Will Ferrell And John C. Reilly Come Out of the Closet – First Gay Comedy Couple

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly announced to the world yesterday that they are both now a fecal fairy, sewerhole fishermen couple while engaging in a male to male lip lock on a jumbotron screen at a L.Gay Lakers game.

Why did the 2nd rate comedian hacks decide to display their sin lust for each other here? Well let’s think about it. For attention of course! Just like all homogays, they crave attention and this is one of the reasons why they like to stranger pocket fondly young boys, because they know they will get media attention once a boy tells his parents. These two knew that the Lacker’s stadium would be filled with young boys wanting to see their favorite NAACP NBA players and took this opportunity to expose all of them to some PDG (Public Display of Gay).

Why did they feel the need to rot the souls of little kids with these homo antics? Who wants to see two overweight bolding, car crashed victim faced men ravage each other in one of the most sinful acts known to man? I’m guessing because both of their careers are shot and both couldn’t attract a decent female even if they paid them.

Will and John need to understand that making movies with gay humor is one thing, but to bring your filth into the public eye and forcing images of gay lust and perversion is crossing the line of acceptable gay behavior.

I hope parents now can see the dangers in homosexual chosen lifestyles and that they protest any movies or websites these two are a part of.

48 thoughts on “Will Ferrell And John C. Reilly Come Out of the Closet – First Gay Comedy Couple

    1. Steve

      I was going to put some thought into writing this then I said to myself fuck it. You got some nerve saying two comedians are trying to coerce young boys into homosexual acts are you retarded? Yes you are, you’re retarded thats why I just answered for you. In reality you and your holy goof priests are the culprits, fuckin pope makes me sick continiously covering for them. Got something to say about this look up boys of st.vincent then say something? Fuckin religious people make me sick with their martyrs and abuse of position in society. God doesnt make us good thats a personal choice there is no devil to blame just society and human beings as individuals making those decisions. Its called logic my son. You really needs to put away your child porn come out of the closet and learn something valid.

  1. Wes

    LOL @ Kathy.
    Here we have another so called “good Christian” giving into sensationalism. Using terms like fecal fairy and sewerhole fisherman only shows ignorance and hate. If these guys were truly men of God then they would spread his good word instead of showing their hate and disgust over something they obviously don’t understand and know nothing about. I happen to come across this site by accident and though I find a little humor in their ignorance, I will intensionally avoid it from now on. FOLLOW GOD PEOPLE, NOT THESE CLOWNS.

    1. Jared

      If you want to leave a comment denouncing these good christians then you should probably bother to make sure you spell your words correctly. Although I do believe the writer chose a poor way to illustrate his point, you should use that thing that hurts when you think. In case that last part was lost on you I’m talking about your brain.

  2. Jake

    Following in format, *ahem*
    LOL @ Wes
    Here we have another Jesus freak who doesn’t understand the Christwire is satire, making fun of people like you. There are other forums for people like you. Your reply seems to revolve around the idea that God is real. This humors me. I hope that when you die, and nothing divine happens, you’re really dissapointed. FOLLOW REASON PEOPLE, NOT A MYTHOLOGY.

    1. Jared

      I find it amusing that you have to remind people and yourself repeatedly of something that supposedly doesn’t exist. You will live a poor existence indeed if you feel the urge to spew your hateful rhetoric. You only succeed in making yourself look like an atheist hack.

  3. Jim

    Who’s top and who’s bottom?

    Please, next time you decide to write an article make sure it is grammatically correct.


  4. Blanche Beecham

    Man lips are not meant to do this. A man’s temple, his body, is built to fend off same sex aggressors at the micro-biotic level to ensure genetic imperatives.

    Tongues will swell as they battle for dominance. Cells become blood rich and pulse with thickness. If this type of mouth sex continues for an extended time, both will choke on their own carnal lusts.

    This is also true for belly hair, and unfortunately for these two I don’t think they manscape.

    1. mudd

      sounds like you never went to school sweetheart… are you trying to write some sort of poetry or something. Nah, just enjoy your KFC and shut your inbred pie hole. God, humans are sick of you dumb fucks. You are being weeded out. bye bye…..

      1. mfoytek

        Here you state you are educated but don’t believe in God? You must of missed the first, second and third grade. God is the foundation of any education unless you went to Harvard or Yale. Why is it that retards like yourself must look to offend every God believing person you come in contact with? You must have a low self esteem or worse no self esteem. God loves you anyway so why not get yourself educated in what really matters in life?

  5. Blanche Beecham

    I will also note that in the upper right hand corner of the picture, we see a jubilant fist ready to knock some straight talk into these dimpled hot dog eaters.

    1. mudd

      yeah a BLACK FIST!!!! ooops the fat redneck middle american retard just used something against her faith….???? guesssss yer goin to hell dumbshit without a brain.

