What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a new sexual fetish that is sweeping across hipster groups in liberal urban areas. It is a sub-genre of hipsters that like Star Wars, books from the wild west, and World of Warcraft.

Steampunks like to pretend that they live in a futurist Victorian era with a hint of MMO cosplay and emo-like makeup and hair styles. It is like a acid overdose of a raped and ravaged version of a Julius Vernes novel. Think Mark Twain and Disney having a red headed, atheist step child.

Steampunkers dress up like mechanical human train robots and goto festivals like “Burning Man” where they can have “steam sex” with other steampunkers. It is almost what a 1800’s version of Transformers porn would look like, or a back in time 4chan furry sex convention.

A steampunk sex toy used during "steaming".

Burning Man was the first “steam sex” event created by Steampunkers in the late 90’s, so they could partake in the rusty clanking of sex rumping. After the early 2000’s, Burning Man was over ran by hippies and acid dealing drug lords, which forced the role playing metal wearing sex fiens out of the desert and into suburban America and internet coffee shops.

Even now being forced into the plain sight of the world, streampunks still engage in multiplayer deviancies and rub and tug sex sessions.

One of the things steampunks are involved in, is the sexual act called “steaming” or “steam tracking”, in where a female Steampunk (also known as a Victorian Goth) is dilled with multiple mechanical vibrating phallic shaped sex tools (pictured to the left), while on lookers smoke pipes to imitate the smokestack or steam the comes out train’s. The Victorian Goth is sexual mauled until she releases a hellishly forced organism and yells “Mind your guages”, which means “stop it hurts”. This also has a demonic symbolic meaning, in where the train’s smokestack is Satan’s love hammer of deviance and the billows are his forced streams of liquefied DNA.

A cyberpunk bracelet. This is given to a female to let others know she has a cyberpunk owner.

There are rules to steaming as well. If a cyberpunk or also known as a steamer leader wants to take a Victorian Goth for his own, he will give them a bracelet or what is called a “cyborgised” to show other steamers that they are the property of a man with higher cosplay influence. The ownership is very much like the S&M role playing of the slave and master, where the slave surrenders every orifice, so the master my satisfy their urges of satanic pleasure.

Steaming usually take place at a gaming sex conventions like Comical Con, Blizzard Festival and G3. If their was a heaven for toy train sex lovers, these brothels of sex seeking geeks would be it.

You can also find many steampunk communities online, or as they are called by their street name “geocities portals”, where girls post galleries of themselves in vintage dresses, while their baby feeders are about the flop our like IHOP pancakes.

With all these conventions and fetish band width social networks, steampunk is becoming more popular and pop culture has taken over by making movies to celebrate these sex bandits.

Sucker Punk is the first movie to show how steampunkers wish the world would actually become. The world would be overlaid with a green and blue photo filter, ninja school girls, World War I airship carries and 3rd rate Michael Bay explosions.

Sucker Punch is a movie about a girl who dresses like a cheap thrill seeking whore and performs mouth sex acts on robots, so she can free her friends from their pimp. The movie stars Mtv hussie, Tia Tequila, who plays “Babydoll”. Tia has her hair bleached to make her look more slutty and loose. Babydoll and her slutty side kicks use their cog and steam wheeled weapons to fight off samurai robots, who want to imprison them into a sex house. After many boring sword fights and exposed female milk sacs, the girls finally kill their pimp and find freedom to spread their whore juices onto the unsuspecting world of trains and machine gun cabooses.

The different kind of steampunkers:

Cyberpunks / Victorian Goths
Cyberpunks are alpha male steampunks, who have high cosplay influence. They are allowed to take ownership of female steampunks (Victorian Goths) and make them their sex slaves.

Julius’ are your average steampunks. They aren’t allowed to plan cosplay battles and they are the followers of the Cyberpunks and obey all orders from their train lord.

Steamers are also called “100 percenters” as they never leave character. If you say hello to a steamer, expect a reply to the tune of “Have a extraordinary day of vividness and adventure” and will follow with a tap on their top hat.

All in all, steampunks are just emo kids with metal hot glued to their shirts and tight skinny jeans.

499 thoughts on “What is Steampunk?

  1. L.N

    “Steampunk is a new sexual fetish that is sweeping across hipster groups in liberal urban areas.”

    Ya know, you might want to invest in a dictionary and free up some time (I know goat fucking takes up a good majority of the day for you, but I’m sure you’ll manage). You see, there’s this thing called ‘research’, and if you want to call yourself a journalist, the first thing to do is THAT, RESEARCH. Steampunk is NOT a fetish whatsoever, nor is it ‘sweeping across hipster groups’.

        1. Tyson Bowers III

          Blogs are photo posts, this is a news site for Christians. You can’t deny it. Even other news companies use us as a source. That is fact.

          1. Shannon

            Blogs are not just for photos, there websites for people to share idea. You do share ideas, not good ones but ideas none the less.

          2. L.N

            New companies point and laugh at your insanity. You can’t even define the people you hate properly, how the hell is anyone supposed to take your nonsense seriously?

          3. Tyson Bowers III

            L.N. I can list at least 10 major news sites that use us as a source. Don’t be jealous that Christian’s push the true word, while lazy liberals like yourself try to push lies and homosexual agendas.

          4. Tyson Bowers III

            Also, you can see we are a .org, which makes us an official organization on the internet.

          5. Tyson Bowers III

            There isn’t one that says we are not. Sorry you are having a hard time with your denial.

          6. L.N

            Tyson, you can’t even provide evidence for any of your claims, give me one reason why I should believe you when every single time you’ve been asked to reveal your sources that show that you’ve done your work, you’ve flat out said ‘no, look for it yourself’. You’re asking US to prove YOU right when YOU are the one making the comment in the first damn place.

          7. Tyson Bowers III

            When we exposed Howard Stern, The Blaze, Atlantic Wire, Business Insider, Huff Po, NY Mag, Village Voice all used our post as a source with NO mention of us being a uncreditable source.

          8. Tyson Bowers III

            You can Google. I gave you the sources and now you want more. Typical lazy liberal. Want a government hand out as well?

            Here is more:

            Washington Post
            Fox News (Red Eye, Hannity, Beck)

            I can keep going if you want.

          9. Tyson Bowers III

            Also your homo friends from Green 960, not to mention the national radio shows we are on weekly.

          10. Shannon

            See you should be providing the proof to me because you want me to believe you. The fact that you want me to go look for myself tells me your lying.

          11. Tyson Bowers III

            You are truly an idiot. I’m off to bed. Wasted enough time playing games with a moron who spends 20 minutes on a sort reply, but can’t take 10 seconds to Google.

          12. L.N

            “Typical liberals. You can never prove anything.”

            No, YOU can never prove anything. Seriously, right now, show me that you know what you’re talking about.

            What’s that? You aren’t? What a shock.

          13. non-sexualized steampunk.

            rattle rattle rattle, someone has a stone in an empty can. I don’t expect you to report facts, or even partial truths, but I hope God does take pity on your miserable soul. For you trespass on his holy duty, by passing judgement on others, and you slander his name by speaking untruths about your fellow man. I will pray for you, but I am sure a great many other will not.

          14. etrius

            hey tyson i used google,bing,and seach.com to look up steam punk none of the websites that were listed provided any sort of evidance that this article was well researched or researched at all not even wikipedia said anything about what you stated in your…”article.” sorry but if you want me to believe you you’ll have to tell me the name of whatever book you got this out of.have a nice day ~etrius

          15. Holly D

            Guess what Mr. Bowers the III…I can get a .ORG site too for $9.99 a month. Does that make it an official and respected site?

            I’m thinking of getting the following:

            What do u think of that???

          16. Jerry M.

            … You people are a joke. My ministry is ashamed that you even claim the name of “Christian”. Christ would be ashamed of this place.

            The ignorance only adds to the disappointment.

          17. Dawn

            As a lifelong Christian, I take umbrage to your claim that this is a news site for Christians. As a former professional journalist, I can say it is certainly not “news”. New implies some sort of factual reporting. Entertainment, perhaps. And it is not Christian, re “Thou Shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor.” I am myself a fan of the Steampunk aesthetic. And that’s what it is. Not a fetish. Anymore than Catholic school girls wearing uniforms is a fetish. How dare you hijack the name of our faith for this drivel?

          18. jenesse


            I happen to be both a Born-again Christian AND am involved in a Steampunk social group. Though you will find fetishizing individuals within Steampunk, it is NOT a fetish whatsoever. It is also not about hipsters.
            The group I am associated with, which is the largest East Coast Steampunk organization within the network called the Steampunk Empire, is made up of all ages, demographics, religious affiliations and socio-economic groups.
            For the most part, we are a group of people who appreciate the style aesthetic of the Victorian era and the “what if” of science fiction. Most of the people within the Steampunk sub-culture are very well-read, polite and thoughtful individuals.
            As a Christian, I think this kind of pigeon-holing of groups whom you aren’t really informed about, is VERY dangerous and turns away potential believers because of unnecessary judgmentalism. As your sister in Christ I ask that you withhold judgement until you are fully versed in a group or topic. Thank you.

          19. Matthew gorsky

            Too bad your article is devoid of any journalistic integrity, research or truth. Fact has very very little to do with this article.

          20. 62 year old Christian

            How can you call yourself a Christian when you spread lies like the one above? I thought being a Christian meant that you could do better than that, like “honest & truthful” writing (it doesn’t matter if you have a blog or a news letter. I am tired of people who “call themselves” Christian, writing GARBAGE & LIES (and then calling it a fact) and adding that they are doing so as some kind of Christian service. A TRUE CHRISTIAN would not write a bunch of false statements and then call it a fact.

          21. Daniel

            Okay, haven’t read all answeres, but this reminded me a lot of Poe’s Law (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law):
            “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”

            I’m still not sure if this is a sarcastic parody or the real thing.

            Also, I read “Bowser” all the time, only just now discovered it is Bowers. Curious…

          22. XxWesVanityxX

            Hey Tyson regarding you’re “Also, you can see we are a .org, which makes us an official organization on the internet” post, just so you know anybody can make a .org stie these days, its not just limited to “real” organizations anymore so just because this site is an .org site doesn’t mean shit.

          23. Feldmen Z

            You should have proof read your article before posting.

            “… while their baby feeders are about the flop our like IHOP pancakes. ”

            Should be “out” not “our” Lazy mistake

            “while on lookers smoke pipes to imitate the smokestack or steam the comes out train’s”

            The train’s what? something has to follow a possessive noun. I think grammatical structure calls simply for the word train.

            I thought this was a humor site until i started reading posts. Does the Christian God want His followers to be so hateful?

            Don’t call others lazy or your self a journalist if you’re not going to proof read.

            .org means nothing. Anyone can buy a .org domain

      1. The Hatter

        This isn’t new though, it’s fabrication.

        Okay, so let me set this record at least semi-straight as NO ONE here seems willing to back up anything they say (which as a journalist myself I find disdainful.) Tyson, you should be ashamed of yourself for not citing sources, especially at request. Any credible article based on fact should have traceable origins, be them books, people you can quote or websites (that aren’t wikipedia)

        So lets get a basic idea as to what steampunk REALLY is, shall we?

        First off, Steampunk (much like religion) is many things to many people, but they share a basic source. The basic source is a love for the style and fashion of the Victorian era, especially when combined with clockwork styling. Think if instead of electricity everything were powered by steam engines (hence the name) and clockwork mechanics. There you the basic Steampunker’s fantasy world. But when I say fantasy I don’t mean “fantasy” as a sexual thing, I mean fantasy as in Middle Earth is the FANTASY setting of JRR Tolkien’s books.

        To reflect this fantasy universe the people who participate in this community (and that’s what it is, a community NOT, I repeat, NOT a sexual fetish) frequently create or purchase elaborate costumes, accessories and devices and take them on parade at clubs, conventions, balls and flea markets. Some then take it a step further with a bit of role-playing. Pretend for a few hours while dressed up as a Victorian explorer that you ARE an explorer with great tales of your visits to India and Australia, why not? After all, you’re surrounded by people who enjoy the same fictional era you do, right? It’s like a giant improved stage play.

        I highly encourage you to type “steampunk gadget” (or costume, gun, goggles, clock, so on) into google image search and see the cool things that pop up.

        So now lets look into Mr. Bower’s…we’ll be polite and call it an “article” here, despite it’s lack of truth or cite-able source. He has two pictures that he claims are sexual artifice. One is (he would have you believe) a “steam dildo” the other a band that is proof of ownership. I know these two devices…but they are far from what he claims. Care to see the website he pillaged these pictures from?

        (Again, shame on you for NOT providing these links…but I understand as anyone who had access would immediately disbelieve you. Further your sentence “Steaming usually take place at a gaming sex conventions like Comical Con, Blizzard Festival and G3. If their was a heaven for toy train sex lovers, these brothels of sex seeking geeks would be it.” hurt my brain with it’s WILD inaccuracy. As someone who attends cons on a semi-regular basis, I can tell you that this is a blatant lie.)

        First one’s first:

        That’s right. This guy was building a Steampunk LIGHTSABER prop. You know, like from Starwars? He gives you step by step instructions…so if you want to look over his designs and see if you could REALLY pipe…steamed devil sperm (did I get that right) through this thing, be my guest.

        Second…it’s a watch. That’s right. A spiffy looking watch. It’s not even particularly Steampunk at that.


        Wanna see a picture of the watch I own?


        Want to ACTUALLY answer the question, what is steampunk? Here’s a good place to start. http://www.Steampunk.com! Who would have guessed?!?


        Punk does not mean ‘gay’ or ‘sex’ it’s added to words to typically mean ‘the grittier side of things’.

        Please, Mr. Bowers, if you still think that Steampunk is a fetish community based around satanic sex acts, PLEASE site your sources so that the many people that are in the REAL Steampunk community can do something about the hurtful image those sources are providing. Hypothetically, if I was trying to spread the word that all priests were closet gays who ritualistically violated themselves with holy symbols based on something I read or heard, I would be happy to give you the source so that you could post a counterpoint and debunk that source as a fraud.

        My dear readers, if your journalist refuses to site sources, do a little bit of research, because you can never be sure if your reporter did any. In this case, good sir, I have to accuse you of hate-mongering at worse and severe, willful ignorance at best as I typed “what is steampunk” into three different search engines and couldn’t come up with a source that sited steampunk as a sexual community. I’m SURE that there are people out there that treat it as such, but then, I know for a fact that there are people out there with nun fetishes and priests who are not as clean as they would have you believe. I’m sorry sir, but all communities are sullied in some fashion or another by someone who wants to sexualize it. Please do not judge and encourage other to judge an entire community based on a minority common to all communities, including your own.

        Shepard of the geek:
        The Pixel8ed Hatter

        1. MJ

          Thank you for all your good information, this article is nothing but lies and makes me sick. Hate-mongering at it’s worst!!!

        2. Maria

          Thank you for setting this guy straight. This is so ludicrous all that he has reported Steampunk to be. I’m flabbergasted.

          1. Desperada57

            “And Christwire is a parody site.”

            Thank you, Humouroussteampunk!

            It’s a joke, people!!

        3. Steampunk princess

          Excellent reposte just check your spelling on cite rather than site. :P. PS. This chap has a seriously overactive imagination and I can’t help thinking that’s what he WISHES steam punk was about. Its a bit like those 16th century Christian accounts of witches dancing round naked debauched- purely for the titilation of sad Christian men who need to get out more!

          1. Leah

            “Cite” is what you do when you give references for your statements within an article. “Site” is short for ‘website’ or the location of an event.

        4. Mags

          This article reminds me of the rhetoric spewed by the sexually repressed of the 17th century when condemning “witches.”

          Rhetoric spawned from inflamed imagination and twisted fantasies and projected onto generally blameless women and men who had no more congress with the “devil” than the roe in the wood.

        5. Harold Camping

          Young Lady,

          Some of those sites you referenced were downright pornographic.

          Many of them told a tale exactly opposite of the narrative you’ve tried to advance here.

          I don’t understand the constant references to the Harold Potter writer either. That woman cearly has homogay leanings

      2. Maria


        You are way off base with this. You really should research your stuff more. It isn’t at all what you claim it is. I know. I am into steampunk. You are way off mark.

      3. kirsten

        uh.. this is a JOKE, i hope?

        steampunk is a style, not a sexual fetish.
        the style revolves around Victorian clothing, mixed with cyber and punk elements. yes its rather as if Jules Verne and the punk/goth movement collided. that much is true.

        most steampunk cosplayers (costume players) spend an incredible amount of time (and sometimes money) on their clothing. there are a number of people who make a living supplying Victorian style skirts, bustles, corsets, hats, monocles, ad etc to them. there are also people who make the “cuber” and steam elements, like robotic arms….

        i am afraid that wherever you got your whole BDSM rules of steampunk, you were profoundly misled.

        have you ever BEEN to a steampunk event? because i have. in fact i go to one or more every single month. and i hate to disapoint your readers, but they are pretty tame affairs…. we usually are more interested in cakes and tea than anything else you mention.. although YES you can find a number of folks interested in Absinthe. not me, however, i despise the taste of licorice.

        1. becca

          Agreed- I read how burning man was origannly made for “steam sex” which I just about died laughing. What an ididiot. He has no idea what he’s talking about……and I’d think steam punks whould prefer startrek to star wars…..more reference to the past….oh well- this guy’s a fool.

      4. Elizabeth

        This “article” is so far from the truth, that I wonder if you know anything about steampunk other than having heard the name before.

        You should be completely ashamed to call yourself a Christian. You are building your “facts” from lies and slander, do you think God would think highly of you for that? I certainly don’t.

      5. billiwig toves

        wow Tyler, your not only wrong on many many counts, but this article is just badly written. I know children who can and do write better than this. It’s sad that you have such a tiny narrow view and feel the need to wildly make up inflammatory nonsense about something that doesn’t even concern you. No one needs you. is your wife or husband having an affair with a Steampunk enthusiast? Is that your real problem?

        News website?? This is a tiny microscopic blog for your pathetic egocentric rambling about things you haven’t the foggiest idea about. not to mention, what kind of infantile childish response is “ohh yeah? where’s your news website”? really?…that’s all you could think of?

        I don’t care what your opinions are, but try to at least keep your tiny existence in perspective. don’t attack what you don’t understand, and keep your mind focused on whatever it is you do know…I can only hope there’s something in that inflated head of yours.

      6. Gadget Rocketeer

        This is one of the best things I have ever read. As a practicing Steam-punk, I am thankful to have my fucked up fetishes brought to light! Now I know there are others with the same “steaming” toys as me!
        Actually, all humor aside.
        Tia Tequila was not in Sucker Punch. That was Emily Browning
        As for Burning Man being created by Steam Punks to have dust covered sexcapades in the late 90’s, this is completely untrue. I am friends with the original Cacophony Society of San Francisco, who teamed with Larry Harvey to create the first Burning Man on Ocean Beach (SF) in 1986. After several locations, they settled on the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, to assist the local Native tribes.
        There are no facts in this “article”. There were also, no proof-readers. If you want to be a serious publication, you should at least hire an editor to take care of your grammar. Or perhaps learn a few things, and proof your own writing. Please stop trying to pass this site as truth. Please stop trying to pass your viewpoints as Christian.
        Please stop trying to pass your drivel as truth.
        And please, for the love of your god, or anyone else’s, don’t ever talk about fetishes like you know what you’re talking about. You are ignorant of practically everything you brought up as fact.

