Russian Music Causes Satan To Enter Two Little Girls Bodies

Yet again we find more and more proof of satan’s work. In this video you can see that satan has entered two young girls bodies once they turn on some commie Russian techno music.

As we all know techno music is the music of satan and makes kids want to do drugs, have orgies, engage in homosexual activities and murder. Now when you mix that in with a little bit of communist Russia, you have a huge disaster waiting to happen.

Satan’s two favorite foods are communism and techno, so please stay off his dinner table my friends and make him starve himself.

Here is the video:

Here are three other posts showing satan’s power over young minds:
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49 thoughts on “Russian Music Causes Satan To Enter Two Little Girls Bodies

  1. Caitlyn

    Seriously? You God-rearing people are freaks. They’re teenage girls dancing to some funny music. Why are you all on the internet watching this stuff anyway, aren’t you late for your tea party with Leviticus?


  2. Adam Nelson

    The tall one has also painted what appears to be cat whiskers and nose on her face, much like the pagan Persian Egyptians who worshiped cats. This is pretty bizarre and cultish.

    1. Johnny

      Serious on the bizarre cultish message of the cat whiskers? You have got to be kidding…first off it was the Egyptians who worshiped cats, not “Persian Egyptians”. Persians and Egyptians are two separate groups. Actually the basis for Jesus Christ is anchored in ancient Egyptian theology. Many of the same themes permeate Christianity. See the Egyptian god Horus it shares many of the same attributes as Jesus Christ yet he was around much before Jesus is said to have existed. Back to your supposed hidden message of the cat whiskers, its just girls having fun theres no need to look for messages that are not there. I’m also going to point out that the communist regime in Russia fell in 1991, and now Russia has a quasi democratic government based on the United Sates presidential system.
      Glad i could clear up those misconceptions.

  3. SAM

    This is techno you fucking retards it’s the GODDAMNED Tetris music.. OH NOES Stacking block is teh work of teh debils! Hide you’re children (unless you’re too busy fucking them that is.).

  4. Idiots

    How exactly do you find videos like this without going to youtube and searching for ‘young girls dancing’?

    Fucking christfags are all pedo’s…

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  6. Steve

    Chris I couldn’t agree more. Aren’t there better things to do than to condemn other people? Its two girls who are just dancing and having a bit of fun. “Satan’s two favorite foods are communism and techno”? Really now? What would be considered “unclean” music? Songs with suggestive themes are more likely to have an impact on a child than lyricless techno music.

  7. Joseph

    They say the devil’s greatest trick was getting everyone to believe he didn’t exist, but it is actually that he got everyone to believe he was GOD! You christains are the satan worshipers who ravish the planet.

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  9. Mike

    Ooooooohhhh baby!!! I would LOVE to be satan and enter their bodies!! MMMM… My satanic love juice would look WONDERFUL all over their tight butts, or in them.

    You are all freaks.

  10. infinited

    This is outrageous! Who would have thought that even a game so innocent seeming like Tetris was actually a Trojan Horse into our nation to fill our children with Satan? It appears that the only thing we can do is to either cut the God-fearing US away from the rest of the world, or to destroy all the Satanworshippers in the world. With Obama in office, I’m afraid it’ll be hard to do either.

    1. Millenium

      Sure you can do that cut off your ressource port from other country No more Oil must come In from middle east No more market from other country no more trade cut off the airport and naval port as well a Bus and train station who Goes Outside of uSA bring back EVERY single soldier ambassador and diplomat from USA

      also close every ambassy consulate and military abse and as well Prison Outside of USA do NOT COMMUNICATE WITH ANYONE ELSE OUTSIDE OF YOUR COUNTRY

      I would bet 3 Buck that AL QUAEDA will stop their terrorism and we will be at epace because you closing down your Border to outside world

      if I win My bet ( which I’m 100% sure I will win it ) it’s mean there is a BIG fucking Problem with your country

  11. zizz

    LOL! so that means whenever i play tetris im being possessed by SATAN! OH MY SAVE US ALL!

    I have a skirt like the girl’s in the blue and white top. Makes me sinful, no? :)

  12. you people obviously need some help here

    ok so people dancing to the background music of tetris is suddenly the devils work i also wonder where you find these videos is this all you do sit at your computer and search for little kids dancing on you tube seems too me that your really just phedophials in denile but hey keep you little delusions i dont care how you try and get to sleep at night but dont plauge the internet with your over zealous B.S im totaly sure that the most evil force in the world has nothing better to do then stack blocks while watching people dance an as all my previous posts i willl tell you im jewish and see how you hicks run with it

  13. teh mornin st4r

    OMG ROFL DUDE the only thing that satan can claim as his own… is the horrible coreography and everything else is lols specially the part about “Satan’s two favorite foods are communism and techno” XD

    god bible huggers make me laugh

  14. God_AM

    The best I can say about the author of this blog is that he is afraid of the world around him. Many of us put up this armor to protect ourselves from that which we don’t understand. We call people mean names and attack them for things that we feel seperate them from us. When we don’t understand that we are all connected we put up walls to keep out that which we feel is “bad” not realizing that we are actually creating more seperation which creates more fear. Sometimes it even results in violence. And so begins another cycle of negativity. Negativity however cannot exhist on it’s own. It’s dependent upon the attention of other negative actions and thoughts. I suggest we allow the negativity to stop now. Don’t comment on this or any of his hatefull posts anymore. If anything send this man your love and wish him well. Pray fir him to find peace within himself and maybe he can learn to express himself in a way that promotes thy peace to his fellow human beings. Don’t feed him more of what his ego desires. You cannot attack the darkness that has pervaded his soul, you can only shine the light on it and hope for the best. Until he finds his own way out of the darkness he will continue to live in the he’ll that he wishes upon everyone else.

