…

  21. Magic Dave

    What a crock of crap! Once again, Christians trying to take the focus off their child molesting ways! Where the hell did he get his research,he can’t even get the names of people or bands right!

  22. Rockabilly




    I nearly pissed myself reading this.

  23. Joey

    wow. i thought ignorance was bliss not judgmental. if this is even real which i highly doubt because of the insanity that it is. it just goes to show that from a “religion” that claims to be based on love and forgiveness there sure stems alot of hatred and idiocracy. get a life or end it yourself. the gene pool needs to be strengthened anyways

  24. Johnny Bop

    Now I know why I dont full religion. This guy has fallen out the tree and hit ever branch on the way down. There plenty of Rock a billys who are Christian, there also plenty of Rock a Billys who follow other religions. Here in the UK the birth place of Rock a Billy, yes Rock a Billy as a form of music is 100% American, but as a Sub Culture it is a pure British invention, guys did (please note the word DID) wear eyeliner back in the early 80’s. You will not find any in the UK wearing now unless you are into the gay scene. If this idiot knew anything about the scene he would know that back in the 80’s and 90’s there was a big problem with Rock a Billys and the gay scene. Thankfully we have grown up and we except them for what they are. The best bit the bands he mention are not Rock a Billy they are psychobilly bands. The guy is an idiot and should be sent back to the 50’s where he belongs.

  25. Liberty

    OK, not only is this article littered with spelling mistakes but it’s also woefully inaccurate. Even if your opinion is bigotus, at least try to present if with some finesse. As a journalist I’m appalled at the unprofessionalisim of this piece.

    1. Frank N. Beenz

      Are you a journalist because you couldn’t pass the bar exam? I’ve heard that people who can’t figure out when something is a joke, often turn to journalism…

  26. Wild Deuce

    Did the reporter do any research before writing this piece of crap.
    Get a life and write about stuff you know. Or go wear some eyeliner faggot.

    1. Heather

      while I agree with your basis of reasoning here, I think calling him a ‘faggot’ just puts yourself down to his ignorant level.

  27. Frank N. Beenz

    This website is incredibly informative. I will steer clear of these whores in the future. Kids and their rock music, for shame…..

    For those of you angered by this, you’re going to hell.

    **snickers at excessive trolling**


    Hey , do guys even know any Rockabilly Cats or are just making this stuff up- As a believer ,you guys got maybe half the story right- Im a believer ,Work hard ,Build my Hotrods ,and play my 50s rocknroll. whats the big deal—no one is perfect not even Christians and I am one!! This story sucks!!

    1. Harold Camping

      Mr military man,

      Only homogays would refer to their male friends as “Cats.” The only thing more homogay would be having cross-dressing posers dressed as rockabillies meeting in pizza places for hook ups.

  29. Siobhan

    I never thought of stashing my drugs, guns and knives in my hair before – I’d only been keeping my illegal sex toys in my hair, and fumbling in my purse for weapons is never convenient. Thanks for the tip,!

    Also, it’s Brian Setzer. HTH!

  30. Nicole

    It’s nice to see that any whack job on the planet with internet access can post an “article” without any actual facts. Thanks for the laugh.

  31. Margaret Vivianne

    So, my friend and I totally made up a drinking game to this website.
    If you’re bored like we were than you should totally participate. Here goes:
    1.Every time you see the words “God hates…” you drink.
    2.Every time you see the word “Satan” you drink.
    3.If someone is wearing black (which means they HAVE to be “emo”,right?) that poor,lost soul has to drink.
    4.Every time you see the old lady, Susan B. Xenu, arguing with someone or an article written by her, you have to drink.
    5.Every time you see an article written about a band you like you have to drink.
    6.If its about a band you actually like then you have to drink twice.
    7.If you like sex, than you have to take three big swigs.
    8.If you aren’t afraid of mexicans, blacks, gays, emos, or gingigger (lol, wtf is that?!) you drink.
    9.If you’re afraid of the way the world is going to turn out because of the people who run this site, just drink the whole god damned bottle.

    HAVE FUN! <3

  32. the man

    Like they say – only in America! I`ve never heared so much crap in my entire life – i`ve been what You call rockabilly for over 20 years and for any mug to think that “straight cats” started it need a good kicking in the ass. the funny thing is rockabilly did start in USA . but u guys haven`t got a clue. the only reason that rockabilly survives now is because us Brits! Rule Britania!!!

  33. babydoll

    Oh my sweet lord….I`m a rockabilly – i do not have tattoos, i do not take drugs i do go to church every Sunday – and to be honest – You need to find yourself hobby or start to write books bacause You definetely have the imagination…!!!!
    You do not have any idea what You are takling about. Everything that You wrote is a complete insult for all the rockabillies all over the world!!!
    Oh hang on a minute – are we back in 1950`s and Rock`n`roll is a DEVIL music again?! Hoorrraayyy…will get my Lucite handbag and by jeans out and go out wiv Runaway Boys!!! :)

  34. Delicious, Simply

    Above this line = trolled.
    Below this line = also trolled.

