Star Wars vs Star Trek – Which One is More Dangerous to Your Children

Everyone thinks the most important question about Star Wars is If Khan or Curtis shot first or for Star Trek fans, it is if Deep Space Night had a better Plot than the original series. No one has sat down and thought about the most important question of all. Which does more damage to America’s youth?


Star Wars:
Star Wars is most famous for its lightning swords that the Jedi soldiers use in battle. The bad thing about these light swords, is it teaches children that holding a phallic shaped object that fills up both hands is normal and fun. First kids will want to be Jedi soldiers, wielding away at their enemies and before you know it they will be holding hands with a gay man’s sin snake, trying to pump its well and spurt out a glob of Devil DNA.

Star Trek:
If gays could have one futuristic item, it would be the proton stun gun that is carried by all members of the battle star galactica. This weapon teaches gays how they can stun your children unconscious and dabble their sin bags onto you Billy’s body or even knock them out long enough to Voltron nerve pinch their Class M penile stick up Timmy’s poop deck.

DANGER WINNER: STAR WARS – Even though rape stun guns are horrible, no one wants little Timmy to grow up playing with sailor homo’s flesh torpedo.


Star Wars:
One word can describe Star Wars and the is terrorist. As Brother August pointed out, the rebels in star wars were an illegal group of terrorists that lives in caves and were wandering nomads. Just like al-Qaeda is today. They are anti-government and pro destruction.

Also, Star Wars has a lot of sibling sex scenes that play out in the first two movies.

Star Trek:
Just like homosexuals, the crew of Star Trek likes to explore black holes and other deep and dark crevices. Star Trek almost encourages young males to go out and “Explore, Where No Man Has Explored Before”. What they mean is “Explore the underpants of the neighborhood homosexual and see if you dive deep into his galactic quadrant”.

Star Trek does dabble in socialism, but I rather have a socialist neighbor than a bearded ticking time bomb living next door to me.

DANGER WINNER: STAR WARS – Young punk kids, kissing siblings and terrorism is no laughing matter.


Star Wars:
Hands down Star Wars is the least dangerous to your children when it comes to character casting. After watching all the movies I was only able to count 3 black people, which I tip my hat to Lukus for doing that.

I did have a problem when they show Landen get all raped eyed when he lays his eyes on the ivory skinned Princess. You can tell that thoughts of slave master’s wife sex scenarios are playing through his mind.

Star Trek:
Black Voltrons, black Klingons, Black Romanlans and black space. Seems Star Trek were pressured in to featuring some much black into their shows, that it could fill up a Lil’ John and Fifteen Cent concert wall to wall. It almost made it seem like the space ships were really sent out for intergalactic drug runs.

DANGER WINNER: STAR TREK – For too much Afro-Saxon exposure.


Star Wars:
The vehicles in Star Wars are very geometrical and bland. The only one I had an issue with is the X-wing. One, the name has the letter “X” in it and we all know that is the drug ravers shove up their chocolate holes during jungle list dance parties. Also, the wings spread open, which teaches girls to up their legs up to men, so they can have their baby holes violated.

Star Trek:
Nothing like traveling in space with two penile shaped engines attached to your ship. Also, the proton torpedoes look like little devil DNA swimmers being shot out of their missile holes.

I also had an issue with the Borg space ship. It was a box and we all know in street talk, a box is the females fish cave. So I found it disgusting when the battle star galactica was firing its fusion semen torpedoes at the Borg’s box space ship.

DANGER WINNER: STAR TREK – Penis engines, space goo weaponry and female fish cave space ships have no place on television.


Star Wars:
Devil whores in bikini clothing, wit their sin bags dangling freely in the wind.

Star Trek:
Devil whores in tight red wet suits, with their sin treats smashed up to their necks.

DANGER WINNER: TIE – Milk sac exposure is dangerous to children, no matter what outfit they are slapped in.


Star Trek seems to be just a poor attempt at trying to make a Star Wars style television show. Even with Star Trek’s lame attempt at trying to entertain youth, it is far less dangerous than the terrorist promotion, sex toy weapon Star War movies and sibling sex having terrorists. Star Trek also doesn’t promote the practice of black magic, but does promote black people. But, we can forgive them for that.

