What Gays Post on Craigslist

If you want to learn about God’s enemies the best thing to do is visit their dwellings of heat sweat bath houses and late night ass pool orgies, also known as the popular gay porn site, Craigslist. This site needs to change its bands width extension to .gay or .homosexslaveparties instead of .com. After browsing this site for over 30 hours, I found nothing but offers of free sex acts, brown pony rides, leather ballroom dancing and male sinkhole tickle torture.

To expose the way a gay brain really does work, I decided to list some of the postings here, so you can see how dangerous and obese these ass assassins are with non-normal sex.

Exhibit #1

I need a spanking – 52

That’ s it. Anyone want to put me over their knee and warm up some buns? 52, 6′, hwp. Very discreet.


Here we have a male making a gay mating call to any other male that might want to come to his modern chique condo and give his rumpus a sexual love tap. What normal person would want a potential danger stranger to come over their house and then perform a act of violence on their tussie? A gay person, that is who. The gay gets a rush when they know they might be involved in some type of danger.

Exhibit #2

Fit Mature for Young Smooth Twink 18-25

I can host at country club setting. I give amazing erotic massages with rimming and oral. Be ddf/neg like me. I 6′, 180, very fit, 7c, smooth, masculine, vers top, respectful and experienced training young twinks. I can also take professional photos if you want and I have 420. Please be nonsmoker, totally smooth, thin (under 150#). I could also use a massage and can spoil you. Tonight or tomorrow night.


First of all what does playing basketball and dental hygiene have to do with erotic massages? And what is a ddf/neg? Is this him saying he wants “Dirty Dillie Fun” and he is “neg of HIV”? I also don’t understand why he has 420 professional photos of himself, besides the fact that we all know gays are vein. Lastly, what does her reference a twinkie in his head post? Is this some kind of homogay slang for devil DNA filled flesh sword?

Exhibit #3

Masculine Bottom in town

Masculine bottom in town until tomorrow…staying at the Parker hotel in Palm Springs. Thirty-five, masculine, five-seven, one-sixty-eight, clean and neg. You must be neg. Looking for hungry tops to c** over for a hot f***. Send your FACE pics and stats, then I’ll send you my room number. Let’s f***!


All these gays do is think about male to male sindocking, rainbows, My Little Pony and flowers. Why do they post that their “bottom” is masculine? Don’t all men have masculine bottoms? Besides all the gay vulgar speak and this man’s urges to have devil DNA, he is giving this hotel a bad name. Do they want to be known as the gay prostitution sex house? I think not.

Exhibit #4

Tops need to dump hot afternoon – 44

load. Bare muscle bottom ready. Strictly anonymous scene. You come in, pump and dump, leave. Very discreet. Great for st8, bi, married studs. Now.


What is “dump hot”? Gay talk is more secretive than Chinese hacker, elite speak. Look at how he is even trying to tempt married and straight men into a homosexual love triangle of sin. Also, what parent names their kid “Tops”?

Exhibit #5

Mexican visitor

Visiting and looking for fun. I can travel before 11 or host after. 5’7″190. hairy vers.


Here we have an illegal trying to spread swine flu. It is bad enough gays are invading out country internally, but do we need Paco de Homo jumping across the border for some tug a rug, health care and a job? No!




32 thoughts on “What Gays Post on Craigslist

      1. david

        i think i can help you out
        rimming is the act of cunnilingus to the anus this is a hetrosexual activity as well as a homosexual one
        last time i looked spanking was quite popular amongst hetrosexuals as well
        oral refers to the the act of oral sex, falatio, or cunnilingus both gay or straight
        ddf is, drug and deasese free
        and yes neg is hiv negative
        420 is a reference to mariguana
        a twink is someone of a younger age between 18 and 25
        dump means to ejaculate
        top is a reference to a persons preferd role in sex,the more dominate male or female
        paco de homo is a racist term
        hope this helps

  1. Thomas Mulej

    After browsing the site for 30 hours eh? Are you sure you’re not a homosexual faggot yourself? Dude, there’s war and famine happening in the world around us and you write about this? Get a life.

    fuck you religious quacks really make me happy I’m atheist.

    1. Christian Intellectual

      Atheism is a form of satanism. You will not be happy when you are burning in hell for all eternity.

      1. Claire

        So just because I don’t believe in god automatically means that I worship satan…even if I don’t believe that satan exists either?