  35. Johnny

    Not only are you people narrow minded idiots, your spelling and grammar are attrocious! Not to mention, do some research. A news article should be based on facts, not personal facist ideals and hearsay.

  36. Heather

    The fact that you couldn’t even get any names of the bands right, shows how little ‘research’ you’ve done and how much knowledge you lack on the subject. By writing such gibberish, all you’ve done is prove how incredibly ignorant and simple minded you are. This is what pushes most people away from religion these days. I feel so incredibly sorry for you and anyone who believes your nonsensical rantings. You’re close minded hatred of anything different from yourself prevents you from enjoying what God created in the Human race and what He wanted for us. I can only hope that he either banishes you to hell for breaking so many of his commandments, or forces you to spend your time in heaven among the people you condemn. I am not a religious person, because of people like you. I am spiritual or agnostic. Simply because I refuse to be lumped in with pathetic ingrates like you.

    1. Heather

      P.S.- even if this a ‘troll blog’, its annoying to put this kind of crap out there. because obviously people do believe it and follow this kind of BS. If you really have nothing better to do, don’t post bullshit lies about people or ‘genres’. seriously….

    1. Tara

      Do you mean “now”. Wow you are truly an uneducated person aren’t you? Stop making the rest of us Christians look bad!

  37. Munsta

    This was really really! Waste of an article, maybe if it had some kind of fact instead of counterfactual stuff, it woulda been more interesting instead of a complete FUkN waste of time…

  38. Kelvis

    You all do know this is a joke dont you? Read some of the other articles. Its a parody of a Christian site.

    So dont take it seriously.

    1. EccentricSage

      Oh shit! They did get me! XD

      All is right in my world. I was right when I smelt troll. Oh god, that was almost as good as sex. Almost as good as masturbatory climax juice, even. XD

  39. C

    You people are crazy! I’ll tell you something too… people in the real world don’t think about sex as much as you do!

    This is not at all in any way describing rockabilly culture. AT ALL.

  40. yomama

    If you are writing an article, at least get your facts and band names right, Socialily Distorted? It’s Social Distortion, you retard. And for the rest of the article, sometimes the greatest fictitious stories come out of your ass like this one. I’m glad that my Daddy Oh has a cherry tattoo cause he butt f*cked your mother.

  41. Mike

    Really? Have you ever been to a rockabilly show before? Obviously not. “masturbatory climax juice?” Just call it cum you fucking fuck stick. By the way, there is no god.

  42. tyson bowers mom

    I am a Rockabilly
    Instead of riding every colored man in town i should have been teaching my son the difference between ” know” and ” now ”
    Now if obama would leave his wife so i can have an orgy with him and tiger woods oooh and that chad ocho cinco

  43. eddie vee

    Golden! My FLAMING dice tattoo boasts a total of 18 dots, you know what that means, nudge, nudge, wink, wink! I don’t even want to know what my tattoo of two swallows holding a banner that says MOM means… Especially considering it was my Grandmother’s embroidery pattern, she musta been one helluva swinger!

    Hey Kitty Cats, have a looksy at the website. Their book is endorsed by GOD! C’mon now, it’s the internet, enough knee jerk reactions. Anyone who took the trouble to mention Mike Ness would know he doesn’t play for Socialily Distorted, don’t tell me you didn’t catch on.

  44. DuB

    well let me tell you that is lame ass didn’t even do good research.first of all there is no such thing as a HORROR POP scene. that is actually a band, i was part of this scene for meany years and to be honest this guy is just talking out of his ass. he has no real information that is even remotely correct. the truth of the mater is that if you believe this bullshit, you are part of a large group of idiots that will never understand what you are talking about. my advise to you idiots is to just stick to what you know and don’t talk about things you will never know about. it is people like this dumb ass that make me hate religious type people.

  45. misti

    1st of all .. it’s Social Distortion and Brian Setzer, both of which were around well before the 90’s. I stopped reading after your mistep with the spelling..

    If you want to make a point that people who KNOW something about the genre or anyone else for that matter, will listen to.. get your facts straight and try and convey a message with fact and intellect. After the first few sentences I began to see that the author lacks the ability to use BOTH.

  46. Cjwk

    I’m no fan of rockabilly but seriously you stupid right psycho christian assclown do some damn reserch before hand and right down the band name they are called Social Distortion and The horrorpops…ass

  47. royce

    OMG! you claim to be christian but lie. lying is a sin rev. just making things up doesn’t work. just say you don’t prefer the style. everything you said about the tattoos and style is a lie. stop you are giving christians a bad name. it’s no wonder people don’t like christians when they see ignorant ramblings like this. it goes against all that is truely christian. you can’t hate your way to heaven. please stop telling people you are christian. tell them you are just a liar and a deceiver. jesus teaches love not hate.