STAR WARS: 9.76/10
STAR TREK: 6.33/10

10 rating would be more gay and dangerous than Power Rangers

137 thoughts on “Star Wars vs Star Trek – Which One is More Dangerous to Your Children

  1. L.N

    So because you don’t like a tv series or a movie series, they’re immoral and bad for children, just because you said so?

    Well, not surprising that you’re that stupid, you do think that lollapalooza has s, t, and n in it and you somehow spell ‘hate’ as ‘Claire’. I wish you were joking about it either, but considering the amount of intelligence you’ve displayed thus for, you can only be serious about misspelling two words and just randomly bitch about two shows. Nice bit of racism too, you fucking prick.

    1. Stephenson Billings

      While I respect your opinions, I wish you would be more thoughtful and polite with your comments. At times you reveal your lack of maturity and your extremist radical beliefs with your nonsense tirades. This website is for adult, intelligent conversation and you would be well to heed the Christian beliefs that have made this website, and this nation, so vital in securing freedom and liberty across the planet.

      Be well my young friend and God bless.

      1. Matthew Smith

        Dear Stephenson Billings, I noticed you had said “This website is for adult, intelligent conversation and you would be well to heed the Christian beliefs that have made this website” and L.N made a good point of the racism in this article. Now can you please explain how racism is Christian?

  2. Militant Negro

    I know you ain’t fuckin’ with Lando. That nigga’s my mommas baby daddy. Now clearly Star Trek is the worse caulse they have all the damned homos running around ass fucking the crystaline entity and all that shit. But then you got Capt Sisko who is a strong black man, like me.

    But aint nothing gay about Princess Leah, the bitch is pure fucking sex. If I was Lando I would be tapping that on the sly while Han was in that carbonite shit.

    I am a nerd.

      1. Militant Negro

        Look here Tyson Crackers the 3rd. Lando MADE that 2nd movie. People were so pissed a galaxy far far away only contained monsters, robots and mother fucking white people that George Lucas said “Hey, we got to add a brother”.

        Empire wasn’t shit without Lando. Sure he was a pimp, sure he sort of sold out the honkies there, But he saved them all, do think a damn giant monkey dog could have gotten everybody into hyperspace alone? Hell No.

        Lando was the shit. He was so much the shit that they made him a general in the next movie! Thats right they promoted him from Mayor of Cloud City (aka Besbin, I know my shit)to mother fucking GENERAL!

        And don’t get me started on Vader. He was the darkest brother in the universe and then they pulled his lid off and the motherfucker was a pastey faced old white fucker.
        Fuck That!

          1. What?

            Just reading that, I’d like to see you sad old lady go outside and call a black guy a negro right to his face. You’d show up on the evening news in a body bag

          2. Militant Negro

            So ya’ll think Susan is the racist here? She used part of my screen name. No big deal.

            But WHAT? thinks that black people are savagely going to murder some poor ignorant old white woman. You know what I have to say about that?

            FUCK. YOU.
            I said fuck you, secret racist pig.

          3. namaste

            susan, its the way he expresses himself. i think that’s pretty much established. commenting on it is simply a waste of keystrokes. besides, if you remove all the profanities, i’ve actually found that he has good points buried in the posts…

        1. Sherlock

          If he was being serious about any of this stuff, I think they would take the time to use proper grammar. Also, I think anyone would be able to know that he’s completely messed up facts so badly. This website is owned by the Onion. Today’s lead article (talking about reptilian alien plot to do something to some nudists, or whatever) very much shows the troll-ness of this site.

          1. Bruce Danus

            I’m confused about this “The Onion” thing that everybody keeps bringing up here. What do they have to do with Christian reporting? Also, I can assure you that this “The Onion” site has nothing to do with this Holy Website. Please leave your conspiracy theories at the door.

            God Bless

  3. Shannon

    Tyson, is there anything you like? Because I have seen you pretty much complain about everything there is. I’m not a huge fan of either one of these, but I have watched them and they are nothing like you describe, as usual.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      I’m a fan of you, as you are the only one out of “the others” that make sense. Unlike “the others” you don’t come out with hate speech and actually want to have a conversation.

        1. Tyson Bowers III

          Nope, I still dislike your way of thinking. Just pointing out what other members of our fellowship have said about you.

          1. Militant Negro

            Butt Baby, you need some lovin’ and I need me a white girl. You ever see that movie Shaft? Lets watch it togehter.

