The Dangers of Drummed and Based Music

Before we get started, let us review some uncovered information about the group who follow the drummed and based movement, called “Jungle Lists”.

What is a Jungle List?
From our “What is a Raver” investigation

This is the violent clan of the bunch (ravers), with their afro-angry drum beats and zulu dance moves. Mostly made up of “Yellows” and blacks, Jungle Lists goto these parties to stir up trouble, cause fights and rob other ravers. This should not be a surprise as we know communist Asians and blacks due the same thing in American society.

A Jungle List is known for liking what is called “Drummed and Base” music and are known for their pot and meth addictions. The term “Drummed and Base” comes from the fact that they like fast African style “tripped pops” music and smoke meth or “basing” while dancing like angry silver-back gorillas.

Each Jungle List group has a leader, also known as a “Rudeboy” or “Bom Bom Cloud”. The leader gets to pick which rave party the crew with go to and what type of dance battles they will perform.

What is Drummed and Based?

It is like rap music for Asians and rich black kids who like violence and drenching their brains with liquid acid pills.

Drummed and Based or as the communist followers call it, DnB, which also stands for “drugs and bondage”, is a electronic BMP music which came from the Happy Hardcore genre in the mid 1990s and could only be listen to on pirate internet sites like Napster and TorrentSpy.

This type of music is known to have the fastest BPMs in the techno world and due to its speed, it has been known to do brain damage to listers after a long period of time.

Where Did Drummed and Based Come From?

Drummed and Based music was a break off from the American Happy Hardcore genre which was mixed with a “break beat” and tribal jungle music. At first it was called “Jungle Music”, but the NAACP found this label was racist, since most of its listeners were of Afro-Saxon colors and they didn’t want to seem like they were calling blacks, jungle people.

The DnB crews and there Rudeboy leaders, didn’t want to be happy ravers anymore and wanted to get involved in mob style crime and take over the rave scene. They are the ones who sale the anally taken drug, ecstasy and cracked coke cane. The Asian Jungle Lists were usually rich kids and they would “be fronting” the money for the drugs and would have the black Jungle Lists sell it at raves, because we know that is second nature to them. Also, most raves are in dark areas, so it was easy for the black dealers to hide if the rave ever got broken up y the cops.

What Goes on at a Drummed and Based Rave Party?

If Satan had a party on earth, it would be a Drummed and Based party. Just by looking at a Drummed and Based parties flyer, you can tell you’re gunna be in for a night full of guns, candy cane flipping, violence and large milk sac’d white women.

Every flyer usually has a topless white female holding a gun, while in the background you see drugged filled eyed dancers, wearing camouflage on a multi colored lite dancefloor. The font is usually not a very friendly looking type face and will be cover with logos of different DnB gangs.

A DnB party is pretty easy to explain. After consuming large amounts of black market drugs, the Jungle List dance around in a circle showing off their leg hoping and two step skipping moves in hopes to entice a female to have sexual sessions with them in one of the drug rooms. Sometimes you will see two alpha Rude Boys dance fighting over dance floor territory or over a female.

Famous Drummed and Based DJs (Drug Jockeys)

DJ Diesel Boy
DJ Diesel Boy has been called the “God Father” of Drummed and Based music and some even say he is the creator of the whole movement. This man has been spreading violence to dance floors for over 25 years and has been known to produce music that has the devil’s voice hidden within its based lines.

Alice Deejay
A former Happy Hardcore gogo dancer and former girlfriend of Hardcore House DJ, DJ Irene, Alice Deejay has been credited for making the most “Radio Friendly” Drummed and Based song. The song was called “Everything Begins with E”, which was trying to push the rave drug trade of “E” (ecstasy) onto children. She is the only DJ to be able to take Happy Hardcore sounds and mask them with dangerous drug messaged Drummed and Based break beats.

Armand Van Dyke aka AVD
Armand Van Dyke was the first DJ to hit the gay club scene, bringing drugs and sinful joy to the homosexual community via his “doubled step” Drummed and Based music. “AVD”, which stood for “Anal Virus Demon”, was able to spread his erotic music all over the dance floors of gay American. His music to this day influences many gay pop stars like Ricky Martin, Enrigay Iglesias and Lady Gaga.

Different Types of Jungle Lists Groups

Breakcores are known to be the most violent breed of Jungle Lists. The have been known to purposely goto rave parties and break speakers, rape female candy kids and plur babies, rob promoters and leave urine and fecal matter on dance floors. You can tell if a person is apart of this type of DnB gang as they usually wear “Kingoo” hats and ADIDAS shoes.

Liquid Funkers
A liquid funker is a type of Jungle List who just wants to drink large amounts of liquid acid and dance with imaginary seahorses and unicorns. The type is actually very friendly and can be seen helping to clean up after a party, but only in hopes to finding any drugs on the floor that might of been dropped during tribal dance circles.