    COMMENTS MAKE HIM HAPPY, CLICKING LINKS MAKES HIM MONEY. just leave the site and never look back.

  15. brigid brophy

    I suggest tyson, or whatever your name is, that you confine yourself to good, honest porn and knock off this nonsense. People like you are why people like me think that christians are screwballs.

  16. brigid brophy

    oh shit, this has to be a joke. Right? I just read that story about a man raping a raccoon. lmao

    brigid loves you

  17. Passthepotatos

    Um Techno music has never made me want to do drugs or have orgies or be queer and certainly not made me want to murder. I don’t really get how you come to this conclusion that Satan must have entered them while the music was playing. Is he really that weak that he can only take over them while they listen to Tetris?

  18. GodIsNotWatching

    “Satan’s two favorite foods are communism and techno”…..
    In another article on this HILARIOUS site(hilarious because of all the freaks actually beliving what they are writing in their articles) said that the two favorite foods for satan is communism and fags. So wich one is it? We now know communism is one of the foods but what about the other? Fags or techno.. hmm tough choice.

    Burn in hell all of you pedo “god loving” christians. Remember kids if you see a priest, Run!! because he will problably touch you inappropriatly.


  19. Christman

    Clearly these two attractive young women are tempting our men to find younger and younger women attractive until we find ourselves tempted from girls barely out of the cradle.
    Today we are using stick thin women with pre-pubescent bodies as our ideal body. Is it any wonder that pedophilia and homosexuality are on the rise? Not to mention Satans power.
    Sometimes it scares me how few people really see this and act on it.

  20. Dave

    It’s the Tetris music – or wait – are old school Nintendo/Atari games the devil too?

    Here is what the devil does in this world… get ready for it:
    “Temptation.” Everything else is all up to you folks. Quit blaming a fallen angel for the fall of man. We made our own choices. Or – did you skip that part?

  21. Dan Nordgren

    This is truly another example of Satan’s music. You can see they get more comfortable in the evil Russian spirit as the song goes along.

    “It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools.”

  22. shame

    Easy grampa… perhaps you’re a bit too easily excited. Seriously though, condemning others does not help you in own spiritual journey. This is just absurd that with the problems of the world Tetris and Dancing are really considered tools of the Devil. I would be more willing to believe hate and fear-mongering are much more effective tools

  23. Adam Nelson

    Halloween has been hijacked by Satan, so why would anyone celebrate it. You go and paint your kids in blood and other demonic outfits, listen to dark music, let them go visit strangers house for candy and think that is somehow good?

  24. The Agnostic

    Techno. The most awesome music there is.
    O, and @ Adam, HAlloween rocks for our kids. We paint them with the blood of chickens and shout pagan incantations as we walk through the neighborhoods. LOL! ou are hella backward man. O, and go Satan!

  25. Jack O'Reilly

    Steve – Remember that techno music is UNHOLY. It encourages SEXUAL GYRATION of the hips that will then lead to FORNICATION when tempted by SATAN. If you want to listen to music, I suggest that you spend your time PRAYING TO GOD while listening to classical music.

  26. Mike

    So does tequila. As does dollar bills in Strip Clubs. As does pastors with little boys in churches.

    I think all girls should walk around naked (over 18 that is), and that all pastors should go through chemical castration.


    Did I mention that I think all of you are freaks?

  27. Mike

    If you are hot I will enter your body. Doesn’t matter what music is playing. I’ll even let you pick the hole!

  28. Himynameisnoneofurbusinesslololololz

    Seriously someone point out to me where they are seeing signs of devil because i’m very sure I didn’t see any 6’s watsoever, along with pentacles, or demonic symbols… You are trying soooo hard to find satan that you are starting to claim he is in places where he doesn’t even exist. What is your logic? Techno music is probably from America not Russia you fucking racist and they aren’t doing jack shit wrong. Is is a commandment to not dance? is it a commandment not to listen to music? Is it a commandment to dress up? No nothing is against God. You know what is a commandment? “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” Speaks for itseld. If you are stupid enough to be blinded by your own conviction that you are seeing something satanic then why are you watching it along with posting it up to let other fellow Christians watch? Watch silent hill

  29. Your Mother

    Pedobear approves!

    Seriously, do Christians really have nothing better to do than stare at little girls dancing to some stupid music?

    Or telling other people what to do?

    Stop jacking off to children at get a fucking life.


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