      7. Abe

        Dude you need a life, and credible sources. Just because you have a website does not make you credible. I can make a wikepedia page and source it and still would not be credible. The only way you can remotely prove your point is by editing the Wikipedia page and sourcing it. Even then still not credible. So please i suggest you take this “article” down before you humiliate yourself further. And honestly anyone else that actually agrees with your point has either the wrong idea, or plain blind.

      8. vienna

        God thinks all people like you are hateful
        God thinks all people like you are an embarrassment to creation
        self-righteous, judgmental, first to throw a stone
        and using His name for your own protection, and using His name for your own agenda

        God thinks the sun revolves around the Earth
        God thinks there was something very wrong with Copernicus
        God thinks abortion is murder and
        God thinks everything that science gave us is wrong
        God thinks women deserve it
        God thinks AIDS is a form of punishment

        I hate people who blame the Devil for their own shortcomings and I hate people who thank God when things go right

        And I
        I know what God thinks
        God thinks you’re an idiot
        God prefers a heretic

        God is a liberal
        God is a democrat
        God wants you to vote republican
        never trust a man who puts his words in the mouth of god and says it’s absolute truth
        its lies and it smells like death
        its all in a day’s work taking money from the poor
        Why do you think that God would give you dirty money if you want to start a holy war?

        God thinks all blacks are obsolete farm equipment
        God thinks the Jews killed his son and must be punished
        God thinks the white man is Satan
        God, they know what God thinks

        God thinks we should all convert to Judaism
        God thinks we must all be Christians and
        God thinks we should all embrace Islam
        God thinks the only true religion is Hinduism

        And I
        I know what God thinks
        God thinks you’re a waste of flesh
        God prefers an Atheist

        self-righteous, judgmental, first to throw a stone
        and using His name for your own protection

        God thinks puppies need to die and
        God thinks babies need to drown
        ’cause God is neither good nor bad
        God is you and me
        God is Everything

        lyrics by ~voltaire~

      9. Seka

        Ok number one Emily Browning was babydoll in sucker punch not tila taquila so you need to do some research before you start judging a subculture and the movie itself. If you can’t even get one easy fact about who’s staring in a movie which is the easiest thing to search , you honestly didn’t even take time to understand what steampunk is all about! Your so narrow minded in your little delusional world that you live in you think only your beliefs are correct . Your like a child covering your ears to ignore things you don’t want to hear its actually really sad. Learn your facts and then blog don’t just spill nonsense all over your page you sound very ignorant . Maybe you’ll grow an extra neuron and open your eyes tithe world and experience it with an open mind and stop making false statements.

    1. Cavalier

      I host the Portland Steampunk Society so I may just happen to know a little something about steampunk. There are terms and notions in this very sad and untruthful article that I have never even heard of. Someone with a really sick mind must spend a lot of time sitting around and coming up with these notions out of their own depravity in order to persue some agenda that has nothing to do with truth.

    2. RME

      After reading this I think you’re writing for the wrong genre. I’ve been to many steam punk events, and have NEVER encountered this. Did you make it all up, or somehow read some things and come to your own conclusion as to what happens? Have you thought of going into fetish novel writing? I even thing your term “baby feeders” would be appropriate.

    3. TattoodBrew


      I agree. Apparently a little bit of investigation was not required for this “NEWS” article.
      As a web-developer having an .org means not shit. Anyone can pick a .org when registering a domain name. Their are no requirements.

      “News Site” I feel is a pretty lax term. Kind of like FOX news has good reporters and Glen Beck reports News. Beck is a glorified “Opinionist” at best. He has No degree in Journalism nor does he have any sort of credentials. At least people who do have guidelines of how to report news.
      I put this site in the same category.

      I also haven’t laughed at an article this hard in a while.


    4. Wil

      Oh this was a hilarious read. First of all the “research” done here was of mythical proportions. I do have to say Mr Bowers, your crude reaction to criticism makes you really an ugly person.

      L.N. you make a wonderful point, thank you for being so level headed and not bowing down to these attacks.

    5. Annette Waddle

      You know, its funny what a sick mind can come up with. You and your highly ill-educated magazine and others like it give Christians the bad reputation of being ignorant asses. I certainly had a good laugh over this article, which made “baron munchhausen” look like stone cold fact. Maybe you should lay off the porn and the urban dictionary there, Cleetus.
      You know, I talk to God all the time and he has never mentioned you.

    6. LIzcam

      You obviously have NOT done your research. BTW, it’s JULES VERN, not Julius Vern. Read a damn book. Steampunk does not inherently have anything to do with sex. Steampunk it basically a visual style started back in the ’70 and ’80’s. It shows up in movies and books all the time. It did NOT start with burning man.

      Any style has it’s sexual diviants, as does steampunk, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who is into steampunk is a sexual diviant, emo, a kid or anything like that. It celebrates the industrial revolution and imagines what could have happened.

      I’m 51 and I’m into steampunk. I’m NOT a sexual diviant and I’m the daughter of a minister. Research stuff BEFORE you write dribble like this as if you are an expert of some kind PLEASE. You sound like a complete idiot!

    7. A normal person

      You guys are idiots. It is people like you who are keeping the human race from progression toward scientific and rational advancement. You will be the ones to be punished by God because you hold so much hatred in your hearts. He put us on this earth so that we could learn compassion and tolerance, not prejudice and dogmatism. If you go on like this your children and grandchildren will be raised to be ignorant and fall behind as society progresses. You have absolutely no idea what you write about. Even though all Americans have the right to free speech, you are very alone in your opinion. I am warning you now to reflect on what you are doing because life is short and you should find peace with the world. This is all coming from a 16 year old girl, and I cannot alllow organizations like yours keep the future generations from a better, more tolerant future.

    8. Johnny F.

      Steampunk and Cyberpunk are two different things. I am a devout chritian and i am also a steampunk and cyberpunk fan. i have never seen these “steamer sex orgies” and before you said anything about them in you blog i had never heard about it either. Also, that is not a “steam dildo/vibrator”….its a steampunk lightsaber for a steampunk star wars crossover costume. you are taking things way out of context and making stuff up to fit your own agend. being at steampunk and cyberpunk functions and conventions is fun. do your home work and grow up.

    9. Darius

      Wow….just wow. you’d think “Jesus” would have told you to do some research before latching your harmless little “talons” into a purely legitimate form of fantasy historical recreation. You need to get laid before you explode and kill someone. For the record, Steampunk is widely recognized as a living art. Not a sex fetish. And while we are on the subject, any “religion” that views sex as evil needs to be exorcised from the planet.
      P.S. that “sex toy” is a light saber replica and any girl masochistic enough to shove it up her hoo hoo belongs in your religion not mine. Go self flagellate on someone else’s time, cretin.

    10. Vtaco123

      Steampunk is not as you describe it. I ama Christian also as well as steampunk. It is not sexual it is artistic like turning nerf guns into Victorian era and sucker punch is not AT ALL a sexual movie it is about a girl in an orphanage who uses imagination to escape. Its Christians like you that give the religion a bad name you hate everything except the bible and blow it all way out of proportion I can’t stand when someone says well steampunk is satanic and you will go to hell if you like steampunk it is innocent you are crazy that is all

  2. Neoconstipated

    I’m really upset at how the homogays have hijacked the word “punk.” When I was young, a punk was a stick of incense. I was okay with Dirty Harry applying the word to that criminal hippy with his iconic line “Do you feel lucky, Punk?”
    But now the atheist homogays have hijacked the word and applied it to all sort of degenerate music genres and gay street gangs.
    I hope The Chris†Wire will once again take the lead in reinstilling Christian mores in our society by reclaiming language in the name of Holy God.

      1. Neoconstipated

        I praise Holy God that you and your talented researchers and journalists have exposed these type ofoffenses against decency.

        1. ink


          Really? If this man did any research AT ALL it was probably from other sites *cough blogs cough* like this one: poorly informed and incorrect.

          Any if you’re looking for decency on the net, you’d be better off looking under a rock. I suppose you also thing that Anime is an atrocity and Halloween was used to summon the devil (it wasn’t by the way. Dressing up was used as a way to protect people from wandering spirits).

    1. Sunshine

      You are a terrible believer filled with blasphemy and hate. May our glorious God help your poor damned soul.

    2. John Emerson

      I am a Christian. I am a heterosexual grandfather. There is nothing atheistic or sexual about steampunk. This article is 100% inflammatory disinformation. The author should write about something he understands, and should never presume to criticize the fashion of those more clever than he is. He should certainly not pretend to author a news site.

  3. Blanche Beecham

    I think it is dangerous fetish group. The Steampunk movement promotes the subjugation of women in a historically revised world of fantasy replete with elitism and social classes.

    It is really unique to anything we see on the social landscape today. Thank goodness Deacon Bowers is able to teach others about this frightening and subversive group.

    Praise to you Tyson!

      1. Funnyashell

        Not emos punks there is very much a difference.I know this is satire,but I do get offended when us punks me included gets called emo.

    1. Dorothy Winterman

      Miss Beecham- please do not know of what you speak. Since you obviously have no idea what Steampunk is- please keep your ignorance to yourself. As someone active within the SP communities, I can certainly tell you that there is no sexual fetishism what-so-ever. As a matter of fact, this pseudo-news site has done absolutely no research on Steampunk at all- not even on wikipedia. Sad. As for SP subjugating women, that is absurd. Many of us feel empowered as Steampunks. I am unable to speak for all Steampunks, but I can and will speak for myself. I have never been, nor will I ever be a “toy” of any sort for men. Period. My character actually fights in battles against oppressors with weapons and gadgety. Some of my outfits have corsets, others do not. I am not trying to become anything to anyone- I am enjoying myself and hurting no one in the process. I invite you to attend a SP convention (if you tell me your state I can advise you on when and where the next con will be and you may judge it for yourself) and experience the technology, music, art and inclusive culture for yourself. You may or may not enjoy it- that is your call. But it is an absolute shame to condemn something you are ignorant about- because your comments and the entire tone of this article show your ignorance about our community.

      Now you have been given accurate websites to begin your research. I personally DARE YOU to find any mention of fetish, bondage, sexual acts or other things alleged in this article. If you are unable to do so, then this entire article will be proven to be the bunk it is. Good luck. Cheers.

      Miss Winterman

        1. Amazed

          It’s a pity you’re post of this being a SATIRE SITE is drowned under all the “foder” that these people feel the need to write essays and site Wikipedia about.

          Youre sheer siting of said site leads me to believe though this is funny, you who look to WIKI for truth are fucking idiots.

      1. Blanche Beecham


        “Please do not know of what you speak”? Really? Are you trying to force me to abort my natural aptitudes with some steam powered coat hanger?

        Pardon me, but unlike the 50% of Americans that have below average intelligence, I soundly reject your command and subjugation of my intellect based on gender. This movement most certainly is debasing for women and specifically women of color.

        (There are no Harriet Tubmam heroines, riding in airships and bound in boned bodices, in the steampunk fantasy world. And if such a thing did exist, would a mere mortal cite so many articles without setting off a filter?)

        Yes, there are steam powered ray gun ‘dillards’ for ecstasy saccharine enhancement after tea, but since your google fu is far more acute than mine, I suspect you already know this.


        1. Annette Waddle

          if you look everywhere for subjugation and racism, is it any coincidence that you find it? What isnt empowering about a female time traveler? Good grief steampunk is alot of people wanting to wear cute victorian clothes with goggles and gears. The punk movement wasnt Satanist or Athiest either, having been a girl with a mohawk and combat boots I should know. Maybe its empowering for you to be a conformist and be like everyone else, wearing a business suit and sittong at your crappy computer judging (didnt the bible say a little something about JUDGING?)everyone and anything you can point your wrinkly old hand at, but that isnt everyone’s cup of tea. By the way when you all sit here and discuss the “Homo-gay’s” and the Athiests, and the Emos and Punks and Steampunkers, and whether they are going up or down when the good lord comes a fetchin’, know this…it is the highest sort of blasphemy and pride to presume to know the mind of god.

          Oh and there are plenty of all races doing the steampunk thing, but alot of our tanner friends are busy doing the hiphop thing so there are definately fewer. As for the athiests, guess what? without idiots like you in the churches, and all the hypocritical backstabbing that goes on, there would definitely be fewer. I once heard that you make people want to be Christians not by word but by deed. So tell me big mama, how is that witnessing coming?

        2. SueS

          “There are no Harriet Tubmam heroines, riding in airships and bound in boned bodices, in the steampunk fantasy world.”

          Sorry to disappoint you, but you are wrong. I’ve met women of color at conventions whose personae were airship pilots, scientists, officers of the law, etc. A personal friend of mine is a woman of color who finally realized her dream of running a steampunk bookstore and tearoom. Yes, she sometimes wears a corset.

          Another woman of my acquaintance is of Native American descent. Depending on her mood she may be playing a Native American trader, a North African corsair, or a Prussian airship captain. Some of her outfits have corsets and some don’t.

          None of the woman of color that I have met in the steampunk world could ever be described as victims of subjugation and racism. Perhaps they have had to deal with such things in day to day life, but never in the SP world. Even if they have had to deal with such things from time to time, they remain unbowed and, were you to tell them your opinion, they would be telling you that you are greatly mistaken.

          Please educate yourself. There are many steampunk events all over the country. Attend one and see for yourself. Steampunk has nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

        3. Ada

          Lady Mari is a “Woman of Color” as you put it. AND she is very involved in our local Steampunk movement. None of the women in our Steampunk community would stand for subjugation. I am proud of our ladies and gentlemen.

          Such a funny website you have. As for Christian, I believe your God doesn’t believe in condemning people as much as your “religion”. Did he not ask you to love all others as you love yourself? Funny how that escapes the “Christian” in those here.

    2. Dorothy Winterman

      Miss Beecham- you do not know of what you speak. Since you obviously have no idea what Steampunk is- please keep your ignorance to yourself. As someone active within the SP communities, I can certainly tell you that there is no sexual fetishism what-so-ever. As a matter of fact, this pseudo-news site has done absolutely no research on Steampunk at all- not even on wikipedia. Sad. As for SP subjugating women, that is absurd. Many of us feel empowered as Steampunks. I am unable to speak for all Steampunks, but I can and will speak for myself. I have never been, nor will I ever be a “toy” of any sort for men. Period. My character actually fights in battles against oppressors with weapons and gadgety. Some of my outfits have corsets, others do not. I am not trying to become anything to anyone- I am enjoying myself and hurting no one in the process. I invite you to attend a SP convention (if you tell me your state I can advise you on when and where the next con will be and you may judge it for yourself) and experience the technology, music, art and inclusive culture for yourself. You may or may not enjoy it- that is your call. But it is an absolute shame to condemn something you are ignorant about- because your comments and the entire tone of this article show your ignorance about our community.

      Now you have been given accurate websites to begin your research. I personally DARE YOU to find any mention of fetish, bondage, sexual acts or other things alleged in this article. If you are unable to do so, then this entire article will be proven to be the bunk it is. Good luck. Cheers.

      Miss Winterman

    3. Jessica

      “The Steampunk movement promotes the subjugation of women in a historically revised world of fantasy replete with elitism and social classes…”

      Just like, oh, the Bible! We see constantly through out the Bible the horrible treatment of women and how they are seen as objects & servents, rather then people.

      Exodus 20:17 “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.”

      The wife is seen as an object of ownership. The same as the man’s servant and his ox.

      In Exodus, there are even rules on how to sell your daughters!

      We see in creation that women are only created because Adam could not find a suitable companion, and so, Eve was created from Adams rib, giving the idea that women need a man in order to exist. And when these two were punished, who got the worst of it? Eve of course.

      Through out the Bible, women are constantly placed in a lower class, inferior to men. Women are treated as slaves and are even required to treat their “loving” husbands like gods…
      Ephesians 5:22-24 “wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.”

      Mr. Bowers definition of Steampunk is nothing but a colorful fairy tale and an ignorant rant, filled with nothing but hate and only holds the purpose to spread more hate and further ignorance.

      So, if you believe that Steampunk “promotes the subjugation of women…” (which in reality, it does not), and you have such a problem with it, then maybe you should re-read your Bible, all versions, study it and really take a look at its teachings towards women.

      Steampunk is not the enemy. It’s just a style. Plain and simple. Yes, some people may take it further into the bedroom, but the same can be said about a lot of things. Many people get off on role playing as teachers & students. Are you going to stop sending your child to school all because this fetish exists? I don’t think so.

      Try to see Steampunk as an art and not a “sexual fetish”. You have the right to not like it and to have an opinion of it, but your opinions should be based off of facts, and not based off the rants of one individual who thinks he has all the answers.

        1. Albert

          Really? Did you read what she wrote? Lol. I found this site and I started reading these “articles” because I thought they where hilarious. I was enjoying the comment section when I came across your responses.

          Jessica makes some very valid points. We should always question any form of media including the bible. Have you ever read it? There’s a lot of crazy stuff in there. Granted, I haven’t read the whole thing, but I plan to. From what I’ve read so far, the bible has some pretty fucked up stuff, and it defiantly subjugates women.

          Jessica’s point is this: The Steampunk culture does not subjugate women as you claim. It is a culture that admires the beauty of the Victorian era.

          Also, Mrs. Beechman is it? I’m pretty sure there is no rage in her comment. She was probably just annoyed by your ignorance. Lol.

          On a final thought, using links and references really boosts your credibility. Try it and you might be surprised when more people agree with you. Of course, using resources requires you to not make stuff up. Such as: “50% of Americans that have below average intelligence.” LOL. Pulled that one out of your ass didn’t you? 😛

          Can you post a link to that “steam powered ray gun ‘dillards’ for ecstasy saccharine enhancement after tea?” My “google fu” is not very good. :)

          1. Jessica

            Thank you Albert :) I appreciate your comment and defending my opinion. Hopefully Mrs. Beecham will now take the time to educate herself and look at both sides, and even question herself.
            Thank you again :)

        2. Jessica

          There was no rage in my comment what so ever. I was only stating my opinion and the facts. Everyone else understands my point, so what is your excuse?

          1. Glaringly Obvious Man

            I don’t understand your point. You’re arguing with fake people. How could I possibly take anything you say seriously?

    4. Toka313

      Yes, promoting the subjugation of women and entrenching elite social classes almost as much as Christianity.

    5. Jason

      Blanche Beecham, I am a Christian. I believe that Christ was born to a virgin and lived a perfect life and never once did he sin. I also believe that he died and conquered death and was raised and paid for all of our sins once and for all and all we have to do is accept his free gift of salvation. Now saying all of that I would urge you to do your own research because I promise you your Deacon Bowers has not done any… Hold Steampunk up to the bible. You will find no wrong with it … I would also beg of you as a brother in Christ not to praise Tyson, He is just a man. Praise GOD and only GOD. For all things we do work for his glory not mans.

