Store Adds “Cracker” Section in Ethnic Isle

racistsignatstore-300x225 Detroit, MI – A local grocery store has caused quite a stir in the white community today when it was caught adding a racial slur in its ethnic food isle. The new category of “cracker” was added to the store last week to promote “white food” to the store’s customers. Store owner Raytel Martin said he is trying to “expose my peoples to new flavas of foods by promotings some things that white peoples eat”. These foods include wheat bread, bottled water, hash browns, Cheetos, Mountain Dew, turkey and other common white households foods. When Martin was asked why he is using the racial slur for his store, he replied “Because a cracker is a cracker and here is what we call them. No one wants to be in the ‘white people’ section, that will make them feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable brothas and sistas can only lead to one thing……riots”.

One thought on “Store Adds “Cracker” Section in Ethnic Isle

  1. Robin H.

    The local Tescos in Chippenham UK has actually done this, in the Polish section. Also making no effort to distinguish “Polish food” from “shoe polish”, and thus causing confusion to shoppers looking for either.


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