          2. Timmay

            Mr. Negro, please do not call Shannon a “butt baby.” I take offense at that. Although she and I may not agree on matters of theology, I will stand up for her on being attacked.

          3. Shannon

            See the fact on you telling me you just want a white girl, go find another cus I am not one to mess with. No please leave me alone before I have to get rude. Ask Susan I cam be very rude when I want to be.

          4. Militant Negro

            You crackers are funny. Poking fun at my spelling mistake. I prefer not to talk to Susan she is old and wrinkly. You are not, you’re a movie star and near by. I just want to get to know you baby! You don’t want to be racist do you?

          5. Bruce Danus

            Shannon, don’t fear. Brother Timmay lives near you and will protect you from this Militant Negro.

            We here at Christwire like you Shannon and we will protect you from the evils of this world aka Militant Negro.

          6. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

            Hmmm, Militant Negro… I have alot of black friends, I love them all dearly. I don’t stereotype based on religion, color, etc. But you, sir, are an asshole. An embarassment to your race. This is the first I have heard from you, and already I hate you. You are sitting up here harrassing one of my friends, and insulting Susan, who although she is not a ‘friend’, per se, she is an alright woman sometimes. Shut the hell up, Negro. You are not welcome here. Goodbye. Blessed be.

  4. Christian Intellectual

    Star Trek is also dangerous because it promotes the evil genocidal, racist religion of Atheism (aka closet satanism).

    1. L.N

      If Atheism is racist, how do you explain the massive hatred that Tyson has for black people, or Abe’s hatred of Asians, or Adam’s hatred of all non-American people?

      1. Christian Intellectual

        What are you talking about ? are you on the anal drugs again ?

        The staff of Christwire is NOT racist, they are loving and tolerant Christians.

        1. L.N

          Bullshit, the ‘writers’ here are racist, intolerant assholes. Explain why else Tyson would say ‘too much black exposure’ when there’s nothing harmful about black people? Explain why there’s so many damning articles about Asians here? I believe Tyson was the one who confused Southern and Northern Koreans all because he couldn’t be bothered to do a search on the band he was bitching about in the first place.

          1. Etrius

            …yes they are mostly racist from what ive seen only tyson seems to be intolerent of everyone

          2. Christian Intellectual

            That is Slander, STOP your demonic lies !

            No, Pastor Tyson only spreads the word of our lord Jesus Christ.

          3. L.N

            CI, how is it slander if it’s right in front of you and true?

            And if what you said about Tyson is true, then apparently the Bible is racist as well, and that the bible teaches people to hate on others for being different, and that the concept of free will is nothing more than a trap that will land you eternal punishment just because God’s a dick like that.

          4. Glaringly Obvious Man

            I don’t know L.N, I think you’d make a really poor lawyer. People here do a pretty good job of saying things that SEEM racist, but you could get away with saying it wasn’t. You twist their words to sound like its racism, but it’s actually more subtle than that.

          5. Timmay

            Actually, it was Sarah Palin who confused North and South Korea. Making a single mistake is a pretty good record for her, I’d say!

          6. Etrius

            okay but what im saying is that out of all of you tyson is the only one that from what i’ve seen doesnt ever agree with anyone outside of your group if he has done so in the past i haven’t seen it

          7. Sherlock

            the writers here are trolls. and as a Christian, myself, I am very appalled that they are using Christ’s name like this. But they are trolls, trying to piss people off.

    2. Shane

      I don’t see how Atheism is ‘closet Satanism’ considering atheists don’t believe in ANY gods, not just the big man upstairs. Satanists worship Satan, to them he is a ‘god’ and considering atheists do not believe in any ‘gods’ they don’t technically acknowledge Satan’s existence either. You think any religion outside of god-worshipping crap is just evil and ‘devil worship’ even though your religion led the Crusades. Or have you conveniently forgotten that thousands of people were killed because they wouldn’t convert to Christianity during the middle ages?

  5. I Love Penis In My Ass

    You’re ignorance amazes me. I am simply in awe at how stupid and oblivious you are! Whatever happened to hate the sin and not the sinner? Since when are you assholes allowed to judge people for their choices? Isn’t God the only person allowed to judge us? Does he not teach us to not be judgmental? God says that he loves all of his children, despite what they do, and I doubt being gay, or even black for that matter, will change that you ignorant pieces of shit.