      Christian and Steampunker

    6. John Emerson

      His remarks worthy of rebuke, not praise. His research was obviously flawed or he would not have drawn the conclusions he did. I do not see it as any kind of a harmful fetish group, indeed, it has far more to do with apparel and furniture than with the subjugation of women (that’s ridiculous, by the way). I do not find it attractive, but it is none of my business nor yours, nor is it brother Bowers’ business. Blessings!

    7. Rose

      Actually, the Steampunk subculture does NOT promote the subjugation of any woman. True the style and fashion is reminiscent of a time when women had very little rights, but that is not carried over to the present day. We are treated as equals and highly respected. Social class has nothing to do with it either. It’s purely based on the fine appreciation of fashion and clockwork. Hence the gears and levers worked into most costumes.

      May I remind you that all groups formed by people, religious, school related, and pop culture, ALL HAVE ELITISM. Christians are the ultimate example of Elitism. Even now you are prove to all internet goers that you are right and everything else that challenges you is wrong. I’m sorry but you are poorly mistaken.

      And do NOT get me started on subservience. The christian religion is riddled with “Women must submit to their husbands”and all that nonsense.

      And to Bower, where on earth do you get Burning man being a Steampunk event? Not even close, dear sir. IT may have Steampunk adventurists in it, but that is not what it is about.

          1. Rose

            You are a moron. It’s a western movie that deals with advanced mechanical technology. That doesn’t make it steampunk. AND STEAMPUNK ISN’T MUSIC. It may have music, and music taylored to have a certian feel to it, but will smith plays a US martial. andRebecca black is the WORST thing to happen to music. That which comes out of her mouth is pure lack of tallent mix with rich parents and some serious auto-tuning. Not music at all. Just horse shit.

        1. Real intelligence

          Wrong, Will Smith is awesome. I am Legend was an amazing movie and I am looking forward to the prequel.

          1. John Emerson

            The movie took place after the Civil War. That was smack in the middle of the Victorian period, which is the style steampunk seeks to emulate.

  4. Real intelligence

    Steampunk is so cool, steam powered gadgets, gears everywhere. Airships are one of the best fictional modes of transportation ever thought of.

        1. August Weisz

          Indiana Jones is an American Icon and hero. He has defeated South Americans, Germans, Muslims, Asians and communists. And he did not commit incest with his sister.

          1. L.N

            Uh, no, Indy defeated VILLAINS and TERRORISTS. The way you word it, it sounds like he went up against every single person who was South American, German, Muslim, Asian, or Communist, and why did you bring up incest? Did your brain just stop working?

    1. Real intelligence

      I’m talking about Final Fantasy airships, not hydrogen filled zeppelins. I also fail to see why this article is throwing a hissy fit over steampunk stuff.

        1. Real intelligence

          How civil of you. It is a pity that you can not hear the sarcastic tone of me saying that out loud.

  5. Scott The King

    I have to say I agree. This is a terrible fetish. I particularly hated the recent television show with Ashton Kutcher titled ‘SteamPunk’d’. In the show he would set up cameras and catch himself doing pranks on celebrities in which he would steam sex them when they didn’t expect it, then yell ‘you just got steampunk’d! woo!’

    God wants things changed people. Here is proof:

  6. Damien Cross

    You have to be kidding me. First your claim of being a source for other new agencies, A crock and I quote from your own cited post “The strong journalistic reputation of Chris†Wire for tireless investigation, irrefutable opinion and solid reporting of Christian values is one the many reasons it is the number one Christian news and opinion source for many Americans.” IRREFUTABLE OPINION does not mean truth. SOLID REPORTING OF CHRISTIAN NEWS means slanted and bias of your OPINION.

    You say to Google your proof, I hate to say that you have none. If you want to report about something you need to do some actual investigating and not slander people with you misguided and wholly inaccurate opinion of them.

    If you feel these people and the views are wrong Ignore them. DO not be judged lest you be judged yourself. (Matthew 7:1)

    Your hatred for these people that you believe to be so wrong fills your own soul with poison and damns it to hell, barring you from the Kingdom of Heaven.
    “So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.’ (Matthew 18:35)

    Calling all those who oppose your view ‘Homos’ is just as wrong as the acts they commit you perceive as being against God. Forgive them and move on.

    SO I leave you with this:

    ‘Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.
    But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
    That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.
    For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?
    And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?
    Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” ( Matthew 5:43-48)

    Just an observation from a former Catholic now reborn Wiccan.


    1. Friar Dick Bothholes - Cantor of The White Prophet Shirokuma

      Damien. Deacon Bowers is above reproach in matters pertaining to the education of the ChristWire flock about the perils that certain sections of society pose to good Christians. You choose to quote Matthew 5:43-48. I fail to see any part of this well written article in which Tyson bears malice, ill will or vehemence upon these misguided Steampunks. He has as always penned a well researched piece which is simply designed to inform the ChristWire flock. Nothing more – nothing less. I would be greatly surpised if you could find one single journalist who did not have a hidden agenda when presenting a ‘fluff’ article to the public. Tyson has shown that with strong moral fortitude it is possible to remain impartial and also be informative. Something that most journalists today are sadly lacking.

      I notice in your last line you state that you left Catholicism for a Pagan cult. I am interested to know why when someone is halfway up a ladder that they should choose to step down to a rung that one would normally skip altogether! Curious indeed.
      How proud your Catholic parents must be as they pore over their losing betting tickets between gins at the racetrack.

      I shall retire to the cloister to sing praise unto The Lord in the fervent hope that your descent on the religious ladder is only temporary, and that while you are amongst the Heathens you can evade the monstrous grasps of Shannon and Lauren.

          1. Shannon

            Sucking up for some reason I see. You know I agree with nothing you guys say, you mock and show so much hatred toward my religion. Why would I ever join you. I said I respected you August because you tend to not outright hate on me, but that’s as far as I go.

          2. August Weisz

            Shannon, you know me well enough to know I am not sucking up to you. Many here feel like you may be the chosen one. I am not convinced, but I still like you.

          3. August Weisz

            The prophecy says “the one who comes from the east and moves to the west that is not one of us will lead us”
            Some think that is you.

            I don’t know. But I do respect you and have always shown that to you. You cannot deny this.

          4. Shannon

            Sorry I don’t believe you prophecy first off I came from the Midwest not the east second off I will NEVER lead your kind.

          5. August Weisz

            Exactly! The Midwest is not the east. However it is east of us. You say you won’t lead us, but do you not agree that the naysayers here could use a reasonable and rational leader?

          6. etrius

            i could actually see you leading some of them shannon and considering some of these christ wire folk are sexist maybe you should might show them what power every single person on this planet holds

          7. Shannon

            August how can I even possibly begin to believe when the only sources provided are other chritswire articles? Everytime I do any research on this site I get the same answer satire, prove me wrong and I will apologize.

          8. August Weisz

            Did you not read the article? Explain how it could be satire? You need to read it. I’m sorry that it is another chrisTwire article, but it is mine. I wrote it and I stand by it. I cannot give you a third party article that proves who I am as a person. Like I said, the only proof I can provide is by openly inviting people to meet and know me..

          9. Shannon

            Still does not prove the site as a whole, so maybe you actually are a legit person who is sheltered in the world. But everyone else like Tyson Susan Harold Adam definitely fake, no doubt in my mind. Oh and Bruce to.

          10. August Weisz

            I am sorry Shannon if you do not believe. I cannot speak for everyone here and I don’t pretend to do so. I am real and in your heart you know I am. You may not agree with what I say, but that does not change what I believe. I do believe you are a good person and do come here for a reason. Im not sure what that reason is, but hopefully we can figure it out together. For me, I believe in my fellowship and my beliefs. I hope to share those with you.
            BTW, Deacon Bowers is real too, We golfed last weekend together.

        1. Friar Dick Bothholes - Cantor of The White Prophet Shirokuma

          At the present time I am trying to prevent Damien from becoming caught in Claire’s web of evil. Lauren and yourself are already entangled so deeply that due care must be taken before your souls are completely forfeit. There is a strong chain of assistance within the ChristWire network. We all have duties that are based upon the severity of the evil we face, or the depth of trouble that a soul may be in. I am normally only called upon when the most wanton harlots are attacking our wall of faith. At this point I am usually required to perform some serious physical admonishment to drive the demons out. Your recent posts have softened somewhat and suggest that the light Our Lord shines upon you is keeping the dark shadows at bay. Brother August has displayed a remarkable aptitude for turning souls around. We here at ChristWire have complete confidence in his capacity as a counsellor. It is obvious to us that he is close to awakening the Holy Spirit within you. Should you falter and fall deeper into Claire’s evil mire, I shall be called upon again to drag you free.

          1. Shannon

            Friar, I don’t like you, you know this. You don’t like me either, you basically insult me then tell me I’m seeing your light? I see a light but it’s not any that you cast.

          2. Friar Dick Bothholes - Cantor of The White Prophet Shirokuma

            You poor misguided girl. Whatever posesses you to make such a comment. There is not one creature under The Lord’s watchful eye that I do not show compassion for. Even those that cower in the dark and slimy recesses in order to avoid His light.
            Be very aware. The light does not emanate from me. I merely reflect it wherever I go.

        1. Morbid

          She said no, you morons, this is why no one likes Christians, you’re all selfish, self-centered and pushy. You’re all nut jobs to boot. Your own religion is a cult. You all take your God and Bible too far and too literally. Have fun with a huge percentage of the world not giving a damn about what you say. Hope you remember how to read the Bible, actually, it’s stated there is more than one God, so she doesn’t have to follow your lying, crazy blasphemy if she doesn’t want to.

          Also, just because a few people make something into a fetish, doesn’t mean the entire population/fandom thinks that either. It’s the same with any fandom, even religion, there’s radicals and perverts everywhere, it has nothing to do with a general interest in something out of a fantasy story. Also, even if it was, is it any of your business what people do with their lives? No. Do they care enough about what YOU think to change? No.

  7. MC

    Steampunk is NOT a sexual fetish. However, as a rule, the participants are tolerant, accepting, and unlikely to judge, which I realize is no longer part of the Christian movement.

    This post is being passed around by some of the folk involved with steampunk, and they’re trying to figure out your source for “steamers.” 100s of people have never heard of this, despite years of participating.

    There are no lords or slaves in a sub-culture that embraces an equality that is much more like what Jesus taught than how the Christian church expresses itself in this day and age.

    It’s also very poor form to not provide links when someone asks for your sources. And then to resort to name-calling (because you’re unwilling? too lazy? to post the links yourself) greatly reduces your credibility.

    This article is a fine example of why I left the Christian church. There’s so much good in Bible, and Jesus is a great source of wisdom and strength. But this sort of bigotry, hatred, and misinformed rants are embarrassing to those of us who honor the Love that Jesus taught. (The other reason being the millions of mostly innocent people killed in the name of the Christian church. I can’t speak of loving God and my neighbor as virtues, and willingly be associated with these values.)

    I would wish for Jesus’ love and open-mindedness to touch your hearts! “Beloved, let us love one another. For love is of God, and everyone who loveth is born of God and and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is Love.”

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” It’s so easy to take some titillating tidbit and blow it up into a passionate cause for hate and exclusion and verbal stoning. You could be a living example of God’s Light and Love. Instead you make broad sweeping descriptions that lump everyone into the role of the condemned. & that before you know if they’ve even sinned.

    My father (who was called Home this year past), the fundamental Calvinist preacher and missionary, would have been mortified at your accusatory statements with so little research. Especially since some members of his congregation have attended some harmless “steam punk” conventions and enjoyed the safe atmosphere for their children, and the healthy outlet for their creativity.

    But I realize there’s nothing I can say that will stop your hate-mongering and propaganda. It’s the latest way to play the holier-than-thou game. But perhaps some day you’ll see that love is a better way, and find ways to uncover the real deceptions and genuine evil without the vitriol, anger and self-righteous aggression.


    1. r johnson

      many people do – for many different reasons… i am a living historian and choose to ‘live in the past’ as it were. since school books are no longer filled with the FACTS of history – we teach children and adults what life was like by recreating as closely as possible what their daily lives were like. if you understand people you begin to understand WHY they did the things they did. we dont glorify wars – we make sure the mistakes that Caused them are NEVER forgotten to try to prevent those mistakes from being repeated. — stepping back into the past as it were is an amazing experience and besides its just plain fun.

        1. Zlateh

          Show me raw data about that fact. As a scientist I use the word fact as this: A statement that can be shown to be either truthful or untrue based upon evidence. Where is this evidence?

  8. gp

    “Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction, alternate history, and speculative fiction that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s. Steampunk involves a setting where steam power is still widely used—usually the Victorian era Britain—that incorporates elements of either science fiction or fantasy…
    Some fans of the genre adopt a steampunk aesthetic through fashion, home decor, music, and film. This may be described as neo-Victorianism, which is the amalgamation of Victorian aesthetic principles with modern sensibilities and technologies.”

  9. John White

    Well brother well done; you have successfully written an article that is not only wrong, but insulting, moronic and makes Christians look like unread cro-magnons. I suggest that you repent, write an apaology and be quiet. Why do I say this?
    Because I’m a Christian, have been since I was 12. I attended seminary for a time and have over 130 hours of University level education in Bible, religion, art and philosophy. Both my children are Christians, and one is pursuing her education in social work to help women escape the sex trade. Oh yes, I write steampunk.
    (BTW I’m celibate.) That should shoot down your sex fixation.
    The bible is very clear on who the father of lies is. Your whole article is one large unresearched lie.
    Steampunk is a culture, a philosophy and a genre. For you to cast a blanket accusation over a whole culture of people- well it makes them hate us, because they see us as bigots. In this particular case they (we) are right.
    Now repent, and sin no more.

    1. Jeanne

      The problem with satire of this nature and so doggedly pursued by it’s writers even into the comments section in such a manner as to appear completely real, is that sometimes it can fool not only those it offends, but those it pretends to appeal to. It’s just as with the old agenda against D&D back in the day. My mom STILL thinks it’s the work of the devil just because some christian group said it is. People will read this, think it’s real and actively hate on steampunks without realizing this is all a lie.

      1. Thoroughly Amused (and yet Concerned)

        I could not agree more, Jeanne! I think this sort of satire walks a very fine line. It’s almost as if it’s written more for the sheer amusement of its own writers than for the public with whom it is being shared. I call it the “Andy Kaufman Mentality.” That is, being a comedian not so much in order to make others laugh, but to make yourself laugh, and to hell with the others.

    2. LH

      The problem with satires like this is that, for those who just want a reason to hate, this is that one reason. Many will not see this as a satire but as reality and will go around saying that steampunk is a sexual fetish! Then you will have parents denying their kids to enjoy the genre just because someone decided to make a “believable” blog with wrong information about steampunk. Its sad but true.

      I’ve seen it happen. My best friend was prohibited to go to anime conventions or do cosplays because the parents thought it was a sexual satanic cult or something of the sort.

  10. Rouge kitten

    WOW. Nothing could be further from the truth about Steampunk. Where did you get your information from? I’d like to see your sources. Maybe you know, cite your sources as any professional has been taught to do since high school.
    And Steaming? really… I’ve been to steampunk conventions.. there was now “steaming” going on.. just a ton of people, in amazing outfits, listening to amazing music and dancing and shopping…
    Like I said.. site your sources or its obvious you pulled your info outta your ass.

  11. MDA

    This is without a doubt the most misguided, incorrect and down right ignorant article (blog). Not even the worst of our modern media would write with such blatant disregard for the truth. I’m not going to explain what Steampunk actually is.. posters above me have done a perfectly good job of doing so. Anyone who did ANY REAL research would be able to easily find out what the Steampunk culture really is… mostly is just folks who enjoy wearing Victorian stylized clothing and making cool gadgets out of broken clocks… I’m proud to be a part of the sub-culture.

    1. FalafelPalooza

      I’ll tell you what the joke is. The joke is that these emo-hipsters are overrunning our culture and diverting our attention from the one True God who by the way does not like steam power. I have ravaged my copy of the Holy Book and not once is steam power mentioned. The only Power I need is the one watching over us all, the holy and the not so holy alike.

  12. Simeon

    If Steampunk is nothing more than a sub genre dedicated to a cosplay sexual fetish, then I guess that makes the books of Genisis and Judges nothing but a porno book dedicated to rape, incest, adultery and group sex.

    Maybe it would be easier to understand if you actualy read the words and not just looked at the pictures of a life style you could never understand OR be a part of (And we all know you do. LOL).

    Judge not, lest ye be judged – Matthew 7:1

  13. Crosis101

    Well as a Christian ((accepted Christ at the age of 3.)) and a Steampunk I find it fascinating that this article has unearther all these truths about a movement I have been a part of since the begining.

    Just so you know this article IS going aaround the net in the steampunk community as the subject of mockery and ridicule. You have placed a stumbling block for me EVER talking to this group people about Christ because this confirms what they thought beforehand which is “well poop the Christians hate us, why would I be one?”

    So..as one who has broken one of the New testament commands to not be a stumbling block, how do you rectify that?

    1. FalafelPalooza

      Take off your 1890s style goggles and see the light. Deacon Bowers is so imbued with the power of the Holy Spirit is allows him to see the deviancy which you apparently have not allowed yourself to see. Take off the goggles, but on some good God-fearing heterosexual eyewear instead, such as Ray-Bans or Blu-Blockers 😉

  14. MDA

    Also… Julius Vernes?… If you can’t even get the name of a well known and loved author correct why should anyone pay any attention to the BS that surrounds it?… oh wait.. they shouldn’t..

    1. Jeanne

      If you look again, all referenced names are intentionally misspelled or altered. It’s satire, though badly thought out overall.

  15. S Wesley Steam

    Tyson, you are the perfect example of the hate mongering anti-Christian that gives all true Christians such a bad reputation. I include you in the same group as every terrorist organization throughout the world.

    You would foment fear, mistrust and hatred throughout the world. God is about acceptance and forgiveness, which you most certainly need.

    Steampunk as a social movement is intended to bring about social responsibility, social civility, and social equality. It is a return to a time when family, honor,and reputation meant something. We think “green,” we respect the earth and recycle to reduce waste. It is no social deviance simply to be different.

    However if the only acceptable social virtue is to follow ignorant, uneducated, fools like self who are blinded by their own egos…. Well, then I am gladly a social deviant.

    That being said, I am a baptized Christian male, married to a wonderful Christian woman and a father to boot.

    So do the work and your soul a favor, end the hate speech. End the “conservative” rhetoric, because you are doing the world a great I justice.

  16. S Wesley Steam

    Tyson, you are the perfect example of the hate mongering anti-Christian that gives all true Christians such a bad reputation. I include you in the same group as every terrorist organization throughout the world.

    You would foment fear, mistrust and hatred throughout the world. God is about acceptance and forgiveness, which you most certainly need.

    Steampunk as a social movement is intended to bring about social responsibility, social civility, and social equality. It is a return to a time when family, honor,and reputation meant something. We think “green,” we respect the earth and recycle to reduce waste. It is no social deviance simply to be different.

    However if the only acceptable social virtue is to follow ignorant, uneducated, fools like self who are blinded by their own egos…. Well, then I am gladly a social deviant.

    That being said, I am a baptized Christian male, married to a wonderful Christian woman and a father to boot.