  6. Ice Van Winkle

    The sick liberals think that this sort of thing is all “good fun” and “just a laugh”, but they ignore that fact that there innocent white sons are watching this and learning. Do you want your child to decide that this is okay as a “phase” and then get stuck in this dead end lifestyle?

    If my sons see anything like this, I immediately stick my fingers down their throat to do induce vomiting and to associate nausea with this perverted act.

    1. Sharika

      WOW dude someone call Child Protective Services. You’ve got some serious problems! Gay is Gay, no matter what you try to do to keep it from happening. Actually if one of your son’s did become gay you’re just gonna cause them to hide it, and live a life in fear. What good is that? It’s not you they should be afraid of it’s God. So why put fear into your kids mind like that. Putting your fingers down their throat really?…really dude? Just take them to church and pray!

    2. mudd

      nice but broom mustache, i would shoot you if i saw you doing that to a child. dumb shit for brains, that’s you.

  7. Adam Nelson

    Those liberals don’t know what’s coming to them………Oh wait. I’m just a stupid old faggot who makes all morale Christians look bad by promoting shitty articles and websites like these!

    If you’ll excuse me. I’m going to go drink a beer then shoot myself and hang out with satan. Goodbye!

  8. randum

    i don’t like that Will Ferrell was in so many hollywood movies that were aimed at teenagers. every one of the 7 major movie studios are owned by jews and this must mean they partake in promoting homogaydom.

  9. your a prick

    What the hell is your problem, being gay is not a sin it is an act of love between two people, just because they are both men does not make it a horrible thing. In steed of you bashing on them everyone should be hating on you!!!! Were you drunk when you wrote this or just stupid!! Being gay is an awesome thing just like being straight!! Just because they are world known comedians does not mean that they should stay in the closet, they have a right to be themselves. It is people like you that make this world a horrible place. I am straight and i still believe that love should be based on what way you go it is still love and it should not be judged!

  10. Sharika

    OMG, would Jesus do all this name calling? I know not! I am the child of a gay, so when you make comments about “the dangers of homosexual choosen lifesyle” I’m wondering what dangers are there? My mother brought me up keeping me in church, I graduated pretty good in my class, my mother always made sure me and my sister had what we needed and more, me and my sister both went to college and graduated. Maybe some gay people wouldn’t have to PDG or your supposed public displays of Gay, if more people would stop judging them. If you are so Christ like, I think you need to learn that it’s for God to judge people not us, for we all will be judged my our maker. And I kind of feel an hypocrosism (if that’s a word!) Because you say that making gay humor is ok but actually doing it for real in public is not. Aren’t movies meere reflections of what goes on in the real world? So it’s okay to watch porn, as long as you don’t do it in public? it’s ok to curse jesus on tv as long as you don’t do it in public? Me personally growing up in a gay family has shown me how not to judge people, and love people for who they are. Who are we to make someone else’s life miserable by shunning them. Let them live there lives and let God speak to their hearts! God does hear the prayer of a sinner any sinner! if only they would humble themselves. My mother goes to church every Sunday. Sure she’s no saint but I do know that God speaks to her. All I’m saying is instead of judging people we should welcome them with open arms. Just like a church. If a gay guy walked in your church would you tell them to leave? I would hope not! Your job would be to give them a place to come and worship. You never know a person’s lifesyle as to why they are the way they are, or even the simpliest things like why they dress the way they dress. The sooner America stops judging one another the sooner we can all truly unify as a country. If we were built off of the belief in Christ, we sure don’t act like it.The sad thing about it is that my mother did her time in the service, she’s been a security guard, probation office, and police officer, and now she’s a social worker. All these things to make the world a better place, but people like you all over the world make it seem like gays are such evil, dirty, nasty sinners! Not so honey, not so! Actually you ever wondering why gay people are so happy? take the time to get to know one, and you may find out why? Same thing for any person’s lifestyle that you have a problem with.

    1. mfoytek

      Well educated response. God will judge and it’s their choice to do what they do to themselves. Gays will have to find God on their own. If they read the bible they will find the correct way to live. Allow God to judge people, even gay people.

  11. Frances Alderete

    i think this dude that wrote this is mad because they came out and he is too scared to do so :) its ok dude just come out and show the world your a firework like katy perry says lol

    1. Bruce Danus

      Referencing the Lesbionic Katy Perry is the first sign that you have been infected with the homogay. Please head to your closest Church and have the Pastor lay hands on you and pray that your soul might be saved.

      1. Tyler

        Bruce, not to burst your bubble or anything, but it seems to me that having a Pastor lay hands on anyone is becoming less and less appealing for everyone. There are way too many pedophiles disguised as religious leaders these days. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?!?!?! Really though, just come out of the closet bud, you’ll feel much better. Embrace the homogay!