  6. Gatsura

    Have you no shame? How dare you call yourself a christian!
    Have you ever thought that the reason these movies were created was to make the viewers happy, because some people out there need a chance to escape from reality, and these shows allow that. What would you rather a multi racial and multi sexual community, or suicide rates to rise?
    You really ought to study up, because they are called light sabers, not penises!
    They are called space ships not orbiting genitalia!
    and the images you have of the costumes are innacurate and are actually recreations that have been altered to look slightly more innapropriate, which, by the way is based on personal choice not something that has been forced upon anyone!
    I myself have grown up watching these shows, but have no inclination of spreading my legs to every man i see, my brother and many of my male friends have also grown up wtaching them, and none of them have raped anyone nor have they touched each others penises, just for the sake of it!
    As a christian myself, i was led to believe that we were to accept every single one of God’s children, no matter their differences, whether they’re coloured or homosexual.
    And so what if children are exposed to women’s breasts on the odd occasion, you do realise that babies are breast fed and see their mothers breasts on a regular basis.
    You cannot prance around as a blatant racist and homophob and still call yourself christian.
    People are people, no matter what race and as are homosexuals, what does it matter if they are gay, at least they’re in love.
    You should know better, you should have much more maturity about you!
    People like you are what cause wars and if i was you, I wouldn’t be expecting to get a place up in heaven, you’ll be spending eternity with your old pal satan, I’m sure you two will get along quite well.

    1. Timmay

      For someone who claims to be a Christian, non-peni touching, accepting-of-all-types person, you seem to have a lot of venom and hate for the author of this research article. That somehow seems contradictory… We will pray for you nonetheless, despite the fact you will likely spend eternity being sprayed by Satan’s sizzling searing seed for all eternity.

      Praise be!

      1. Gatsura

        it’s not so much hate, but thorough disappointment….there’s a significant difference, apologies if it seemed otherwise.

        1. Timmay

          Perhaps I read to much into your post. Apology accepted. And my apologies to you for too quickly condemning you to Satan’s shower of sauce.

      2. Gatsura

        and if i do end up in hell, then i shall enjoy my time there, as i can accept the fact that i have sinned, but are we not all born from sin?

  7. Furrynonamous

    LOL! He doesn’t know the difference between Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Two entirely separate, and different television shows. It makes me laugh to see the fake research put into these fake articles and their fake facts. Not to mention the spelling and grammar is less educated than a high-school drop-out.

    1. Shannon

      Stargate is a completely different show. There is other planets out there. Just because we haven’t found life yet does not mean its not out there. Are you really arrogant enough to believe the we are the only life in the entire vast universe?

      1. August Weisz

        A planet needs so many things to support life.
        It needs a single sun. Most stars are binary.
        It needs a electromagenetic shield, most planets do not.
        It needs to orbit the right type of star, most stars are not.
        It needs to be in a perfect habitable orbit around the star, most orbits are not.
        It needs to be in a habitable zone within its galaxy. Most areas of galaxy are full of radiation that prohibits life.

        So therefore we are probably the only planet.

        1. Millennium

          we are in early stage of space exploration therefore there is MANY AND MANY other galaxies

          anyway You are the man to said that asian can create sun … so it’s kinda useless to explain spatial science to you

        2. Etrius

          okay just hypotheticly what if we were an expirament of god? and we were’nt his only expirament for different forms of life?

      1. August Weisz

        Um, because we are the only planet with life….. I’m sure you dream of a cat planet where cats will dominate you and let you live in their basement, but it won’t come true.

        1. Claire

          “I’m sure you dream of a cat planet where cats will dominate you and let you live in their basement, but it won’t come true.”

          Are you high?

    2. Ice Van Winkle

      Auggie, it really does send a bad message. It teaches that humanism is all that we need, and that religion is relative. Now if Jesus or prayer saved the ship each episode, I might feel better about it.

      1. August Weisz

        Yes, that would be a great show Iceman. A show where Caucasian Americans had powerful ships given to us by God and through the power of prayer, foreigners were defeated.

  8. Totalbigot69

    The original Star Trek was great – Captain Kirk was a true All-American hero and showed that the USA kicked ass in the galaxy. He sure as heck gave them Kretins or whatever they were called not to mess with Republicans and God.