  48. Daniel

    Who the fuck wrote this shit? your probally a 40 year old faggot who lives at home with his mum and watches gay porn all gay. you bath in semen and suck dick all day long. go eat a dick you gay cunt

  49. EccentricSage

    At first when a facebook friend posted this link, I had no clue about the context as I started reading the article. I thought ‘Oh great, typical wanna-be fashion know-it-all who defines all sub-cultures and counter cultures as ‘hipster culture’ because he doesn’t know what a hipster is.’ Then I kept reading.

    Oh my god… When I got to the part about tattoos I seriously thought I was being trolled by a fucking MASTER TROLL. I was all ‘oh you’ (insert troll face here). Then I realized what site I’d been linked to. Wait… This guy is serious?! Wow. Just a bunch of lolcats in old people suits, that’s my theory.

  50. hooliganyouth

    Better get right with Jesus because no one walks away from Dead Man’s Curve.

    Bunch of no good hoods, hot-roddin around, with their hepcat jive, consorting with greasers and beatniks, spending all their time at juke-joints. Oh, I know what kind of shenanigans these “rock and roll” youngsters get up to.

  51. andy

    wher the fuck do you people crawl from????
    you can’t even spell brian setzer for a start off.
    and as said,rockabilly originated in the early 50’s
    as a style of music,not dress.
    i’ve been around it for more than 30 years,well before the
    stray cats ever came about.
    you sir(the author),are a total wind bag who has absolutely no idea,or concept of what rockabilly is all about.
    streay cats indeed!!!!
    try people like warren smith,johnny burnette and so many more,then you may get somewhere near to where rockabilly
    comes from and when.
    pull your neck in you muppet.

  52. Gonzo

    The author of this article is an idiot! He obviously didn’t do any research for any part of this whatsoever.

  53. Shane

    Ok I get the tattoo explanations. Thank you for for the clarification! Could you explain the one I’ve seen with the man in a diaper nailed to a tree? Seems so lurid violent and grotesque!!!

  54. Pastor Rod Harding

    I’ve been to several of these “hot rod street Orgies” and believe me, no man of god is ever present.

      1. Pastor Rod Harding

        I was trying to save them obviously Shannon. It’s amazing how open your heart can be mid-thrust.

    1. Bruce Danus

      I have looked into this “Psychobilly” that you mentioned. It appears to be a bunch of homosexual necrophilia fans. The homosexuality appears in bands such as “Batmobile”, which celebrates a homosexual superhero’s car. The necrophilia is from bands such as “Demented! Are Go!” and “The Meteors”. This is an even more disgusting sub-genre of this emosexual fad. I will pray for you soul.

      1. Bruce Danus

        Any band that proudly sings about “Daddies making monsters” and putting grandmothers beneath the stairs (so they can fornicate with her body, no doubt), has to be evil.

  55. Sheep Dog

    Well , now that I have stopped laughing for a min . I enjoyed reading this rubbish . You ( The Author ) of this work may have a future at The National Enquirer . First off I don’t think The Horror Pops are all the rage . Don’t think the tats have a deeper meaning .. then being cool tats for wild chicks and cats .

    anyway check out my Broadcast ( If You DARE ..LOL)

  56. Heartbreak

    Comical artical Hoss! I see you attended the ‘Bachmann School Of Multi Cultural Diversity’
    Speaking of Christian wing-nuts; Today she wished the King a happy Birthday on the 34th Anniversary of his death. Which prompted the knuckle-dragging-Jesus-rode-a-dinosaur revisionist crowd that hangs on her every sylable to run out in droves to buy the king Hallmark cards.

    TCB Babies!

  57. redboots

    Apparently, being “Rockabilly” doesn’t involve a whole lot of reading comprehension.

    This is a parody site, people…a joke. Google “parody” if you don’t know what that word means.

    Maybe you should all spend less time gelling your hair and getting yourselves tatted up and a little more time hitting the books?

    1. Jamie S

      I dunno I was thinking that if this were as obvious as the onion it would have been mildly amusing. But it isn’t really funny at all. With a title like and a tagline of conservative values for an unsaved world, it smacks of religious sillyness.

      I’ve seen similar articles and warnings about many other fads, such as the satan enrollment of role playing etc and this doesn’t seem any different. Maybe they should have gone more over the top?

  58. Your Mum

    They fact that so many of you are getting offended by this is hilarious! Its a joke site, parody website and this is funny as hell.

    I fit into the subculture in question and I can laugh at myself and this because I’m not a wanker.

  59. Silemay

    You guys, this entire website is satirical. It’s a big fat joke, like The Onion. Fret not!!! Read and laugh!!!!