    So do the work and your soul a favor, end the hate speech. End the “conservative” rhetoric, because you are doing the world a great I Injustice.

  17. August Weisz

    I apologize for my ignorance as to what a seamerpunk is. All these emos are far too hard to keep track of.

    This is a steamer:


    1. Funnyashell

      No that is science fiction from star trek he is a borg and they are obsessed with technology I know this is satire,but you guys have been getting lazy.

    2. FalafelPalooza

      Please, Brother August, warn us before you post pictures as horrifying as this one. Now all night I’ll be getting “steamed” in my sleep and I’ll need to set my alarm early so I can bare my soul to the saving Power and Light of the Lord in one of his approved churches.

    3. alien steamant

      just as this is mentioned. don’t you see the parallels?
      whenever I come to visit this friendly planet called earth. it comes whispering through my aether receiver:

      We are the Christians.Stop thinkingand start to believe the one true Message. Your biological and intellectual distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.

      well sure, I am far from falling unter influence as I am just some inbred, homosexual, communist, liberal, (not quite) atheist (more some kind of antitheist as well as antisatanist and similar), intergalactic giant ant or similar. but exacty one question remains:

      what have you got against homosexuals? is not “homo” the latin word for “human” as in “homo sapiens”? so what wuld be more human (also for any religious people) than to be homosexual, as there will be almost no way of human’s reproduction except for mating your own species?


    4. steampunk4life

      Jean-luc Picard is in no way a “Steamer.” Also the borg are an alien race in a fictional tv series….keyword “FICTIONAL”

  18. Literate

    In response to the author:
    I’m not the biggest fan of steampunk, but I can say that I know what you write is absolute hogwash. You might want to refresh on third grade English & on as your grammar is atrocious. The following corrections might help you understand how to write. Personally, you claiming yourself as a journalist or anyone of education is laughable. You can’t even cite your sources. You just make your community look as ignorant and scatter-brained as you are. But hey, I don’t mind helping. The following are what is badly incorrect about your article:

    *You don’t “goto” a festival, you go to it.
    *It’s “an acid overdose” not “a acid overdose”.
    *It’s overrun, not overran.. that is not even a word.
    *Sex fiends, not sex fiens.
    *“Even now being forced into the plain sight of the world, streampunks still engage in multiplayer deviancies and rub and tug sex sessions. “. Maybe you are lacking some rub and tug in your own life? From what I understand Steampunk is more an aesthetic, but according to you, it’s nothing but a depraved, mechanized orgy. I wonder if you are just HOPING that’s what it is..
    *“in where” you don’t need two prepositions.
    *“Dilled”… what is that? Are you trying to say “drilled”?
    *Onlookers, not “on lookers”
    *steam that comes out of TRAINS, train’s is meant to denote possession.
    *sexually mauled, not sexual mauled.
    *hellishly forced organism??? Sorry, I think you meant to say ORGASM but maybe having never experienced one, you also didn’t know how to spell it.
    *So the master MAY satisfy their urges of satanic pleasure, not MY. * facepalm *
    *Comical Con? You must mean Comic Con, which is for COMIC BOOKS.
    *while their baby feeders are about the flop our like IHOP pancakes …. I won’t touch this with a ten foot pole. I am sure I wasn’t the only one confused by this since it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.
    *Sucker Punch, not Sucker Punk.
    *Did you actually SEE Sucker Punch? From what you wrote, I doubt it. If so, I think you were too busy fantasizing about the girls finding the freedom to spread their whore juices on YOU to really pay attention. YOU were the guy in the trench coat in the back of the theater, I don’t doubt.

    Overall, you don’t cite any personal experience or references that would indicate that you have any idea as to what you’re talking about. The extent of you oversexualizing a genre/subculture indicates to me that perhaps the issue is with you, and not the subgenre.
    I kindly tip my hat to “The Hatter” for his very thorough and well-researched response to this nonsense.
    My advice to you, Tyson, is to get a girlfriend/boyfriend & actually ATTEND a convention so your writing may have some basis. Have a lovely day.

    1. Friar Dick Bothholes - Cantor of The White Prophet Shirokuma

      English is an art young lady. To desecrate prose is a crime.

      “I’m not the biggest fan of steampunk, but I can say that I know what you write is absolute hogwash.”
      – While not the biggest fan of Steampunk, I must state that your article is hogwash.

      “You might want to refresh on third grade English & on as your grammar is atrocious.”
      – You MAY WISH to refresh YOUR 3rd grade English. Your grammar is atrocious.

      “But hey, I don’t mind helping. The following are what is badly incorrect about your article:”
      – I am not above assisting your literary endeavour. I have presented you with corrected versions of selected prose therein.

      An education is a privelege.

      I would continue to correct the remainder of your retort but my presence is expected elsewhere. The parents of a wanton child have asked me to exorcise the demons from her fragile young body. This is a demanding physical ritual which requires great strength. One must restrain the individual while instilling within their vessel the Spirit of The Lord. Sadly I have wasted too much energy simply grieving at your feeble attempts at English.

      My only wish is to assist you in advancing your education to a higher level.

      1. etrius

        Why do you insist on correcting others? When you have no idea what sounds natural to that person or persons? Some people just choose not to write *excuse me* type in the format you do. However literate does make a fine point with his comment. Bower should brush up on basic english before posting another article on here and IF he wants more people to believe him he SHOULD cite his sources. ~etrius P.S. you guys have a way of making those who almost never get angry get angry

        1. Friar Dick Bothholes - Cantor of The White Prophet Shirokuma

          The written word is not to be taken lightly. It is an opportunity to present ones thoughts in a cogent manner. Like The Bible, English has rules that should be followed in order to do this properly. To deviate from the correct path is a sure way to arrive at the wrong destination.

  19. Christine

    Um… That’s not Tila Tequila (and it is Tila, not Tia) in SuckerPUNCH (not punk). It’s Emily Browning (who also stared in the Lemony Snickets movie). Here’s the IMDb page if you don’t believe me: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0978764/

    Also, regarding pretty much everything you said about SteamPunk – you’re wrong. My friends and I are SP enthusiasts, and NONE OF US has ever even heard of this “Steaming” that you reference. I’m sure that you’d love it if you saw a group of people doing this to a woman, but it’s in fact something you have made up.

    Yes, we girls do love our corsets, but if you read this article by the Wall Street Journal ( http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304911104576443871615544338.html?mod=WSJ_LifeStyle_Lifestyle_6 ) you’ll see that it’s quite hard to get out of a proper outfit to do pretty much anything you’ve referenced.

    And, there isn’t a sane person in the world who would wear all that Victorian Garb to Burning Man, heavy wools and 6 layers of fabric in the desert is a recipe for disaster. And if you think that 100,000 COMIC CON male attendees are going to be “getting it on” with the three women who dress up like Slave Leia you’re sadly mistaken. Their boyfriends are dressed up like Brock Sampson from Venture Brothers and would kick anyone of those mouth breathers to the curb. To quote you “Steaming usually take place at a gaming sex conventions like Comical Con (sic), Blizzard Festival and G3.” I don’t think that there is much sex there, maybe it’s a geeks wet dream to go there and touch a lady, let alone bag one.

    Next time you think you know what a culture is, RESEARCH IT before condemning it.

  20. Ozzy Roughtnuckels

    This is for Tyson Bowers III,
    The pic you have of the “A steampunk sex toy used during “steaming”. Well I hate to call you a dumb ass but hey DUMB ASS!!! I read the post that the picture is from and its a steampunk light saber. Just because your fantasy is for it to be a dildo, does not make it one. Try reading the post about it and sharing the whole thing, not just what you want to show and what You want name it.

  21. Elle

    So if she’s dilled, when do you throw on a dash of cumin and what temperature should the stove be when we throw her on the burning man?

  22. Rose B

    I was linked to this article by my prayer group. We have become concerned because my grand-daughter had been dressing in brown and using my hot glue gun to fix gears and watch parts onto her clothing.

    She has always been a special, creative girl who has been blessed by the Lord with a Gift for art. But now her work doesn’t glorify Jesus , it has become secular and humanist… top hats with goggles, strange lace glued onto hems ( she destroyed my mothers antique doilies!) and she took my husband’s ring of skeleton keys he had in his garage and started wearing them around her neck. What would posses a pretty young girl to wear keys around her neck like that? We just dont know what to do with her!

    After reading this article i will have to have a talk with her mother. I’m deeply concerned! I remember my daughter mentioning something about Burning Guy. I thought it was a rock and roll show but now im afraid it’s is much more than that! Thank you Mr. Bowers for bringing me the Truth about this horrible new “trend”

    -Concerned Mee-maw from Texas

    1. Jeannie

      Rose, please do not be alarmed. This is a joke website. Your daughter dressing in a more victorian fashion is actually a good thing. It will teach her that she does not need to let everything hang out and show for the world to see.

      As for destroying your antique lace that isn’t good. But you can join her in this experience by taking her to the thrift store (its where I buy most of my materials) and help influnce her decisions. When I was growing up, for my grandmother to buy me something she had to approve it first.

      If you would please read the lovely article written by an actual journalist at the top of the comments section that will give you a better idea of how to approach the idea of steampunk with your granddaughter.

    2. Skarlett

      You would rather your granddaughter be prancing about dressed as Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson? Worry not. your granddaughter is probably more interested in taking tea and scones then taking joints and pills.

      1. Jeannie

        Thank you Skarlet! I remember playing Tea when I was a toddler through high school. Well, in high school it was more “lets go to the coffee shop (because “Friends” was so influential) and discuss current events.” But now, that I am older, I enjoy taking tea with my grandmother and having family “discussions”. lol

        I just hope Rose sees this and we can help her see the actual truth.

        1. Skarlett

          You are quite welcome. I have a silver tea service and a book full of recipes from my grandmamas for the taking of tea, so i like to gather together with friends and have tea parties still. Though there is nothing wrong with going to the coffeehouses…those are fun too!

    3. Steaming Christian!

      Rose, your grand daughter is probably condemned to hell by now for all this steaming she is doing. You need to have her channel her artistic gifts into serving only the church, painting of jesus is all I could think to recommend. You might want to send her to counseling so she can understand and condem her homosexual fetishes she has no most likely developed.

  23. hopeful

    This author scares the heck out of me. Anyone, especially a christian decon (?), who obviously spends every moment sexualizing everything around him (people, events, ideas) has a serious problem that needs some kind of intervention. You disgust me as the very evil to pretend to rant against. Get help for yourself. Leave the rest of the sane world alone.

  24. Limbo

    Dude…. lying is a sin. Oh, and you really need a proofreader or copy editor in addition to a fact checker.

  25. Grey

    What the….I swear this site just edited my reply.

    “Ladies and gentlemen I present you with the worlds most amusing joke article, don’t be ignorant.

    Thank you blogger: Tyson Bowers”

    Is what I meant to say. Or maybe my computer froze there.

  26. Bridget

    Deacon Bowers, I do not know who you are, and after reading all of this, I don’t care to. Are you Christian? I need to understand this. Because I am SURE as one who was raised in Christ’s light, this type of sadistic tone you have put out there in your comments to those who are upset with your blog is sincerely bothersome. I am saddened by zealots like yourself who think you have the right to cast judgement on another’s way of life. I have been to these conventions, and of course there are always people who like to try to take one up a notch and cross the line on whatever topic is at hand. Life is like that. But to condemn an entire community based on a couple things you MAY have seen or heard? That’s juvenile, and I would expect more from an adult, let alone a member of the Church. In this case, Steampunk is NOTHING of a sexual fetish, and I shake my head at you and hope that you stop calling people homos, stupid, labeling liberal people as lazy, and other degrading words about those that who are in fact, God’s children. You are a bully, who likes to point fingers at those different than yourself. Remember all are welcome to the Father’s table. ALL. How dare you judge other people for trying to find their journey through life? Like those I spoke above who like to take things to the limit, you yourself have done this here. I am sick to my stomach over how Christ’s legacy has been altered by people like yourself who think they are righteous enough to believe they are better than Christ. You do NOT walk in Christ’s footsteps, sir. Remember this: “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone…” Shame on you Deacon.

  27. Zack

    Wait? What?
    Did you actually do research on this?
    If so, I think you need to find better sources.
    Or was this a comedy piece, and I just missed the joke?

  28. Adversary

    Okay, I got caught too at first. But then I followed the recommendations of others on this site and did a little research. This is from Wikipedia:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    This website-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

    Christwire is a satirical website that publishes blog style articles that highlight perceived excesses of Un-christlike hypocritical Christian conservatives.

    Like similar satire websites, Christwire’s stories have sometimes erroneously been taken at face value.[2] This may be an example of “Poe’s law”, an adage regarding the difficulty of distinguishing some parodies from serious material.”

    But, it is interesting how heated the debate can get over something as simple as the misrepresentation of Steampunk. No wonder there is so much hatred spawned by debate over more pressing issues like politics, the economy, etc. Makes you wonder how we as a society will survive.

  29. KK Stingray

    I have to agree with the fact that at best this is a horrible piece of journalism. Journalism is supposed to be based on fact, fact that should be cited as to the source material, a practice taught since grade school english, or did we forget about that. To state things such as you have in this article,without citing sources to prove your information, leaves you in a position of being guilty of slander and liable. Both of these are pursuable in civil court if someone involved in the Steampunk Subculture decided to take you to task on it,and you would then have to prove what you’re saying to be fact. By the way, your opinion would mean nothing to the law.

    As far as Christian values, Jesus didn’t teach hate and distaine for those who were different. He taught love and forgiveness for all, including your enemies. If Jesus were to be here today to witness the bigotry and hatred the church has demonstrated over the years, I think he would be appalled at the behavior of thos using his name to spread such hate.

    I also noticed the one post on this regarding the fact that this whole website is a satire. I also note that there seems to be debate online as to this fact. Personally I don’t know if it is or not, but if it is, perhaps making that fact more known would be a good idea. If this whole thing is just satire, perhaps you should find something else to joke about, considering the level of emotion you have provoked in people. Incidents like this are known for spawning violence in society between groups of people who see things differently.

    In a time when humanity is supposed to be so much more advanced and sophisticated than our ancestors, we certainly continue to to act like the narrow minded barbarians of our past. If we wish to earn the right to call ourselves civilized, then we need to start acting like civilized people and loving and appreciating each other for our differences instead of hating one another for them. If people devoted as much time to actually solving the problems of our world and finding cures to diseases and such, as they do to hating each other because we don’t share the same narrow point of view, this whole world could be far more advanced than we are.

  30. Dingus Khan

    It’s nice to see someone finally call out those hedonistic steam punks for what they really are. Keep up the good work!

    Also, please be careful as it is possible to catch herpes from them just by breathing in the same air they breathe. Lord knows they are all walking cesspools of filth saturated with STDs.

  31. Austin Sirkin

    Finally, someone sees Steampunk for what it really is! I’m a Steampunk, and I think it was so brave of you to post the truth, Tyson, regardless of what all those “fake” Steampunks would try to make you believe.

    Now excuse me, I’m late for my steaming party.

  32. Cool Tom Kimbo

    I had seen some of these “steamers” before and wondered what mental disorder they had. Of course it is sexual like Star Wars.

    1. etrius

      everything that has a fan base a part of that fan base will make a perverted version i think this should be shown as a rule of the internet and of life

  33. jibberyjemma

    Wow, this is better than the Onion. Just work on the grammar. Its a lot funnier if you write decently. Otherwise, this is a work of satirical comic genius. “Mind your gauges” boys.

  34. Agnostic Due to Bad Religion

    First, this article is funny. It’s a typical faith before fact farce. I recently discovered Steampunk because I have friends on Facebook who were dressing up and going to the conventions or gatherings. These people are normal, but like the Victorian fantasy. It’s pretty cool, and nothing as has been described in this joke of an article.

    What I find really fascinating is the idiots who blindly believe anything they read. I just don’t understand how people who see themselves as educated can be so deceived by propaganda. It strikes me of Nazi Germany and how the people sheepishly followed the fuhrer into a nightmare called WW2.

    Good luck believers.

  35. Alexis La Joie

    Wait… what? I am confused… You are serious? I read this article and thought it was a hilarious joke… a miss-representation this epic just had to be tongue in cheek.

    And for the record, I am a Catholic. So, yeah, I am a believer too. I just happen to get out and read – you could have written a more accurate article by copy-pasting from Wikipedia… here, let me give you the link.


  36. TheAllKnowingLightOfSoul

    Your website perpetuates misinformation and hate, for thing they do not understand, providing this line to divide a world that is a a singular organism. what you preach holds no compassion or humanity. Sites such as this a part of the corruption they claim to fight against. Earth was heaven. You’ve turned it into hell. Have fun with you unfounded fear mongering. doesn’t your book say do not judge unless ye be judged? Stone thrower.

  37. Ms. Picnic

    This is all a joke, right? It’s got to be a parody of what Christians think, a troll site for liberals? Please? I don’t want to believe that the author is really as stupid as he seems, it would destroy my faith in humanity.

  38. Christ4life

    That steampunk sex toy abomination in the second picture… I do hope, in the name of Jesus, that it is a police officer holding that thing. I also pray that the suppliers have been arrested already.

    1. Jeannie

      Did you read any of the comments besides the five before yours? That second picture is of a prop to look like a victorian version of a light saber from Star Wars. The gentleman who made it, even has a website on how to make on of your own.

      If you do not know what a light saber is then I suggest you go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_saber (short version – it’s a made up sword from a sci-fi movie)

      I really hope you are joking with your comment because unless you live in Alabama, it’s not illegal to sell sex toys to those persons of age.

  39. Michael Haneline

    Oh COME ON! How do so many people not realize this is parody?
    Seriously?: “The world would be overlaid with a green and blue photo filter.”
    This is very clearly a joke people, and a hilarious one at that, lighten up.

  40. W. Churchill

    This person is an idiot,
    they lack spell check or an editor.
    Clearly this is the worst form of trolling or web surfer based blogging I’ve had to read.
    Everything is wrong with this article.

  41. El Rinbo

    dude, your making conservatives look like a bunch of anal retentive tight-wads. chill the fuck out. roll a blunt, relax, and listen to some rush limbaugh. p.s., not ALL conservatives are bible humpers.

  42. Nicholas

    Yeah, this isn’t a sexual fetish. Check your sources. Now, I’m sure that there are steampunks who enjoy having sex (as do a lot of humans), but this entire craze is not a sexual fetish party – merely a subculture that emphasizes proper manners and fine dress codes.

    Second, cyberpunk and steampunks do not typically get along peachily. Not to say that us steampunks dislike our cyberpunk-subculture brethren, but the time periods aren’t the same. Nor are cyberpunks the alpha-males of the steampunk world.

    Third, Burning Man was not started as a steampunk sex festival. It was started by a guy as a means to welcome in the first day of summer (you know, the summer solstice), so if anything, it was PAGAN. Now, I won’t deny that there is drug-trafficking and a fair amount of nudism, but it is overall a good event, designed to promote peace among all.

    Fourth…good satirical article. Glad I got the joke. :)

  43. Cary Lenehan

    This article says more about you and your hidden desires and fetishes than about steampunk. Not one person whom I know in the genre is anything like that. If you did any research it was with someone who pulled your leg and misled you.

