Tyson Bower’s Top Five Marinated In Sin Websites of 2009

Hello my friends of God! After a month of research I have finished compiling my world renowned “TOP FIVE MARINATED IN SIN WEBSITES” list for 2009. Below are the most sinful sites you need to watch out for. Some promote homo gay sex and some even use new internet technologies that flash gay symbolisms to brainwash our young children!

5. G4TV
G4TV is a whore demon that promotes violent videos games, devil whore females that perform mouth sex acts on hotdogs and worst of all the love San Fagsisco.

4. Spoiledjuice
Spoiledjuice is by far the most freakish homo promoting site ever. They display images of men on men twiddle rompus sex, female naked parts, pedosexual men and many other un Godly imagery.

3. Material Bitch
Material Bitch is a site ran by a few man twinkie worshipers and a girl who was most likely molested by a homosexual. Their content does nothing but talk about hollyqueer, how they love gays and promote their brain sin smut clothing line. MB really stands for Messiah Basher!

2. Dirty Shirty
Dirty Shirty is a site that dresses women in little and tight clothes that say “Dirty” on them. For those of our readers who don’t know what “Dirty” means on the streets…It’s a word created by black devils in the hipped hopped rape and murder culture. “Dirty” means I’m a sex crazed female who wants multiple men to invade my fish cave.

1. Gay.com
Gay.com is satan’s personal palace! This is where gays can talk about how many little boys they have molested and also talk about their new ways of luring young boys into their attics or basements. It’s promotes “GAY NEWS” which really means “SATANS FALSE NEWS” This site is the most un Godly site ever created. Anything gay is sinful and this whole site is nothing but gay, so there for it is nothing by marinated sin, homo cheering, man rampus FILTH!!

Dishonorable Mention award:
Collegehumor.com. They know why, two words – “Jews” and “Homos”

19 thoughts on “Tyson Bower’s Top Five Marinated In Sin Websites of 2009

  1. Ambiguous

    Tyson, do please explain why a homosexual would molest a girl? I think you’ve kinda missed the whole concept of homosexuality, so I’m going to spell it out for you: H-O-M-O-S-E-X-U-A-L-S D-O N-O-T L-I-K-E F-E-M-A-L-E-S, T-H-E-Y O-N-L-Y S-L-E-E-P W-I-T-H O-T-H-E-R M-E-N.

      1. yuske

        i think they are refered as lesbians i’m afraid but homesexuals don’t molest kids thats what we like to call a pedophile and there now gay they just like young children

      2. shelly

        Personally I’d like to say thanks for compiling these sites for me and putting them into that handy little list. I’ll be sure to visit them. :)

  2. Jazze

    how sad must it not be to have your purpose in life beeing find things to hate?
    also good job the best way to help people stay clear of websites they’d never under normal circumstances go to must be to advertise for them. congratulation i bet these sites have gotten a few more regulars all because of you.

  3. Millenium

    “Dirty” means on the streets…It’s a word created by black devils in the hipped hopped rape and murder culture. “Dirty” means I’m a sex crazed female who wants multiple men to invade my fish cave.

    I’m pretty much sure you sucked in english class or you don’t know how to read dictionary in first place

    dirty means Unclean exemple a TABLE can be dirty or your television can be dirty ( it’s mean it’s need washing )

    and why you said fish cave ??? No fish would go there in first place and said the proper word VAGINA

  4. Anonymous

    I’m beginning to wonder how old you are. There are so many things I want to address about this. Where to start…
    Oh, of course. Your “world renowned” list. Would you mind telling me where it’s renowned? Is there a country called homophobia or something like that?
    5. G4TV is a gaming site. It’s where people who like video games can congregate and discuss how much they like video games. Really, out of all the sites out there, that made the list? I don’t know what “the love San Fagsisco” is but I couldn’t find it on there. Perhaps you took “they love San Francisco,” misspelled it, and added a touch of bigotry?
    4. All right, this website is inappropriate, I’ll give you that. But, compared to the average porn site, it’s pretty good. At least it’s only pictures. Besides, I couldn’t find any references to homosexuality (although there was one that DISAPPROVED of pedophilia). And again, of all the sites?
    3. I quote: “The opinions expressed in this site are pure satire…” …?
    “a girl who was most likely molested by a homosexual.” You still don’t seem to get it! HOMOSEXUAL does not equal PEDOPHILE! Homosexuals like other people of the same gender. Pedophiles like children. Difference.
    Oh, and if you want to know what the “messiah basher,” here you go: http://www.materialbitch.com/2010/01/mb-voted-3-on-tyson-bowers-top-five-marinated-in-sin-websites-of-2009/
    2. I hope this is a joke. A website where you can buy clothing? What’s wrong with that? It’s not dedicated to showing pictures of women, it’s dedicated to selling shirts. Those are called clothing models. They wear the shirts so people can see what the shirts look like.
    …”‘Dirty’ means I’m a sex crazed female who wants multiple men to invade my fish cave.”
    Huh? If you’re going to say crazy, untrue things like that, at least be correct in your wording. It’s called a vagina, not a fish cave. The word “dirty” was not created by black people, who are not devils, and who do not rape and murder people as a pastime. My God. (gasp!)
    1. This is just low. I bet you just typed in gay.com into your browser to make sure it exists and put it on here. Did you even look at the site?
    First of all, you’re mixing up homosexuals and pedophiles again. And it’s making me angry.
    Second, this is not a pornography site, it’s not a pedophilia website, IT’S A DATING WEBSITE. It is just like any other dating website, it’s just aimed at gay men. Which is fine. It’s fine to be gay. I know you disagree with me, but you really have no idea what gay means. You seem to think that gays are pedophiles, or sex machines, or embodiments of satan; the list goes on. But ask yourself this: do you (that’s YOU, not God, or the Bible, or bigoted propaganda) know of any difference (that’s a real, physical, mental, biological, whatever, difference) between homosexuals and heterosexuals, that makes them inferior or wrong. I didn’t ask you if there is something about them that the bible says is wrong. I asked you if there is a logical, plausible reason to consider them inferior. Use your head, the answer is obvious. No.

