Thundercats – Rippled Muscles and Ferociously Gay

It has been a long time coming and our warnings about the homo gay agenda using cartoons as a gateway to infect your children with colorful gay brainwashing techniques, seem to fall on deaf ears. Now we have photographic proof that this form of brainwashing has started to infect our youth.

Below is a new poster that has been released to the public showing how the new Thundercats cartoon will look. Does this type of artwork look familiar? It should. This type of art style is called “Erotica Fantasy”, in which the characters are drawn in a style in homo-inciting prowling sexual details and shading, to wet the appetite of homosexual readers. Now your children will be exposed to this sexual fest of thick sex like outlines.

Look at the detail in the biceps and look how they drew a menacing death sex look on his face. You can tell this guy is ready to stalk some weak and young pray.

To go even deeper with our proof, we have uncovered images of “Thundecat gay sex parties”, that are held in leather bars and twink clubs around gay cities in America. In these images you will see the party goers dressed up as their favorite Thundercats lion and you can tell they are full of orgy excitement.

It is only a matter of time before your children are having Thundercat sex sleep overs.

41 thoughts on “Thundercats – Rippled Muscles and Ferociously Gay

  1. Blanche Beecham

    These animal dressing people are blurring the line for the anthropocentric definition of good taste. We are called to have dominion over the animals, not dress up with whorange wigs and bolo ball necklaces.

    This is a sad day for humanity. Our prayer call center is working overtime for these disgusting people.


        1. Alison Manson

          Really! Oh yay! Now I wanna work up the nerve to ask Lauren, till death do us party! Celebrating hardy! I do!

  2. katie

    Lol this is a joke right?? I mean, sure the guys in costmes look like total
    Fucking morons but the cartoon image is hardly promoting gay behaviour??
    Its pretty much inert regarding sexual prefference if you ask me and i can only
    Assume you percieve it as *gay* due to some unresolved sexual confusion in yourself
    You need. To work through and not repress or ‘over-compensate’ for.

    Why single out this paticular image? Because of the muscles? What about um, oh
    I dont know, every cartoon for the past 30years? The ninja turtles? He-man? Whatever?
    Even the original thundercats? This is nothing new. And its really nothing to do with some underground gay plot (plot to achieve what btw? This idea makes no sense) its just proportioned, like manyy comic art depictions, as an exaggerated *ideal* (i.e heroes are typically strong, visually conveyed through muscle in comics, as with female
    Heroes who are typically conveyed as slender and agile, is that *gay* too?”
    Unless some kind of actual reference to sexuality is made or implied in a cartoon/tv show/film/whatever then its probably better to assume it is totally inert regarding preference of sexuality. To do otherwise is blind assumption.

    We live in a world where some people are gay, some are straight, whatever, its no big deal, and this idea that there is some mass gay agenda or conspiracy is well, kinda nuts. It makes no sense… you seem to be under the impression there would be some percieved reward or advantage to a *gay takeover* for the gay community?? Or that gay communities are *recruiting*? How? Its basically impossible to *turn* someone gay. Think of it this way, youbare clearly claiming to be straight (the motivation behind this article and the way YOUR MIND has somehow drawn a connection between muscles and *gay influence* though makes me think you’re conflicted) so, as you *claim* to be straight, do you think anyone could EVER convince youto be gay??

    I rest my case…

  3. satan

    well done my child, you have successfully corrupted the word of my brother and sworn enemy. For this I will assure you a place of high regard when you eventually join me in my palace of fire.
    your master,

  4. L.N

    And Tyson goes and shows once again that he’s stupid beyond all belief. Thundercats was nothing more than a campy little cartoon in the 80’s and was rebooted recently. Not only that, but how the hell are there even gay parties like you talk about? The only way you’d know is if you’ve been to one (not surprising that you’d hit up your gay bars).

  5. successful troll is successful

    I’ve been reading a few articles from this site and people dont seem to realise that this is all an exercise in trolling. 10/10, you guys would make the oldfags from /b/ proud. Also, the hilarious moment when people agree with a troll post.

  6. U R A IDIOT...

    wow what a bloody troll, did this dumbass relize that mostt of those pictures are from comicon where nerdy fans go dressed up as their favorite charecter… this almost nakes me ashamed to be a christian… this shows yo what happens when you give a moron acess to the bloody internet

  7. Emosexual Bitch (aka Caitlin)

    Let me give you a list of my favorite bands you can be a total asshole to.
    Black Veil Brides (DONE)
    Falling In Reverse (DONE)
    Blood On The Dance Floor (DONE)
    All Time Low
    Never Shout Never
    EatMeWhileI’mHot (Same Lead Singer)
    Panic! At The Disco
    And do me a favor and trash Escape The Fate too, even though I don’t like them.

          1. Businessman Hank

            Actually I think you limit yourself by having extremely limited powers of intellect.

          2. Businessman Hank

            I believe you misquoted me there, my dear man. And no, it’s not. I just thought it was funny.

          3. L.N

            These: “” mean quotes. These: ” mean paraphrasing. Quoting means to take a statement directly without altering it, while paraphrasing means to shorten the statement but keep the overall message. You’d think that for someone who wants to make claims about the intelligence of others that they’d know the difference between single and double quotes.

          4. Businessman Hank

            A trifling semantic distinction, my dear man, and one that any reasonable man would excuse. My point was, whether it’s a quote or a paraphrase, that I have been most egregiously misrepresented.

  8. WTF????

    seriously, u people are the true anti christ’s.. I love how ignorant bible thumpers think their the only ones connected to god but yet ur wretched twisted views truly show u guys don’t know what the love of god truly is… its funny how this entire website is dedicated to finding “gay” things in any and everything. I honestly feel sorry for you and for your children, you will never go beyond ur limited points of views and truly feel compassion for your fellow human being… pseudo religion preachers!!

  9. Kate

    I don’t think this is “gay” at all. It’s merely a tv show. All of you saying its gay is corrupting the minds of others and making them believe every dang tv show has sexual or gay references. The network is just making a re-make of the old show Thunder Cats. Please, get it in your head.

    1. Elkhart

      Don’t forget that one kids show Spongebob Squarepants. His best friends are half-clothed and the fact he owns a snail means he likes dicks.
      Yeah, I call bullsh*t on this article.

  10. Matthew

    Bitch you don’t talk shit about Thundercats. Someone’s just jealous because they grew up in an overly religious home with parents who didn’t allow them to watch classics such as this and Dragon Ball Z.

  11. Matt

    I was strait until I saw this picture. Now I’m not only gay, but have a preference for humanoid/ felines. Thanks alot Tyson Bowers, you prick.

  12. Keeping it Real

    If you think I’d wanna sleep over with that ugly lot then you’ve got another thing coming.

    I do enjoy this site, it makes me feel smug and happy in the knowledge that at least the crazies have a platform to spout their ridiculous notions about the planet they are living on . I wonder if the author has met a gay, spent time with a gay, understood what gay is. Probably not.

    But please keep the comedy coming.

    1. Elkhart

      Hey, don’t make fun of crazies.
      I fall into that category along with: weird, freak, nerd, geek, teacher’s pet, bitch, insane, and of course out-of-his-freak’n-mind.
      So if you call someone crazy make sure it’s me and not the jackasses on here.


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