Atmospheric Darksteppers
“Atmo-Darkies” are usually the promoters of DnB rave parties. This group is usually made up of rich mathematic major Asians, who are looking to make a quick buck from drug addicts. They get their name from being the ones who create the “Atmosphere” of a party and “Darksteppers” come from their ability to do ninja style dance moves.

202 thoughts on “The Dangers of Drummed and Based Music

  1. I'm trolling you mother fuckers

    I hope this kills you slowly, painfully, and in your fucking bleached ass.

    1. jeff

      wow man, if you really belive the shit that leaks from your fingers onto a keyboard, and into my eyes as truth, you should kill yourself, you suck at life.

  2. Cool Tom Kimbo

    Is this the kind of music “The Little Bee” makes? One of my kids told me he was “bassed.”

  3. spontanious combustion

    hahhahahahhahahaha….. what a ridiculous bunch of B.S. obviously this guy has NO Clue about the world around him. For 1. it DNB- drum and BASS,music( and thats it), @. i wanna see these sources, because i bet NONE of them came from personal experience. Actually a party like this is one of the friendliest place u can go. people are there to be poltie and just have a good time and dance to good music with a good beat…. dude, talk about something u know about and quit making these ridiculous assumupmtions about a world u know NOTHING about

    1. francis pitre

      you’re so right !!! people are so friendly in dubstep and DNB rave !!! christian are just a bunch of racist and closed-mind people.

      1. Ned Flanders

        Not all Christians are close-minded. That statement in itself is very closed-minded. I started going to raves when I was 14. I am saved now but I still go listen to electronica and go to clubs that play it. Not too many raves in New Orleans anymore. Not good ones anyway. There is no where in the Bible that it says you can’t get down and shake it like a mad man! 😀

          1. botdf4ever

            no shake it is code for go to the club and shake youre ass (at a club meaning 18 or older to get in)

          2. ANON

            “Ice” looks like a convicted sex affender. I would not want to be a member at his church.

          3. Hazy

            You would know about their codes now, woudltn you. You one of them ;D dnb haters….your just haters, as all the rest of haters hatin on anythin, without any arguments, or true experience ^^

          4. Stuka Stylz

            Nothing worse than White Christian nutters spurting shit!
            Wouldnt have th3e balls to talk shit about Hip Hop to Blacks. But assume Drum an Bass followers are soft targets, guess again! Drum and Bass has mainly a middle class following, we are educated, mostly semi pro in the real world & we dont all take drugs! Youre going to get drugs wherever there is a party irrespective of genre. Ever heard the expression sex drugs & rock n roll? Answer me this smart arse, Jesus had 12 disciples all men, sat round sucking their circumcised cocks. He got nailed up because he was a fag! All you Christian hippocrites should be nailed up too!

        1. Disturbentz

          Amen brother! These so called Christians are a joke! You are a bad example of a true believer in every sense.

    2. say whhhaaattt??

      has ANYBODY here ever heard of something called SATIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A JOKE GUYZ…. i know some of you know this,,, but if you didn’t, don’t feel bad:

      Poe’s law, named after its author Nathan Poe, is an Internet adage reflecting the fact that without a clear indication of the author’s intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between sincere extremism and an exaggerated parody of extremism.[1]

    3. Keepin it real

      Your right on. This article is completely wrong. Ravers are someone of the nicest people I know. And yes there are harder drugs there. But there not just floating around the room. You have to know where to look. There are drugs at EVERY type of concert Christian and Secular.

    4. ian

      You’re a noob.
      This is a huge joke. If you didn’t realize that, you are a retard.
      And fuck religion. It’s a joke, just like this thread.

  4. Jeff

    wow! that is the BIGGEST bunch of bollocks ive ever read. ever. where do you get this stuff from mate? ‘jungle list’? idiot, i could just feel a massive facepalm coming on from the first line. mate, get educated and stop spreading hate and fear, DRUM and BASS is my life, i dont go around in a ‘gang’, i dont hurt people, we dont point out peoples race or colour (thats the root of true evil) and we most certainly are not spreading any hate or fear from our music. im a dj, i love it, people love what i do. i do it for the love, not the money and i dont do drugs or drink.

    so, get real mate, and ill second the sources call.

    1. Matt

      Maybe take a break from your “life” and research Then you might laugh instead of being a bitch.

      1. the devil

        you should know that this article has been sent to investigate. what you have written here is very illegal. good luck buddy.

    2. chris

      you do know this website is a joke, like an actual joke… a funny one……..
      unless the joke is now on me for not getting your joke comment…. then well played sir.

