Why Mexicans are Better Than Afro-Saxons

There is always a annoying question in the backs of everyone’s mind, yet everyone is afraid to ask, “Which minimum wage working human species is better for America?” Well, here at Christwire we fear no question and feel it is our religious duty to present answers.

We all know that Mexicans and Afro-saxons come from the same kind of backgrounds. The Mexicans came from Mayan tribes and the Afro-saxons came from Zulu African war gangs. Both savage cultures, that promoted male to male penile-anal submersion, but at least the Mayans had a Christian influence that changed their ways once the Spanish knocked some good since into them. Due to this influence, the Mayan offspring have come to be ahead of the game when it comes to immigrants.

After months of research we have found a winner and below we have listed the reasons why.

Mexicans work
This should not come as a surprise to anyone. We have all seen the large gatherings of under the table workers lined up on city streets looking to paint your walls, clean your pool or wash your car and at a fair price. Where are the lines of blacks looking for work? We always see on the TV blacks saying there are no jobs, but it seems like even illegal workers are able to fine something to do. Maybe it is because the only lines black people form are the ones at the welfare department.

Mexicans speak better English
Blacks have no excuse for not knowing the English language, they grew up here and English is a second language to the foreign occupiers. While Mexicans are trying to learn enough English to get by, blacks take the English language and rape it of any understandable logistics. Mexicans might sound like 67 IQers, but at least they know “Israel” is a country and not a question.

Mexicans care for their children
While blacks are off impregnating confused white woman and than leaving them with nothing, Mexicans value family just as much as they value religion. Mexicans will move in their whole family into a 2 bedroom apartment, just to make sure everyone has shelter and food. Yes, Mexicans may have a lot of kids and most run around snot covered and in a shirt and diapers, but at least the babies and mothers grow up with a father figure.

Mexicans follow rules better
Mexicans are only guilty of “Juan” crime and that is crossing the border. Blacks on the other hand are guilty of many criminal plagues, such as rape, rap music, cracked coke caned selling, domestic abuse, black rage and murder.

Mexicans are safer
Let’s be honest, Mexicans are less likely going to rape your wife if they are left alone to tend your lawn.

Mexicans know America is better than their “homeland”
Mexicans know their homeland is a dirty covered sewer hole and kiss the floor of American daily. Afro-saxons always say they want to go back to the motherland, but we all know they wouldn’t not want to live in a country that is still 4,000 years behind America. Moving back to Africa would mean learning how to find your own food and shelter, they wouldn’t be able to have the government build them a project of force corporations to hire them for a high level position, while they have no experience.

Mexicans can speak Latin
Mexicans all know how to speak the tongue of Saint Peter, this is why they are called Latinos.

30 thoughts on “Why Mexicans are Better Than Afro-Saxons

  1. Jugglos for Christ

    I have never seen a Afro-saxon do yard work or cook in a restaurant kitchen. I dont think they can handle long periods of work.

  2. Blanche Beecham

    With the exception of the Inuit or “snow Mexicans” I would agree with these numbers.

  3. Wow

    So, all the whites are perfect? No, you ignorant asses. People are people. We’re all hominids. And white people originated from Africa as well. You seem as if you are more superior than everyone else. My dog will be better than you ever will.

  4. Peter

    Have been on this website for last 10 minutes, reading through your articles Tyson, hoping that the next article would be less ignorant, racist or just wrong than the previous one. But no luck!
    God must love me, because i don’t know many people like you, in the modern,real world, we pray for tolerance, not ignorance and blindness.
    You made me feel very sick, good work and hope your internet connection fails and never comes back again.

  5. Bruce Danus

    I notice that we don’t have many mixed Black/Mexican people in America. I guess they were too lazy to sneak across the border.

    1. Susan B. Xenu

      that is an offensive word. We are used to you talking about ass pounding and eating poop but come on…clean it up!

  6. Silence

    It’s amazing to me the level of stupidity on this site. If you really knew anything, you’d know that the mexicans are direct descendants of African people. For a course of 50 years, 1 in 2 Africans captured in the slave trade were deposited in Mexico. Go to any museum in Mexico, then you’d see their racial makeup on the walls in paintings and statues. Everything from their music to food to way of dress in African influenced. It’s even a mexican saying that in every mexican family there is a black mother/grandmother somewhere. If you took time to actually learn instead of hate bashing all the time, you’d know these things. How the hell can you call yourself a Christian and not care about what your Jesus would think about you constatly preaching and teaching hate. No man with hate in his heart will enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    1. Mainiac58

      “Those amazing graphs do not lie.”

      No, based on Mr. Tyson’s “fabricated” numbers, they don’t. 😉

      “This is wonderful work.”

      Yes, you have all done VERY well at mastering Excel. Bravo!!! 😀

      Other than that, this is the most BIASED article I have ever seen. Not only are you a RACIST, but you’re a racist with “hierarchy levels”. Impressive. VERY impressive.


