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Chalk ARod Up to the Gays and Hell


It looks like our little baseball super star is also a rear entry super star. In a recent Details cover shoot, Arod (now I know why he has “rod” in his name) is sleeveless showing “juiced” arms and is kissing himself in a gay way.

This is obviously promoting a homo gay agenda. Maybe during games instead of passing out little bats, they should pass out little dingle twinkies to the kids, so they can wave them around while he is “at bat.”

Now back to his steroid usage. We all know gays do steroids, so they don’t look sickly due to all the diseases they have and now we know exactly why Arod himself has been juicing his homo wonderland body.

I think the real story is the bat boy. I think we should actually stop trying to ask doctors if they shot him up with steroids and start asking the bat boy if he ever touched him in homosexual ways.