    While that is not my scene your article is being passed around because it is so blatantly wrong that you make a mockery of the very cause (Christ) that you are supposed to advocating. It is accompanied by gales of laughter as it circulates around the world.

    Put simply, you have shown yourself to be a nutter.

  44. Marshall Banana

    BTW, loved the article.
    For those who don’t seem to get it, this flatly has to be written satirically. He even makes up who the star of Sucker Punch is, so come on.

  45. BJ

    Can’t speak for everybody, but if Ramon suggested something as preposterous as “steaming” to his wife, she’d punch him in the nose.

  46. Crowmama

    “Steaming usually take place at a gaming sex conventions like Comical Con…” Oh you are so funny! It’s Comic-Con, not “Comical Con!” As a geek, I am throughly flabbergasted at your false ideas about this gathering of the geek world. A. No one except the actors there look as good as your steam punk picture, and B. No one “hooks up” at comic- con….There may be sex between consenting adults, but orgies? Wild S&M sex? Clearly you have never been nor met people who go to Comic-Con.

  47. blitz

    Visitors to the net! Welcome! How are you? Are you just now joining us strangers in this land of internets? Or have you forgotten what color blue sky is, like the basement dweller you are?(hint: it’s blue) And well well well… You have actually read this far down the comments section! Commendable (or were you bored? You were bored). As you no doubt can tell, this site is not um… christian. Nor is it even making fun of christians. Nor is it actual satire for the sake of the subject matter thus. Nor do the writers in fact, have any opinion, whatsoever.

    They are brilliant -if shockingly naive- trolls, and they have had quite a laugh. If the fact (indicated, I guess, as it might be from that poe-thingamajig or whatever) that they may have, in their reckless satire, achieved some level of real harm being caused to the parties in mention or by proxy, then we all must agree now that they
    do. not. care.

    They care only, on the off chance that someone dumb enough will post a replay, for the opportunity to continue the game of charades. You know, to see how far they can string someone along while progressively becoming more and more unreal, like phonejackers do (odd reference, i know).

    So, considering that you can’t really pursue them in court, even in the event that someone who read this took it seriously and then angrily violated the rights of one of the parties mentioned earlier, you can do naught but hope that your hacker friends are smarter than their hacker friends, and attack the damn site into a 404 black abyss. Problem: you don’t have hacker friends, admit it (and no those guys you are thinking-“uh, dude, like, they really ARE, duh, like, totally” I will say… nah, they really aren’t. But cool story, bro), and these guys? For how much time they must spend on a computer, I’m willing to bet they know their way around the net well enough to not be hampered by any of you. Course, free country, give it a shot if ya like.

    Now that the whole mess is behind us, lets talk about other things, like how would you rate this trollercaust?
    I thought it was rugged, but nicely refined, a little on the try-hard side, and a dash of OOC, all at the right moments. I got a little worried when the random trolls started weighing in, and it DID cause an awkward sort of freefalling towards the end there, but they managed to keep it level, all the same. The scariest part was when the “journalist” chimed in (and nearly at the beginning, too!), atleast for me. Lesser trolls wouldn’t have been able to ignore such strong and ardent sentiments. Beeches came in and saved the day on that one!

    I’d give it an 8.5, overall.

    It misses the 9.0, barely, if only because it was pretty exhaustive, like watching wyatt earp (tombstone is better). Come now, more reviews anyone? I’m your huckleberry.

  48. Steampunk IS

    LOL! Wow… I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard. Thank you! I needed that. And “steam sex”, huh? Never heard of that before. I think I just learned something new. Interesting take you have on the Steampunk genre. You might want to dig a tad bit deeper than the fetish culture you seemed to have gone seeking. I can honestly say though, this isn’t what I’ve ever seen (what you described). I organize a non-profit Steampunk organization. We’re a large, tight-knit group in our community that works on an educational and FAMILY FRIENDLY premise. Not this sick fetish side you seem to think Steampunk enthusiasts are involved in. I wonder if any of our group has ever heard the term steam-sex before. And BJ, you are so right. LOL! I cannot see her or any of the females in our group being ok with a guy asking if they could “Steam” her. *dies laughing* Hehe.. too funny. I really enjoyed this article though. Mr. Editor, if you’re truly interested in Steampunk and what it’s about, I invite you to come visit with us. We’d be certainly happy to chat with you and answer any questions. We’re really a friendly group and work hard to better the world around us – not with sex or fetishes though. Oh, and I’ve never been to burning man. LOL!

    1. Diana

      I know, Right! LOL This is the funniest bit of fiction I’ve read in at least a whole day. Maybe he just wants to see sexual fetish?? Who knows. Still funny.

  49. Hk dhocki von dobbelstein IVth Named

    Chers amis …

    Je ne suis, ni croyant, ni athée, ni vraiment steampunker, ni même un homme normal …

    Mais je pense que l’éditeur de ce site a posté cet article juste pour faire monter l’audience de son site … et donc créer une promotion qu’il n’aurait pas, si on se contentait simplement de l’intérêt tout illusoire de ses articles rédigés à la va vite …

    alors, comme on dit chez nous :

    “niez lui sa gueule”

  50. qurgh


    Do people really think Steampunk is a fetish? LOL! LOL!

    Steampunk is as much a fetish as performing the nativity at Christmas is.

    The guy that wrote this is obviously incapable of rational logical thought. He probably prayed to his god about Steampunk, had a wet dream and thought it must be a message from his sky wizard.

    I still think its crazy that Christians think dressing up in a costume is bad but eating the fake body of a dead person and drinking the fake blood of a dead person is completely normal and sane. Christianity is just bad Vampire LAPRing.

  51. anti-troll

    Ok. This was amusing. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks to dig deeper and learn more, which would mean that they take this article at face value rather than as the satirical trolling it is. It’s sad, really, but too many people would be so foolish, and use this article as the basis for creating drama and inflicting misery and suffering upon others. I commend you for a well-written troll, but at the same time, you need to slip in a disclaimer somewhere. Honestly, this is the sort of thing that could potentially spread hate (possibly to the point of causing hate crimes, particularly by fundamentalist types, who thrive on willful ignorance).

    Troll on, friend, troll on. But please at least provide hints at the satirical nature of articles such as this. (and remember, with some people, nothing short of a clue-by-four will suffice)

    1. ChristianWithASenseOfHumour

      Not a bad point actually. An odd clue here and there, if not a good old disclaimer somewhere might stop the stupid from becoming more so…

  52. ChristianWithASenseOfHumour



    Why are people here if they don’t even know what the site is about?

    As a Christian steampunk, I can laugh at this article because I know it’s not meant to be taken seriously. Calm down and lighten up, everyone! :)

    Although with the sheer number of crazy people in America, there is probably someone there that actually thinks like this… Wow, now I’ve scared myself. O.o

    1. DahliaDelirium

      Unfortunately, there are crazies (who claim that Christianity is all theirs) who don’t sound that different from this. It’s unfortunate that people could mistake this for a real Christian blogsite, but I think it’s also understandable.

      And that is one of the reasons I doubt I’ll call myself a Christian again. I admire the advances some churches have made, I enjoy visiting some Christian communities. But Pat Robertson and his ilk have stained Christianity. And progressive Christians haven’t managed to get it across that conservatives don’t own Christ.

  53. dragonmage_221

    You do know that it’s not “Julius Vernes” it’s Jules Verne, right? o_O And the movie title is “Sucker Punch” and not Sucker Punk? That sounds like some kind of pucky you give a baby before you take them to their first rave.

  54. Oxkart

    Man. They’ll let ANYONE say shit on the internet!
    It’s clear this bible-thumping inbred has no clue what he’s talking about.
    Let’s all go back to our science and our facts and our understanding of reality and let these stupid fucking hate mongers make up whatever stories they’d like.
    Christ didn’t exist.
    Your Faith is a comfortable lie based on stolen ideas and renamed Norse gods.
    When you die, which we hope is soon; nothing at all will happen.
    You’re a joke to the World. A joke to Intellect, and a joke to journalism.
    Mormons make more sense than you. And they are fucking retarded.
    How you managed to leaen even basic English is something not even someone with my vast intellect can comprehend. There is a Hell. People like you being permitted to have websites is that Hell. Go Fuck yourself.

  55. LonelyinSD

    Dear Mr. Bowers,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful article. This obviously thorough and well thought out piece has shown a spotlite on a culture that I never knew existed. I will be honest and say that it provoked a response in me that is quite shocking. Had I known that such a group existed, and that all it took is a bit of costume and knowledge of the great Julius Verne, I would not have gone so long without getting lai…that is, common minded companionship. Your article has spurred me to take action. I will think of you while getting “steamed” at the S.D.C.C. What a coincidence that it is so coviently located at my time of need. Again, I can never thank you enough.

  56. Graylight

    Am I really the only one who gets the joke?

    The way that you are trolling these dummies is truly high art.

    I commend you.

  57. Anon

    Rule 32 dude. If it exists, there is probably fan-fic, porn,there are billions of people on this earth, there’s going to be probably at least, probably 100+ people with the same fettish, and there can be and probably are fettishes for everything and anything. Humans are kinky, always have been always wil be, get the fuck over it already.

    But true steam punk has nothing to do with sex, and it’s victorian based, THERE IS GOING TO BE CLEAVAGE AND TOPS OF BREASTS!

    P.S. I’m not part of the group Anon, I just couldn’t thinkg of a name, and I didn’t want to use my real name.

  58. Jill

    This can’t be real. To start with you’re grammar isn’t correct half the time, you miss spell things in an inconsistent fashion, and your punctuation doesn’t even look like you managed to graduate high school. All in all reading past the bad editing left this article feeling like an in-cohesive drone of nonsensical farce.

  59. Brian

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Having been a part of the east coast steampunk community for over 3 years,…and a CHRISTIAN I am thoroughly offended at your blatant misrepresentation of the steampunk hobby and culture that has grown around it. I suspect you have done NO research what-so-ever into the community. You have willingly and maliciously committed one of the 10 prime sins-you have committed false witness against an entire group of people.
    You embarrass me as a Christian, you misrepresent those of us who truly keep faith, and you fuel those who attack our faith by spouting idiocy, stupidity and ridiculous statements.

  60. Stephanie

    I am offended! As A Christian myself and a preachers kid I have to say I am insulted that you can give Christianity a bad name. From your “blog” and your comments that I have read I can tell you never have read the Bible nor do you know what Christianity is about either….I’ll pray that you find your way.

    maybe you should actually do some research on what Steampunk is….. I happen to love it

  61. Cami

    This HAS to be a joke right?! It’s full of typos (Comical Con!?) and mistakes (Tila Tequila isn’t even IN Sucker Punch- It’s Emily Browning!). It’s just so outlandish and ludicrous that I really can’t believe this is “real” research article.

  62. Twitch


    This is absolutely ridiculous! Have you folks bothered to check ANY of your information whatsoever?

  63. Jenn

    God I hope you’re keeping track of how many people fall for this. Anyone with critical thinking skills can see this article is facetious.

  64. Rio B.

    Please tell me this is some sort of sick joke?

    Steampunk is an Art form and possibly a lifestyle. Not a fetish. I happen to be a Steampunk and an Asexual so I can say fully and honestly that I have never participated in any sexual “steaming” ever nor will I ever.

    I hope you “good Christian” folks are proud of yourselves (I’m not talk to my fine Steampunk Christians or any Christian that believes this tripe). You have bastardized a concept that promotes gentility and creativity.

    1. Tyson Bowers III

      You sound like a follower of “They Gays”, so your comment is pretty much invalid in the eyes of God.

        1. Bruce Danus

          Punnchy(if that is your real name), Tyson has never claimed to “Speak FOR God” but God speaks through him. In the future you should realize such details before making yourself look like a small-minded bigot. Thanks for commenting and I hope you learned something from this Holy Site.

          1. Punnchy

            You’re pretty arrogant to think that I would believe for a second that god would speak to or through someone who writes lies all the time. This site is far from holy and everyone knows it but the small minded and the few like yourself.

          2. Bruce Danus

            Pinnky, I’m not arrogant at all. I just know I’m correct and Tyson is correct because we have God on our side. You should join God’s team, it is tons of fun. Again, thanks for reading and I can already see that some of God’s love has rubbed off on you. Keep up the good work, sister.

  65. Walou

    Why do you call say these girls are sluts ?
    “Holy” Marie was a slut , she had a child with someone who wasn’t her husband .
    ( And , in France , “God(e)” means ” sextoy” . Awkward , isn’t it ?

  66. Walou

    Why do you say these girls are sluts ?
    “Holy” Marie had a child with someone who wasn’t her husband . This is WHAT I call a slut . You can blind yourself with your morons ideas but don’t piss off on steampunks.
    ( And , in France , “God(e)” means ” sextoy” . Awkward , isn’t it ?

  67. Michael

    Nice article except for EVERY FACET of it being COMPLETELY FICTIONAL and FLAT OUT WRONG.

    Seriously, research.

    I have seen some really inaccurate works of fiction in my day but, WOW, this is impressive BS.

    Not a fetish, not goth, not emo, not sweeping the hipsters. that prop was a Steam Punk Light Saber, not a sex toy. Holy cow!

    Your shipment of article FAIL is clearly in port.

  68. Sunshine

    As an avid believer in God and follower of Christ and his holy word I have to say I pray for you Tyson. You’re so filled with nonsense and hate you make our faith look bad and trivial at best. I pray that God forgives you and that he will over look your mistaken and misguided way of life. You should think before you write. You are a one of the ‘Christians’ that causes atheism to rise and become supported.

  69. Grace

    Just so you know, the “sex toy” pictured to the left is a steampunk light sabre hilt. Not a vibrator. The silver bits are C2 canisters.

    Oh, shug, you’re a little bit backwards aren’t you?

  70. Pixie Rose

    SERIOUSLY?!? This is either the most bat-shit, bible-thumpin’-est, paranoia-spewin’-est piece of ass-backward bullshit I’ve ever read…Or it is shear COMIC GENIUS!!! I don’t know which it truly is, but rest assured, I laughed my ass off.
    I would love – LOVE – to know where all these insane sex acts are supposedly happening. Because after YEARS (since I was in my mid-teens, I’m in my early 30s now) of being in the Goth, Industrial, Death-Rock, and Steam-Punk scenes, I’ve never been a part of, or even witnessed anything remotely close to that…Wow…

  71. Fynn

    I LOLed when I read this article. Would anyone actually believe this bullshit? You must be trolling. XDD

  72. Isabella

    Wow. Such complete ignorance makes, “Christians” look bad. This is truly a time when I’m ashamed to call myself one if that’s what you’re backing this article up with. You obviously have done no research whatsoever on Steampunk to find out with it really is. It’s like taking one example of a pervert from a Catholic church and saying everyone is raping little boys.

  73. Nikol

    I love this article, but the best part is that people are taking it seriously and actually getting offended.

    So now we know one thing for sure about steampunks: They have absolutely no sense of humor. Maybe it’s their Victorian-era sensibilities…

  74. LadySin

    Excuse Mr News Man.
    I have some news for you.

    This is an unsubstantiated, completely incorrect “article” and I take offense to your accusations about my culture.
    You know nothing of Steampunk, Cyberpunks, S&M, Blizz Fest, ComiCon or anything else you mentioned in this so called article.

    I feel sorry for anyone who uses your “news” as legit research. You are as bad as the FLDS and other wacko-christian groups.

    Before you berate me for being a pagan, satanist, goth, satan-fucker, whatever – I was a christian, then I realised what a crock it is!

    You really should do better research before you spout such bollocks that cast such a bad light on a sub-culture of amazing people who reveal in the brilliance that is Victorian Culture in an engineering revolution.
    “Steaming” is crap, best mind your own GAUGE before you post anymore bollocks.

    I have to say, your God must be shaking his head at your ignorance. God taught, through his son, to LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR, and JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED. Yes I know the bible too – I have studied the Bible, I am a Religious Studies major so don’t even try and misquote the bible to me.

    I hope that your readers, actually read all these comments and do so with an unbias mind because they really need to find some TRUE articles to read.

    I hope your God forgives you your trespasses, because you have trespassed upon humanity and disgusted all of us.

    That is all.

  75. Kristin

    I happen to BE a Christian who’s into steampunk. Although I’m sure some enthusiasts have their fetishes, the genre as a whole is not a sexual fetish. You clearly haven’t done your research, and you have no idea what real steampunk is. You can’t even get the names and titles right regarding movies and steampunk artwork. It’s obvious you’re just picking a group that happens to deviate from what you consider the cookie-cutter norm, and because you’re scared of anything different from you, you have to tear it apart, make up lies, and call it Satanic.

    The bracelets you pictured are jewelry created by artists, worn purely as decoration, and have NOTHING to do with being “owned” or anything of the sort. What a ridiculous assumption! I’ve been to plenty of steampunk events and I can assure your readers that they’re child-safe and they do not revolve around sexual or ritual acts. Just a bunch of geeks hanging around other geeks who like to dress different. Steampunks happen to be some of the nicest, most fun, and child-friendly people I know.

    I’m not expecting you to even get what I’m saying here, based on your narrow-minded reactions to others’ comments, but I find you offensive and I feel the need to set you straight. Do some actual research before writing another blog post ripping on someone’s hobby. Oh, and guess what? I happen to be a conservative, but I’m not so full of hate that I can’t get along with people of all different religions and ideals. Christianity is about loving people and not judging them (“Judge not lest ye be judged”). And it definitely doesn’t condone making up outright lies about an entire group because you can’t handle anyone different from you.

    1. Kristin

      Geez! See what I get for getting my knickers in a bundle before doing my own research! Nice satire, guys. My face is duly burning with shame. I’m going to go play with my fetish corsets now. 😉

  76. Krystal

    I am truly sorry that the author of this article is so combative. Christianity is about loving your fellow man, whether he be different than you or not. People like you are why people like me are stuck in the middle centuries. My father is a Christian pastor, and my mother is a Pagan priestess. Yet they can find love and mutual understanding.

    I feel like comments such as “lazy liberal” are very uncalled for, and are not helping the conservative stereotype. I know many very godly Christians that are liberal, as well as liberals that are very studious and active. Such as I have met very honest Republicans. The thing is though… bigotry like this is what gets the public’s attention rather than those few that do not apply to the stereotypical norms.

    No one should judge anyone else, especially without knowing them. And you should not judge anyone else, especially since you’re a Christian and this website is Christwire! I do not think Jesus would approve of this type of behavior. Jesus was a noble man, and if memory suits me correctly, he was often in the companionship of prostitutes due to being able to see past their job.

    If you are not willing to see past your hate, than you are no man of God, this website has no value, and I am just truly sorry for you. And not just for you, but for anyone who feels this way, there is nothing moral and just about it to any degree. Whether you are left wing or right, Christian or not.

    Do not fear your fellow man. The only reason everyone fights against you is because you’re teaching us to fight with your bitter hatred. I’m not trying to say love everyone, but it’s either love everyone equally no matter which religion, race, gender, sexual identity, or lifestyle, or hate them all equally.

    I am a Pagan High Priestess and have only sought to make amends with Christians. There are plenty good ones out there, and religious intolerance is only keeping us from growing and learning from each other. But Mr. Bower, I dare say that my love for your God and for his children is stronger than yours.