        1. Adam Nelson

          Satan’s greatest trick is convincing you that he does not exist. You worship Satan by denying God. This coupled with your latent homosexuality thanks to RD pretty much assures you a toasty place in hell.

          1. Claire

            I am not a latent homosexual. If I am why do I watch straight porn and find lesbian porn so freakin boring?

            And I do not worship satan, because, like god, he does not exist. End of story.

      2. Mike

        As long as your not there. And I personally don’t believe in a God who would perpetuate eternal torture. They say the act of doing something wrong repeatedly expecting the outcome to change is insanity, so by your definition all gay people are insane, and I don’t think god punishes insane people, not does this country, because they are not of sound mind. By the way, that is a definition from the American Psychological Association.

      3. Mike

        I personally don’t believe in a God who would perpetuate eternal torture. They say the act of doing something wrong repeatedly expecting the outcome to change is insanity, so by your definition all gay people are insane, and I don’t think god punishes insane people, not does this country, because they are not of sound mind. By the way, that is a definition from the American Psychological Association.

      4. Hater

        if you dont belive in god you are just sent to limbo which isnt that bad even though it is still in hell

  2. Justin

    How can you comment on something you don’t even understand. Your article has no merit and is based on emotion only, cause a REAL JOURNALIST would have done some research as to what these terms meant before they started writing about them. You guy’s are a bunch of back hill bible raping bumpkins. If there was a god I am sure he would be ashamed of the hate you’re trying to spread.

  3. Brian

    I’m a christian gay man, and try to abstain from gay sex, as I want a place in the here after. I quite like this blog, althoguh it can get me quite angry sometimes, for the most part It’s a good read. But I would like to ask why there are so often inaccuracies in your blog posts?

    420 is a reference to smoking marijuana.
    Tops is a reference to his sexual preference. he likes to *Ahem* other people but is exit only so to speak.

    A twink is a homosexual that is 18-25 and looks younger. smooth, very effeminate.

    DDF is a term for Drug and Disease free. he’s a person who doesn’t use drugs, and as far as he knows has no sexual diseases of any kind.

    NEG means he doesn’t have HIV. (YET)

    As stated, I love this blog, but it would be nice if you guys would check your sources and slang before posting because It makes you seem uninformed.

    1. Ice Van Winkle

      Brian, thank you for rejecting the filthy life style choice of the homosexers. You are living proof that with the love of Christ no man need ever have disgusting desires for he-butt or flesh sword.

      I bet your wife is thanking god every day that you have given up the wrong choice and found the blessings of woman kind.

      1. Oklahoma

        I would just like to say he still says that he is gay. Not that he’s with a woman, or married. This is unbelieveable.

  4. Shane

    what’s more hilarious is that he puts ddf in and then later says he has 420. Contradiction much?

  5. Brother Bear

    I’m confused. Who’s Craig, and why is this list on the internet?

    Shouldn’t he be in prison for such sinful writing? Or at least banned from the Sunday Ice Cream Socials?

    1. Margaret Vivianne

      Are you fucking retarded?

      Craigslist is a website.
      Take the stick out of your ass and open your eyes.

  6. JimBobMissyThing

    I’m writing this from Hell.
    It DOES get a bit warm here, but in life i was constantly cold (poor circulation) so it’s really not THAT bad (most of the time, that is).
    Admittedly, it was uncomfortable for the first couple thousand years but anyways, you can get used to ANYTHING after a while!
    Just sayin’.

  7. DW

    My thoughts …. Spend less time cruising craigslist and spend more time helping your fellow man. There are plenty of volunteer activies that like homeless shelters, environmental causes etc.

    If you believe the homosexuals are going to hell then let them. It is God’s place to judge, not yours. I believe God will judge others on the good they create in the world and the disadvantaged that they help. Not the judgements they pass on others.

    Please people think. What would Jesus do?

  8. Hypocrite Much?

    Of course, all you had to do to expose how the gay brain works was to write your opening paragraph. Didn’t I see you at a bareback coke orgy last week?

  9. Seriously?

    First off, I’m not gay. Secondly, how exactly did I stumble upon this insane article? I’ve taken up Journalism courses and this is presented in the most unprofessional manor I have ever seen. I’m almost embarrassed to be a Christian after reading what seems to be a long list of meaningless words. I notice you go after the gay ads on craigslist, but you don’t mention the straight posts? I thought sex with strangers is against the bible?