      1. Susan B. Xenu

        JESUS….once again I have to agree with munich58…This is a very biased article. Obviously written by a mexican lover. You are missing the point that blacks ARE AMERICANS they are here legally, they were born here…we grew up with them.

        AND Fried chicken is tasty. Any real southerner knows that. So is watermelon.

  7. Ice Van Winkle

    In their favor, the Afro-Saxons are not cleaver enough to destroy the country with illegal immigrants, only the Mexicans do that.

    The Afro-Saxons are very, very funny people, but Mexicans rarely are.

    The Afro-Saxons are great at many sports, the Mexicans are only good at pinata hitting.

    And finally, the Afro-Saxons are rarely confused with Whites, but some Mexicans can trick you on this one.

    All in all, I agree with this article, but every race is a glory in the eyes of God!

      1. tu culo es mio

        thats a stupid comment, why would anybody send a team with 4ft 5″ players to the olympics? youre to old to be so stupid.

  8. Durham P. Williamson

    The only good coon is a dead coon, I tell you! And them beaners can go back to their forsaken hellhole they call a country!!! Stay away from the United States of America!!! America to the good white male americans!!! USA!!! USA!!!

  9. Butcher1072

    Speaking of the English language…

    It is not “a annoying question” it is “AN” annoying question. Always use “An” when followed by a word beginning with a vowel sound. This includes the letter “H” as in “an hotel” or “an historical reference.”

    “Afro-saxons” The term “Saxon” denotes an old German tribe, one of the tribes (along with the Jutes and Angles) who conquered Britain. You may recognize the words “Saxon” and “Angle” from the term “W.A.S.P.” Which stands for “White Anglo (Angle) Saxon Protestant.” Persons of African descent have no claim to nor any bloodlines relating them to the Saxons.

    “once the Spanish knocked some good since into them” The word is “Sense” I could SENSE your frustration SINCE the moment I began writing this…

    “but it seems like even illegal workers are able to fine something to do” The word you wanted there is “FIND.”

    “We always see on the TV blacks saying there are no jobs” This is just poorly worded. First, one never “always” sees something. Anytime someone uses the word “always” when conveying a thought they are engaging in a logical fallacy. Even the Sun does not “Always” rise. But, beyond that, proper sentence structure would require the sentence to read “We always see blacks on tv” and not “we always see on tv blacks”

    “While blacks are off impregnating confused white woman” The word you wanted there was “women” denoting more than a single, unidentified White woman.

    From the same sentence “ confused white woman and than leaving them” The word you wanted was “then” not “than” “As example – I get up and THEN I get dressed.” I would rather go golfing THAN go to work.” Clear?

    “Mexicans will move in their whole family into a 2 bedroom apartment” Remove the word “In” and the sentence tracks just fine… with “in” left in the sentence it sounds, well, uneducated at best.

    “cracked coke caned” By far the funniest mis-step. It is “Crack Cocaine.”

    “and kiss the floor of American daily” You meant to say “America” the country and not “American” i.e. someone born in America.

    “but we all know they wouldn’t not want “ Which is to see we all know they WOULD want… because you invoked a double negative (“wouldn’t not”) thus making it a positive (they would…)

    These are merely the linguistic mistakes present in your work. You do a great dis-service to yourself by allowing this to be published without benefit of having been edited. Further, as Christ clearly states the most important commandment is Love… of which I see none in your article (and I use that term incredibly loosely.) But, beyond your lack of Christian love and grace, your article merely serves to prove your ignorance – you deride Mexicans and Blacks for not properly using the language which you so casually butcher through ignorance and a clear disdain of ensuring that whatever you put into the world has been done to the best of your ability – that in and of itself places you on a wrung far below the Mexican day worker – they work hard to provide for their families, under often less than human conditions, without complaint and without shirking their duty to put in a hard days work. You sit lazily at a computer and deride whole peoples without so much as ensuring the words you use are correct and follow the laws of logic or the English language. And have the audacity to claim Mexicans and Blacks murder the language? Your laziness murders the language, and the hatred in your heart drives the nails into Christ’s hands and murders the Lord you claim to serve.

  10. Angie

    I must say, as a latin country native, that all of you ignorant individuals should be shot. You should also be thrown in a dirt hole in the ground on on top of one another. I also think you all should be naked. I am thinking “buried”, for a lack of better words, genocide style. This should take place after you have been taken out of a gas chamber; for this would cleanse your fould mouths as well as thoughts and hearts. And I also think that maybe if you pray enough, that you will be delivered at the time of rapture and judgement, of the sins commited on this website, by addressing and thinking of your fellow brothers and sisters in this manner. Either way, I must admit, that I have learned to love all, and respect differences. I am glad to say I can come to appreciate teh beauty in even the ugliest of individuals, whether in mind or soul; for everyone has good in them. I hope you all live a loving, understanding, peaceful life; in wich you have no regrets.

    With undying love,



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