  77. redheaded stepchild steampunker

    peace and love you vile scumbag. god knows the hate in your heart. he sees the bigotry and closed mindedness. you are lucky he is forgiving.

  78. Ms. Morganna Bramah

    Hello Mr. Tyson Bowers III,

    ‘Steampunk’ is just a fashion based tribute to the historical ‘Age of Steam’ and the antiquity of the time.

    The power of Christ compels you to use the life he helped bestow onto you more far more wisely Mr. Bowers III.

    “Judge not that ye be not judged.” – Matthew 7:1

    My very best wishes to you and yours.

  79. MayaSerena

    The writer obviously didn’t feel like doing the research, opting instead for the facile, titillating and sensationalist approach. That, or they want to make sure the fundamentalists keep their medieval attitudes the Hell away from Steampunk.

    The former is deplorable, the latter is a good thing.

    Steampunk is far too wonderful and liberal a thing for such people to comprehend. The spirit of adventure does not live in them, poor repressed things.

  80. NightWatcher

    ENOUGH! I call troll.
    You sir are not a christian.
    You sir have no idea what steampunk is.

    As a non christian I have a line for you… Judge not lest ye be judged yourself.

    I am quite familiar with the book and you sir are sending a warped message. One of hate and intolerance. The fundamental ideals of christianity was to create a religion that people from all walks of life could take refuge and comfort in, but you are spreading the message that if someone does not fit into your predefined sense of right and wrong they are to be shunned. The truth is that while you may be a well educated and well informed man, you do not know everything. People are different and this goes to show how badly the people need someone that they can connect with. I am not a christian, but I respect it’s message of love and tolerance. The pastor at my parents church quite regularly calls on me for help when the computers, phone, or some other technical device fails. I respect him because he respects me… That is the ideal of christianity.

    While I am sure that there are people out in the world with a steam fetish (Which there is nothing wrong with) The idea behind steampunk was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and Jules Verne. I like steampunk, I think it’s an interesting take on modern engineering, and is breeds imagination. You are entitled to your opinion, but it is just that… an opinion (which is neither right or wrong), and I think you should listen as well as talk, you may even find some aspect of these things that you look down upon enjoyable.

    Do not look at this as an attack or an attempt to discredit you… just a differing opinion.

    1. Glaringly Obvious Man

      “ENOUGH! I call troll.”

      Sir, you should have just stopped there. That was when you hit gold.

  81. Eric Larson

    In truth I am PROUD to be a Steamer-steampunk fan. It is not a choose but a definite lifestyle of intelligent and thoughtful people. To also prove a point I always tip my hat and say nice things…unlike uptight people with no manners and lack of understanding.

    A steampunk fan till the end…Lord hastings Robert Bobbins III

  82. Sherlock

    Ummm….yeah….this writer is very ill informed. I am Christian, and I love steampunk. It has NOTHING to do with sex. At least, as steampunk itself. Steampunk is an art form, and a unique style of clothing. Though, yes, many of the people who do steampunk, or are furries, or play Dungeons and Dragons, or whatever else have you, enjoy sex, and will occaisionally mix the two, they are not the same thing. Steampunk does not require you to have extra-marital sex. It is about creativity, imagination, and art.
    It is ill informed judgements like this that make us Christians look bad. It makes people hate us, and turns them away.

    When I read stuff like this, I can totally see God facepalming. (hanging His head in shame at the folly that His followers speak)

  83. Validus

    Tyson writes, “Typical liberals. You can never prove anything.”

    I can hardly believe I’m wasting a few precious moments commenting on this ridiculous article posing as journalism. Suffice it to say that Tyson’s ignorance is evident to anyone of even moderate intelligence who reads his trash. He can prove none of his claims, which should come as no surprise, considering that his entire life is dedicated to spreading a series of lies that have been vomited across the earth for millenia. Typical religious zealot: you’ve never been able to prove any of your ludicrous claims, so rather than seek the truth, you fashion your own version of it to support a fallacy. Religion is obsolete; learn to discover the spirituality in science. I recommend you start by reading everything ever written by Carl Sagan, and taking it from there.

  84. Sebron

    You seem to like to bash liberals, and have absolutely no fact checking in this article. I for one am not a liberal, I’m a conservative, I vote libertarian and am also a steampunk author. I highly doubt you’ve even looked into a single forum or website dedicated to steampunk, which is an art form… not a sexual practice code-word. The only thing this entire blog post leaves me wondering is are you really that ignorant or are you just trolling?

    1. Dan Williams

      Thank you! Have you checked out the e-mail I sent in regards to this article that was posted on the site recently? I think you might enjoy it, and enjoy waging in on the comments.
      Glad to have someone who truly knows Steampunk.

  85. J N

    Golly, this author sure thinks a lot about sex. As an avid steampunk myself, I was shocked by this man’s overly vulgar thinking.
    Mr. Bowers must have gone through some sort of terrible sexual trauma at some point in his life to have come to perceive the world, & a pretty tame subculture, in such a light.
    Either that or he’s just trollin’ big time. This sounds like ‘Reefer Madness’ & ‘Rainbow Parties’ all over again. This guy’s just trying to piss everyone off. I mean come on, “Comical Con”? That can’t possibly be serious.

  86. NightWatcher

    “ENOUGH! I call troll.”

    Sir, you should have just stopped there. That was when you hit gold.

    Feel free to ignore the rest… That was my main point, I just felt the need to offer another stance without the rude stance that so many of these comments have taken. I do not disprespect this man for his thoughts, but I do not approve of the message he is sending. I do not want my son growing up in a world with such intolerance, but one where he can be his own person without fear of someone calling him out like this….

    One other thing Sucker Punch was a beautiful story of self sacrifice. Yes there was eye candy, but the entire story was beautiful, I just wish people would look past the clothes and see what was really going on.

  87. Emily

    I’m not going to be mean here. There might be some steampunkers that take part in sexual acts, but steampunk isn’t about sex. It’s just a way to express how you feel and it’s a fun way to dress up. Steampunk can be a way of life or just an occasional thing, but I can assure you, the people I know don’t partake in anything said in this article. And I know a lot of people who like steampunk.

  88. Chucky

    Are you really that idiotic and ignorant? This cannot possibly be for real, it’s so ridiculous. Did you do any research at all? This would be like me saying, “Christianity is a religion based around worshiping a spiteful, angry, murderous being that spends most of it’s time destroying that which it, supposedly, created. People in this group have been known to make “Prayers” to this creature, in hopes that it would stop it’s evil rampage. They’ve been known to use sacrifices to suppress this being’s rage for a short time.” Matter of fact, that has more truth in it than your slanderous retardation. You’re an ignorant, frightened, asshole of a human and I’m saddened that people like you are what people think of when they hear “Christianity.” Fuck you, you sack of human excrement.

    1. Thoroughly Amused

      Aaaaah. I might’ve known, haha. Shows I should’ve read some of the previous comments before posting one myself. I bloody well KNEW someone couldn’t ACTUALLY believe this stuff. It screamed “extremely dry satire” to me.

  89. Thoroughly Amused

    I just thought I might point out that the author in question was named Jules Verne, not “Julius” Verne. Unless you’re referring to a different author I’ve never heard of. This seems doubtful.

    But then, the more I read here, the more I start to feel that this whole thing is actually a big joke, and that Mr. Bowers is in fact just a very bored man with a sadistic sense of humor.

    At least, that’s what I’m going to tell myself in order to try and pretend that there really aren’t people this stupid in the world.

  90. zach

    WOOT I LOVE TO STEAM IT UP BABBY I STEAM LIKE EVER 3 HOURS A DAY ITS A BLAST!!!… you know what sad about church these days bible humping people that don’t pay Attention to summating called fashion or what is out there you see sum thing that YOU don’t like and bash it because the good lord up stares dose not like it. really steam punk isn’t a sex thing at all relay its a new way to be creative i can name servile movies that started steam punk and one of them happens to be called the Rocketeer. its actually sum thing people dress up for comic con or any other convention its a favorite of people that like or well Victorian movies. The movie sucker punch isn’t sifi based around steam punk its more about women’s rights. so if your bible tells you that steam punk is against god then you sir are a dupe

  91. David

    Tyson, shame on you for this terrible piece of fiction you’ve published under the disguise as reporting. And shame on your groupies who try and support you and your atrocious article by name calling, belittling and slandering those who challenge it.

    You’ve taken a great genre and villified it without any justification and aparently under the thin veil of Christianity. You MUST inform people that that article is YOUR opinion, and not one of the Church.

    And here’s why, first of all: Judge not, lest Ye be judged. Your article is slanderous to the good people who enjoy the Steampunk genre. Why don’t you go after the gangs, drug cartels, terrorists and corrupt politicians who ARE a true threat to society…or do you think that it’s easier (and safer) to attack a group of people who do no harm to anyone?

    Secondly, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor…this means that the lies, assumptions and fabrications you’ve created for this article are just that, falsifications ergo False Witness. You need to understand that when you attack a group of people, you are in all actually telling that to each and everyone’s face in that group.

    How would you like it if I said that every internet author that published web-articles is a repressed pedophile, satanist and wife-beater, then made up facts and catchy phrases to “support” my claim? You suppose you might take that as a personal attack? I know others would and even though it’s all lies, it still is harmful to the real life people that are seeing that, and happen to fall into the group being attacked. Add to that that sad fact that a great deal of people see things on the internet and believe them to be gospel without checking into the facts. Sad, but true.

    I could go on, but I have serious doubts that it would do any good. Someone like you (and your blind followers) would not accept the fact that your doing any wrong. You’re convinced in your mind that you are absolutely right and you will mock and ridicule anyone who challenges your “theories”.

    I will leave you with this warning, however…be extremely careful with what you do in God’s name, because you WILL most certainly have to answer for it eventually…

    1. Businessman Hank

      I learned a new internet abbreviation today. I think it was TLDR.

      Yes. It applies.

      Please find another place to post your hateful diatribes.

  92. Selfproclaimedinquisitor

    Dear sirs and madames!
    I find this entire “Article” devoid of facts, sources and substance. It is my firm belief that the whole matter is a joke, nothing more. I also find the thread of comments following said “article” to be utterly devoid of any form of humor, wit or intelligence, why someone would even bother to waste precious internet space on a group of idoliter heretics, be they christian, moslem or catholic who will forever burn in hell for their sins against God, is beyond me.

    Stop feeding the trolls!
    yrs. fatihfully
    Brig.Gen. Arthur MacIntyre (Ph.D, SOG, WWF, S.O.B. et al.)

    1. NightWatcher

      Meh, I have too much time on my hands in the evening due to occassional insomnia, but sir I salute you… You did it right.

  93. David

    No. Everything listed in this article is inaccurate. This is outrageous and another example of religious fanaticism blowing something creative, relatively innocent, and fun WAY out of proportion. For other examples of where this has happened, see Harry Potter.

    Steampunk is not, by majority, a sexual fetish. I am sure there is a small group of people who do find the getups and costumes a turn-on…but that doesn’t mean the WHOLE of the Steampunk community and fanbase is that way. That’s like saying because there are Furries, people who dress in full-size animal costumes and sometimes participate in sexual activities, that any animal activist in the world likes to have sex dressed as an animal. Ludicrous.

    Steampunk is actually a publisher-recognized sub-genre of fictional writing. It’s a romantic era, an alternate Victorian period, where modern-day gadgets and amenities are re-imagined through the powerful mechanics of steam-powered engines with visible, moving gears and smokestacks. Dirigibles are common in these stories. It’s also an art form and fashion statement. There are people who create hundreds of Steampunk-inspired jewelry that are actually very beautiful. There are people who figure out how to modify their daily devices to make them fit into this Steampunk theme – like keyboards and even cars.

    It’s to remember a simpler time where man was creative and inventive in order to bring luxury and easy-living to an otherwise tumultuous world.

    How dare anyone debase this striking, unique art form to a generic assumption that it simply exists for a very small minority of people to get their freak on. I, personally, do not judge those who do, however. They are free to do so. But do not deprive any curious mind of the incredible world awaiting in the stories inspired by the imaginative Steampunk sub-genre. Because in any theme or genre, there will ALWAYS be lesser, or even poor examples given in popular culture…but that is not to describe the whole. Remember that.

  94. Just Will

    I sent this to their “Hatemail,” but I figured everyone could find this informative…. or amusing, whichever. 😛

    I was recently reading through a few of your articles, and I can honestly that you may want to check your sources of information. Not to nit-pick, and I have a firm understanding of the conservative agenda, but I also understand the lengths of, not only dishonesty, but pure closed-mindedness, that Fundamentalists are notorious for being willing to go to demonize anyone from the “secular” society. That being said, feel free to crucify me, no pun intended, after this. The one article that springs to mind when it comes to your blatant attempt at disinformation, and I only say “blatant” because the majority of us sinners, harlots, and heretics (as we’re so sequently referred) can normally tell the difference between eruditional information and propaganda, is “What is Steampunk?”

    For starters, the cyberpunk culture is not new. It’s actually fairly old, and when I say fairly old, I mean nearing 30 years. Also, it was derived from the industrial and punk scenes, not hipters. In fact, I noticed in comments that you are directing anyone who disagrees with you to do the research for themselves. I’ll post my sources as I go, as to not confuse your troglodyte-esque capacity of intelligent thought. So, as I was saying.. nearly 30 years. My source? Pretty simple: Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo series, beginning in *1989* with Testsuo: The Iron Man. I’ve also come to the conclusion that you’re under the impression that hipsters and hippies are the same thing. My reasoning for this is your reference to Burning Man being the first “steam sex” gathering. Wow.. you couldn’t be more wrong there. Burning Man is a festival promoting peace, love, and oneness with nature.. that means no technology. Quite the opposite of the steam/cyberpunk culture, if you ask me. Also, coffee shops are not the hangouts for cyberpunks. You’d have more luck checking an industrial club or a warehouse disctrict. Coffee shops are for pretentious college students and indie rockers. An indie rocker, if you were wondering, is an individual who exists in a scene revolving around music released on independent labels. They tend to wear cardigan sweaters and nerd glasses. Similar to an emo, but with a little more color.

    Anyway, as I was saying. That “steam tracking” definition is just silly, as is the term itself. That’s nothing but simple, good ol’ DP with toys. (That means “double penetration.” See? That’s what a real sex term looks like. If you were wondering, that’s when a woman has two phallic objects inside her for sensual, or entertainment, purposes. I can send you some pictures if you need illustration.) In fact, I can inform you of all sorts of nifty sexual positions and tricks if you need. You see, I find sex to be a beautiful and intimate act that is shared between lovers. Quite opposite of the macabre image your average Fundamentalist tends to proscribe.

    As I approach the tail end of this informative little endeavor, I’ll leave you with this. Sucker Punch is not the first cyberpunk movie. In fact, it’s merely the most recent in a long line of cyberpunk movies spanning all the way back to the 80’s. So, with that being said, I feel it’s imperative that you really check your information before you go off and slander, persecute, and belittle an entire culuture of people. Hitler did the same thing, and look where he ended up. :]

    One Love,

  95. David

    Also…that picture you have of a Steampunk “sex toy”?


    As Star Wars is a VERY popular, iconic subject to be “steampunked”.

    Nice research.

  96. Krystal

    Holy hell, man. This website is so legit looking. (Just read the Rachel Maddow bit on Christwire.) Good on you, Mr. Bower. When re-reading the original comments you left, it makes perfect sense now. You are a troll king, and this website is now actually very enjoyable.

    Can’t believe I believed this… I hope one day to be such an amazing writer and actor that I can do satirical news!

  97. Alexandurr

    One of the best and most amazing satire’s ever. Kudos sir.
    And as a Steampunker, Do not hate on my Steaming.

    And shame shame on anyone who thinks this is serious

  98. Daphne

    I read “Steampunk is a new sexual fetish” then I saw “hipster.” Thank you, for giving me the biggest laugh I’ve had in years.

  99. Adella Whitimore-Hazzard

    Oh dear. This doesn’t sit right at all. It is obvious that this steampunk movement I was so enamored of of must be quit at once. There is simply nothing else for it. Of course, one must keep the clothes, hair, mannerisms and jewelry. And it just wouldn’t be quite the think to resign my military commission. But everything else must be cast of.

    Yours faithfully,
    Air Admiral Adella Whitimore-Hazzard, Baron Wulfenbach’s Imperial Air Fleet under the International League of Airships, First Class

  100. Punnchy

    Yeah, it’s about time this site goes away….

    thankfully there’s a shutdown Christwire.org movement now on facebook to help with that cause….don’t know what good it will do.

  101. Ice Van Winkle

    TB3, thank you for writing another excellent warning to the Christian father of the latest evil that this world has cooked up to lead our white children astray. Steam punking has led to the rape of 1000’s of children, yet that Kenyan in the “whitehouse” just keeps encouraging these steamers to keep on destroying our country. Notice that they keep using the word “community” like some 1950’s communist camp. They also promote interracial marriage, France cooking, and other serious threats to our country.

    In my home, we have removed all clocks, gears, and kettles in case my precious christian daughters might get tempted in this satanic trap.

    Learning that Steaming is associated with the Burned Up Man is enough proof that the devil is strong with these sick people. We will have none of it in our Christian home. This is truly the greatest threat facing the Christian family today!

    1. Sickened

      Are you for real? How can you be so easily goaded into believing this tripe? I’ve heard of blind faith, but this doesn’t even make any sense. Clocks, gears, and kettles are going to turn your daughters into satanic hussies? Think for yourself! Use that brain that seems to be rotting helplessly in that skull of yours. And communities are akin to communist camps?? This can’t be real! Then the “community” of Christians you give your allegiance to is also a communist camp. Please, wise up before your daughters or whatever other children you have become plagued with the same brain rot.

  102. Joshua (Steampunk fan and devoted christian)

    Steampunk has nothing to do with sex! It is about enjoying life back in the Victorian Era and a great big “What if?” It is not about sex in any way, and I sincerely hope you’re joking with this article.

  103. Cam

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more confused in my life. Where did you get your information? Trying to fact check and I’m not finding anything on steaming. Help?

  104. Maddie

    Sir, if this article is a joke, it is not funny. If it is not then you are the type of “Christian” who makes Christians like me look bad to nonchristians, and the kind of absolute idiot who makes true steampunks like me appear ridiculous and perverted, not creative artists, writers, musicians, etc.