  10. stupidity

    the author is sooo bloody stupid, god encourages peace and happiness yes? So what the f*ck do you think you’re doing by spreading as much hate towards the gay community as possible, the world is changing, thanks to people like lady gaga, more people are coming out of the closet, no one cares what you 40-50 year olds have to say, by the time you’re all in “heaven” it’ll be a happier world. If anyone belongs in hell, its you.

  11. Oklahoma

    FUCK YOU. Ignorance and racism are the worst qualities humans have, congratulations you piece of shit, you have both. Being a Christian doesn’t give anyone the right to do this, and besides, isn’t browsing the gay section of craigslist make you…..gay. Yes. It does. How many dicks did you look at for this article? Asshole.

  12. bee

    This is the most absurd piece of garbage that I’ve EVER had the displeasure of reading! For the first half, I assumed that this were just a horribly tasteless joke. I eventually realized that you were serious, at which point I nearly had a heart attack. I am APPALLED by these ramblings of a BIGOT who is FILLED with more SINFUL thoughts than Ted Bundy!! I can not believe that anyone could write such a disgusting ‘article’ yet call themselves a Christian in the same breath. It is quite clear to me that you have never actually read The Bible. You surely spend more time watching Fox News than truly having a relationship with Our Father.
    I have so many questions that I must ask and although this post was written several years ago I sincerely hope that you may get back to me with a response. How does one, who is assumed heterosexual, spend 30+ hours on the ‘Man Seeking Man Casual Encounters’ section of Craigslist? That is more than an entire day, a full day that most certainly could have (more importantly, SHOULD HAVE) been spent on far more meaningful, faithful, and charitable activities. Spending such a quality amount of time reading about “brown pony rides”, “male sinkhole tickle torture”, “leather ballroom dancing”, and the other highly-varied sex acts sends a very pronounced message and it is extremely contradictory to the contents of your writings. As a deacon, I believe you will be able to answer my following question with ease. Was it our Lord who called upon you to spend more than an entire day to read through these postings you speak of or was it in fact the devil himself? From your response to the many hours you alone allowed yourself to indulge in this activity, calling them “vulgar speak”, it is clear you too let the devil play his game with you as his puppet (which he took great joy in). With a man speaking as if he has so much pertinent, vital knowledge to impart on us all, it truly baffles me as to how ignorant you are. This is why I first thought this were all a joke. Not only is your grammar far worse than that of a second grader, but the sheer lack of knowledge and understanding of the material in which you, not only, spent so much time ‘researching’, but also spoke as if you possess a doctorate in this area of expertise, is what left me so utterly dumbfounded. You wrote this declaring you wanted to “expose the way a gay brain works”. Are you also a neuroscientist who specializes in cognitive science? You speak here as though you are the leading expert on cognitive brain function. I apologize if this is all too confusing for you. I get going and tend to forget with whom I am having this conversation with. Just as with the terms you were unfamiliar with in your post, a simple Google search shall answer your questions and clear up any perplexity you may be facing. You honestly felt that you were in a place and knowledgeable enough to enlighten others on the complex studies of the human brain (whether hetero or homosexual)? Even though you were unaware of the terms you spent over an entire day reading about, terms that could mostly be explained by context and common sense, you still felt you obtained enough wisdom to analyze and decipher the most multifarious system of the human body? If your answer to that question is “yes”, then you must be sitting upon one very high horse. Do you realize that even the most experienced individuals in cognitive science still do not fully understand how our brains function? Whether gay or straight, our brains are made of and function in the same manner. Please remember the TRUE teachings of The Bible, in which it states that we ALL were created EQUAL. Galatians 3:28 states, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”, we are all one of the same just as Peter states in Acts 10:34, “Truly I understand that God shows NO partiality”. God does not see heteros to be greater than or more likely to be welcomed into heaven than those of any other sexual orientation, or race, or background.
    You present yourself as a man of God, yet you take it upon yourself to be the end all, be all judge of character. Are you familiar with what The Bible says about allowing yourself to be the judge of other’s character? Matthew 7:1-5 “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye”. Galatians 5:14 says, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Every single individual on this Earth is to be considered as your neighbor. With the hate that overflows from within you, one can only assume that you do not love and value yourself. I pray that you can learn to do so. I fear for your congregation, for the values you are imparting upon them. You are in a great position to teach love and understanding, yet you do nothing but perpetuate hate and animosity towards our fellow brothers. Please brother, before it is too late for you, change your ways. Ask for forgiveness from those you trespass against. Please see the error in your ways. It breaks my heart to see you failing in such a way.


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