Scientists Discover New Penile Galaxy

i-ef423a4a774eea0f8fb737f4408799dd-ngc5426_gemini_big-300x281Shocking images from NASA are being displayed across America after a galaxy in the shape of a man’s penile organ was discovered earlier this week. NASA has been plastering the artist rendition of Galaxy-1axbc7, or as major gay organizations are calling it, “Galaxy Penile” or “Galaxy Gay”. Homosexuals are already trying to claim this is solid proof that their is other forms of gay life within the universe and also proves that God creates gay things. Scientists are saying at the tip of the duel galaxy, there are millions of stars ejecting themselves out to deep space and on their way to collide with other foreign deep universe masses.  Every news station has flashed this galactic erotica onto televisions across America and I fear children maybe victims of visual molestation via this photo.

3 thoughts on “Scientists Discover New Penile Galaxy

  1. WTF

    ok i will start off by saying god does not make anything… nor does he make a galaxy thats just bs lol maybe you should educate yourself.
    next i will like to say that is not a galaxy you dumb piece of shit!! that is TWO galaxies together not one TWO.
    i would also like to add this pic is fake since no way NASA can get a pic this clear when they cant get a pic of the Andromeda galaxy when its the closest one to us. also its rare for 2 galaxies to look exactly alike and be that close together.

    1. Jen

      1. It’s satire.
      2. It says right in the article, “artist rendition”. That means it’s not trying to be passed off as a photo, dumbass.


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