  105. Danyew (airship morrigan medic)

    Thank goodness this is a satire cause i was about to go ape crazy in this comment! But this site is taking the Lord’s name in vain for claiming to be a “christian” site but doing nothing to show they are TRUE followers of Our Redeemer. Being a Holy Spirit filled believer and an avid member of my local steampunk community, I can see how both sides, the christians and the steampunks, could take this article seriously. Now here is why it should be taken as satire and a blatant lie and farce. One, God would NEVER condemn the steampunk sub-culture, He would disapprove of their actions if they did partake in such sexual acts but love them and wish for them to accept Christ all the same. Which for a fact I know that no Steampunks I know of partake in such heinous acts. Two, Steampunks are avid followers of the victorian ideals of propriety and chivalry. Women are treated properly and with gentle care and treated as women, not providers of sexual favors. I know that my local group, for a fact, is more interested in tea and crumpets than anything remotely resembling orgys and group sex acts. Check us out to see what we are about…http://goo.gl/EbH9O Really we are all about the aesthetic nature of the Victorian era and reusing relics from ages past to adorn our extensive costumes and create new and interesting accouterments. The Steampunk sub-culture is fascinating and filled with some amazing people. Thank Goodness this is a Satire and that the people who actually “write” the articles aren’t true followers of Christ or I would certainly not want to be a believer if this was the view of God-fearing people. Luckily I know that God would never hold this view of people for God is love and so is Christ. I pray that God will open your eyes so you will stop speaking blatant satirical lies all the while using His name as your “cover.” May the God of Abraham and Issac bless you with wanting to reveal the truth and not falsifications.

  106. Brother Edward

    I believe the included image certainly sums up this “article”.

    If parody, it is in poor taste. However, it is certainly an effective troll. You have managed to offend a rather large demographic. Unfortunately, they are one that seems more mature and better educated than you.

    If this is serious…well, then the only one partaking in illicit substances is you. The good news is that your supplier isn’t diluting whatever they’re giving you. Your report holds about as much relation to reality as Steampunk itself does, by which I mean that it is based on something real, but exists in its own purely fictional world. There are no corrections to your fiction that I can give which others have not already made. All I can say is that this kind of unfounded pseudo-research does nothing but sully the author’s own reputation, and that of we Christians in general.[img]http://troll.me/images/futurama-fry/not-sure-if-trolling-or-just-really-stupid.jpg.pagespeed.ce.vtao2khAIC.jpg[/img]

    1. RJT

      “You have managed to offend a rather large demographic. Unfortunately, they are one that seems more mature and better educated than you.”

      And the ones with a sense of humour bypass. They are so educated that, after reading an article that is blatantly satirical, they didn’t take the time to check out any of the other articles on the site, all of which are blatantly satirical too.

  107. Rachel


    August Weisz
    Blanche Beecham
    Ice Van Winkle
    Businessman Hank

    God knows you are lying remember that.

    You shall speak truth, and only one truly without sin can throw the first rock.

    This blog and all it’s lies disgust me.

    We all know where Tyson Bowers is going after death, to pay for his lies. True christians stay away from this devil-in-disguise-man, he believes he is God and like Lucifer he will fall.

  108. Justin

    please tell me, is this a legitimate attempt at describing what steampunk is, or some twisted joke to insult a genre you seem to know nothing about?

    I’m going to start with the Hipsters. they are everywhere, and no one likes them. Steampunk has Hipsters, but is not comprised of them. They are a clueless bunch that find a trend, try to act like they are a part of it and exaggerate the details to pretend they have credibility. they think this makes them “hip” it does not. it makes them an annoyance.

    but that was not enough of a misconception for you, is it? you go on to include what seems like a tirade of random nonsense though out the entire article.

    The genre is a sexual fetish? Really? Did you have to dedicate yourself to finding steampunk porn to try and justify that statement? One must assume that you think if that’s what the porn is like then the genre as a whole must be the same. (I wonder what bible porn would look like) But truth be told, I’ll bet you just made all that rot up on the spot.

    Steempunk is a modern literary genre that takes its inspirations from authors such as Vern, Wells, and true historic persons such as Tesla, Babbage, and in some cases, T. Roosevelt. The quest for adventure, escape, and improvment are key driving forces to the movement.

    if you want to write something and publish it as fact, try researching t first. and looking at pictures of teenage girls in science fiction costumes does not count as research.

  109. Christian Ward

    Wow, you are misinformed. As a Christian who actually KNOWS steampunkers, I can tell that whatever “research” you did was biased and misinformed. It is certainly NOT a sex fetish, any more than me spending an afternoon playing Legend of the Five Rings (a role playing game, set in a feudal Japanese type setting) makes me a multiple god worshiping heathen. If good people wish to dress up in Victorian clothing mixed with industrial age technology, then that’s their business. This is clear defamation of character across an entire subgroup of people who as a whole have never been this terrible thing that you’ve posted on this website.

    Additionally: having a website does not make you an authority on whatever you wish to speak about. Credibility is important, and that’s earned through years of experience and knowledge within the subject you speak of. This article shows a clear lack of credibility, is professionally shameful, and shows clear ignorance as well as a lack of desire to actually learn about these subgroups you so readily damn. I beg you, please, walk a mile in their shoes. I mean, REALLY walk a mile in their shoes.

    I wholeheartedly invite you to come to Gencon from August 4-7 in Indianapolis and speak to many of these so-called “sex seeking geeks”. You will be greatly surprised at the number of conservative, God fearing Christian’s you will find there.

    Christian Ward
    Professed Christian and Gamer.

    1. Christian Ward

      Just realized the satire evident in this article.

      I am filled with shame. I must prepare to cleanse myself, that my family does not feel the weight of that shame.

      I wish there was a delete button, so that my previous post might never be seen again.

      8/10, sir. You made me angry by my good, Christian sensibilities, which made me rage. Then I realized it was a joke, which made me rage harder.

  110. Dave

    I like how he states Cyberpunks are superior to steam punks 😀 This means the rest of his article is 100% fact.

    If he had tried a little he could probs have found a link from steampunk to a fetish as there will be one, as alot of the cyberpunk/goth scene is usually linked to regular bdsm.
    It does seem he has just asked some kid in a chatroom and then typed up whatever he learned from that convo.

  111. The Truth

    Wow. Look what we found here? I clicked a link on a video where the guy looked like he was ready to come out of the closet.

    Here is the link:


    And yes, he looks like a repressed homo.

    This “website” is ludicrous and here is why.

    ANY Christian who puts down or belittles anyone else, judges someone, or anything of the nature is NOT a Christian. Christian’s are all loving and accepting.

    After seeing where this uneducated, extremely repressed individual, Augustus lives I have come to the conclusion that the reason for this site is because people in the Northwest, maybe Bonner County or Bennewah County, are so hideous and incestous that no body else wants to have procreate with them. These people are jealous that straight people have tarnished the idea of marriage, gay people had nothing to do with it. People everyday divorce or cheat on their husbands or wives. Where is the sanctity of marriage at? There isn’t any sanctity of marriage, these people don’t want equal rights for people that aren’t white, straight, have a family, put religion before themselves, and are a huge bigots.

    I’ll tell you one thing. I live in South Carolina. I may be from the south and the bible belt and I may have people who are Southern Baptist in my family, and I am a homosexual, but I am more happy than people like August ever will be.

    I have a partner that I have been with for 6 years, I have a brand new house that we are paying off, we have two brand new cars, two dogs that we love, and a family that is extremely supportive. However, I don’t feel the need to come to some website and tell people they are doing wrong. I am too busy on living my life and surrounding the people I care about with love and care. What do these people offer? These people are going to lead horribly unsatisfying lives because they have a obsessive compulsive need to bring other people down.

    Also, to the extremely uninformed person who wrote the article. Like everyone before has already said please don’t be a lazy vindictive “Christian” and actually do your research on what you are trying to condemn. That will make you look slightly more intelligent, only slightly.

  112. Deicidal Atheist

    It’s clear this man is a TROLL! Look at how well he is aware of the conventions but slaughtered them on purpose. DO NOT FEED THE TROLL!

  113. Lee-chan

    This is the most ignorant uneducated article I have ever read. None of these facts are even correct! XD I’ve met so many steam-punks including many that are in a CHRISTIAN band that plays festivals and sing about the love of Jesus. This is just ridiculous. I almost just want to say you’re trollin’.

  114. SueS

    Dear Mr. Bowers,

    As a happily married, heterosexual CHRISTIAN woman, WITH children, who just happens to enjoy the steampunk genre, I must say that this is the most amusing piece of drivel I have read in quite awhile. I have been to many steampunk events and have NEVER seen anything like what you are describing. It is obvious to me that you did little true research into the genre and have woven your own personal fantasies into a work of fiction.

    This hearkens to the works of celibate (supposedly) medieval monks who wrote some of the most lurid sexual descriptions the world has ever seen.

    May I make a suggestion to you and anyone else ready to condemn steampunk out of hand? Why don’t you actually attend some events? Interview other attendees. See for YOURSELF what such things do or do not involve. Stop cowering behind your Bible and the internet and use the brain God gave you for more than just head filling.

  115. Bill

    Christianity is a great faith, but uninformed, intolerant and outright fabricated nonsense like this continues the perception of Christians as rigid, selfrighteous haters of anything fun. I am 57 and live in a rural community, and I think Steampunk is great fun. There is nothing sexual, satanic or otherwise spiritually bankrupting in the activity; it is all good fun. — Can you say “Fun?”

  116. Rhiannon

    I am 14 years old and freely partake in steampunk.
    For someone who hates it so much, your sure descriptive with your words. Would god want you hating against what some people would call a religion? The point of the bible was to love everyone for who they are. I love everyone with the love god gave me and I think he’d love me for it. For having an open heart. Plus, Victorians were way less barbaric then you say they are. They were WAY more reformed than YOU could EVER BE. :)

  117. Maria

    You have a misspelling.. “flop OUT like baby feeders.” Also I think your article might apply to a few hundred people, I would hardly call that sweeping across the hipster groups. This is simply a fad and will disappear as such. Your article might be taken more serious if you left your ridicule out of it and just informed the general public about the facts. Since it goes against God’s word perhaps you should reconsider your writing style so as not to sound crushing and reflect a more Christian approach of good will and that one should pray for those involved in these rituals.

  118. AmusedByTheIdiocy

    Haha, this author has no idea what they’re talking about! Haha, pure gold; this person is a keeper! The world needs it’s idiots for the smarter people to mock.

    Also, was that a cute little three year old who gave you your word play on the movie, “Sucker Punch” which you adorably renamed “Sucker Punk”? Was it? Was it? God I hope so because that was like rhyming cat with rat.

  119. M@!

    The human imagination is a powerful conduit. It can conjure a great many things that are simply falacious.

    The assertions, associations and conclusions in this article are loosely based and contrived.

    Steampunk is an enlightened vision of what our future could have been – not this theistic dictatorship in which we live – a future of freedom, of logic and of technology designed with the greater good in perspective. Its liberal ideals transcend the Dickensian portrayal of want, need & necessity. Applied social mores maintain civility, in conjunction with classical reasoning and a rigidly applied system of law enforcement. (Personal conjecture, it is a Utopian society like none other.) However, it is not so puritanical that concessions of personal taste and freedoms are not suppressed.

    Here, societal ills are solved based on reason and logic through applied innovation and shared scientific discovery. All shall reap its reward, not for sake of profit but for the benefit of humanity. Wealth is only measured in the degree by which one has contributed to society as a whole based on the watermark of their accomplishments.

    The Steampunk Epoch is a glorious era, a golden age to which we can only aspire.

  120. Billie

    I always try to respect people’s opinions and feelings, especially when it comes to religion, but I feel -like so many others- that it is very important to tell you that you have got the wrong idea about Steampunk. You got a few things right, about the time period and inspirations and such, but you are advertising Steampunk as a purely sexual thing, which it is not. I can see how someone outside of the Steampunk loop can watch something like Sucker Punch and be a bit horrified. While girls and guns are very popular in Steampunk, not everyone has crazy Steampunk sex or even Steampunk fantasies, for that matter. I have been a member of Steampunk society for quite a while now, and never has anyone approached me with anything like this, nor have I ever heard anything like this before now.
    And while I do love the original spirit of Burning Man, I think that we can all agree that the people that do attend the festival are all a bit “out there”. I would not be surprised if said event did actually occur. But that is Burning Man, and not every day life. Many people use Burning Man as a way to do things that they never would or never could before. I don’t know where you’ve been walking, but orgies -especially themed ones- are not very common, as far as I know.
    I am not going to go in-depth about what Steampunk really is because not only am I sure that the other people posting comments have got it covered (SueS’s being my favourite), but I think that you owe it to yourself to get a proper grip on what Steampunk really is by using your own brain. Use it. Good things will happen.
    Besides defending this beloved style, I would also like to question you about your motives. Why have you conducted all of this faulty research in order to tell fellow Christians all about the sexually deviant lives of other people? I know that news is meant to educate, but why not use the power that you supposedly have to educate them about what they can do to help their fellow man? I find it difficult to believe that most Christians will be reading this and find it interesting or inspiring. It seems as if your only goal in writing this was to condemn a lifestyle that you did not particularly agree with. You’ve chosen a smallish subculture to pick on, and then you’ve chosen to write about what must be an incredibly small percentage of people that may engage in these activities that you described with so much detail. I hardly see how this relates to Christianity, or why people need to know things like this. If you wanted people to come to your website, good for you. If you wanted to troll people, good for you. You succeeded. People came and saw and got annoyed and left angry, confused, and annoyed but heartfelt comments. I tried my best to understand where you are coming from with your assumptions, but I have had no such luck. Enlighten me, please.

  121. Anna

    Milk sacs?? Whore juice? Is this some kind of satirical Christian page? You can’t be serious. I can’t believe you would hijack Christianity and proclaim yourself religious and write this kind of tripe. Honestly, this must be some kind of joke just to get attention.

  122. Lady Yui


    The sheer idiocy and lack of any knowledge whatsoever about the subject makes this “blog” article more fitting of something from The Onion. At least on that site you KNOW you’re reading satire.

  123. Delilah

    Dear Mr Tyson Bowers III,
    Please attend a a Steampunk convention and talk to them.
    You will be surprised to find that all you said in your blog is completely wrong and scewed.
    I am a spiritual person and I know that God encourages us to be who we are, not some person who hates everything different to themselves because we think we are so perfectly right in our own way that everyone else must be wrong. Steampunk is a subculture that simply encourages creativeness.

    As a fellow Christian, I can’t believe you are a Christian as well. Please educate yourself properly before making such ridiculous claims.

  124. Sabre

    Dear Mr. Bowers,

    It’s people like you that actually turn folks away from Christianity. I am a Christian and I dress in steampunk (and other costumes). I have never seen the “fetish” part. What I have seen is these people raising money for children homes, homeless, and veterans. I’ve seen these people in and out of costume work to help the community.

  125. Z

    You are a complete idiot. You missed the mark in SO many places. Well….you didnt get one thing right! Go jump off a building.

  126. Brook

    I cannot believe I am even justifing this trash with response. You obviously did no actual research and have not a clue of what you’re talking about. The only research it appears you have done however is reading and watching mass amounts of porn. Your need to present things in a disrespectful manner is apalling.

  127. KLR

    Do you really need all the attention your posts generate? Do you just like people telling you that you are wrong? If so, you should keep it up. You should write novels with the imagination and misinformation that you have.

  128. M.Siah

    God is love sir and what you preach is ill informed hate of an art movement. God is vengeful too so be careful he is not too keen on people who persecute others.

    Rock Love, I hope you change your fearmongering ways

  129. Mr Steamy


    You fools! If you think that the steampunk thing is bad. Please do no research into minecraft. That would make you head explode!

  130. mrwuulysheep

    Yep that confirms it for me, you are all the farthest from what you purport to believe in. Christ would love anyone regardless of their sexual nature, he would not tell you to hate, or to hurt others in his name.

  131. Lindsay

    Any college professor at any university will require a student to list sources and/or references at the end of a paper to back up their claims and information. Said student will not tell the professor to “take 10 seconds on google” to find the information for themselves. That is not “typical liberal agenda”.
    There are many credible news websites out there that actually list sources. I can’t understand why you cannot do the same.

  132. steam reform

    I’m glad you call him Julius Verne. By forcing his name to be treated like a real Christian, you dilute his power to tempt us into the path of Steam.

    Question, though. Are steam rooms in spas also bad? Or are they a gateway steam activity? Very concerned, please answer!

  133. Sabre

    Actually, we missed the point. Found this on wiki. Doubt the anyone on Christwire is actually Christian at all.
    Christwire is a satirical website that publishes blog style articles that highlight perceived excesses of Un-christlike hypocritical Christian conservatives.

    Like similar satire websites, Christwire’s stories have sometimes erroneously been taken at face value. This may be an example of “Poe’s law”, an adage regarding the difficulty of distinguishing some parodies from serious material.

  134. Koko

    For the love of Christ, not all Asians look alike. Tila Tequila is not Baby Doll in Sucker Punch. Hell, she’s not in the movie at all. The only Asian in it is Jamie Chung. Way to generalize you racist douche.

  135. SueS

    Hmmm… I’m willing to contribute to a fund that would pay for Mr. Bowers and the rest of the “Steampunk is eevvilll!” crowd to attend a SP convention.

    I would consider such a thing an investment in education.

    How about it Mr. Bowers? You tell me what SP convention you are closest to, and I will pay for your admission. You don’t even have to dip into your pocket to find out the truth… all you need is the courage to do so.

  136. John Smith

    While I agree steampunkers are emo kids, I am forced to admit it is better than to be a fuckface christian like you guys.

    Your friend,
    the Atheist.

  137. Douglas M. Schell

    In my opinion, this is poorly researched… very poorly.
    This is not journalism, it seems like propaganda for cultist Christianity.
    …but I strongly feel that the mentality that is forged through a fear based faith results in a lack of logical and/or critical thinking. Opinion is NOT fact.
    One cannot simply hear rumors about a subculture or fad and assume that what they are hearing is true. This article, and frankly quite a number of the authors on it are only spreading misinformation to many people who see this as a legitimate news source. It literally makes me nauseated… especially when said authors and so called journalists believe that they are doing ‘gods work’ writing up this false information.
    Sometimes a bracelet is just a bracelet… not a symbol of sexual fetishism.
    Just because people are not christian, doesn’t make them Satanists… perhaps they are misguided… much in the same way as the writer of this article. In my opinion.
    None of this is true… it seems to be a fantasy in the head of one who is sexually suppressed with a messianic complex.

  138. Jim

    While yes this post is insane, As Someone who is heavily involved in Steampunk, Its straight up ridiculous. I would hope that you all know that ChristWire is a SATIRICAL site… Wikipedia ChristWire for those of you calling for Reasearch on a Subject before you jump feet first.

  139. Brian Wolverton

    “What is Christianity?”

    Christianity is a new death cult that is sweeping across the uneducated masses in rural and suburban areas. It is a sub-genre of Judeism that hate science, free thinking, good music, and love money, war, and anything that promotes intolerance. Christians like to pretend they live in an idyllic black-and-white 1950s version of America that never really existed, with a hint of judgementalistic trash talk show and Country Music Television (CMT). It is like an acid overdose of a Republican National Convention raped and ravaged by sacrificial symbolism of corpses nailed to crosses and cannibalistic rituals of flesh and blood consumption. Think George W Bush and Jim Jones having a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan stepchild.

  140. John Blaise

    For real?

    First, having watched Sucker Punch (extremely disappointing) I can tell you there are no exposed breasts or machine felatio, nor do they actually kill the pimp/insane asylum orderly. In fact, most of the girls die. If the film had all of the things you suggested, it might have been more watchable.

    The only really redeeming part of the film were the sword/gun fights and the very cool “steam” themed critters such as the steam-mech robot suit, the steam samurai, and the nazi steam zombies.