  5. Mason

    This has to be fake, if not, this person must be one of the most idiotic people in the world.
    Check your sources before the evil Drum & Bass devil pulls you into hell for writing such blasphemy.
    :) Long live the beats

  6. jungle list mass hive

    wow… how can anyone be so poorly informed? definitely raised some good points though, everyone that goes to a rave is extremely racist, loves raping people (thats why I got involved !) and beats the shit out of their fellow man. I guess thats why its so popular ey?

    anyone with grammar and spelling as terrible as this guy is certainly a recognised authority in my eyes! at least shite like this is going to keep those dumbass, redneck, bible bashing hicks out of and far away from decent music. would love to hear what you think about death/ black metal!

    now go die and get sent to Hell for creating false idols and misleading the people, I’m gonna go listen to some brutal dnb n kill myself whilst I’m raping myself x

    1. Marc Woodbury

      I can’t believe how ignorant you people are!!!! You guys are so far off on all of your information, (And your spelling and grammar are indicative of this) it sickens me that you would even post something so defamatory. I have been involved in this culture for over a decade and the only accurate statement in this article is that “Large milk sacked white women” actually do attend DnB ( Drum N Bass, Not Drugs N Bondage) events. With all of the stories about molestation in the Catholic church in the past 10 year, I really don’t think you guys are the people to be spreading the message of morality. Seriously, STOP POINTING THE FINGER!!! You have no ground to stand on. By the way, do you really think your little blog has made a difference? LOL!!! From what I saw the vast majority of the people that commented on it think you guys are stupid. If anything the people that read the blog and actually believed you, also read the comments, saw that a lot of people disagree with you and are now curious to find out for themselves. I hope they do!!!! DnB, Jungle has been my life for the past 11 years and I can assure you that I have never robbed, raped or beat anyone. I live in the suburbs, work an honest living as a Union Iron Worker and pay my taxes. I broadcast on every Monday and help run a Drum N Bass club night in my city. I can assure you that you have been horribly misinformed about our music and culture. Please take your Witch hunt some where else. I hear Dub Step is popular these days. Sounds like the devil to me. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      1. Mike is an idiot

        “By the way, do you really think your little blog has made a difference? LOL!!! From what I saw the vast majority of the people that commented on it think you guys are stupid.”

        People who write a lengthy diatribe and call other people stupid without realizing by just how far they’re missing the boat are hilarious. This is satire, you dolt!

        Stupid commenter is stupid.

      2. Rave Lord

        We don’t think they’re stupid, we truly know.
        This type of stupidity is the reason people turn away from religion. And the guy that wrote this swill is definitly a total asshat..

      3. say whhhaaattt??

        your the ignorant one buddy, ignorant referring to lack of knowledge, not trying to be a dick, this is a SATIRE website….a joke….. 😉

      4. Friar Dick Bothholes - Cantor of The White Prophet Shirokuma

        I am shocked that this type of music exists. It is little wonder that groups like Phish and promoters like the VANS crew (Vampiric Agents of the New Satan)promote rubbish like this at their homogay Straight Edge festivals like Bonaroo, Coachella and The Big 4. Their only message is “Watch us jump around and fondle each others buttocks!” The very moral fibre of society is at threat when these events are allowed to pollute the air.
        Why can’t the youth of today be content to bask in the wonder of Mendelssohn’s ‘Hebrides Overture’ or a good Gregorian chant. I could even forgive them for listening to Sister Janet Mead’s pop rendition of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’. Instead they continue with this drummed and based rubbish! Little thought is given to the corruption of souls that occurs with every Pagan beat that they wiggle around to.

        Let us hope that brother Tyson’s informative article educates the parents of these perverts and they take drastic action to prevent any further damage to their offspring.

  7. D'n'B Streaming

    Je me permet d’écrire en français pour les francophones qui visitent cette page.

    Jamais je n’ai lu un article aussi bidon soit-il! De une, on écrit “Junglist” et pas “Jungle List”.. Le vrai style de musique s’écrit comme suit: “Drum’n’Bass” et pas “Drummed and Based”.. lol

    J’écoute de la D’n’B depuis maintenant 9ans et je peux vous dire que je ne prends aucune drogue (à part boire quelques bière lors d’événements, comme bon nombre de personnes – même chez les catholiques on retrouve ça…), je ne suis pas raciste et je ne fais pas parti d’un gang et suis non-violent!!

    Contrairement à ce que l’on pourrait penser (je parle surtout pour l’auteur de cet article), je n’ai jamais vu un public aussi zen malgré les beats sulfureux! ON AIME S’AMUSER ET PUIS C’EST TOUT!


    J’aimerai bien comprendre pourquoi avoir écrit cet article si rabaissant aux yeux d’un style, qui pour ma part, ne mérite qu’une chose: ÊTRE CONNU!!


  8. Ali

    LOL at the people getting uptight about this article, it’s SOOOOOOOOOOO obviously someone taking the p*ss (very well). Idiots!

