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Black Golfer Vijay Singh Uses Satan Powers

It’s bad enough that we have let certain cultures into the world of golf, but now we have them using satanic powers to cheat in the game.

In the video below, we see muslim golf pro Vijay Singh use his magic to skip a ball across water and then has the ball roll backwards for a hole in one.

He name alone means something horrible!

You can even see that he has possessed the people in the crowd as they cheer for him. These people will all be judged for praising a false idol and will all burn in hell.

I have warned the PGA years ago about allowing certain types of people into the great old American pass time. Well, now all I have to say is I told you so and have fun burning for your mockery and disregard to our Lord.

I say repent and remove such players like Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh, who try to blend into our Christian lifestyle, but are really wolves under sheep skin.

God Burns Whore Devil Kim Kardashian

Everyone knows of this Kim Kardashian from her whorish sex tape with a man who was not of her race to her whorish antics on her satan driven television show.

It seems that our poor little sex servant of satan has been punished by our Lord and Savior! Miss Kim loves to go out and sun tan in her skimpy bathing suit, so what did our Lord do? He burnt her soul infested skin with a holy sun burn!

Maybe she will realize this was a act or God and is a punishment for her race mixing, flashing her legs to the public, whorish mouth and her disgusting pictorials she did for satan’s favorite magazine, playboy.

Kim, I would change your ways, because next time the Lord will not just give you a mere sun burn, but he will send your soul to hell!!