    Second, what is a comicky con?

    Third, there is no way you have any visual evidence of these supposed steam sex things, cause you would totally go blind. The average steampunk enthusiast is 6’5, weighs 400lbs and has no sexual differentiation (ie both girls and boys have huge tits, lots of hair and so much flab you cant see thier genitals without a forklift).

    Also, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  141. Madame Le Cog


    Reading the article was funny enough, but reading all the comments is funnier still! A Jolly Good piece of entertainment one and all. (and lighten up everyone, it’s a joke!)

  142. Melody

    I saw that this was most likely a Christian site, so I was like, “lolcooli’maseewhatthissays.”
    I skimmed, and was then like, “What is this?! I don’t even.”
    I’m a Christian Steamgoth and I do not approve of this trolling. 😀

  143. Talin

    The only problem with satire is… what do you do when you jump the shark, and it STILL seems “not too unusual” for the people you’re satirizing?

    (Hint: read the comment section above for the answer.)

  144. Bess

    I’m aware this is a satire website, but to be perfectly frank it should be more obvious that it is parody. Also I find the humour rather offensive.

    1. Claire

      Exactly, the humor is quite offensive. There’s only so long you can write about gays being evil and Mexicans being filthy animals before you begin to believe it yourself. That’s my problem with the site.

      1. Shannon

        Also my problem is that there are people out there who belive this crap then will start discriminating about it. Society needs to get rid of discrimination not add to it. Parody or not.

        1. Cool Tom Kimbo

          Typical liberals. You think that just because the three of you were too stupid to understand the deep truths of Christwire, everyone else must be that stupid, too.

        2. LH

          O_O Well, after finally reading all the comments and knowing this is a satire blog, I still insist some kind of disclaim or something should be added. Parody or not, many will take this as a real article (lets face it, not everyone knows who Jules Verne is, or that there is a convention called Comic-Con). =/

      1. Glaringly Obvious Man

        “The thing about parody is: if it’s obvious it’s parody, it’s NOT parody.”

        That statement is actually untrue. RE: Weird Al Yankovich. Owned.

  145. Admiral T'Moya

    I don’t know what Conventions you’ve been attending but all of the STEAMPUNK Costumers that I know are not into “Fettish/Bondage; nor are they dumb hicks who only have sex with farm animals.

    Alabamafandom.com/ runs a FAMILY FRIENDLY Steampunk, Pirate, Ghost Busters, Star Wars fan groups.

    Before you jump the gun and write articles such as the one I am reply too, you may want to do MORE Research Bubba!

    STEAMPUNK: A group of people who enjoy taking 1800s Jules Vernes like technology and applying it to costumes, and even to Modern Day Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cosplay……..

    STEAMPUNK is not a fetish or a sexually oriented fad.

  146. Ex-Delivery_Boy

    All I have to say, because getting into the multitude of inaccuracies and blatant lies you list isn’t worth arguing about, is if you are a legitimate news site why don’t you have an editor with a proper command of the English language? Your grammar and spelling are so atrocious that, while trying to read this aloud to my friends to stimulate our humor and anger simultaneously, I stumbled over my brain trying to speak properly instead of quoting your inane ramblings as written.

  147. Admiral T'Moya

    And even if this website is parodys, the way this article reads, there will be people out there who take what it says as total truth…. So you may want to let people know may just at the end of such articles…

    This is a parody, do not take this article as TRUTH this is just a parody……

  148. Chris Shaeffer

    “Steampunk is a new sexual fetish that is sweeping across hipster groups in liberal urban areas.”

    This may be the most ignorant thing I have heard in a very very long time. Steampunk is a genre of science fiction fandom, set in a Victorian era inspired world. That is all and nothing more.

    Now PEOPLE are sexual creatures and as steampunk is an entire genre with a specific aesthetic,PEOPLE might use that to influence some of their creations. Still, to call steampunk a sexual fetish is so mind-blowingly ignorant that I may have to create new words in order to describe it. It’s akin to calling sweaters a sexual fetish because of woolies.

  149. Michael J. Lowrey

    It is ignorant, lie-filled nonsense like this which makes it difficult to bring Christ’s message to a needy world.

    There is hardly a single word of truth in this article, as is so often the case with your articles; and I cringed at the idea of explaining to my steampunk friends why my fellow Christians would spread such a hideous array of falsehood before the rest of the human race. I blame idiots like the one(s) who wrote this article for the image of Christians that the unbelievers have of us.

  150. Joel

    I count so many typos and contorted uses of the English language that I hereby say your credibility and usefulness as a “source” and “writer” have drowned in a pool of WTF, peed in by a bunch of twelve year-old ESL students from Mongolia. I have no idea if this info is accurate or useful, but if Christians base their views upon pedestals such as this, well, may God have mercy on their soul.

  151. Adie_O'Reilly

    Good sirs, I have been a steampunk for over 8 years yet I have never heard of any of this. Could you either kindly direct me to where this all occurs or double check your sources with say… actual steampunks, please?
    I would be thrilled to educate you on the subculture, which has nothing to do with cyberpunks, except that we are extremely different, and is, if anything, more… “conservative” than the massive metal rompings you described.
    I mean no offense except to beg you gentlemen to please not slander myself or my friends, for we generally hold ourselves to higher standards than most of today’s barely-clad mainstream society.
    may your skies always be clear (I assume so that you may see heaven, but for us, it is so clouds do not obscure our horizons)
    Have a wonderful evening.

  152. Sarah

    Guys. This is satire. It’s a joke. Look how they described Sucker Punch! The lead is Tia Tequila? (They even have the real woman’s name misspelled, it’s “Tila”). CALM DOWN. Now that you know it’s a joke, read it again. It’s quite funny.

    1. Hypocrite

      get back to the kitchen you stupid jobless pregnant chicken headed CUNT and get raped.

      oh im sorry, that was satire. its a joke.

  153. Joe

    So epic. Even more epic that the steam punk community seems to have taken this article at face value and is upset by it. Good sir, you are a trolling God. WIN.

  154. AP

    im sorry but some of your people posting trash like tyson and august are just sad human beings. for people who feel so strong about their religon you don’t even abide by it. judging steampunks for their looks and jumping to conclusions? that’s not what the lord has taught you and im sure he would be very disappointed in how much shame you bring to his name. your hate disgusts me and you are no better than the terrorists who kill others for not believing in their faith. this is not a credible source because you bias covers your eyes and you are a pathetic excuse for a christian. but i forgive because that’s what was taught by you know who and you should reflect on your nonsense. :)

  155. js

    Grossly Inaccurate!!!

    This blog post if so loaded with negative spin it’s not funny.

    Steampunk is not a sexual fetishist group, and has nothing to do with Sexual Fetishism. I’ve been a Steampunk writer for several years and have never been solicited for any kind of kinky activity.

    Steampunk is a literary and crafts movement and it is largely apolitical and religion is not a part of it either, period, end of story.

    Before publishing this kind of negativism, suggest you might actually talk to a number of actual Steampunk people, right now the activity is so diverse you would probably get a lot of diverse opinions. I know conservative and liberal Steampunks, Christian-Steampunks, etc.

    And also it’s not a ‘Movement’, since it does not preclude belonging to any other movements or activities.

    1. js

      duh! OK, I get it now. CW.org is a tabloidesque satire.

      Not bad, not bad, but what if some gullible Christians should read it and take it as fact though?

      Anyway, if you want to know what Steampunk is, read my comment.

  156. Gary Gilmour

    Heck, I am going to have to pray for you guys – in fact we have our service on Sunday and we normally get about 90 percent of our communicants out of, what, 2000 Christians. There may be Mexicans and blacks and gays/lesbians who don’t figure.

    Help me on this and help me to save sinners.

  157. Gary Gilmour

    Hey people, enough squabbling and haul your sorry asses down to Church to pray forgiveness for your ugly words.

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  159. beezelbub

    your all a bunch of fucking slaves, hope you’re happy living in ignorance and stupidity while the rest of the world is advancing to new heights and achievements.

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  161. Taylor Browninson

    so this is what its like to read an article where the author knows nothing about the subject he is writing about…

  162. yourDemise

    don’t you feel ashamed by writing down such false and aspersive things?

    you know, jesus hates liars….

  163. SiliconNooB

    After conducting extensive research into the pervesions of godless peoples I can vouch for the 100% accuracy of this article.

    Dirty, dirty Steampoppers!

    1. Bruce Danus


      Why would you call your father a bug who sucks blood out of people and animals, and then continue on to berate a well reasearched, factual article that has been spread across the interwebs, even on “Steampunk Sites”, as a warning.
      You madame, need to do more research in to this horrifying fad before commenting against our Holy writers.

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  165. domynoe

    Steampunk is a new sexual fetish that is sweeping across hipster groups in liberal urban areas. It is a sub-genre of hipsters that like Star Wars, books from the wild west, and World of Warcraft.

    Actually, no. It’s a genre of speculative fiction set in or strongly inspired by an era when steam power was still widely used but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy. Has nothing to do with sexual fetishes. The use of old-fashioned gadgets and machinery are integral in some way to the story—like the science in science fiction, the story can’t work without the gadgets.

    That is steampunk in a nutshell. Cossplayers who dress up in steampubk costumes are not sexual deviants, they are fans of the genre.

    I’m a born again Christian and a writer. I find it appalling when other Christians wants to paint things they don’t understand in hate when we’re supposed to show Christ’s love and understanding. I find it even more appalling when they do it with lies and bad “research”. This has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative, but with being honest and ethical. This kind of “article” is neither and only gives non-believers another reason to walk away from the faith. After all, they don’t need Christ in their lives to lie and spread falsehoods, and by doing it yourself, you’ve only proven that Christ doesn’t change lives or people for the better.

    1. Timmay

      Amen brother! You are absolutely right, Christ would never have given his support for this Steampunk deviancy.

  166. Marjoram

    Suggested titles for other Steam Punk/enraged Bible Basher based articles:

    My daughter married a Steam Punker – Evangelist home maker devastated at daughter’s choice of life partner.

    Squaring the circle: reconciling Steam Punk with good ole fashioned Christian family values – is a steam powered crucifix really against the laws of God?

    My son wants a stud collared shirt and he is not an Amish, is he a closet Steam Punker?

    How to de-steam the punk out of your kids – from Punker to Preppy in one week –

  167. Wendel Taft

    Tell me something; Did you even leave your parent’s basement to do any research on this? Seriously, you couldn’t have used the words “deviant” and “sexual” more if you tried. Try attending one of these events and see what it’s really about. You’d see the people’s sense of enjoyment at creating new and interesting artwork/machinery for the simple pleasures of just being fun.

  168. Marjoram

    It is a badly written spoof article for Christ’s sake.

    Why are people being offended by the content, rather than the feeble insult to people’s intelligence, a far greater crime IMHO.

    If this is the best that Xtian fundies can come up with, the world is safe, just sit back and laugh at their crazy antics.

  169. ClarifyFrankly

    This is seriously amazing. I mean, I love this article. Absolutely love it. As one who celebrates and partakes in the artistic movement that is Steampunk by occasionally dressing up, as well as making Steampunk-inspired jewelry, I must say that this is a brilliant example of just how grossly misinterpreted cultural movements can be.

    Also, I will openly admit that the most exciting element of Steampunk is the imaginative element, and not some crazy, orgiastic “Comical Con” encounters with train-inspired vibrators. My boyfriend is not my “overlord,” nor is he a cyberpunk (speaking of which, cyberpunk is more akin to a younger brother of steampunk, and runs along a slightly different vein, just like rap is a little bit different from hip-hop). If being a true Steampunk entailed all that you claim it does, I would want no part in it.

    The absurdity of claims made in this article blows my mind. And I must say, what happened to spellcheck…? Sorry, but the entire article is riddled with blinding errors.

  170. steampunk4life

    I find this whole thing to be silly. Steam-punk is a genre based on how life could have been and not how things are. When you get down to brass tacks it’s more about music, stories, fellowship and imagination than anything else. Sure, there are always nut cases around but you can’t say anything different about any religious group, political party, or any other large groupings of people. For the record, the Borg from star trek are decidedly not steam-punk but rather cyber punk. That’s just a fun fact for those of you keeping score. Also some of you so called “Christians” need to work on your tolerance and acceptance of others. Your doing alot of hateful preaching in the name of the Lord and I know for a fact that is not God’s way.


  171. honey badger

    Wow. This website is seriously entertaining. I’ve never seen so many egregious typos and false statements in a “news” article in my life. Is this place for real? I like how all of the “conservatives” in this thread have pictures of themselves and they all look like serial killers. That was a nice touch.

    I really hope this is fake because if it isn’t…holy shit you guys are dumb.

  172. Penelope

    Wow! I read this article and laughed, thinking it was a spoof. Then I read the comments, esp. those by the “author” and realized he’s serious and thinks he’s ‘reporting facts’ – roflmao. Anyone who joins in the debate with him is stooping to his idiot level, but go ahead – it makes for hilarious reading!

    a true steampunk fan

    1. TR00StEamPuNkFANZ4LiFe

      No, the author is just one hell of a dedicated troll. He even tricked you out of believing that Christwire is any different than something like The Onion or National Lampoon. This article is epic, and has inspired me to take a new direction in my Steaming activities.

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  174. Polytheist

    If Steampunk is a fetish, then it’s only a fetish for some people. You can’t say that 100% of the people in a culture are a certain way just because some are. That’s like saying all Christians are hateful, homophobic, xenophobic bigots that have nothing better to do than hate on people they don’t even know or understand. Of course, this site isn’t helping to stop that idea.

  175. Jane

    I don’t know much about this but its def NOT sexual. It’s just an aesthetic thing. You are just gross for thinking that

  176. Venereal Process

    What a great article. I’m in a Steampunk band (and I’m a Christian), and I have to say that this was the most accurate description of Steampunk I have ever seen. Good show!

    Our band “Venereal Process” was named after all of the STD’s we get from going to these Steaming Cons. if you thought Furry’s were wild and crazy… you haven’t seen anything yet.

    I’ll warn you though, these things aren’t for the faint of heart. Make sure you have plenty of engine oil, you are going to need it. And make sure you have your bracelets ready!

    Bless you all,
    Lord Baron Von Steamington Esquire the III


    “Steampunk is a new sexual fetish”
    Steampunk is an art style or fashion sense, NOT a fetish. Same thing with furries and otakus. Some may integrate sex into it but not ALL do.

    1. Lord Steamington

      Balderdash! Every Steampunk Con I have attended, quickly and rather ceremoniously turned into a crazy orgy with steaming left and right. Maybe you just haven’t been to the right cons my dear Sir or Madame?

      1. Monsignore Innuendo

        Colour me interested! I’m just in the process of creating multiple steaming implements, to give the ladyfriend a good sturdy tracking. She seems to have a terrible case of female hysteria that can only be alleviated with stern measures like that.

  178. appalled

    this is the most ridiculous, absurd piece of fiction regarding a FASHION not a fetish. however, the author is too ignorant to know the difference. steampunk is nothing more than people dressing in recycled victorian garb (the irony here being the lack of flesh being displayed, yet being condemned by this fool). additionally, “suckerpunch” is a bad movie, and had he said that? i may have agreed? but it has nothing to do with steampunk. had he actually done some research, instead of masterbating while watching “suckerpunch” even the nutjob author would’ve known the difference…

  179. Jenna

    …Wow, what?

    This is pretty extreme. Steampunk, like most geeky things, started out with NOTHING to do with sexual fetishes. Just like most conventions and the like based on fantastical imagination.

  180. Slainte

    steampunk is bugger all to do with ‘hipsters’ nor is just a sexual fetish as your opening sentence proports. crikey, get your shit straight if your try and write an article – retard

  181. pondering

    I read these articles, and it seems like you are a very closed minded person. You kind of sound like those westboro people.

  182. ac isnt gay

    Lmfao man, this is more like a comedy website than anything else these people have no idea wat theyre talking about i recently watched sucker punch it was not a bad movie at all and the story line is not even close to how it is described on this site, and if you go to the assassins creed article the most obvious lie is that assassins creed is homosexual, and made by capcom assassins creed is not homosexual as you can tell if you have played throughout the series, and if you go too the capcom website im pretty sure you will not even read assassins creed and or homosexual in the same sentence this website is gay and anyone who dislikes this comment should get bitch slapped! Im not an angry person but assassins creed is my favorite game in the whole world and im not gunna let some idiot whore tell lies about it im if playing assassins creed makes me gay, then im gay, btw just to make a point one picture on the page shows the assassin named altair holding a man he was not about to make love to him he just stabbed him and was slowly lowering him to the ground to interigate him that is how the game is played i may be only 13 but i most definately know wat i am talking about victorria agli assassini, my modo-we game in the dark to sleep in the light we are gamers O.o

  183. John

    you know, you dub yourself a “christian website” but all I see is hate for another group of people that want to expand their imagination, that “steampunk sex toy” is just another use of yellow journalism. I am a devout Roman Catholic, and you sir, are no christian. my faith teaches me to accept all beliefs be it damning or otherwise. how dare you call yourself a man of God.

  184. Elwood

    HA HA HA HA HA! Thank you. If only life was half as interesting (and arousing!) as you fundies believe it to be! You must have the best sexual fantasies ever! God bless you, my steamy friend!

  185. Toma

    as a catholic raised man i cannot help but find this offensive. steampunk is a style of dress with no more sexual overtones than dressing like a regular punk, a hippe or a secretary. please, before you decry something, do some research into it without immediately jumping to conclusions.

    were this the 800’s you’d have probably tried to ‘cleanse’ someone by now.

  186. DJ Th'Elf

    *grin* Thank you.
    As a long time Steampunk I found this hilarious. It truly put a smile on my face.
    ‘Tis sad that so many take it so seriously.
    Next time, Mr. Bowsers, do quote wikipedia as your primary source of information as that may just put a cap on it *wink*

    Thank you for the hearty chuckles.

  187. Tamara

    firstly gay folks are not of the devil i know a few and they are descent loving people…

    steam punk is not like S&m…

    furries are not all sexually deviants… we {yes i am one } raise alot of money for animal related Charities

    i think you the writer of this blog… and yes blog is what this is…. should have a nice long discussion with my husband who is also a furry and minored in theology

    yours the… Slave furry pagen Tamara Rose

  188. BJ

    Sexual fetish??? First I’ve heard of it. Steampunk, simply put, is Victorian-themed science-fiction. Jules Verne and H. G. Wells are the classic prototypes. Nothing sinister, except to the perverted and sinister mind of this website. Too bad “Christwire” isn’t really Christian; they might know better.

  189. Angy

    I don’t know what I laughed at more, the article or the comments.
    Oh internet, you make distractions awesome……

  190. Curtis

    So I read this and was quite confused lol, I did get quite a lot of laughs from it. As a person who enjoys steampunk and dresses that way and as a Christian, it makes me embarrassed that your information is so off. Did you even talk to anyone about it or were you to scared to find out any information proving you were wrong?

  191. Eunice

    Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Thank
    you so much, However I am having problems with your RSS.
    I don’t understand the reason why I cannot join it. Is there anyone else having the same RSS problems? Anybody who knows the solution will you kindly respond? Thanks!!


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