Target To Open New Homosexual Friendly Stores

Minneapolis – Target today has announced their new marketing campaign to “dip into the growing homosexual population in America.” This new campaign includes a complete branding of select Target locations with a abnormally high gay population. One of the rebranding moves is to redesign the logo itself. The famous red target will now have a camel skin brown colored centered dot and the name itself will be the French word, Fağet, which when translated means, various tunnels. Along with the name rebranding, Target’s new Fağet stores will be the host of product lines geared toward the homosexual community. They also plan to change the famous Target dog with a chihuahua. They feel these subtle changes will give homosexuals a open and carefree shopping experience. Fağet’s mother stores will be in San Francisco, Palm Springs, CA, Indianapolis and Lincoln, Nebraska.

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