  9. Bishop Francis Witherspoon

    I agree that both Star Wars and Star Track contain many blasphemous scenarios that have no place in today’s Christian world. With vulgar names such as “The Death Star”, Dark Vader” and “Hands Solo”, it becomes quite clear that the creators behind this film were obsessed with sin and debauchery. And don’t even get me started with Star Track. To my knowledge, the entire purpose of this show is to seek out alien races. No where in our Holy Scripture are there mentionings about alien life? so why and attempt to fill our children with such false non-sense?

    Blessings to you all

      1. Etrius

        not to mention that some life may need different things to live then we do like maybe they breathe methane instead of oxygen

          1. Shannon

            Oh no not all. Watch some of the universe shows that are out there. They are very good and make you think. The latest theory going around is that time may actualy not exsist. Check it out kinda interesting.

      2. No name

        Just thought of something the Planit Pluto has life on it has amebas and protozoa which is the foundation for all life

      1. Etrius

        … Dude they just want to find out wether we are really alone in the universe or not.They don’t want to do it just to find out anothers species reproduction method

    1. what is your problem?

      It’s Darth Vader, not Dark Vader. It’s Han Solo, not Hands Solo. It’s Star Trek, not Star Track.

      Please don’t post comments if you don’t even know the names of the things you’re attacking.

  10. Bishop Francis Witherspoon

    I’m just going by His word young lady. Please, show me where the Bible talks about alien life? We all know that we, yes WE, are the center of the universe. God made us in His image. He did not make little green men flying around in the Interprise whose only crusade is to promote the theory of evolution and the homosexual agenda.

    May the graciousness of His spirit be bestowed upon you

    1. Shannon

      Well considering the bible was wrote 2000 years ago, everyone was pretty clueless back then. I don’t read the bible, I believe in science. Science will one day find life on another planet. Oh also were not the center of the universe, or even the galaxy.

      1. Timmay

        If it exists. There is some good scientific speculation that it might not. I tend to believe God peppered the universe will life much like one peppers a caesar salad.

          1. Etrius

            the problem is shannon (sorry but i was a christian until i was in my teens) your trying to put a limit on what god can do but really his abilitys would be un restricted if he were to exist

  11. The Atheist

    This one makes me wonder what the fuck is wrong with you religious people? “Rape Stun Guns”? Honestly? What class for a religion of people who believe every last bit of you are more superior then the Homosexuals and non-religious people. “I believe in GOD and believe you are all going to hell unless you start throwing your life away for no good reason like myself.” Self-righteous hypocrites.

    1. Trisi

      *Hands you chill pill* If people were really as stupid as this site makes them out to be, I would hope we would get hit by an asteroid and put out of our misery. I mean look at “Christian Intellectual” that’s an oxymoron and a very good joke. Of course there are undoubtedly some pathetic people (who are either lunatics or morons)who actually buy the stuff on here as true, but the site itself appears to be a poe and a rather clever one at that. So, enjoy, laugh a little =).

  12. the atheist one

    im a huge fan of star wars (and a mild fan of star trek), and i wont have u homophobic christians making fun of MY favourite movie. It is FOR FUN!!!!!!! It is entertainment. U americans are sooooooooooooooooooo infuriating. We have very little of u ignorant subhumans here in canada. U always think your sooooooo much better than the world. Well hes a fact: NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN IGNORANT FOR WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! learn not to hate before we start to respect u, u raging hypocrites

  13. Picard Adama Kenobi

    It seems that you have not watched the Star Trek Series or Star Wars movies at all.

    Therefore, you are not even qualified even to comment or post a fictitious blog. Proton Torpedoes… really ???

    Probably you’re watching the X-Rated versions, not the original ones.

    Hopefully you’re just a troll 😀

  14. iBleedSpecialSauce

    baaahahahah this is the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen. This troll site is the best! I’m going to forward it all to my mates so we can all have a good laugh!

  15. Bananarama

    I just had to come and say that this site is hilarious. oh my shit “Praise or Condemn” for the thumbs up/down rating? Everything here is goddamn gold.

    I hope you didn’t pay anyone for this web design, no you know what, I hope NO ONE associated with this website gets paid. This site is like the onion, except you take the stuff you’re saying seriously which is so SAD that it’s FUCKING HILARIOUS.

