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Eva Longoria Flashes out her Sin Treats while promoting her cookbook on David Letterman

Another day of female bombardment of sexual enticement. The dirty little Mexican hacienda whore, Eva Longoria, decided to use the David Letterman show to display her under developed mile sacks off to the world. She knows David is a sinner when it comes to out of marriage sex acts and she knew if she showed up dresses like a 2 peso whore, she could get the much media attention needed to satisfy her hunger for negative attention.

I wonder how many children have now been infected with the devil thoughts of touching them self in a self sexing manner? I wonder how many little girls now think they need to expose their bare chests to make people like them?

Just like her other left wing liberal devil whores, Eva knows she is doing this damage and gets off on it. She knows the more sex she spews, the closet she can get children to Satan.

I wonder what is really in her cookbook? How to make pot treats or maybe how to drug your date with some sleeping pill salad?