  9. Gary Gilmour

    Our pastor in Blameless Creek (Iowa) has often preached against this particular form of lewdness and we try to stop our children accessing it on the interweb. (Hi Augustus Arnold Assad, are you reading this?) I note the photo at the top of the post – I have discovered that this is the notorious Ali G, probably the most degenerate and decadent, highly paid drug dealer in all of the UK. I have heard that he is possibly responsible for the heroin and crack fuelled deaths of hundreds of British teenagers.

    We are headed for disaster and a bad result on Judgment Day if we don’t act. Praise be to God!

  10. Gary Gilmour

    No comment on my post. It just reinforces my conviction that Christians on this site are few and far between. I will be informing our Pastor.

  11. Brittany Resch

    This is nNOT AT ALL what happens at a rave! firt of all everyone the is about peace love unity and respect- so there is absolutely NO guns.. most people wear NEON colors NOT camoflauge.. those DJ’s you named throw a damn good party and your just pissed off because your head is to far up your ass to go and enjoy yourself!!!

    PS this music is mega main stream AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!

    1. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

      Ebola is not related to aids. It is a virus that causes hemorrhagic fevers — illnesses marked by severe bleeding (hemorrhage), organ failure and, in many cases, death. The Ebola virus is native to Africa, where sporadic outbreaks have occurred for decades. No human cases of Ebola virus have been reported in the United States. Although the Ebola Reston virus made an appearance in Virginia in a monkey house filled with infected monkeys from the Phillipines. The virus could be transmitted by air but, thank the Mother Goddess, it IS NOT contagious for humans.

      Ebola lives in one or more animal hosts, and humans can contract the virus from infected animals. After the initial transmission, the virus can spread from person-to-person through contact with body fluids or contaminated needles.

      It is NOT caused by music.

      1. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

        Ebola is a filo-virus, like Marburg. AIDs is not. It is an immune system deficiency disease, not a Filo-virus.

        1. August Weisz

          Let’s say you are correct, I will concede to you just to avoid an argument. You posted a significant amount of information stating how this music does not cause Ebola. I noticed you did not dispute the reverse discrimination and cannibal charges. Thank you for agreeing with.

          1. TokioHotel.BOTDF.Lauren

            Please, august. I can almost, but not nearly enough, see where you could get that it could cause reverse racism (??), but how cannibalism? And the reason I disputed only the Ebola charges is that they can be proven with scientific evidence, while psychology can be touchy. Music can affect one’s mood, but not actions.

  12. Lady Raven

    This has to be a joke, right? Either way, it’s pretty fucking hilarious. If this is meant to be serious, clearly the writer did NO research whatsoever. I googled “Drummed and Based” just for fun and guess what? This is the only site that comes up…probably because THERE IS NO SUCH THING!! LOL!! Before you go and publish something, it’s very important to do your research….perhaps the writer would have noticed that it’s actually called “Drum and Bass” and that “Junglists” (not “Jungle Lists”) are people who generally listen to Jungle/Drum and Bass (which are different styles of music…btw.) Now this guy just looks like a giant douche spreading his misinformed nonsense all over the internet.
    Damn Christians always thinking you know what’s right, when in fact most of you are just misguided opinionated idiots who are out of touch with reality completely. You devote your life to this figment of your imagination (god) because you are too afraid to admit that life is just a game of survival and we all just rot in the ground when we die. There is no god to save us, drum and bass music isn’t going anywhere, and no one cares about your stupid rant. Next time, do some research first – people will take your opinions a lot more seriously if they are based on actual facts. Now you just look like a total idiot, and I suggest you take this down before more people rip you apart for being so ignorant. Jesus hates ignorance, you know. He would be very upset with you. Now, on that note, I’m going to go do lots of drugs, sacrifice my cat to satan, and listen to some “drummed and based” music. Have a nice day!

  13. Gary Gilmour

    August. I had you for a God-fearing man. I am beginning to doubt my judgement now. Which Church do you belong to?

  14. Gary Gilmour

    Our small community of 400 souls pray for this interwebsiite every Sunday. Is it because we are from Iowa that we are ignored? What are these towns called New York and London if not dens of sin?

  15. Lady Raven

    PS Proofreading is a good idea too, I noticed a lot of grammatical errors and typos….and I forgot to mention that you are a racist bastard…doesn’t that kinda go against Jesus’ whole “love thy neighbor” policy? I think so…shit son, looks like you’re going to burn in the fiery pits of hell (I hear they force drugs, drummed and based music, and interracial relationships on you down there….holy shit!)

  16. gage

    Drummed and Based. Lolz. It’s drum like the percussion instrument. The one that we all have been dancing to for about 10,000 years , mans first sound. And Bass the , the loud reverb that the drum makes. It’s not a Jungle List. It’s a Junglist: Someone who listens to jungle music

  17. Gary Gilmour

    Guns. That is whole new can of worms. I think that certified Christians should be allowed to carry guns. Maybe not M16 or other autonamatic rifles but certainly Glock pistols and possibly AK47 as long as the automatic facility is disabled. No RPG either. Maybe they could carry old Belgian 7.62 rifles with big kick but very efficient kill rate. A 7.62 round will stop an elephant. Beware of the recoil though. Hallelujah!,

  18. Kay^3

    This is all facts! I dont know what you people are complaining about. This is a completly truthfull article!