    Also, found your site through a youtube video on “1950s Education on Homosexuals”. At first I thought it was posted as a joke and NOW I realize that YOU GUYS TAKE THAT SHIT SERIOUSLY.


  16. Timmay

    Brother Tyson, I would be very curious how you would compare that other heathen show “Doctor who” to these Star Treks and Star Wars? From what I have been told, Doctor Who is British (which is a bad start) and involves a man who travels around in a coffin-like box, enticing little children to enter it with him.

    It sounds pretty bad. My TV is locked so that we see only Fox news and Trinity Broadcasting, so I can’t check for myself. Nor do I wish to.

  17. Gary Gilmour

    Dr Who is an evil TV programme aimed at children and portrays a scruffy ‘doctor’ battling various aliens. The end result is that the target audience – children – end up behind the couch in fear of the devilish aliens. How that is supposed to be entertainment is beyond me. But that is the British for you. They are weird and nearly all heathens. They go to Stonehenge to worship pagan gods so we need to dissociate the USA from what they call ‘the special relationship’.

    Any comments?

    1. Timmay

      Wow, those crafty Brits. How could they target American children with this sort of thing? Incredible. The Brits must really despise us and our godliness.

    2. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

      Stonehenge isn’t used for worship anymore, although I wish to go and see if the power is anymore concentrated there than here. No one knows the use of Stonehenge. Mayhaps it was for worship by the Picts, maybe it was a sort of calendar. Either way, it is not evil.

      Blessed be.

  18. gary gilmour

    And in this thread there are way too many nasty comments. Get to church folks and confess your ugly sins i hope this fine site will not be hijacked by complacent sinners who never go anywhere near their pastor.

  19. Lutheran Fembot

    Star Wars emphases the Force, a power for good. The Jedi Knights are celibate, or supposed to be, ahem, Darth Vader. Hans Solo is redeemed from scoundrel, saved if you will, by exposure to the Force. The Princess, we suspect, at the end of Return of the Jedi, will settle down, and stop all her unfeminine ways. Now Star Trek, whatever version…sex, gore, violence, interspecies mating, that kiss between Kirk and Ohoura [ spelling? ], basically saying there is no God out here in deep space, you flopping idiots.

    Star Wars– the Force equals God and good family values and fighting the the tyrants trying to make everyone all sad and oppressed, trying to reward people’s freedoms back to them.

    Star Trek– the Liberal agenda in outer space. Space welfare for all the undeserving aliens, the prime directive, which they never ever followed…don’t get involved. They always did and why are they wasting my tax money on others outside of earth when earth needs the money? So I think Star Trek wins it hands down. If there can be a winner.

          1. bobby

            Your an idiot. Star Trek see’s Earth in a Prefect future. Meaning its Fiction you moron, and in fiction you can pretty much do as you please.

            As for ” There will always be precious resources and the need for money to arbitrate them between those who demand them” if you had a machine that could create anything you wanted, there would be no demand and no want.

            But then you said “The force is a power of satan. Don’t believe everything you see.

            Star Track didn’t even believe in money. If that isn’t atheist, I don’t know what is.”

            First, i’m an Atheist and i love money money money, it pays for the whores and internet porn so Dog bless money and the baby Gebus.

            Second, “Don’t believe everything you see” yet you believe something you can’t and will never see. POT KETTLE BLACK.