  12. Tyler

    I think that this is both hilarious and disturbing on so many levels. For one, I’m absolutely sick of you idiots complaining about “homogays”. I a 19 year old man and gay, have always been gay, and will always be gay. I have not chosen anything about it- I was BORN THIS WAY, just as every other homosexual person was and will be. You people really need to pull your heads out of your asses and accept the fact that your bigotry has nothing to to with whatever exists beyond us, be it a God of some kind or a giant spaghetti monster. When will you realize that using your religion as an excuse to spread your propaganda is only turning sane people away from something that may actually be something worthwhile? It’s people like you who are causing my generation to be so apathetic toward religions, simply because we all think of you as a big joke. In that sense, I must thank you- your bigotry serves a good purpose in that it keeps young people away from your messed up morals and values. I really hope that you don’t have children that are gay. Honestly, I feel horrible for anyone with parents so short-sighted. Whatever problems you have with my people, they have nothing to do with your religion, they have nothing to do with whatever higher power may or may not be judging them, and they have nothing to do with two men kissing on television. Get over yourselves; the world is changing for the better and it’s people like you who will be disappointed in the end. We “homogays” have that to look forward to at least! (:

  13. Kyle

    For 2 days now I have been staring at this picture. I must say the one on the right with his skin-tight shirt is really a beautiful man; I can’t tear my eyes away. Having this picture up is bringing out a side of me I’ve tried to bury deep in my soul. Anyways, I find fault with you saying that “these homo antics” are hurting youth and making the world a terrible place and then putting a picture of it online on your religious site. This is kind of contrary to your cause. If you don’t want youth to be exposed and see this “travesty,” don’t put it on your website for it to be more readily available to your young readers. Why can you not just turn the other cheek and let people live how they want? -FSM-

  14. lizzyhathaway

    I’d like to let each and every one of you know that I’m praying for you. Although you may think that being Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender is wrong you should consider that it is in fact a life choice, just like being a christian.

    I’d like you all to watch this video. The “It Gets Better Project” is one of a kind. Kids and adults from all over the US agree that It’s okay to be different.

    I know that this post may have no impact what so ever. But I hope that you will see that the hurtful comments that some of you have posted above are the types of comments that make young teens feel the need to take their own lives.

    Before you comment on a public form make sure you know the consequences of you’re actions.

    May God Bless Everyone Of You.

    1. freerider

      finally a prject to help make life better and someone willing to sit through all the trolling that will follow them posting a video to it

  15. Ailanthus

    You just suck. Why do “good Christian folk” hate people who are different? Doesn’t your savior, “Jesus” talk about loving each other? Take a page from your own book you dumbass.

    1. Ailanthus

      Besides, they’re comedians, AND Will Ferrell is MARRIED with kids. Do research before you post stuff like this. You are a disgrace to your religion, and probably everyone around you. Don’t be a gay-bashing turd.

  16. Adam

    All of you moronic fucks do know that these guys are straight right? It’s called comedy… and it seems like most of you need a good laugh every now and again, its much more healthy than forcing that church bullshit down each others necks. My parents used to force me to go to church and bible study twice a week, which is why ever since I moved out, I have never stepped foot into one, it freaks me out like a fucking cult. If there is a heaven and hell, well Im probably going to hell, but thats ok, noone cares. Seriously though, lighten the fuck up.

    1. Gay relations evil

      It ain’t funny at all. It’s a twisted and perverted act that they did. From what I heard about the incident, nobody was laughing. They just stared.
      And before you say it’s no big deal about going to hell, read the revelation given to Saint Frances about what hell is really like.
      It’s REAL FIRE, not representational of something else.
      Can you imagine burning forever???

  17. Gay relations evil

    The Sodomites punishment in H e l l:
    Here the demons are armed with long enflamed sticks that they impale and run through the sodomites. They pierce through the body until you see the point of their instruments of fire come out at the mouth.
    Their butchers also hold in their hands hooks of red iron, and they tear them from head to foot. Sometimes, to make them suffer more, they will take the extremity that comes out of their throat, and will completely pull it out, and they will start back again to pass it through their guts.
    The souls that live through these terrifying tortures never see them stopped nor diminished one single moment.
    – Revelation given to female Saint Frances of Rome, 1400s.

    Live celibate homosexuals, or face the above!!!

  18. Madddddi

    No wonder this website is saying horrible things about gays. its a christan website you guys r twats. gays arent bad. if god hated gays then why they hell is there rainbows. you guys all suck.

  19. Sammi

    As a Christian, I can safely say you seem to forget that Jesus did not judge anyone, and loved everyone promoting hate because someone has chosen a different lifestyle is not a Holy way to live. Remember Jesus invited the taxman in when everyone hated him? He helped the needy, and just because God says two men should not lay together, he did not say that you should hate them. He says love thy neighbour.

    People who claim to believe in God, but promote hate are not Christian at all. You give the rest of us a bad name.


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