  19. Evaded

    Seriously? Is this ‘article’ a joke? Even with putting all personal opinions aside, about 98% of this is incorrect. Did you even bother to do any research on the topic at all? Speaking of, it’s called Drum & Bass not ‘drummed & based'; Junglists not ‘Jungle Lists’. I could go on correcting you but I don’t have time to waste on a misinformed bible beater who OBVIOUSLY does not know what google is or how to use it. Even if you tried to pass this ‘article’ off as fiction, it would still be HORRIBLE. I hope you didn’t get paid for writing this garbage.

  20. Gary Gilmour

    5.56mm is useless for stopping enemy in one go. Christians should be voting on 7.62 ammo or heavier. 0.50 will always be good. God be praised!

  21. Gary Gilmour

    I ask all Christians to report which calibre/grain is best for a clean kill of a big deer/bear/human. I suggest the old 7.62 Belgian SLR for this – the kick is big but the big round messes the target whole life. I can’t get hold of 0.50 or cannon.

    1. Anonymous

      You have to be joking? I grew up in a very strong Christian community and one of the most widely taught principles is that it is wrong to kill another human being. You’re asking “fellow Christians” to unite under the motive of murdering people simply because they enjoy a genre of music that you don’t approve of. What do you think merits a ticket to hell more, sinful music, or murder?

  22. Brandon

    Wow, Tyson….did you get all your information about Drum n Bass (BASS….not BASE) from 13 year old girls who are too scared to go to an actual party? Been to MANY dnb shows, raves, etc….East coast and West coast US…and can honestly say you are CLUELESS!! Stick to writing about things you know…maybe lady gaga or brittany spears would be more familiar…

    Don’t hate Drum N Bass because you don’t understand…

  23. Brandon

    Honestly have no idea how i even ended up on this page…christwire??? Going back to my DNB Dungeon now…me and Satan have a card game scheduled…

  24. Winchester

    It’s laughable that some people think this is a series piece of writing on Drum and Bass.

    If the writer had good knowledge of the subject and it was written in a way that was actually funny and wasn’t poorly structured, gramatically incorrect and maybe trying a bit too hard to be quirky, then yes it could have worked.

    But i doesn’t work so stop trying to be a cross between Armando Ianucci and Charlie Brooker you unfunny cunt.

  25. Gary Gilmour

    So fellow Christians: do we vote for 7.62 ammo as per Russiian AKs? I think this is important for all Chtristians. V

  26. Gary Gilmour

    For myself I have a Glock pistol plus M16 carbine and various auto shotguns to repel any atheists that attack Iowan farmhouse.

  27. Nicole

    Tyson Bowers III
    You’re an Idiot… I’d be more worried about crummy Rap, I literally laughed out loud when I saw this… just listen to your Christ music and write about something good next time, don’t waste your time making up bullshit…

  28. Gary Gilmour

    Yeah well the Glock is useful – I have shot several ugly dogs with it so far. They deserved it: godless beasts.

  29. Nicole

    Is this the national enquirer, for Crazy Catholics… holy crap, you people are nuts… i just took a look at the other crap Tyson the Idiot has written, this website should be illegal Ive never seen so much racism in my life… You people are crazy…!

  30. Gary Gilmour

    Nuts ? No way. We are just Christians with an interest in guns. Preferably automatic weapons ie M16 or other carbines. Sniper rifles are cool too – especially British or German models.

  31. Gary Gilmour

    The Germans have the best weaponry of all nations. Don’t let’s fuck them over. Plus they have got the Pope – so America, sit down and shut the fuck up.

  32. Gary Gilmour

    I meant to add ‘hallelujah’ because our God is probably less interested in guns than we are. Shame, because guns are fun and part of our American dream.

  33. John Johnston

    Hey journalist guys!!!

    I’m guessing the publishers/writers of this article didn’t really go to college. This article is full of so many grammatical errors, misspelled words, incorrect terminology, and miss interpreted research. Have any of you, so called, journalists ever written a research paper before?

    For starters it’s called Drum and Bass!!!

    John Johnston

  34. Jordan

    From Wikipedia:
    Christwire is a satirical website that publishes blog style articles that highlight perceived excesses of Un-christlike hypocritical Christian conservatives.[1][2][3][4] [5]

    Like similar satire websites, Christwire’s stories have sometimes erroneously been taken at face value.[2] This may be an example of “Poe’s law”, an adage regarding the difficulty of distinguishing some parodies from serious material.
    Christwire followers are hateful, MEAN, judgmental, raciest, and stupid

  35. Hahaha!

    I enjoyed this quite a bit. Guys, the author clearly seems to know what “drum and bass” is… The article is full of hints that he’s just messing around. The article is a well-executed joke. Good job mate!