  20. Cuppkins

    Shit, bro… I mean… SHIT. Like, how do you come up with this? Never have I ever thought of a light saber as a tool to teach kids how to jack-off. And all that other “subliminal” shit that’s teaching kids to be gay? I swear that you’re pulling it out of your ass. It’s like you’ve over thought every single aspect of our society and miticulously crafted some bullshit story about how “It’s all a concperacy, maaaaaaan!” If you’re going by that logic, then EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE is a secret plan to convert EVERYONE to homosexuality.
    In all honestly, I feel like you think about gay sex WAY more than any actual homosexual, let alone heterosexual. Not only do you cover sodomy, but you actually go into some really fucked up junk like fetishes and demon orgies and eating other people’s feces. Pretty much every single article of yours goes into the sinful practices of “the gays” in full detail. Only someone with a warped obsession for that stuff would talk about it so much. You got some repressed urges you want to share with us?
    I mean, honestly. Do you REALLY think that there is an entire underground army of gays, lesbians and non-caucasian races who are bent on brainwashing the youth of the world by placing hidden messages, imagery and celebrities within our culture (that would take decades of contemplating to even reckognize, I might add) so that they can rape and pillage and bring hell to earth and have Satan rule over all? Really? You think that if they had that kind of intense, fiery passion to violate and corrupt the world and the man power (I mean, the do have ALL OF THE SATANIC WORLD AT THEIR FINGER TIPS) to do so, they would go about their evil agenda by vaguely throwing in some somewhat erotic (I use this word generously)looking images and non, fully conservative messages into films, TV shows and books? Because, ya know, Hollywood is just a wasteland chalkfull of gays who spend years crafting devilishly clever programs to brainwash the human race. Read that out loud and tell me that that sounds rational. I dare you.
    And your whole racist rant in there? I can’t even take it seriously. Your ideas on other races are so out-dated and unbelievably inaccurate that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’ll just say that all of your beliefs and opinions on that subject are just… Just very, very, very incorrect. Just so false that it actually makes me laugh. It’s good to know that the people who believe in this sort of bloody discharge are all old and will die out soon. *Sigh* Won’t that be a wonderful day?
    Ohhhh, dear. I’m actually lol’ing while writing this. This site? These people? I couldn’t care less about all of it. Because in the end, you’re all evil, hateful, destructive bitches who spend 90% of their time imagining Gay S&M bondage. I have a life to live and people to love. I can’t waste my time associating with the scum of the earth. Why hate and live your life in a constant stuper of anger and abjection when you can accept and love and be happy and just be content with the world. I don’t understand you, but I don’t really plan on trying to.
    Good day, gentlemen.

    P.S. I also LOVE how your lack of research on Star Wars and Star trek is ridiculously obvious (“…the proton stun gun that is carried by all members of THE BATTLE STAR GALACTICA.” Battle Star Galactica is an entirely different and unrelated show, dude. That’s only one of your many, MANY innaccuracies that are riddled throughout your “brilliant journalism.” Did I say “brlliant journalism?” I meant your splooge covered vomit-crap) yet you claim to be an expert on both. Top notch work, man. Top. Notch. Work.[img][/img]

    1. Cuppkins

      *meticulously, *conspiracy, *Caucasian, *recognize, *stupor, *inaccuracies, *brilliant
      See? I take pride in the things I write. I also am able to realize that I am wrong and am excited and willing to accept that and to change unlike you bible-thumping, inbred ignoramuses. See? I can generalize about groups of people too! :)

      Lauren, OUT.

  21. Josh

    I stopped reading at, “Everyone thinks the most important question about Star Wars is If Khan or Curtis shot first”…….obviously the person who wrote this article has clearly never even seen Star Wars. There is no character named Kahn OR Curtis.

    OH! And apparently the ship in Star Trek is called the “Battlestar Galactica”……HA!

  22. HAPPY!!

    Tyson Bowers you are the most fucking racist person ever and with the pictures you put on for females you must have rubbed one out with stephenson billings. I am the biggest star wars nerd ever, so I know star wars was based off of the king Arthur story and the pic of the girls are incorrect because there were no female storm troopers or clones and the women’s outfits were a short dress all one color on star trek. So after reading your piece of shit I’ve concluded you are a racist pervert who probably likes to get it on with stephenson billings.

    P.S. you and Stephenson’s mothers are whores

    P.P.S. Rule #34 of the internet if it exists there is porn of it including your mothers

  23. Linda

    As much as i have dis-taste for the writers point of view, I have to agree that both are midocre and could have some taste. However, I have to point out that when all of this stuff came out it was in the 80’s and 90’s and who wasnt messed up back then. I do have to ask tho that tyson be sure that you have all of the facts in order. Battle Star Galactica, even though a majorly aweful show, is not star trek. And there were numerous parts that did not fit. i have a child as well and i wouldnt let her watch these things even with this mans advice.