  5. chevy

    No you haven’t even seen the worst! There’s this one website where they have these stupid morals and they are so racist. I’m surprised no ones reported them yet. I think the websits call ChristWire.org. And
    you know what’s the funniest thing about it is they believe that they will got to heaven for their work on Earth!? They also believe in this mystical being called God!?

  6. Science15

    Clearly, this site is composed and administered by idiots, who need as much attention as possible, including negative attention. We, the viewers of such a corrupt website, know that the creators are racist, unintelligent, anti-religious (observe the text), dimwitted, rude, ignorant, etc. The quantity of negative characteristics are endless! Anyways, now facing the truth about this corrupt site that we know of, we must “boycott” such a corrupt and evil site. By this, I mean, quit posting “comments”, sending questions, hatemail, etc. To do this= one less corrupt website= a more secure and suitable internet. This site does not promote proper faith and christian religion in any ways; and you, the viewers, know it. Look around this site; view the unacceptable content of the articles, and think if you want to deliver attention to these dimwits.

  7. Stewart

    Well. I’m surprised http://www.neopets.com wasn’t included in this. I mean, mythical creatures? That’s fucking satan’s petshop! No, seriously. You guys. Really? I hope that a neopet comes to you in the night and penetrates your steamy hole with its giant purple neopet dick.


  8. Jessica Sarah

    For all you claim to know about sinful actions, it really worries me that you don’t know the difference between pedophiles and homosexuals. Pedophiles are attracted to small children, and yeah, that’s pretty disgusting. Homosexuals are attracted to those of their own gender. I don’t really see how that’s disgusting. Should I bash you for the things you’re attracted to in a person? You’d get pretty mad, would you not?
    Secondly, as a woman, who proudly owns a VAGINA, I would like for you to know that calling it a ‘fish cave’ is offensive on many levels. First of all, it is not a cave. you can’t go and hide in it because your ship wrecked on a deserted island, nor is there treasure buried in it. Also, and i doubt you know this because obviously you’re a Christians and Christians don’t believe in pre-martial sex but, it does not smell like fish. Any woman that smells like a fish you should run away from, because they obviously don’t know how to take care of themselves. This begs for me to ask you one question. Why are you so afraid to call a vagina a vagina? Do you feel like it’s disrespectful in some way, or it’s a ‘dirty word’? It’s not. It’s a body part. Grow up.
    Now about these websites you hate… Have you ever actually watched porn, because if so, you’d see more dirty things in the first five seconds than you could scouring all those websites. Oh yes, I forgot, you would never watch porn because porn is evil. But… didn’t the god you speak of sort of create sex?
    Hm. Ponderous.

  9. keri

    Wow. I’ve never heard a more disgusting term for “vagina” than “fish cave.” And if I’m not mistaken, God made those “fish caves” so shouldn’t you refrain from using derogatory terminology for God’s creation?

    Also, if you find these sites so awful, why do you provide links to them? Isn’t that just providing people with easy and ready access to the things you deem so sinful and abhorrent? Interesting approach…

  10. RIRedinPA

    At first I thought I was on The Onion and this was a parody article of extreme Christianist nut bags, you know, where they make the writer into a cartoonish caricature of what a evangelical Chrisitian actually is…then I realized this was an actual site and not a parody…

  11. Jake..

    this site is the funniest thing i have read in years…..however your damn right about one thing i jerked off to gay porn after watchin the golden girls yesterday….GOD DAMN old women get me wet as can be for men….i attached my email please feel free to send me dick picks at any time…

  12. Sticks101

    Messages sent to founders and runners of all 5 of these sites, defamation lawsuits possibly to follow?


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