  36. John Johnston

    Gary Gilmour you are too funny bro. I can barely type this up after reading your string of comments. My eyes are tearing from laughing so hard. I just have to share with my co-workers. Brother thank you for the laughs. You need to be on Adult Swim or something.


  37. Gary Gilmour

    Well in the absence of feedback we will go with 7.62 ammo. Some of you Christians are too lazy to cotton on to this website.


    If i had more time on my hands i would create the website and every article your website would post i would post the facts on mine. F**king Idiots!!!

  39. Gary Gilmour

    Funny website? Do you think I am Jewish/gay/canadiian? Or all three? I am throwing up with your prejudice. You should revisit your vile yuck life.


      i think it would be hilarious, and i don’t care what your nationality is, and how could you tell with just comments?


    your a raciest asshole, because you are believing in this ridiculous article that is completely WRONG! Drum and Bass will lead to cannibalism, really? that is FUCKING HILARIOUS…! your the one talking about killing dogs and guns you Hitler!

  41. Edwin Galagher

    I did some research on “DnB” for one of my classes and I agree %100 with this article. It was founded by communist jews that wanted to get kids hooked on drugs that they were supplying. Its sick and disgusting, I needs to be illegal for all the homosexuality that happens at these “raves”. We’ll never get anywhere with this trashy president in office.

    1. Danzas

      Haha! I thought, for a brief moment, that you were being sarcastic and that no one could write something like that seriously. Then I remembered the article. I completely forgot that attitudes like this exist.

        1. Danzas

          Why did you have to go and bring up the whole freedom debate? Free to do what? Am I free to jump 1km in a single jump? What do you mean no? I can’t be free then by definition.

      1. BNS

        Except…well, this is a satire website and nothing of this is meant to be taken serious.
        Or are you being sarcastic too? I can’t tell anymore.

    2. Thiefenz

      the best raves are the ones where it’s completely dark and you have no idea who or what you are having sex with. it’s like a mystery box

  42. jay c deejay

    edwin get a grip m8 go 2 a night n see 4 ur fukin self u retard why u think dnb nights r goin ahead every week m8 r u fukin blatant STUPID!!!!

    1. Edwin Galagher

      This is exactly what DnB does to you brother, Your violent and don’t even realize it…. You need to stop all the drugs and maybe your grammar would improve. DnB is lowering our standards on humanity. I love you and jesus does too. I hope you get cured brother :)

      1. Damiendnb

        Dear Edwin

        Self righteousness is derivative of Pride; which is a sin. The sin of which the mighty fallen one was cast out for.

        As you preach that this drummed and based music affects people without keeping an open mind and educating yourself, you are giving into your puritanical and SINFUL nature. You will probably reach a deeper level of hell than most since Pride is the sin that is governed by Ba’al.

        Meanwhile, these Jungle Lists, with open minds and open hearts, will be accepted into the kingdom of heaven because they know not the way of Christ and therefore will not be judged as harshly as you, a so called Christian.

        Blame not the music that you do not understand, do as Christians have done for centuries and blame yourself for being a shitty person.

        PS. You’re a cunt

      2. jkaos1000

        wow really your closeminded attempts are not needed, some of us junglists dont do drugs, so if you please shut the fuck up.

  43. jay c deejay

    lmaooooooo get a grip i went 10years sdc last week n it was fuki bad i sniffed nuff coke n smoked nuff cheese night was fukin baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad jog on u haterz!!!!


    HAHAHAHAHAHA what a hyped up load of crap!!!! there is literally no one out there like this FASLE stereotypical image you are trying to portray.
    People who listen to Drum and Base are not haters!
    Wake up from your la la land!

  45. cc

    haahahahhaaha! awesome!

    The best part is the sheer number of people who think this article is real and are flipping out.

    1. some nobody

      I don’t even read the articles anymore. All the juicy meat is in the commentors who actually BELIEVE that actual Christians use this site. I LOL for hours reading the diatribes of the uninformed (aka don’t know satire)

  46. micemen

    I feel like at this point this site could post an article which was just “Emo is an evil unchristian genre of music where people play the banjo and live on the moon and take drugs and cut each others noses off and are gay” followed by 10 pages of copypasted THIS IS TROLLING/SATIRE AND NOT A REAL ARTICLE BY REAL CHRISTIANS!!THIS IS TROLLING/SATIRE AND NOT A REAL ARTICLE BY REAL CHRISTIANS!!THIS IS TROLLING/SATIRE AND NOT A REAL ARTICLE BY REAL CHRISTIANS!!THIS IS TROLLING/SATIRE AND NOT A REAL ARTICLE BY REAL CHRISTIANS!! and there would STILL be 100 tl;dr rants from people taking it seriously. So depressing.