  24. Presbyterian Tendencies

    Although Star Wars had that awful incest business in it, which people seem to gloss over, it was complete fantasy. Star Trek is taken as non-fictional science, as in people are genuinely waiting for the USS Enterprise to be built to take them to the Outer Rim to meet Data the robot. Such a shame. I wasn’t comfortable with the tight costumes and the close proximity of the male and female crew for such long deployments, which gave way to such moral temptation. And CLEARLY the male crew were led astray amongst themselves. Just look at that young Russian character. I mean I can imagine what it must be like in the navy…

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  26. bobby

    “Everyone thinks the most important question about Star Wars is If Khan or Curtis shot first or for Star Trek fans, it is if Deep Space Night had a better Plot than the original series”

    First off Khan and Curtis were in Star Trek not Star Wars. And i think you mean Han or Gwedo.
    And the series was called Deep Space Nine, not Deep Space Night.

    So with your complete lack of intelligence given that these details can easily be found online with a quick Google search, i’m not going to read the rest of your Hater material.

    Star Wars and Star Trek are all basically just good entertainment, stories to be told. I grow up on Star Wars and Star Trek, and i am neither damaged or according to another post Gay. If fact i’m a clear minded rational person who doesn’t go looking for reasons to blame something on the damaged youth or weather or not people are Gay.

    And, even though i’m not Gay, Gay people are not threatening to me, you want to know why. Its because i’m comfortable with my sexuality. I find that people who bash on Gay people are either bigoted fools or are uncomfortable with their own sexuality.

    So to you i say, your a fool, a bigot, a racist, and most certainly a closet gay.

    But you know what, Thats ok, because everyone is entitled to an opinion it doesn’t make you right or wrong, its just your opinion.

    And that makes me a better human being then you clearly are. You teach and insight hatred.

    I truly pity you.

  27. bobby

    “Star Trek:
    If gays could have one futuristic item, it would be the proton stun gun that is carried by all members of the battle star galactica. This weapon teaches gays how they can stun your children unconscious and dabble their sin bags onto you Billy’s body or even knock them out long enough to Voltron nerve pinch their Class M penile stick up Timmy’s poop deck.”

    First its a Phaser not a Proton stun gun.
    Second, The Battlestar Galactica isn’t in Star Trek. Its in Battlestar Galatica, completely different show all together.
    Third, its a Vulcan neck pitch, not Voltron, again, completely different show called, if i’m not mistaken, Voltron.

    I’ve never seen a Light Saber (Lightening Sword???) as a phallic symbol before, just a way to cut people in half with ease.

    The “Phasers” don’t teach gays how they can stun your children to do anything. You want to know why, because they DON’T EXIST. They in fact teach you that killing people is wrong, so we stun them in or to stop them. I know thats foreign to you, but bare with me.

    Everything you say is based in crap, you can’t even get basic facts right on the shows your apparently writing about.

    “Star Wars:
    One word can describe Star Wars and the is terrorist. As Brother August pointed out, the rebels in star wars were an illegal group of terrorists that lives in caves and were wandering nomads. Just like al-Qaeda is today. They are anti-government and pro destruction.

    Also, Star Wars has a lot of sibling sex scenes that play out in the first two movies.”

    First off, don’t you think that the Rebels in Star Wars might actually be fighting a more Nazi Government régime, The “Government” in Star Wars where in fact the bad guys, destroying planets because they could killing billions in the process, so don’t you think stopping them would be a good idea? Or are you akin to genocide?
    As for sibling sex scenes that play out in the first two movies, i’d like you to point out those scenes because i most have most them in the countless viewing of Star Wars.

    Again, you don’t like Star Wars so you have to ruin it for everyone else. Your a dick.

    “Star Trek:
    Just like homosexuals, the crew of Star Trek likes to explore black holes and other deep and dark crevices. Star Trek almost encourages young males to go out and “Explore, Where No Man Has Explored Before”. What they mean is “Explore the underpants of the neighborhood homosexual and see if you dive deep into his galactic quadrant”.

    Star Trek does dabble in socialism, but I rather have a socialist neighbor than a bearded ticking time bomb living next door to me.”

    AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA your a funny guy dude you know that, you should have your own stand up comedy show. Although i’d fear people would be laughing at you rather then with you.

    And just so you understand the facts, your spinning around a super massive black hole right now. I’m serious, i’m not being facetious. The centre of our own milky way galaxy lays a SMBH.

    And you know how we (The Human Race) know this, because we can see it, unlike your invisible friend.

    And with that i say.

    “Live Long and Prosper”

  28. Romulan

    WoW the Auther Tyson Bowers III is a Fucking nut jod
    first the battle star galactica is not Star Trek is
    from battle star galactica. Duh,


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