Spain Wants Mexico to Stop Using Their Language

Mariano_Rajoy_en_Bilbao2-200x300“It’s called Spanish, not Mexican”, these are the words out of Spain’s Prime Minister’s mouth today when he declared that Mexico needs to stop using their language and make up their own. Spain claims it is tired of Mexico’s citizens given the sacred language a bad name and ruining the gift of “Spanish”, given to their country when Spain conquered it. Spaniards agree that Mexico needs to form their own language immediately and apologize for the bastardizing of Spain’s global dialect. “The make up words and call it Spanish” one protester yelled, another one claims that “They don’t even know how to do it right. They also cook crap and make it sound exotic by putting the word Spanish in front of it” while holding a sign of Mexico being kicked by a soccer shoe. Spain is giving Mexico three months before they need to create their own language or Spain threatens to deny them access to more Latin culture.

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