  47. vertz

    HAHAAHHA! what kind of drugs are you on man!? i want some!
    How else can you come up with such INCREDIBLE stories 😀

  48. johnny balboa

    this is the most stupid thing I have read ?!!! the person who write this probably have been rape or stolen in some dnb party and is furious , honestly I don´t see any point on this text !!?!? Be carefull the 175 bpm satan will come again , look under your bed!!!!

    1. Bruce Danus

      Johnny, were you asking if this was the most stupid thing you have read? You put a question mark after your first statement, so I guess you were asking that. The answer is NO, it is 100% factual and might help lead you to a life with Christ and a world of proper grammar and spelling. How can someone “probably have been rape or stolen in some dnb party”? That makes no sense. Also, 175 beats per minute is impossible. That is almost 3 beats per second and everybody who has ever played a musical instrument knows, you can not play 3 beats per second. Maybe a robot could, but who would want to listen to a bunch of robotic noise and clatter. That’s just dumb.

      1. Matt Chaska

        If you truly believe in God and Christianity, then you would know that only God has the power to judge… not a douche like you. It is because of people like you that give organized religion a bad name. You are highly misinformed, I pray for all of the misguided souls that believe even a single word of this article.

      2. Umm...

        You, sir, are an idiot.
        First, anyone who has ever played an instrument realizes that it is entirely possible to play ‘3 beats per second’, primarily because the number of _beats_ per second is irrelevant. The number of notes is what’s important, and any reasonably good technical player can play 3 times your ‘3 beats per second’ with no difficulty. Have you ever heard of Dragonforce? Aside from that, there are more than a few symphonic pieces written at tempos higher than 200 bpm.

  49. Danny Feral

    This is the most ignorant piece of journalism I may have ever stumbled upon. I think the Author needs to shoot himself in the penis and chop his testicles off. This is the equivalent of Anti-Semetic Nazi Propagana from the Hitler Era. Being a Christian and a Junglist myself can assure anyone reading this article who may not have the fortune to be cultured enough to know the facts about Drum And Bass / Jungle Music. Let me tell you there is nothing Satanic about it or the Scene. You’d have more to worry about letting your children worship the true Satanic Idol, Brittany Spears Who encourages adultery (and a long list of other sins) Than you would letting your children listen to modern electronic music. I could go on but would rant. I can not believe how stupid and Ignorant some people can be.

  50. Satan

    Hey Jesus! Ya wanna be friends with me again like back in the good ole days when we teamed up to troll Job. I still think you are a cool guy when you walked the earth. You loved my herb and was the earth’s first long-haired socialist. Maybe this time we can troll dnb morons together. Friend?

  51. Gary Gilmour

    I just got back from a morning with my pastor having a ball with some target practice. He is concerned about some bigoted comments he got on Facebook so he got himself a RPG made in China – I have no idea how – and we blasted a big enlarged photo of this Ali G drug baron. Accurate to 400 American yards and will put the fear of God into any atheists for miles around.

    But my sights are set on going to church tomorrow and listening to his sermon. I hope all Christwire followers will attend for morning service in their respective chapels and churches throughout our wonderful land.

  52. Gary Gilmour

    I am diisappointed with certain Christiams – most posts appear during the working week. Does this mean that Christians are using their work facilities and are not bothered to post comments at the weekend?

    I am ashamed for these posters: at least I made the effort after my session with the pastor.

  53. Scout

    I love DnB too. But I’m white and I don’t like violence nor is my brain damaged by the music. What this guy is saying is just racist bullshit.

      1. Christ4Life

        This IS a Christian website. Or used to be anyway… I remember back in the day when this webpage was a professionally run bastion for folk opposing the far-left/communist/homosexual agenda. Yet the trendy, hip techno generation atheists come here to mock our belief system with their unrelenting “trolling”. Making it appear like a parody of our strong, moral, conservative beliefs. But…… just read the near-death experiences of these holier-than-thou godmocking atheists. I recommend Googling “Howard Storm”. ALL atheists go to HELL. Just like all Buddhists, Muslims, Hindoos, Rastafarians, Pastafarians, New Agers, Wiccans, etc etc etc all go straight to HELL! But Jesus is merciful. He will drag you from the clutches of the communists when you die. All you need to do is call his name and praise America. Even if you don’t live in America, because America is the most free, Godly country in the world. Praise the Lord.

        1. jkaos1000

          its cause you are not real sir….
          sure you guys are positive, but when it comes to realistic events in time and space, you more of a cadet than i…

  54. Gary Gilmour

    You know, I praise that comment. We have to draw the line and this guy has drawn it. I would ask whether he/she is connected to Newscorp though.

  55. Gary Gilmour

    The more I look at that post, the more I agree with the sentiment. We ARE Christians, we do GUNS and we are humble. Who has a problem with that?