  60. JIMMY


    1. Timmay

      You have painted a detailed picture, madam. I totally envision a trailer surrounded by empty beer cans and broken down cars, along with a few degenerate, tattooed ex-cons.

  61. Jamie S

    This article is the most ridiculous and impossibly handicapped piece of NON sense I have ever read. There is NOTHING in this article that goes on in the rockabilly community. It’s 50’s music with 50’s style and class but today.

    Being as they miss-spelled and fact checked everything (and by fact check I mean they let their little stupid religious minds say whatever they felt like), a 6 year old would maybe be afraid of the scary billies. Anyone else with ONE brain cell would immediately call bullshit. Because it is 100% BUUUUULLSHIT.

    I’m not in the scene or any scene, but trust me.. they are generally less problem causing and drug using than many other groups. They like a trend and good music. Sue them!! No person in their right mind would tattoo a tally of how many STDs they have. Ever. That is a concept that shouldn’t have been mentioned, as much as someone getting swallowed by a whale or coming back to life after 3 days. Whoever wrote this tripe needs to be beaten to death with 400 tire irons for being so shockingly reality-oblivious.

    If morals need to be in check, it most certainly will fucking not be the Christians that keep us a million miles near anything moral or sane. This article should be about how RELIGION has and CONTINUES to REAM MILLIONS OF MINDS with its’ imaginary bullshit.

  62. Cam

    The terrible spelling just makes this even more funny. I am less offended by being compared to gay people then hipsters though.

    I laughed so hard at this, if I was drinking milk it would have come out my nose.

  63. Hearse Driver

    1. Retarded article
    2. A retarded christian taking this site seriously will be brain washed into thinking this is real parody site or not.
    3. Aren’t emo’s and hipsters the same thing in reality?

  64. Tara

    This has to be a joke!!! This guy is CRAZY!!! I am a Christian and reading this has me totally understanding why people don’t like Christians! Please don’t categorize all of us with this complete psychotic idiot!! He needs some serious psychotherapy!


    hahahahaha you forgot psychobillys,are they fucking with us or what,the horor pops suck bigtime dick,listen most of the the rockabillys are god fearin,hard workin ppl,but if these christan freaks want to pass judgment,they have no rightONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US ,and god is was and always will be,a rockin catt!


    I couldn’t agree more. You should do one on fattypages, tortillabillys, and scenebillys. The part of taking them thru gay bars and makeup reminded me of some of the Zombie Wrecking Crew.

  67. Abby Vic

    this article was clearly written by a god fearing fascist moron who doesn’t know anything about sub cultures and what they represent to those people or to people who know nothing about it. Whoever wrote this must have been alittle to bored at home, the person didn’t even get the name of the hair style down, sure it’s doo wop “manner” but they are called QUIFFS, or for girls POMPADORS. And yeaaaa fuck the Horrorpops, they suck Patrica the lead singer is a no good herps bearing whore who fucked over Kim Nekroman’s career by making him her bitch, somehow now his music has sucked because of her or at least ever since her. Either way though only poser’s would WORSHIP Patrica hahaha NO ONE. And do you have to be an alcoholic to be a GREASER? no you gotta be an alchoholic to be a PUNK! so to you who wrote this article your a moron hahaha your a complete idiot and are completely ignorant and arrogant,and so obviously unaware you are a nazi for the man in the sky you call god. well here’s a line for you

  68. Abby Vic

    this site was made for the furture Nazi party of America, their slogan is, If you don’t believe in God believe that we will cut you down for it.
    And trust me they’ll have a big creepy smile when they say it to you, btw to the guy who wrote the article, this religion is a farse.

  69. Cha-cha

    A) Japan isn’t a communist country. It’s a parliamentary democracy.

    B) “Harajuku” is the name of an area of Tokyo. It could NEVER EVER mean “Gothic Dancing Leather Communists” in English… ever.

    C) Something is fogging your closed, little mind, Tyson Bowers III. God would hate you for being such an ignorant douche whistle. Whistle elsewhere, dick knuckle. We don’t want to hear it.

  70. cole Heart

    Wow dude, you’re a total fuckin idiot. You really have no idea what the hell a Rockabilly is. What you’re talkin about it a small knock-off branch of rockabillies that we real rockabillies refer to as “hipster billies”. Real rockabillies are beer drinkin, fist fightin, swing dancin, bad ass car driving, hell raisers.

    1. Reverend Putty

      Rockabilly: sister-dating, goat-pumping, pickup-driving, trailer-dwelling, greasy duck-tail and pompadour having rednecks.

      Repent heretic!

  71. cole Heart

    Let me guess, You’re either some fuckin nerd who beats off to anime porn all day while livin in his mommy’s basement or a total wanna be frat boy douchebag? How’m I doin?


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