Simone Battle – He Likes Boys – Proof the Gay Agenda is on the Rise

Simone Battle - He Likes BoysX Factor failure, Simone Battle, has released her first single within the matter of minutes after being kicked off the show. Not only does this British socialist competition smell of musky scam. How is one to believe that this girl didn’t already have a record deal and they were using the X Factor to freely promote her new song, that BLATANTLY PUSHES A HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA. Do they really think that America is dumb enough not to know that the liberal media used another piss soaked karaoke show to stealth attack our homes with homo gay dupstep twiddle wally and sin coated dilly husk?

While America was watching to see who was going home from the X Factor, the sneaky little, pro anal sin docking, Afro-Saxon slipped in the Google keyword that all tweenages of the world needed to enter, like some secret passcode, to witness her new video that clearly pushes a homo erotic message. Within seconds, millions of children have been exposed to a video the shows one afro-gay walking around West Hollywood, looking for cheap ecstasy and tight jeaned man meat to devour. The song title alone shows you how open the gay world is when it comes to brain washing your children. It is entitled “He Likes Boys” and it is a song about putting the gay lifestyle in the spotlight.

America should be angry and the black community should be appalled by Simon Cowell’s use of black women to push a gay message and using a black man as the video’s star. I’m sure if The Tapack Sugar was still around, he would load this video up with a hell fire of bullets and then ghetto slap Cowell in the face.

12 thoughts on “Simone Battle – He Likes Boys – Proof the Gay Agenda is on the Rise

  1. Damien Blade Spring "Emosexual" Extraordinaire, Jew

    Please just stop writing. You have no grasp of the English language, and have no concept of truth. All of your articles are proof of that.

  2. Christopher Christenson

    That was very gross. I especially was repulsed by the scenes of that woman in the bathtub showing off her sinful legs. There are too many people in this world who are attracted to the Male sex, and this video will only perpetuate the homogay agenda. Also, if Men become attracted to other Men, then nobody will reproduce with women and the world will die a homoerotic mess.

  3. Rhea Pollstry

    There are only seven billion people in the world. We really need to step up our reproductive efforts and videos like this are no help at all.

  4. Laurel Lee

    News Flash……the gay agenda has been out of the closet for years….I actually attended the x factor live try outs in LA when Simone came out to sing… one, except Simon was buying her act…well Simon was actually drooling over her… after her lame audition (I am a professional singer) she begged the judges to let her try another song…she even boasted that she was a song writer. they asked her to sing one of her songs and, accapella style, she sang the He Likes Boys song…the audience promptly laughed out loud and they put her through…..that part was never shown on the TV auditions. I guess they were saving it for later….so glad she’s gone…and Thia too….that being said…it’s a gimmicky tune….and the video makes me uncomfortable…homophobic…no, sorry kids, it’s just not the way the human body was designed…sell it all you want…straight is great and the way we were designed to be….gay is a choice…no….you were not born this way despite Lady Gaga’s misguided song.

  5. Charlie

    Only a closet case would write an article like this. I have seen several big time preachers get caught after they went on and on about homosexuality. The one that screams the loudest is the one who is most guilty. I can’t see why anyone would care about some other persons sexuality. Gays are not trying to convert straight children. That is just stupid. People are born gay. It is that simple. Ask any gay person and they will tell you that they knew they were different early in life. So many gay adults and children commit suicide because of rejection from society. I remember feeling that I was the only boy on earth who liked other boys when I was very young. It is a horrible feeling. The church tells us that we are outcast and sick. This is so wrong! I am glad that the media is showing more gay people. We are not out to get you. We are just tired of feeling like we don’t belong.

    1. Laurel Lee

      Ask MOST gay people and they will tell you they felt different in their early life….ask MOST gay people and they will tell you they were sexually abused by a same sex adult when they were young…..for example, my brother in law was sexually abused by his dad, my good friend Mike was sexually abused by his mom AND dad, my good friend Willy, was sexually approached by a male school teacher when he was 9 and then raped by him but they ended up having a “consensual” relationship for 3 years. HE WAS A CHILD! Thes I have mentioned have all chosen partners of the same sex….born that way? Hmmmmmm? I am so sorry you ended up sexually confused. You may think you are happy but you really aren’t and sexual fulfillment from a person of the same sex is not going to make you happy. You don’t wish you were straight do you? If I offered you a magic pill that would change your sexual preference would you take it? I’m gonna guess, NO! Hey, if you want to be homosexual, that is your CHOICE, not a birth defect. I am not bashing you, nor do I reject
      you like some people on this site. I am trying to understand you and pray that you find true answers. You were born a beautiful person and a child of God. Seek Him, truly seek him and He will heal your pain.

      say it’s the way nature made you.


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