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Adolf Hitler Was a Hipster

If hipsterism isn’t something we should worry about it in America, than why have archaeologists recently discovered a photo of Hitler fashioning himself in New York style hipster apparel? It seems that the hipstersexual movement has deep roots within the Nazi party and you can see this today by the OWS protesters trying to push their Socialism agenda. Hitler was able to rise to power via protests and it looks like history is repeating itself with these hippie hipstersexual scum. You can see the streets filled with hipster Nazis using force to get free schooling, credit cards, cars, Upper East Side apartments and lifetime supplies of American Spirits and PBR.

People say Jesus would feed the poor, this is true, but he would NOT do it by using the force of a Roman spear. So if you are a hipster, you clearly support the killing of all Jews and wish to paint the world with Fascism and have orgasmic urges just by the thought of the red communist Japanese rising up and bombing America.