  56. A Gnostic Christian

    Sad thing is people like mister gilmore actually exist. And people end up getting murdered in the name of some mythical character created by twisted over bearing maniacs, they call God. And spend their whole time on Earth living in fear and spending their mortal days in their own hell. You should embrace this world with acceptance and love, open arms. Not Guns, terror and racism. What this really is. Is the true sign of narrow mindedness, ignorance and the byproduct of fear and un-education. Its like they hand out the bible to everyone who flunks their IQ test and that’s how ignorant white people get their religion. Just look at Mormons and their John Smith. DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB. How can you put faith in a book that was written by the foul-able creature known as man? Maybe if the Bible were etched on the face of the moon by some cosmic hand of god, then maybe. [img][/img]

  57. Damiendnb

    I strongly disagree with the stereotype that the reason the asians are in charge is not because we come from money and are fronting the drugs, it’s because we see in widescreen; allowing us to observe more territory than other “races”.

  58. BeatifiedSinner

    As a fellow believe in the Risen Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I agree with almost everything you guys say. But I have to take issue with some of your descriptive passages of sex. You should take care not to incite inappropriate lust with your apt choice of words, as some less well grounded than I might misinterpret. In particular, your zesty portrayal of gayness might actually cause someone to “convert” if you know what I mean. I admit, even I sometimes, although solidly entrenched in the Word of Our Lord, find my mind wandering when I read you eloquent portrayal of the entry of a mans’ genitalia into another man’s equipment and I have to stop and read my Bible. Just a cautionary note. Keep up the Lord’s work!

  59. Agent olek

    This article really underestimates the facts about dnb…its the common way to drink childrens blood at dnb partys as well as the first dnb producer was satan in personal..

  60. genrewhore

    god hates a wanker. he loves a roller.

    this article article written by a tit.

    go bass!


    lol you cunts.

  61. Gary Gilmour

    This post has run it’s course and has exposed all the bigots who are against Christianity and the guns of America. Shame upon you all. Christians all over the USA will carry their guns with the usual pride.

    Much as I hate to say it, but we need to extend this solidarity to the English and Canadians. And God forbid, the heathen Australians, God help me.

  62. jkaos1000

    you spelled it wrong christfags…

    drum and bass……..get your facts right before you decide on what you know and what you dont. because we all know the bible is just a story….

    if you have any problems feel free to contact me via facebook, and or my email

  63. Cybertooth

    i would like to put out an unbiased review of this work (and really i geuss a good portion of this site)

    this, is a stereotypical and attacking point of view on music scenes
    there are a lot of druggies who listen to music, fact
    if you listen to some kinds of music you are a satanist drug using gay whore, sometimes true, but not fact

    if you really want to make a change in atmospheres like this, why not speak to them with what appeals to them? like make some christian DnB or something?
    id submit a biased review but since when do people listen to that?

  64. I am the man

    you know Mozart has drums and bass in his symphonies. so, are you saying that Mozart is brainwashing us?

  65. dnb head

    your such a cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you go on about christ blah blah blah crock of promotional bollox mate! besides having mixed race is better than being a HATER & RACIST! if you was to come to a dnb rave 1st thing i would do is spike your drink with LSD then tell the MC that your a hating racist cunt who wrote this article & get him to say it over 120k of filthy bassline sound and watch you disapear you sad hating racist CUNT!

    1. Danzas

      Peace be with you neighbour. That sounds a bit hateful to me. Next time you write something on the interweb, please ask yourself if the Baby Jesus would approve

  66. JOHN DOE





  67. DarkcydeKillaStep

    you KKKristianz spread ur liez about our culture but you don’t know that Jesus hands out candy at raves and has the best Swiss L. Kaleidoscope ur Lyfestyle! Amen!

  68. Military Boot Polishing

    Naturally I like your website, but you need to test the spelling on several of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to inform you. However I will certainly come again again!

  69. God Hates Liars

    It’s called “Drum and Bass” music and it’s called so because they use – now stay with me – “drums” and “bass” rhythms to produce the music. This is done instead of say, using a piano, guitar or pipe organ (remember when those too were considered Satan’s music?).

    Who ever is making up these obviously misleading articles is ensuring their place in the ninth circle of hell reserved for counterfeiters, and liars. It’s music, nothing more, nothing less. The children in your church probably do more drugs than the people at these events, they’re just quiet about it.

  70. Conor McVarnock

    As a member of the Belfast Rave Scene i can confirm that this is all true. Especially the bit about the breakcorers.

  71. jeff

    you suck at life, god doesnt associate himself with people who use his name to spread hate and ignorance.. i mean honestly, you have no clue what you are saying, none whatsoever sir. and you will be judged, but not by any of us, you will have to look in a mirror at the end. that is where your hell begins, and ours ends.


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