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Christina Aguilera’s New Video “Not Myself Tonight” Is Marinated In Devil Nectar And Sin

One of our internet spies has just sent me this new video by Christine Aguilera called “Not Myself Tonight” and I must say it is the most homo supporting music video I have ever seen in my life! Move over Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, Freddie Mercury and all those other crack smoking prostitutes, there’s a new whore in town!

In this video Christina prances around with a large group of homo sexual men and sin whore lesbians. The video is about homosexuals having a large orgy with one another and it is clip after clip of gay exotica.

I know Miss Aguilera has a black voice and I know that makes he feel like she needs to be like the blacks, but there is no need for her to be promoting unsafe sex, orgies, sewer hole insertion and homo sex play. I could understand if her video had her breaking into cares, drug dealing and other things blacks do, but this is way to far!

This video should be taken down right away as this i harmful to our children! There should be a facebook page called “People against the afro singing white women!”

Does she know this video is teaching our young women to go out and be raped by lesbian women, gay men and to partake in mixed raced orgies?? PURE FILTH!!

Please view the video before and see it’s pure hatred towards anything holy!